Monday, September 26, 2011

September 25, 2011

You guys are busy as usual and so am I! We still haven't got the stupid water problem under control so I'm still pumping water with Elder Cajumban but that's okay. I'm getting stronger and skinnier every day. (1 pound closer to that six pack?) JK We just had a lovely baptism; Mary Grace Wayet and Josephine Wayet. They are awesome. Both teenage girls but awesome and sometimes hard to teach because they are so darn CRAZY and always laughing. We went to Illagan today and it was nuts! They have a HUGE Save More but HUGE here is like a Walmart back home so it means the world to me but not much to you guys! They had all sorts of stuff for sale and a Mang Ingnasal and all sorts of stuff! We ate well and Saw Pres. Carlos and Sis. Carlos there also and they treated us to Halo Halos which were Delicious! I saved alot of money this Cycle so I bought for myself some Frosted Flakes and milk which is apparently really expensive but that's just because they don't change the price. When I see 115 pesos I think it's expenisive now but transfer that into Dollars and it's pretty darn cheap! Anyway things sound good. You all are doing well. No ones sick and Low Riders a Jerk to Devree! JK "Forgive him" Devree "For he knows not what he does!"
Dear Mom,
Interesting Wedding. Yes that is very different to what we are used to. I hope Chase finds what he's looking for with his life. I miss the old Chase, the old Kaylun the Kolten in general!!! I miss Carson and Chelsey and all my cousins. (secret here we had to delete) Why was that one bridesmaid fainting at the wedding? Was she drunk? High? or just plain Trippin as the young kids say? JK I think you are spoiled with that hotel room and your little get away. I wish I could come. I just like being in the car with everyone. I miss you all.
Okay story time. So just the other night I had a pretty weird and funny dream that I think you will appericiate Mom. My dream was pretty simple. I was sitting on the couch watching cartoons with my two brothers. You were in your room and Devree was on the computer and Dad was still at work. Sitting in my lap was a heaping bowl of delicious Marshmellow Mateys floating in the creamy white milk. Of course Shay and Dane had their bowls too but the strangest thing was when I ate a spoonfull of this cereal I actually could taste it, Mom. It was so real I could see it all in color and it was so vivid that when I woke up, I actually believed I was home in my bed and tried to get out on the wrong side. It wasn't until I almost smacked my face into the wall that I realised that I was not in my house. I was in the Philippines and I got UBBER HOMESICK! It only lasted a little while though. But that was so weird! Even a bowl of cereal now is a beautiful gift from heaven. I don't know what it will be like when I come home but I think I will be very grateful for sure! Anyway I just wanted to share that dream with you. If the dream continued you would probably come in and bust us all for eating outside the kitchen and eating cereal for dinner! LOVE YA Elder Hamblin
Dear Tatay,
I forgot to answer your question about Mejo and it has been eating me up inside so I will tell you now. Mejo is translated "kind of or A little bit". So if I said Mejo pagod ako . It means that I am kind of or a little bit tired. In all actuality I am Sobrang pagod which means REALLY TIRED! JK So Chase's wedding was kinda weird. At least they will be married and Husband and Wife thru this rough hill that's coming up. Funny I accidentally typed Hell instead of Hill the 1st time but both make sense. (Chase is leaving for Iraq in March.)
Technology is pretty awesome when it works for you! Right now I am trying to make do with the stupid SD card reader that they gave me to work with and it just isn't doing the job so I might not be able to send pictures this time. Oh well. Next time. STUPID! STUPID! STUPID! I left the SD card reader you sent me at the apartment in my backpack. Oh well! The story about Dane sounds just like him. Make sure he doesn't rot away at the the computer now okay? He just loves my movies a little too much if you know what I mean. The little get away must have been nice and now you don't have to worry about the kids when you leave. Your little children have all grown up and belive it or not soon you too will be empty nesters! AHHHH!
I love you Dad so don't stress out too much with the Mandatory Promotion that you have been "blessed with!" LOVE ELDER HAMBLIN
Dear Devree,
Avatar the air bender season 2 episode............ I'm just kidding! I don't know the exact episode and if I did I would be dissapointed with myself and probably think I was a nerd that needed to get out of the house more which is partly true. IM OUT OF THE HOUSE FOR SURE NOW! Half way across the world in fact. Hey make sure Dane isn't rotting away on the computer now! You seem busy and William seems like a good buddy to have around. Sorry you are feeling kinda lonley. It's kinda rough being the third wheel. Believe it or not I kinda know how you feel. Manny has always seemed to have a girl friend and Me the third wheel but I guess it's not completly the same. I don't have a stalker! I wish I could use Face book and message you. I miss talking with you. Here's my movie quote, "Beg beg thats a good dog. BAD DOG never beg! (evil laugh) AH AH AH AH!" or how about this, "Lydia my towel's stuck in the door! Lydia Lydia LyyyyyyddddddiiiAAAAAAAAAAA!" Try that one on for size! I love ya little sis and brag about how tough you are to all my companions. Love Ya Elder HAmblin
Dear Dane,
GO OUTSIDE! No man should try to watch all the movies and cartoons that I have collected over the years. It's a foolish endeavor that will eat your life away and make you fat! I repeat step away from the computer Dane and GO OUTSIDE! It's for your own good! I love you and thats why I ask you to get outside! Dane it's okay every now and then to play on the computer and watch Avatar but seriously, outside is WAY more fun! Try not to cry into your pillow every night because you miss me! JK Love you Dane!
Elder Hamblin!
Dear Shay,
Seems that life is treating you well. Remember that when I was playing soccer freshman year, Sparks whooped our butts too! They just love soccer there and are dang good. So keep up the good spirits. We definitly are going to watch some seriously SCARY movies when I get home. I miss you bro. Love Ya Elder Hamblin
I love you all SOOOOO Much and miss you all....................and cold cereal!

