Tuesday, July 31, 2012

July 29, 2012

Dear Mom, I am sooooo excited to hear from you all. I am tired and sore from waking up at 5am and playing Football with some Elders. I did pretty good for a blind dude with no glasses. I threw a touchdown pass to Elder Schmidt and I stole the ball two times. Fun stuff Fun stuff. But my legs are on FIRE! I am definitly not the fat chubby boy you sent off on an airplane. I've changed. All for the better. Well thanks for appreciating the blessings you get from me working in the hardest mission in the WORLD! I appreciate you acknowledging where those blessings come from. I love you and you love me despite my horrible spelling. I don't know how you put up with me. Your gray baby that is a slow learner. I love you MOm and thanks for pushing me to my potential and not giving up on me! You're the best. Well it sounds like the Rices are always busy doing something. I hope that Aunt Paula is happy now. I love Kaylun and I hope that he and Grace will be happy as well. I really liked the GIGANTIC email I got this week and by the looks of my companion, I could be here awhile! Oh well, we'll see! Please give them my love and tell them I love them and give them a hug from me. (That goes for whoever else is reading this blog who is in contact with them!) I love you Mom and please continue to reap the blessings of having a missionary in the field. I love you and enjoy the blessings you spoiled, rotten, people! Love Elder Hamblin Dear Devree, SO, you sure have had the week. How's the leg gonna hold up on trek? Are you gonna just have to sit in the sick wagon when it gets too hard!? I had to sit in the sick wagon because one night around the campfire they told us that me and Devin had EXPLOSIVE DIARRHEA! So, we just ate food and sat in the sick wagon while they carried us to the point where they said we were healed! I also went on a mission and that was fun! Well we always had fun on the trek. Heres my quote: "I see you managed to get your shirt off!" "The red thingy is moving towards the green thingy. I think we're the green thingy!" "Her translator is broken." try that on for size! Your movie was Men in Black! I can't WAIT for the 3rd one! IT sounds awesome from what I've heard! So I am gonna hog the netflicks on the Wii for sure! Sorry guys its mine for like a week straight! I am gonna get so fat. I want to run in the mornings when I get home to make sure I don't get too fat! I am kinda curious about the list of movies you got set up for me and I can't ask you to email me the list or that would just destroy me. I would just look at the list and probably cry! I love you Devrs, Keep up the good list and get better. Have fun on trek with your friends for me! Love, Elder Hamblin Dear Dane, I have seen some pretty cool stuff like a video of some Elder getting a worm taken out of his stomach and other fun things. I hope to send or bring home some awesome pictures for you and the family to see. I am doing fine. We don't have a toilet seat in our horrible little apartment but that's okay. It's just hard to go to the bathroom sometimes! Oh well. You get used to not using toilet paper. Oh well, I think that I can live just about anywhere now from all the horrible apartments I have been in! I like to think about my bed at night and then I forget that I am on a twin mattress in the middle of rice fields. I do remember the story about the fire crackers! No one has pulled too bad of tricks on me yet. All my companions are smaller than me which adds a sort of fear factor to my side. If they mess with me I don't mess around with them. I have seen some crazy scars from stupid things companionship's have done. Oh well, I love you Dane and don't worry I don't let them mess around with me too much! Love your big bro Elder Hamblin Dear Shay, Your movie was the incredibles, I think. Ya you are Hot and when you're Hot you sweat and when you sweat you are stinky Shay! I love your sense of humor! I think that you are now sold on the BYU Idaho thing now too! They're brainwashing you bro! Don't give in to the dark side! I'm just kidding. BYU Idaho has a fantastic campus I am sure. I just don't know about all those girls man. I have heard things. I hear the girls just collect a group of guys and whoever proposes first gets the girls. I don't like that. Although, I have this feeling that the woman I am going to marry is going to not be just an easy pick. I am going to have to fight and win her heart lock, stock, and barrel. I don't know, it's just a feeling. Well, The not your family reunion sounded good and all. I'm sure you had tons of fun. I still wish I could have gone with you! I miss my bro. I miss you SHAY! I love you, Elder Hamblin Dear Dad, Your question was "When Ammon taught King Lamoni’s father (Alma 22:18), Lamoni’s dad said that he would give away all his sins to know God. If we are unwilling to give away all our sins… what would you say that our spiritual problem is?" I would say that the problem would be not giving your whole might mind and strength to God. (Moroni 10:32) If we want to become closer to Christ and his way and his path than we need to be perfect. BUT perfection does not come in this life. That is for the life to come. What we can do right now is be the best we can and emulate Christ in our lives so that through following Christ we can be perfected in him and receive eternal life! In short the problem would be having two master. Either he will love the one or hate the other! You can't be serving God and Mammon. Hopefully that helps answer the question. Dad, thanks for not writing a super huge email. I have been kinda dizzy and probably need to drink a lot of water soon. I was great to hear from you all but I am just hoping that I don't fall asleep during our FHE later tonight! I love you and miss you and hope the best for you all and please send those letters and the package! I am SUPER excited. To let you know the truth I have kinda felt like I was in the dead Zone this past cycle. I haven't been getting much mail. It's that twilight zone between your half way mark and the 6 month mark where everyone forgets you're alive until they find out that you are actually coming home soon! Anyways I love you and I appericiate the emails and all! Please keep them coming! I love you and sorry there are no pictures this week. Nothing to amazing happened. Next week you should get some cool pictures! I love you and stay safe everyone! Please be good examples to the ward for me! Love, Elder Hamblin Philippines Cauayan Mission

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