Saturday, July 7, 2012

Noble's 4th Area -Santiago

Noble told us that his 4th area is Baluwarte, Santiago North Stake.  I couldn't find it anywhere on the map.  So I searched the meeting house locator.  Did you mean Baluarte, Santiago North Stake Elder Hamblin? I could find the Baluarte Ward in Santiago. LOL

Noble's 1st area was Villaverde.  2nd area: San Mariano  3rd area: Solana  4th area: Baluarte, Santiago

Elder Hamblin has been lucky to serve on the Northern side of the Island of Luzon in the Philippines.  This is remote and beautiful country and has been a wonderful adventure for Elder Hamblin.

Beautiful green Baluarte, Santiago in the Isabela Province on the Island of Luzon in the Philippines.
Santiago is a thriving city compared to where Elder Hamblin has served in the past.

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