Monday, September 19, 2011

September 19,2011

AHHHHHHHHH Dane your soo big! HAAAAAAAA! Thats CRAZY. If you couldn't tell I looked at the blog and man you're all growing up into handsome Hamblin boys! My Claim to fame here in San Mariano is just me! I am so interesting here to all the little Filippino kids. From my accent to the little freckles on my arm I am absolutley facinating to all these little kids and they all love poking me and seeing my skin turn funny colors! SOOOOOOO funny! People are confused on how, me a white American, can have black hair like they do! They wonder if I am a Filam or a Filippino American! It's hilarious! They love hearing me pray in English so I make a deal that if I pray in English, then they have to pray the next time. A lot of our investigators here are under 16 years old. The parents have no problem with us teaching but it's just rough. We want to teach the parents too! Here is just a few of our MANY progressing investigators.
There's The Wayett family; Mary Grace, Josifine Anthony, Melony, and Judy all the children of Mr and Mrs Wayett. They are good invetigators but are always happy and laughing which makes it hard for us to have spiritual moments but we are dealing with it!
Rep Rep is only 9 years old and lives with his Lolo and goes to church every Sunday and has really good support. His baptismal date is for the 1st of Oct. Mark John has the same date and lives WAAAYAYYAYAYYYYY out in the corn fields and we can only get a lesson with him every now and then but he has given up coffee and is on his way to being baptized. Virgie is the only investigator that we have that is over 20 years old. She's like 40+ and has a hard time understanding mya accent she is doing well also but is very busy in the afternoons. She's somehow related to the Bishop so I'll need to figure out how that all works! Kenith and Lika are some of our newest investigators and Kenith is a stud. She (yes I know she has a boy's name but we don't ask questions!) is awesome because she read the title page and all the testimonies in the BOM in like 2 days and has a testimony of Joseph Smith already. She's just a Rock Star! That's just to name a few. So as you can see we are TERRIBLY busy with the work here, that and the Zone Conference we just had with Pres. He gave us out DVD players so we can watch the Testaments and The Joseph Movie and stuff now at home. I know that it is an even BIGGER temptation now for missionaries to go to their local Palankay and buy those pirated DVDs and watch them at home now and I'm not too happy about that. I hope they have the common sense to stay away from that stuff! Well now I will try to answer all your questions!
Yes all the other languages are different branches of Tagalog so I catch a few words here and there but I can't get everything. The Talks sound nerve racking but good and the substituting sounds like the regular . I love how you do it for a month or 2 and then take a break from the horrible kids for awhile but not all of them are brats there is the few good ones that appreciate your efforts. Keep up the fantastic work! Oh and I did see the hot air balloons and they looked marvelous. I especially liked the Darth Vader one. What can I say I'm hoplessly nerdy! :P LOve ya Elder Hamblin
Muppet Treasure Island!!!! MY FAVORITE how do you remember every line that I just love. You're amazing you know that? The CES thing sounded pretty cool and the whole, "Bowser like in Mario" Thing made me literally LAUGH OUT LOUD in the internet shop and made my companion look at me funny. When I tried to explain it to him in Tagalog he didn't even know what Mario was so the joke kinda went stale! Here's my quote "Im falling apart!" "Martin whats happening to you?" "I'm going through a martian depression!" Guess that the last line is a give away I think! Sorry if my quotes are getting kinda lame I haven't watched a lot of movies in a long time! Love ya
ELder Hamblin
You should probably get outside more buddy. Too much Avatar rots the brain if you know what I mean! Jump on the tramp, ride the bike! Just get outside and I think you won't feel so lonley when no one wants to play with you at that time. I love ya Bro so stay active and happy and I'll be there to play when I get home alright? I hope you know that most kids can't even have candy for their birthdays here so be grateful for every thing love ya bro ELder Hambin
Im glad you aren't as stressed out latley and you are getting around and becoming a handsome Hamblin boy and I can't wait to jump off the rocks with you all at Lake Tahoe when I get home! I got to admit that the pictures made me a little trunky when I looked at them and I wanted to be home:( but I know I'm doing good stuff here and these people need me so the swimming and running and birthdays will have to wait till I get home. Seeing all the stuff you guys get to do made me think of how rich our family really is! You guys have the world placed before you on a silver platter! I hope you know that most kids can't even have candy for their birthdays here so be gratefull for every thing and I mean EVERYTHING! LOVE YA Elder Hamblin
1st of all thanks for teaching me how to play Chess. Everyone loves chess here and my ablilitties have been tested here. They got some tricky moves and have alot of time to practice so they are pretty darn good at chess here, Dad. Also I was just messing with you Dad. I wouldn't marry on my mission but the ladies are quite pretty here I'm not going to lie! So many Nanays have told me they could hook me up with a Filippina but I have to decline. They are serious, Dad! The Info is correct but the river boat ride doesn't go to Illagan. It just goes to the little island thing in our area. It takes a long ride in a jeepney to get to Illagan and the picture of the guy in the red shirt is just some random guy at the party. Elder Cajumban is the one with coal rubbed on his face like me in the pictures I sent you! Other than that the maps and stuff is all correct! The Scouting sounds like fun, well besides you know "Herding the Cats! Maybe they will call me to be a scout leader with them and you when I get home, who knows! I am reminded of that Sunday School lesson where they were talking about Fathers and Sons and they asked you if you would not want to be around your son. You couldn't bring yourself to even jokingly say that you didn't want me in your life. The kind of relationship we had then and now meant that I didn't even want to go a day without seeing my Dad and you didn't want to be separated from me either. Yet here we are me. Half way round the world and I still feel that you're close and we still have just as strong a relationship as we did back then! You can understand then how I feel about being away from my Dad. He's not there 24/7 to let me dip in my bucket into his wealth of knowledge and experience and to answer my questions and give me advice. I read that Conference talk about Fathers and Sons and can proudly say that we pass each test of becoming a better father/son relationship. Thanks for being a good example to us sons. You are the best Dad we could ever ask for. Thanks a ton. I can't wait to see you at the end of my bed giving me pearls of wisdom about marriage and life in college when I get home. I love you Dad :) I miss you too! I would love to be your scout master assistant but I've got a bigger work to do. Bigger than me or you will ever know and you know what that takes.
I love you all and I hope and pray that you all stay safe and sound and well fed by moms homemade cooking. One of the things I miss the most here in the field! LOVe YOu guys! ELder Hamblin

On Mon, Sep 19, 2011 at 8:56 AM, Hamblin Family wrote:

