Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Zone Leader in Baluwarte and PACKAGE

          This has been one roller coaster of a week with transfers and such! I have been really pooped lately because I have a stellar companion. His name is Elder Lucernas and I am so sorry but I am just going to have to get you all pictures next week. Let me explain why. SO, Transfers. We go to the departing missionaries farewell the day before and I get called into presidents office for an interview. He told me how I need to work on loving people more and I understand that comment after him reading my LTP (Letter to the Mission President) about my last companion. After that he called me to a new assignment. I am now Stationed in Baluwarte, Santiago North Stake and the new Zone Leader. The Zone is small but full of nice loving characters. I love it! I am surprised and the change it is from being a District Leader. The fact I don't have to plan a lesson next week is very liberating. But it came with....different responsibilities. ONE We have an ElderTadena in the hospital right now. His leg was broken in two different places in a motorcycle accident. A drunk driver on a motorcycle clipped him while he was walking with his companion down the side of a road. Me and some other brave men have been his helpers or really baby sitters over the past few days as he has been recovering from his surgery. He's doing great right now. He's a champ! We got him up walking to the bathroom the last day! He's awesome. In a stroke of luck, I was able to enjoy aircon and food prepared by Sister Carlos! The bed wasn't awesome to sleep on but I got a hot shower in the morning! Today's been pretty sweet. ANYways I think that my stay here has been awesome so far and I can't wait to see what else the area has to offer! It should be awesome!!!
       SO yes in the course of sleeping in a hospital before p-day things like my SD card reader that should have been packed, were not packed and thus no pictures. We'll see. I might be able to snag one from the front desk. ANYWAYS here is your letter you crazy Hamblins!!!
     Dear Papa,
          Don't you worry, I will take those Bikini clad demons off Shay's hands for ya! HA! I have no problem being his wing man or Koltens wing man. I would like to date women when I get home. Can you tell I might be getting stir crazy? I hope it's not to obvious. Every time I see a pale skinned Philippina, I don't know, I just have to sing hymns. I'll sing them out loud. That usually makes them go away. Ha. :D
          Believe me pops, I would rather drink a huge bottle of pickle juice than do another two cycles with him. I don't want to talk about it. We left on good terms and I will love him till the end of time. I just don't know if I can handle being with him 24/7. I love all my companions no matter what they do to me. I am finding a greater more fulfilling way to love others as Jesus Loves me. I hope to develop this talent more on the mission in the least painful way possible. I think I have a new duty to give some extra lovin's to a member of our Zone. E. Lundy tipped me off that he was having a hard time before transfers. He needs some Hamblin loving. Well, I love you. Stay safe and sound for me okay? Love Elder Hamblin

      Dear Mom,
               I promise I will be smiling in my new pictures with Elder Lucernas!!! I am sorry that I didn't smile for the camera the last two cycles. I have a hard time hiding my emotions. Anyways, the family reunion sounds AWESOME! I wish I were there with you all. Swimming. I smelled the bleach for my clothes the other day and dreamed I was in a pool swimming. Sad isn't is? I do miss it so. That and Bikini clad women. JK :D I love joking with my mama! Oh Mom, your wildest dreams are coming true. Your son is a Zone Leader. Just joking JOKE LANG! I'm not that vain. No I am loving the assignment. This is a calling that will help me be a better leader in the future. I am learning all I can from Elder Lucernas before he goes home in August. CAN YOU BELIEVE IT'S ALMOST AUGUST!!!! I can't. Don't worry I won't extend! I love you all too much. Well, we'll talk about that kinda stuff when it comes around. I'm still a young'n in the mission! We'll Mom, I love you and don't worry about the package. Something went wrong and so they are sending it back. I hope I can get a refund. I had to do it through some crap company called JRS Express. I will NEVER do that again. I will just use the post office. Oh well lesson learned. I hope I can get that stupid package to you all some day. Love Elder Hamblin  (The package arrived today, July 3, 2012. Devree's birthday and it was awesome!  He gave us a handmade wooden Nativity set, the family got some books and jewelry and Manny got a special surprise!  Noble sent wooden masks he wants to keep.)
        Dear Devree,
               Hey gal how you doing? HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!! (in advance) So you are going in for ANOTHER surgery huh? What's it for this time? To make you shoot fire out of your finger tips? To FLY? You know that would be flippin AWESOME! No I am just kidding. What is the surgery for and how long will you take to recover? Hey your movie was National Treasure. I got to admit that was a close one Devrs. I only got it because of the last line in it! Well, Here is mine:
  "Yes I was just testing you, IT'S 9, and thats a magic number!"
  "So if you wanta be the teachers pet, listen you should never forget. Rock got no reason Rock got no rhyme, you better get me to school on time!" (Guitar riff)
  "Hello this is Mr. Ned Shnibeli..." 
           Have fun with that one. Just quoting this movie makes me smile and chuckle to myself. Oh how I miss it! Okay well enough crying over this keyboard. Love you devs.
       Dear Shay,
            Can you tell me a little more about this AWESOME birthday of yours? Like what did you get and when are you going to let me use it? You know all the good stuff. Hey you can't be swimming around in Jacuzzi's with bikini girls and not expect a little attention from your parents. They're keeping a close eye on you cause they love you. About the girlfriends, save yourself the heart ache bro. I only had one right before I graduated, and that was enough for me. They take up time and money that can be used for so many other important things like root beer or video games. (or light bulbs for your room! he he) Don't mess around with the serious relationships. To tell you the truth Shay, It limits the number of ice cream flavors you can try. (If you don't know what I mean, just talk to Pops. He'll give you the talk.) I love you bro so tell me whats going down!!!! See ya on the flip side,
                                              Elder Hamblin aka Big bro
     Dear Bunso Dane,
                 You are the Bunso and that is what you shall be for the end of time. I hope you are happy about that. HEY what new games do you got for the DS? Tell me bro! I love hearing about what you are interested in. How was the Jakie chan show? How was that SUPER COOOOLD POOL? You know I would be swimming in that pool with you all if I could! I am having a fun time in the Phillipines. Heres something cool I haven't told you yet Dane! You know how missionaries have to shave everyday because well, they're missionaries?? Well, since I now shave like every day, the hair on my face grows longer and faster! SO, because I haven't been able to shave this morning, MY face looks kinda hairy! The sister missionaries we ran into (Sister Hoopes being one of them.) Probably thought I was weird cause I didn't shave! But don't worry, I told them what Had happened. I had to spend the night with a missionary in the hospital that had problems with his leg. She understood after that. Well love you Dane. 
          I wish you all the best and Till We MEET again!
                  Your most favorite missionary,
                  Dads 1st born in the wilderness,
                 The amazing the talented the witty,
                AHHHH JK You know I'm not that prideful!
                              Elder Hamblin

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