Monday, August 27, 2012

August 26th, 2012

Trying to eat a burger in the Philippines.  They don't quite get how we eat the meat bigger than the bun or the cheese thing or even real ketchup.  That meat looks suspicious too!  Where are the lettuce, onion and tomatoe, let alone the bacon? 
A Japanese restaurant though.
Elder Rocaberte
Dear Hamblin Family,
OKAY, so this week was pretty cool. I am sending you some pictures of the interesting food that I have been finding and eating. The HUGE burger was found in Santiago in a Japanese restaurant. It was called the GODZILLA BURGER, and it was quite delicous. It could have been better with some bacon on it. As you can tell by the pictures it was pretty darn big! I liked it! Elder Allen almost threw up again. WE like to have our fun.
My black shirt is a bukid shirt! The workers wear this light weight shirt into the bukid because it protects from the sun mostly and is light and breaths well. Keeps you cool in the burning sun. I like it and I may get some other colors later on to bring home. I was pretending to use Elder Allens Inhaler. He liked that. You might not want to put that on the blog. I think my garments might be showing through the shirt! He he! :D
SO ya thats whats up with me. Elder Rocaberte is a great companion. He's helping me do my best to help others come unto Christ. We have a lot of younger investigators with one special case family. They are doing alright. Not too much success. Just wait for the baptisms coming up next Month in September. Elder Rocaberte is super excited for September because that means he's going home soon. I think in December. As soon as you hit the "ber" months here it's practically CHRISTMAS!!! WHOOO HOOOO! SO get ready guys! Get ready for Christmas!
In the mean time please pray for our recent converts: The Balagbagan family and Reynel and Elizabeth. Along with the investigators the Malgapo Family and Jessica Balcita. OH and Jennifer and Bong Bong. They need the help and guidance. They need to feel their Saviors love and want to be on the right path back to Heavenly Father. Pray that they will read the scriptures, pray to know if they are true, and come to church next Sunday. They and I would appericiate your prayers.
SO Dad,
I liked the random message about you not being back to your office. I guess I got mixed up in your send list. I think everyone gets stressed with work every now and then. NO Matter what your job is ya know? I want you to show me how to get up by the water tower. I want to hike the hill by our house that me and Manny loved back in the day. I hope that I won't get fat when I get home. I don't like being fat. It's not fun. But ya I want to go quading with you.
I never minded being the peacemaker. It was an okay job in the house. I miss all your unique personalities. You all do a great job with keeping the dramas and stresses outside the house. I think that was one reason why I just always love being with my family who accepted me no matter what. I was safe and could express how I truly felt. That's home. I miss it sometimes. Especially the washing machine. I wish it was here. he he..... no seriously. Could you like send it in a package or something? JK I love you pops.
The song I sent you was just a joke. I was bored and just wanted to cheer you up! I hope you liked it. Aunt Paula looks happy to be in white again. I am excited and happy for her. I'm glad Kolten was there for her. I am glad that she's making GREAT decisions. No doubt she is on her way to being sealed to Ben and having a great life with him. I am truly happy for her. Give her my best. I miss her.
I can't believe that my sister is going to college! THATS CRAZY!!! I hope she isn't stressing too much about that. All the apartment and stuff are arranged and ready to go? Is she going to be on break when I get back or is she going to be in school? I don't know. We'll see. Dad, I love you. The reason why I like making peace is because I hate war. I do not delight in blood shed. I like having my family happy and together. I can't wait to sit around and goof around with you guys. Like old times. I know you won't pressure me into getting married Dad. I will feel the pressure from the world to do a lot of things. Basta, I love you Pops. Don't stress out too much. You might get an ulcer like me in San Mariano! Love you Dad. Love Elder Hamblin
Dear Mom,
I liked your little bit about the lessons. "ME AND THE BOYS ARE GOING TO ZION!" I love the pioneer attitude. They believed and no one was going to tell them they were wrong. They were diligent and humble and hard workers. They are my heroes Mom. They are the trail blazers. I have a big respect for those guys. I love them.
So I kinda told you about our investigators a little bit at the beginning. A little more detail: Bong needs help with Faith. He needs to have the Faith to do somethings and to stop doing some things. Like we all do. (Sorry I can't be very detailed. They are worried about our blogs and things right now. There have been some problems with the blogs of missionaries and things. Private information leaked out and people getting offended or getting gossiped about. I don't know how much I can and how much I can't say. Basta, just know that I do have investigators. They are awesome, they all have little things they are over coming and they are trying to get closer to Christ. I hope that they are finding out the truth of this message and using it in their lives. It's helping them.
You know Mom. One thing that I wished I had worked with the missionaries more before. I also wish I had read Preach My Gospel....ALL OF IT! NOT JUST THE LESSONS! I taught two lessons last Sunday. One was to the congregation in sacrament meeting about missionary work and how every member is a missionary. Then I went straight to the youth and taught them about missionary work and Preach My Gospel and how they should all study it before their missions to get ready. It went pretty good. Anyways, later on that day we taught a Fireside in Rizal a neighbooring ward and it was about how the members should help the missionaries in lessons. WE role played. On the way home we got a ride from the AP's (Assistants to the President) Me and my Batch Elder Huffstutler rode in the back of the truck and OYM'd (Offer Your Message) to two guys on a motorcycle. We gave him a pamphlet while we were both still driving. That was pretty cool. OYM from the back of a truck! So ya, I just though that you might like to know about my CRAZY last Sunday. I promise they aren't all that cool! I love you Mom Elder Hamblin