Dear Noble,
Wow a new area. It sounds very interesting. I was wondering if you had an island in the ocean but then you said it was a river. Sounds like a big island if there is lots of parts of the village on it. Going back and forth on the river sounds very fun. Hopefully by this week, you can tell us if you have some investigators. Your letter made Dad and I get tears when we read about the poor little family that had the miscarraige. Then how you gave a blessing and dedicated the little grave site. All so very sad. It made me remember back to my miscarraige and what a sad time for our family. I am very proud of you for doing those things in Tagalog. Are the other languages you said other dialects of Tagalog?
This week has been so busy that I am glad it is starting a new week. Our family was asked to speak in the Walker Branch which is past Lake Topaz. It is an 1 1/2 hour drive from our house. We drove past and had to come back around. We were asked to speak "On the Perfecting of the Saints". Everyone did a fantastic job.
I subbed 3 days last week at Riverview and one little 1st grade class kicked my behind. They were so loud, naughty etc. I had a wonderful 2nd grade class that only had 15 students in it. I taught them 2 days and I go back this week for 1 more day. I will be subbing for Stephanie Clarks class with austitic kids and on Friday there was a SCREAMER in the first grade class. I think they will kick my behind when I sub her class. Oh well. I will only do it for a day here and there.
Mrs. Smith quit teaching middle school band. She now is a vice-principal to an elementary school in Yerington. I saw her yesterday at the Dayton Valley Day Parade. I helped Mrs. Bum with the band. They looked awesome but didn't wear the feathers because there was a chance of rain. The parade was tiny with 17 entry's and the booths were not many this year. The economy is BAAAAAD.
I love you Noble and look forward to reading your letter in the morning.

Dear Elder Hamblin,
AP Government is hard. It makes me sad. Ummm. Not a lot of highlights. OH! We went to the CES fireside in Reno about the church schools! it was very informative and Allanah won a t-shirt! Today we went to the Walker Branch to speak. I spoke for a really long time and didn't give anyone else much of a chance. (oops) Guess what. THEY HAVE A BRITISH ELDER!!!!!! His name is Elder Ferris. And they also had another missionary named Elder Bowser! ISN'T THAT COOL?!?!? I asked him, "how do you say your name?" And he said "Bowser like in Mario" It was so cool. There's only typically one youth in all of Walker Branch. I feel bad for her. That would be so tough. How are you? Doing well I hope? Your movie was Elf! I LOVe that one!!! How could you think that I wouldn't know that from "pennnies from the heaven!" OK well here's my line; "Jim Jim Jimmy Jim Jim Jim"
"I'm not JimJim Jimmy Jim Jim Jim! HE'S Jim Jim Jimmy Jim Jim Jim!"
"Yes Captain!"
"Beware, beware! Beware of running with scissors and other sharp pointy objects!"
Guess that!
(Don't read this if you already got it)
It's the same one as "We were sailing sailing the wind was on our side," "but then it died."
"How does she blooming do that?"
Well that's all I have to report. I LOVE YOU!!!!
Love your most favoritest sister in the whole wide world,
Dear Noble,
I had a good time today and I'm happy but no one will play with me. I bet you would play with me. Have that six pack yet? I watched the whole season of Avatar that you got me. It'll help me survive all the years you're gone. I try to watch the whole season everyday but unfortunately I don't. Make sure you give me instructions for that time machine and it better not be a smoothie. Wish you the best!
Love, Dane

Dear, Noble
You look like you’re having fun. Well I hope you’re having fun. I marched the Dayton Valley Days parade. It was very hot and sweaty kind of like in the Philippines. But I enjoyed it. It was funny seeing all of the boys pin up their long hair and put it in their bucket hats. Mom said “Why don’t they just cut their hair.” But I said “It was the height of fashion….she still won’t let me have long hair. Mom did call one of the guys a girl because we all look the same in our uniforms. Mom called them outfits and I said “Mom! I am a man and they are UNIFORMS!” Soccer is sooooooooo LONG. I don’t like soccer anymore and I can understand why you quit.
I gave a talk today in the Walker Branch today. I saw a boy that was at Scout camp. Dad EMBAAAARASSED ME in Priesthood. He said “Shay was hoping to meet all the cute girls his age here in the branch.” Then during class time they brought up that and the subject was “Sexual Purity”. The lesson was choosing the right wife, but I lived through it. Our Sunday School teacher was Aaron Bean’s mom. She is going to visit Aaron tomorrow at his new place in California . She remembered Aaron coming to their house and getting things to show you about the Philippines .
Well I love you bud and I hope you come back soon.
Love, Shay


Dear Elder Hamblin,

Holy Smokes Elder! You better (Ingat!). Hindi pinapanood magandang mga babae sa mission ka! This is how my translating went.

Kaya ko maglaba na pero medio matagal.
So I wash clothes yet but medio long.

Maraming magandang babae dito!
Many beautiful women here!

Pwede po ba ako mag-asawa dito sa mission ko?
Can I please marry my mission here?

Salamat Tatay. Ingat!
Thanks Dad. Caution! or Take care!

My take on it is that you were saying that it takes you a long time to wash your clothes by hand. So you were saying that there are a lot of beautiful Filippino women on your mission, and you are asking your Dad if you can get married so you don’t have to wash clothes anymore. J What a guy! LOL

Just remember my answer: Hindi. Hindi mag-asawa sa mission ka! LOL

Hey! What meio matagal mean? I didn't understand the medio part.

It tickles me that you are enjoying your Tagalog so much. The Filippino people are just awesome to work with, aren’t they? Mom & I would love to go to the Philippines to pick you up. I sure hope we can figure out how to do that.

I took the Scouts out again this last weekend. We hiked to Hobart reservoir and camped beside the lake. It was a small group and we were able to pass off a lot of requirements. I found myself wishing that you were my other Scout leader. We would have a lot of fun doing all that camping stuff together. Listen to this. Our dinner meal was Tinfoil Taco’s. We made all of the taco meat at home and then wrapped it in tinfoil like a tinfoil dinner. Then we put it over the fire and flipped it back and forth until the meat was hot and lovely. Then you make up your tacos with hard or soft tortillas. Yummy!

Little Red is doing just fine after his life or death operation. We attach the aluminum ramp to the tailgate and drive the quad right up there. Shay and I were going along and went over a bump. Hmmm… I need to rewind a little bit. Low Rider really wanted to go to. So Shay, Low Rider and I were riding along and went over a bump. Low Rider was supposed to crouch down and be safe, but he kept standing up so he could feel the wind in his face. When we went over the bump, Low Rider went flying. He rolled over once or twice and ran back to us so he could hop on and go again!

Well, it is getting late Noble and I need to send off your letter.

Ingat anak ko!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Noble's 2nd Area -San Mariano -2nd Area on Map

Noble's 2nd Area is San Mariano. His new companion Elder Cajumban is the District Leader.

Google Earth of San Mariano. It feels living on a very big island in the middle of a river.

Noble mentioned that Ilagan is a big city next to San Mariano. Perhaps he didn't realize that the mission home in Cauayan is close also on the left.

San Mariano has the "Jan" river on one side and Ilagan river on the other.

Monday, September 12, 2011

September 11, 2011 -Noble's 1st Transfer

Noble's 1st Transfer was San Mariano. This is one of the people that came to his companion's birthday party.

Another Unique Philippino Bridge. It is kind of amazing that everyone has just been accustomed to these bridges and it is no big deal.

This is the river next to San Mariano. There is a big city on the Island in the middle of an enormous river.

Waiting to go to San Mariano.

Coming home from San Mariano after Elder Cajumban's Birthday Party.

The weird fruit is called Rambotan which I like to call the DR. SEUSS fruit! The spikes are soft on the outside and the white oval inside is what you eat! ENJOY!

Freshly opened fruit, already to eat. Mmm... masarap! (delicious!)

This is a picture of the Scout Uniform in the Philippines. It is different in a cool kind of way.

Countryside of San Mariano by Illagan.

Wow where to begin! Well 1st of all I got transfered! Sorry I don't know how my past investigators are doing because they are no longer in my area! I now am stationed in a town called San Mariano next to the big city of Illagan. Now my companion is Elder Cajumban another Filippino but this time a little taller. (I'm still bigger!) He's awesome and very obedient to the mission rules mostly because he's the district leader! I think... Anyway my new area has got to be the place where the creators of the animal kingdom in Disney World got their insperation! GREEN GREEN GREEEN! Our house has two little mice in it like Minnie and Mickey too! And coachroaches and ants. Also life got a little bit harder because we don't have indoor plumbing anymore we have to pump all our water and take it to the house now! Makes showers and washing the dishes a pain but besides that I see it as a blessing. My arms are gonna get HUGE with muscles!

In our area theres an island and the only way to get to it is by boat and (I'm sending as many pictures as I can!) There's two boat rides. One is with no engine and the guy in the front has to pull the boat along by the wire that is posted on both sides of the mainland and the little sandbar. After that you get on another boat and travel off the sand bar and on to the ISLAND! This island is huge with a high school a grocery store and various villages and communities. We have so many awesome investigators there! Like the 3 sisters and the wierd old tatay we teach and it is just a blast. The CHAPEL there is great. No more meeting house and we have two wards in our area. I've only met one ward so far and the bishop talks REALLY FAST so its hard for me to understand everything! My Tagalog has been pushed to the limits these past days with my companion who understands but speaks little English and all the Ilacano and Ilongo and Ifugaou and Tagalog floating around its hard to comprehend everyone but I'm managing.
Just the other day we traveled to the island and had an FHE/Birthday party for my companion. He had a blast and his birthday ironically was on 9/11! We played party games and ate Pancit, a noodle dish, and we played this one game that was pretty fun where you are supposed to hold a piece of rolled up cloth straight up and if it flops over you are out. You pass the cloth around in the circle. I lost once and the punishment was to rub Charcoal on my face so they gave me the Hitler Mustache and my companion got it pretty bad too! You can see all that in the pictures. After the party it was getting dark so we had to get out of there. BUT there were no people running the boats so we got some member boys from the party to take us over in the really wobbly litttle canoe boat thing. They pushed it along with a bamboo stick! ASTIG! (awesome) We got home and I was pretty pooped.
We woke up and today is P-Day we pumped the water washed the clothes and then got an emergency text from a local member family. The wife was pregnant and well on the way to delivery so I teased that we would have to deliver the baby and E. Cajumban would have to catch the baby. When we got there we were surprized to find no pregnant mother, just the father. We were invited inside and that's when the father told us that his wife had just had a miscarraige. Due to complications with the baby's development in the womb,it had died only seconds after birth. This was not the 1st miscarraige but the 2nd that this family had faced. I was asked to give a prayer on behalf of the little baby boy and the family even though the mother was still at the hospital. I said a prayer asking our Heavenly Father to accept the baby back into his arms warmly and for the family to be comforted. One of the saddest parts of this horrible ordeal was that all they had to put the baby in was a card- board box from the hospital where he was born. They didn't have the money for a coffin. We left and an hour or so latter we met the family at the grave site where the Father dug the grave of his baby boy with his own hands. No shovel. His hands. I blessed the burial site and asked for the site to be protected until the 2nd comming so that the little boys body wouldn't be disturbed. As the father laid the card- board box in the ground and we all helped push the dirt into the hole and cover up his shallow grave. I thought to myself, this has to be the worse and most saddest part of my whole mission but then the father said something to me that really touched my heart. He said "Thank you for helping with the services" and then asked about the ressurection of his son. I told him that his son would have a perfect body when our Savior comes again. A smile was on his face as we left that cemetary. He was mature enough to know that he would see his son again and he would have a whole complete body also! How beautiful the gospel of Jesus Christ blesses families. This Father has restored hope for his little baby boy and I was a part of that. All of this I was somehow able to do in Tagalog. I know that Heavenly Father has blessed me more than I realize. These experiences are specifically designed for me to live through to grow to get smarter and better and I am sooooooooo grateful to serve my mission here. This area is my area and I know I'm supposed to be here and I have people to bless!
Anyway I'm sorry that was kinda long. Now I will answer all your questions!
The balloon show was awesome am I right? You must've felt real special with just you and Mom and Dad. I bet waking up at 5 AM must've been rough too! I hope that you are always having fun! We'll have tons of fun when I get home! LOve ya Elder HAmblin
I'm sorry you're so busy right now. If you can find a little time to sit down and just breathe in and out and just listen to your heart beat that's what helps me. I also do a little relaxation before I go to sleep sometimes. I lay myself out like a star fish on my bed. Then I focus on my toes until I can fell them and relax them then I just move up my body until my whole body is relaxed it feels really good and you should try it before going to sleep each night. I think it will help with the stress and stuff. Life can get really busy and if you think you can get rid of something you don't need then do it! Free up some time. Clean your room. Write down everything you are thinking about on a piece of paper. Those all seem to work for me. I hope that helps Shay. Please don't stress yourself out too much. You can't over heat on me while im gone on a mission. I still need you when I get back home! Who's going to play video games with me when I get home? JK I love you Shay. Don't get too CRAZY. You'll stress out Mom and Dad and Devree. LOVe YA Elder Hamblin
Don't let Shay fool you. He is a crazy fool! But if he's making out with chicks in the Driveway let Mom and Dad know! You keep him in check for me okay? :) Now your movie was Ever After of course I knew it from the 1st line! Love that movie okay heres mine: "And every time it rains it rains pennies from the heavens.....SHOOBY DOBIE" or "My finger has a heart beat!" or "The best way to spread Christmas Cheer is singing loud for all to hear!" Guess that you love that show.
SO The gum was nasty and i can't believe that Hillary is off to college already. AHHHHHHH! Whats going on while I'm not around goodness gracious. What's a missionary to do? Love ya little sis Elder Hamblin
Well haven't you been busy? The balloons sounded awesome! I am glad to be born in America seeing all the poverty here really does make you gratefull that you live in such a great country. Erin sounds like the stud she's always been and of course has got a handsome young man in the audience waiting for her. She is the absolute best young woman that I think I have ever seen! She's just amazing!
I'm sorry the only info I have for you is that the sisters do have baptismal dates and I'm sure Chrizel the 10 year old will be baptized. Jerry and Jemma didn't come to church but I think they have a good resolve to try again and they do still want to be baptized. I know they are in good hands with Elder Anzal still in the area. Yea I did forget that I wanted those pictures didn't I? Thanks for reminding me. I put them up on my wall again so that I can "Begin with the End in sight!" as our Mission President asks us to! JK Love ya
Elder Hamblin
Dear Dad,
Whooo weee I am glad that I am serving a mission. My opportunities are definately being multipied and my life is blessed from the skills and talents I am developing. It's true that the weak things are becoming strong. The mission is awesome! I'm sure I can get a wife when I get back with my cooking skillz now! JK
Yea Aunt Tammie goes for the Good stuff just look at Uncle Ky! She doesn't like the cheap generic brands! JK I'm sure that you and me will have plenty of talks about wifes and things AFTER my mission. Gosh Dad you can't start making me trunky now!!!!! JK
Yes Tagalog is a really fun language isn't it! I love It! Try this on for size. Kaya ko maglaba na pero medio matagal. Maraming magandang babae dito! Pwede po ba ako mag-asawa dito sa mission ko? Salamat Tatay. Ingat!
Your still single son,
Elder Hamblin
O and im sending a ton of pictures of people, funny boy scouts shirts, KAB scouts and of the river and the Island and all sorts of stuff here in my new area. The black faces are because of the coal game and the weird fruit is called Rambotan which I like to call the DR. SEUSS fruit! The spikes are soft on the outside and the white oval inside is what you eat! ENJOY!