Dear Devree,
GO STAR WARS!!!! LUKE, I AM YOUR FATHER!!!!!!! I love that series. I hope that you are not to bored all the time. Help duck tape Dane's schedule to his forehead for me will ya?
SO, I can't believe that my little sis is going to college already. You know I am only a couple of steps behind you right now! I don't know what I really am going to do yet. I know it involves college, work, and beautiful women and other than that I am just kinda going with the flow. We'll see what happens. Your movie was Star Wars by the way, ANNNNND Here is mine:
"I am tired of your emotional constipation!"
"Is this water Sanitary? It looks questionable to me!"
Guess that! So they are making a Monsters Inc two. THEY BETTER do a good job with it or I am gonna get mad and write a letter. This crappy 2nd movie business has got to end! I am ready for the best of the best sister. You have to prioritize that list of yours. I'm sure the movie count has got to be up in like the 20's by now and we are going to need to start with the best. So, I trust your taste in movies. Get ready for the marathon of your life! I love you sis. Keep your room clean and do your best at college. Does this mean you're going to be emailing me separately now? I can't wait for the package and all! I am STOKED! I'm proud of you sis. Love Big Bro Hamblin

Dear Shay,
Soccer sounds like fun and definitely a time consumer ya know!? I love ya bro. I can't stop saying it. I miss you sometimes. I hope to be able to spend a lot more time with ya bro when I get home. Don't be surprised if I want to just go on a walk to the river and just talk with ya about... whatever you want to talk about. If you want, I'll even take you to the dollar tree every now and then. We'll buy some root beer and party hardy like it's 1964. Anyways. I hope things are going your way. I hope you don't hate school too much. There is always something good about school that you can find. What helps me Shay is that I try and get myself into the mode of loving to learn. Find something you are interested in and read about it.  Learn about it as much as you can. Then use that knowledge in like a friendly conversation. Like the other day I was reading in an old health book that I found at a members house. It was about the body and described different parts. I read about the eyes and found out that tears have a cleaning or sanitizing agent in them that helps clean your eye balls when you cry! Isn't that cool! You can always find a way to love learning new things. Even Math or Algebra. Just find a way to love learning and get the homework out of the way first when you get home so you don't have to worry about it! Love ya Shay Love Big Bro Elder Hambz

Dear Dane,
I love ya Dane! You from what I hear are doing a great job at baby sitting dogs....and watching tv's. Ya lazy bum you! I love ya though. How you doing Dane? What are you going to switch to if you can't be baritone? Maybe a saxophone? Try that. And try the brussel sprouts. You got to try everything at least once. Usually Mom feeds you good things to make you big and strong so trust her. She isn't trying to kill you with vegetables. I love you bro but you got to try out for a sport or something. I've seen the pics of you getting your breakfast in bed. I hope that you aren't spending too much time in front of the tv! Me and you should go ride on our bikes together after the mission. I think that would be good! I like riding bikes don't you? Don't be too loud practicing your instrument while they are in seminary! I love you Dane and don't worry. The Warcraft battles are on when I get home! Love ya bro. Elder Hambz!!!