On Mon, Sep 12, 2011 at 7:47 AM, Hamblin Family wrote:

Dear Noble,
I'm having a fun time. Yesterday I wen to the balloon races in Reno and I saw a whole bunch of balloons. They were pretty and different colors and one had an alien. We saw a Darth Vader balloon and Smokey the Bear and a Panda Bear too. I had a great time and we got donuts too. I was the only one that woke up at 5 am to go with Mom and Dad because Shay and Devree went to Hilary Hanses going away party and got in late.
Love, Dane

Dear Noble,
I don't like my life anymore. I am so popular that I was the only Freshman at the Hanses party but I don't like my life anymore. I danced at the stake dance last night till my feet almost fell off but I don't like my life anymore. I don't like my life because it's not mine anymore. I go to school. I go to band and soccer and then when I come home I go to Mom and Mom gives me chores so I am very sad and I want your input and I hope you are doing well. But on another note, I am happy that I have a brother on a mission and I am glad he is getting baptisms.
Love, Shay P.S. I invited Harry to the Stake dance and he got a dance card, and invited another non member girl who got a dance card and he danced alot last night.

Dear Elder Hamblin,

Today is the 10th anniversary of 9/11. We are having a park dedication in our neighborhood. They decided to call the park "Patriot Park" and they are going to have a special program to honor all of those that died in 9/11 and those military that have died for our country. It has been a litle emotional even yesterday. Dad, Dane and I got up at 5am to go see the balloons in Reno. It started out having an acapella choir sing tributes to all of the armed forces. Then we sang the National Anthem as the first balloon went in the air with a flag hanging down. The sun was coming up and shining through the flad and I got tears in my eyes thinking how much I love living in this country. If you get a minute, look at our blog so you can see all of the balloons.
Erin Briethaupt came home from her mission in Hungary and she extended her mission by 6 weeks. She gave an excellent talk on Agency and Accountability. She sometimes had to stop to think of the English word for things. She said her approach in Hungarian and she bore her testimony in Hungarian at the end. she gave a great talk and was accepted into UNR again even though she was a couple of weeks late. Erin has alwyas been my favorite girl. She is so smart, talented and always very righteous. She deserves a really good guy.
Well I just wanted to tell you that we are praying in our family prayers for your investigators. We printed your letter, put it on the fridge and highlighted the names of your investigators so we could remember them. Did Jerry and Jemma come to church? How are the girls? Did she find a job and were you able to set baptism dates? We love your letters. Dad even printed out pictures you sent to put them on the bulletin board so everyone can see at church. We love you and are so proud of you and I just want you to know, that you are the highlight of our Mondays around here. I am so glad you got and liked your package. But you know why we sent the enlarged picture of the "Strawberry Shake and Burger" don't you? You specifically asked for it. We didn't just send it to be heartless. You just don't remember that you wrote that in one of your letters. You silly goose! We love you so MUCH! Love, Mom

Dear Elder Hamblin,
The other day I was playing Brain Age and I was doing the syllable count. Usually the sayings are proverbs or some famous quote but this one was so funny. it said "Thank you Mario, but our princess is in another castle." It was sooooo funny! Ugh, the other day I was going to open my locker and someone put fresh chewing gum on the part of the handle you pull up. How disgusting! Luckily I found a package of tissues a few feet away and used that to throw the gum away. YUCK! Well, mom is harrassing me to be done but I refuse. Friday we went to Hilary's farewell party. She's going to college at the university of Seattle. I've never been to a party with just Shay and not our parents and I'm really frightened that he always acts like this when our parents aren't around. He is INSANE!!! Last night we had a stake dance. It was Stephen Watt's first dance and he asked me to dance and bowed and everything. He's so cute. It was a fun dance. OK here's my line;
"If a bird loved a fish, where would they live?"
"Then I shall have to make you wings."
"Yes I shall go down in history as the man who opened a door!"
Guess that! I hope you get it! It's one of my favoites! Erin Brithaupt came off her mission! Now the next missionary I'm expecting back is Kolton. I love very much!
Love you most favoritest sister,

Dear Elder Hamblin,

I suppose you are used to being called Elder Hamblin by now. You know I just didn’t realize how proud I would be of my missionary. When I was encouraging you to go on a mission, I just knew that it would be good for you. When I see the kids that decided not to go on a mission or to college… Their lives seem kind of empty and without direction.

Now when you see all the return missionaries that come home and speak… They are not even my kids and I am so very proud of them for the decision they have made. Bret Remington, Jason Wheeler, and Erin Breithaupt are just awesome people. I can see them having very happy lives because of the decisions they are making and the people they are becoming. I am so happy for them!!! I just love seeing good things happen to good people.

All I can say is, “Going on a mission, and going to college go a long way towards creating a happy life”. Your opportunities in life are the difference between shopping at the Dollar Store or Nordstrom’s (Aunt Tammie’s favorite). I’m kidding of course, but there is some serious truth to that statement too. It affects that quality of people you date, the kinds of job opportunities you have, etc.. If choose to be married in the temple and stay active… WOW!!! The world becomes your oyster. J

Elder Hamblin, I know that you will have challenges in your life, but you will be able to enjoy the journey if you do those three things. Keep being the best Elder Hamblin you can be and I promise you that the Lord will reward you well. I’ll tell you all about your wonderful wife after you get home. Well, you can always look up Proverbs 31:10-31 if you want to know what she will be like. I truly feel like that scripture describes your mother. Our life has not been without trials, but we have been truly happy. I am a lucky husband and you are a fortunate son.

When Rachel Breithaupt bore her testimony in Hungarian, and we all felt the spirit so strong, I couldn’t help but think of someone wonderful like that for you. There was a very handsome and squared away young man that had come to hear her speak. I thought, “Good for you Erin!!!”

Our family sure has been praying for your investigators. It really has been wonderful to hear everyone’s heart felt petitions to Our Heavenly Father in behalf of the people you have taught and come to love with the pure love of Christ.

Now, about learning the Tagalog language. I still feel “malayo sa” learning it still. Your progress with the language impresses me. I know there is still a lot you don’t know, but in truth, isn’t there still a lot that you don’t know about the English language? You can communicate and I am very impressed, even though the Lord has been helping a lot. Right now I am learning the difference between trabaho, magtrabaho, nagtrabaho, and nagtatrabaho. It is still new for me but I think Tagalog is a fun language.

Mahal kita anak na lalaki ko at Magandang Araw!
Tatay Todd

Monday, September 5, 2011

September 5, 2011

Elder Hamblin & Elder Anzal in a creative picture of umbrellas in the rain.

Little Elder Anzal and Elder Hamblin in Villaverde shirts from the carnival.

If you could tell I got you guys package and I am very THANKFULL that you sent it! SO many wonderfull things like yoyos and kazoos which neither me or my comp. can seem to work! OREOS you guys are awesome and ties ST. JUDE tie! I was overwhelmed by the seemingly endless supply of plastic zip lock bags that kept pouring out of the box and the Hymn book that was Mom's Thank you. BUT there's always a big but. There was 2 things in my package that absolutly shocked and surprized me more than anything else. I write you an exerpt from my journal entry:
..........everything in my package is just what I wanted.........the yoyo lights up too!.......I'm eating the oreos as I write this.........I can't believe them! How could they! All these wonderfull things and then to my horror I find an enlarged picture of a chocholate milk shake! And what's this? Another Huge picture of a FUDDRUCKERS HAMBURGER!
You dispicable human beings how could you do this to me! The two foods I so long for but cannot have until I get home and you send me GINORMOUS PICTURES OF THEM! You guys have a sick sense of humor you know that? Gosh I absolutley Love and Hate you guys right about now! I don't know what to think about you all! Gosh My family is truly unique. I think you would like to know that those two pictures are on my wall right over my desktop so when I look at them I drool all over my scriptures! JK I love ya all. You guys are awesome and no one else in the world could do the job you guys do for me by being my family. I love ya love ya love ya love ya. I suppose in 3 to 4 months I'll get another package but this time with just the case of the new Weird AL cd inside! You guys are sick and twisted fools you know that? Gosh Yet I love ya all still. Thank you the package was absolutley fantastic! YOu guys are the BOMB!
Dear Mom,
Or should I say, "SUPER MOM" I'm surprised you didn't just lift the car with your super strength you super hero you! Thanks for being a good missionary and a super hero to those two people this week they will appericiate all your help.
To tell you the truth Mom, I didn't even know that i was 1/4 of the way done with my mission until I read it. I don't really count the time anymore. I figure when I'm in the double digits with days left then I can start counting. But now that you say it I realize that I don't have alot of time left. If what I just experienced was 1/4 of my mission I better get busy! JK The baptismal dates that we have set are still on schedule and just yesterday we got to teach Jerry And Jemma who we haven't seen for weeks! They still want to be baptized and so we helped rekindle the fire for them to have a desire to go to church. I just hope that Jerry can get his work schedule under control. Billy's still doing awesome and working hard and sharing the gospel with EVERYONE! Tatay Leonardo is doing fine and helps us by sitting in on the lessons with Chrizel so that we have a member present and he likes listening to the lessons again. Chrizel is doing good comming to church and everything and is on target for her baptism. Clarissa Cakay is doing okay and loves the lessons but she's going through some rough stuff. With no job, a kid and a mother-in-law that doesn't like her at all and only 19 she's in trouble. She is sleeping with friends by her high school and only eats what she can buy with the meager budget she has. She needs your prayers and we have the ward working with us to get her a job and a permanent home but please pray for her. She wasn't able to get to church last Sunday because she didn't have enough money for the travel expenses. So please, she wants to be baptized but needs help.
We've been busy with the Carnival in town and Miss. Villaverde talent shows and the funniest thing happened in Mak Do. (McDonalds) They were already playing Christmas Songs! I guess when you hit the -ber months here in the Philippines that means its Christmas Time!
Anyways yea we are doing good and yes my companion is ITZY BITZY and I like to call him Bite Size. He's used to people calling him names but I show him the utmost respect. He is 1st my seinor and my companion 1st and foremost and I love him to death. He's so funny and always talks about having powers like the X-MEN. He's cute and little and just right because he doesn't eat all the food and always leaves too much for me! He's awesome. Thanks again for the Hymn book and package in general you're the best mom any missionary could ask for! LOVE ELDER HAMBLIN
Dear Devree,
I'm not gonna lie Devree the 1st line was hard the second one was strangely familiar. The 3rd was so familiar that I saw the scene playing in my head and I still didn't get the movie. The 4th line I could see the actor and actress' faces but the movie title still didn't click. 5th line is where it all came together. HA HA! PENELOPE! The nose job ones gotta be my favorite! What a good movie. Okay here's mine.
"Well loves a powerful thing lad."
"Greater than Gravity?"
"Well yes I guess in its own way I'd say love is the most powerfull thing on this Earth."
Hint: IT goes with the theme of CD'S you gave me in the package.
Well little sis bravo bravo! You've out done your self again! You have compiled the BEST missionary approved CD's I think I've ever heard! All the other Missionarys are jealous and want to borrow and copy my CD's now and loved the things I got in my package. You are THE BOMB! SO take that as your light in your life this week knowing that you made alot of missionarys VERY HAPPY and that you are Famous in the Philippines Cauayan mission! Cheer up everyone loves you and you can eat hamburgers and Chocholate Shakes. That's more that I can do! LOve your Big BRother ELder Hamblin
DEar Shay,
So its finally hit you... the Women problems. Really you can't talk to girls all night long or give them massages or Moms gonna have a heart attack and her hairs gonna fall out! Give her a break. She's only trying to keep you from running off and getting married and having kids and living in a box for the rest of your life....... just kidding.
You sound SUPER BUSY with soccer and band conflicting together. I couldn't do it 2 years in a row but I know you can! You're SUPER SHAY! SO keep up the good work you crazy fool! I know that you were apart of the OREOS in my package so thanks a ton. I got the package 2 days ago and they are almost GONE! SOO delicious! Don't tell mom but sometimes I eat them with milk for breakfast! Keep up the good work and don't get all girl crazy on me! LOve Elder HAmblin
Dear Dad,
The circumstances under which I recived my package are funny and strange at the least. Due to a Split and my companion going to Cauayan for his pre-departure meeting, I was forced to recieve my package at Mak Do. From there, me and my package journeyed to my District Leaders apartment where I subsequently ripped it open in anticipation. Me, my compaion, my District Leader and his companion peered into the package as each precious item came out with commentary from yours truly! When we reached the Enlarged photos of the milk shake and the burger (which I'm sure you were a part of!) me and my district leader (the only Americans in the apartment) groaned in agony at the sight of our long lost friends the burger and milk shake combo while our companions both Filippino just stared at us with puzzled looks as we seemed to moan in agony over the tantalizing photos of our precious foods and probably just thought, "Americans are WEIRD!" SO thats about the Package. The photos you are about to recive are thanks to your SD to USB converter you gave me in the package. Thanks a ton. The Daddy, Dane date sounded like a blast and I want to come next time! You always give the best Dad dates! You're the best Dad. Stay that way and keep those 2 rambunctious boys in check! LOve Elder Hamblin AKA (the leader of those boys!)
P.S. I thank Heavenly Father Every night for my companion and for everything else he gives Tagalog so don't worry he knows how thankful I am for the little things every day!

On Mon, Sep 5, 2011 at 8:55 AM, Hamblin Family wrote:

Dear Elder Hamblin,
First off I am very proud of you for not ever stating how short your companion is! When we saw the pictures, we were amazed! Did you know that you are past the 6 month mark? You have officially been on your mission for 1/4 of the time. Did you have a little celebration? We have been praying for your investigators and hopefully you will have more investigators now. Is your baptism still on target for? How is Tatay Leonardo? Is he feeling any better? How is Billy? Is he still sharing the gospel?
You will be so proud of me because I was a good missionary this week. Dad and I went to the temple and then we went grocery shopping. There was this big black lady behind us at the checkout. She was arguing with her husband and out of the blue she asks "What church do you belong to?" I told her and we had a little conversation about how she just moved here and was not liking it. I first told her to look in the phone book for our church because she lives in Sparks. Then I got the inspiration to get her name and number so I could send her the missionaries to find out about the gospel. Elder Humphrey just came from Sparks and he was happy to relay the message. Elder Humphrey (the cute little Elder with the stutter) is leaving tomorrow to go down to Las Vegas for his next area. We are sad to see him go. He is the epitome of a GOOD Elder with great social skills and good heart. I know that you are that kind of Elder too! I was also a hero this week too! Devree had an appointment and I was waiting in the car and this woman was calling for help. Me and another woman heard and ran to find a woman in her early 20's that had jacked up her car and not blocked the tires and she was pinned between the car frame and tire with her left arm. The full weight of the car was on her arm and the jack had popped out from under the car. I hurriedly got the jack and made it go down low enough to put under the car and started cranking it up. More people came and finished lifting up the car and she was free. My adreniline was pumping so hard that it took awhile before my breathing got back to normal. Whoo wee that was scary. She could've lost her arm. The paramedics came, the cops came and the ambulance came. But I think the your woman will be okay.
Hey did you get our package yet? We keep wondering if you are going to get it.
Love you so much, Love Mom

Dear Elder Hamblin,
I'm getting better at driving on the highway. It was really smooth yesterday. It was the first week of school and I'm really sad I'm not in drama anymore. Bum says maybe I could work something out with Kruegar and still do my Knight's Tale monalogue. I think my new favorite class is creative writing. Well yesterday we went to Shay's soccer game in Fallon and then to the cantelope festival. we had fun. We all went on a spinning ride, well except for mom. It was like the teacups at Disneyland. it was fun. We each got eight tickets But I wanted dad to go on the ridewith me so he got the extra ticket and I gave him two of my tickets so that he could ride with me. (the ride was 3 tickets each.) Bro an Sis Olson were there with Isaac too. Anyway, we went on the wpinny ride and it was fun. Then I had three more tickets and gave Shay Dane and Isaac each one because I was done playing. I realized I love carnival food like funnel cakes and OLLE juice. After we came home we went to Elena and Stephen Watt's birthday party. That was fun? I dunno, every game we tried to play fell apart because no one would listen. The snackies and food were good. Kaia and I had a good heart to heart and that was good for us girls without any sisters. I'm in this wierd funk where I have a hard time finding the light in life recently. Your line was from Enchanted! My lines are a little tough but I'll keep giving you some until it's pretty easy.
"I told you, I'll kill her!"
"Well my king's still pretty active."
"Once the queen's dead the king's useless"
"What's up with that?"
"I don't know. Maybe he was too depressed to fight. He really loved her you know."
"That THING should be locked in a cage!"
(in the background) "What a creep."
"It's not the power of the curse, it's the power we give tthe curse."
"So are you hiding from the law or is that just a bad nose job?"
"Mmmm, bad nose job." I gave you a lot so hopefully you can work with it. Well I love you and wish you the best!
Love you forever favorite sister,

Dear Elder Hamblin,
I have had a horrible week. NO mother don't type that. We went to Fallon on Friday and Saturday. We finally won 1 game. It was against Battle Mountain. Sparks whooped us 12-0. We were humbled. It was our first Soccer game. Isaac said "But Sparks SUCKS at baseball!" Mom told him "Well Isaac that is good that you can point out something Dayton is better than Sparks in. Jeremy (a teamate) told Mom that I was massaging this soccer girl's shoulders. Mom freaked out. It was hilarious. Right now I am really sore. I am glad tomorrow is Labor Day so we can recover. Band is good. I got to see Manny at Friday nights football game. We lost to Truckee. Manny says you need to make his letters funnier. But don't tell Manny I told you that in your letters to him. Manny and his family came to see Josh Boga play football. But I didn't see Josh play any football. The Boga family was getting together because Mr. Boga's sister was getting married for the 4th time. I have to tell you something funny. Isaac called at 4:40 AM on Friday morning to ask what color uniform we were supposed to wear. Mom was not happy because when the phone rings that EARLY in the morning, you think something BAD happened. (Now this is Mom writing) Karl Watts told Dad that he really appreciates Shay on the Soccer team because even when they got whipped so bad by Sparks and were feeling like crap, Shay started singing on the bus on the way home. Pretty soon he got the girls vs the boys where you would sing a song and the other team would have to finish it. Karl said that Shay really uses his leadership skills to help their team be much better and have more comraderie. Shay is finding it very hard to be good at band and soccer right now. He missed some section rehearsals for band and he just can't do everything because of conflicts of soccer.
Shay loves you and is really getting girl crazy. He made me stay up till midight trying to tell him why he isn't allowed to talk to girls by himself all night long. What a challenge we have ahead.


Dear Noble,

The other day Dane and I went on a “Dad date”. At first we were going to see some movie called “The Zookeeper”. As we were driving into Carson City, Dane kept saying that he didn’t want to waste his “Dad date”. So we did some brainstorming and he decided that he wanted to shoot Noble’s BB gun and ride Grandpa Rice’s quad. I’m glad we turned around to do it.

First we went to Maverick’s and got a Slurpee. Then we used Grandpa’s aluminum ramp to load the Quad on to “Little Red”. When you get back we will have to show you this cool place next to Riverview Elementary. There is a dried out riverbed where we set up the camp chair and did target practice with your BB gun. We did that until it got dark. Then we went Quad-ing through the sand dunes. It is a pretty big area, so I put our location in the GPS before heading out. It was a good thing I did. The sun went down and we could hardly see anything.

Dane did the first bit of driving with me behind him. Then it got to a point where he had me drive because we couldn’t see good enough. I said, “Dane will you be our Navigator?” He said, “Sure!” So we turned on the GPS and got our bearings. It was kind of fun navigating through all of the trails and sand dunes in the dark. We had a blast.

BTW your BB gun is safely put away in the trailer again.
Shay did something kind of funny at soccer practice. He munched it by rolling on the astro-turf. The skin was rubbed right off of his shoulder and it was all bloody. All the soccer player and coach Karl Watts gathered around to look at the damage. In the middle of all the attention Shay looks up at coach Karl and says, “Coach. Will you kiss it better?” Everyone guffawed with laughter

As for your Tatay, I am getting used to having greater responsibilities at work. I find myself surprised at how many different things I can handle in a day. I often look back at what I have accomplished with a sense wonder and pleasure that I was able to get through the emergencies of that day. I really feel like the Lord is blessing me.

Mahal kita Elder Hamblin!
Your tatay Todd.

I often think about how concerned you were with Tagalog. You took Spanish for 2 years and still don’t feel close to being able to speak Spanish. President Haas blessed you that the language would come fast, and it truly has. Talk about the gift of tongues. You were starting your 4th month in the mission when the Lord sent you a native speaking companion that you are able to communicate with. Can you say M-I-R-A-C-L-E?!!!
Make sure you thank the Lord often for the special favors and blessings you are receiving. His hand plays a big part in the wonderful success you have been having in Villaverde. If you show your gratitude for these blessings and give the Lord credit for his part, I know you will continue to receive his help.

Elder Hamblin in front of the Apartment desk.

Elder Hamblin's first care package since he arrived in the Philippines.

Look at all that Care Package treasure. An 'I Love Boston' shirt from Mom & Devree's trip. A precious package of oreos that Elder's Hamblin & Anzal loved! A simplified hymn book so Noble can play the piano for his little branch. Light up yo-yo's for a little fun. A couple of new ties (Precious because that is the only thing an Elder can change in his wardrobe.). One of the most desired items were the missionary approved music CDs.

Miss Villaverde pageant.

Villaverde Carnival

Showing the district a local Villaverde oddity. An 8 legged goat.

Noble's awesome souvenir's from the Philippines.

Mystery Meat in the Philippines. Elder Hamblin succeeded in freaking out Mom & Dad. YUCK!!!

Google pictures showed a better picture of the can that Noble sent us.