Dear Beloved family I miss you sooooooooo much! I hope you enjoy the weird pictures. I hope that all goes well for you and you do what you really want to do. Go get your goals. Live your dreams. Be who God is helping you become. I love you all and hope to hear from you again next Monday. I hope that my emails are getting at least a little more in depth. I hope you liked it and the pictures.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

August 19, 2012

Dear Hamblin Family!!!!
I miss you all sooooo much! I miss the good times with cousins and such. I hope to meet all our new cool cousins when I get back! That should be cool! I miss all of you guys. I was just thinking last week about what it would be like just laying down with my family and watching a movie... like HUNGER GAMES! Ya, that's gonna be awesome. Even though you have all seen these movies you still have to watch them with me! Okay? I got some stuff to tell you guys!

Dear Dad,
I seem to always get a kick from thinking about all those High Councillors on the stand and then my Dad in his sandal and socks! he he :D I miss my silly papa. I don't know why I just miss my family this week. I don't know if you were ever a leader Dad, but I just got to go to an overnight Zone Leader Conference. It was LOADS of fun! We learned about becoming strong leaders like Moroni and being the ones who get things started. I hope to be like some of the amazing leaders I rubbed shoulders with there. We played ping pong and watched David Goliath and ate REAL Mexican food. (I later had LBMs) WE HAD ROOTBEER FLOATS!!!! I sat on a comfy couch and had apple juice for breakfast! IT WAS AWESOME! I hate eating rice for breakfast. I never liked eating rice for breakfast unless it is like fried rice or something. Anyways, we had a testimony meeting and everything, it was a very spiritual experience. It helped motivate me to be a better missionary than I've been. I hope it had the same effect on my companion.
Anyways, I hope the toe heals up soon and that you will be up and about as usual when its done with! I hope your next toenail grows back the right way and you don't have any other problems. I think that picture on the blog is just priceless. I think I've looked at it every week! Grossing out the people next to me and the other missionaries. Its great! You know, toilet seats are the least of my problems here. I could tell you about the other horrors a missionary could see on a daily basis but I will just simplify it down to this, at the end of the day you will have an 85% chance of having some kind of poop on you. Whether it be from a dog a lizard a child or even yourself. The possibilities are endless. (number one reason why washing my cloths by hand took so long today.) Bird pooped on my nice clean shirt. Stupid Bird.
"You name it, I've been pooped on by it." -Elder Allen
Welcome to my life.
I love you. I hope the best for you all. I hope you enjoyed the Home Town Buffet. Me and Elder Allen were able to spoil our selves a bit. We bought us some REAL pizza. It was NICE PIZZA. We both enjoyed it thoroughly! E. Allen almost through up! I am sending some pictures to all right now! I hope you like them. It cost us 500 pesos for this pizza which is like 11 bucks! Can you believe that! But it was absolutely Delicious! Well love you Dad.

Dear Mom,
I decided that my Taste buds have changed, DRASTICALLY! You know the Pizza in the pictures? I don't think I could have eaten something like that before my mission. I really didn't like veggies on my pizza before. It was a thing that just was just wrong. Now I can eat anything that I want to eat cause It doesn't matter to me now. I don't think that I will have any problems with being picky when I get home. I ate broccoli I ate hearts of a chicken, I ate the Cat Fish Head. Eye balls an all. I ate the tongue of a pig! I don't think I'll have to hard of a problem adjusting when I get back! I don't think I'll have to try to hard to adjust to Mamas Lasagna! MHHHHHHH! BABY! I miss my Mama's cookin! I miss my Mama!
I am glad that you were able to see Grandma and Grandpa recently. It was great to get a letter from Grandma. Her hand writing is just so darn shaky lately from the arthritis probably. or just getting old. Tell her I love her and even my grumpy Grandpa that won't take his meds! I could never shoot my Mother in the Desert. That's not cool! I would just pray for Gramps to have his heart softened so that he will eat his pain medication. That's about all I can do right about now!
SO I love you mom and I hope that you are making sure that you are not running around with your head cut off! I hope that you can find a good place for grandma and grandpa. I hope that even in their old age they can still find happiness. I will pray for them. I miss watching the History Channel or the Discovery Channel with Gramps. I always sound angry when I try to talk loud enough for Gramps. I don't like even sounding angry. I look horrible when I'm angry! Anyways, Love you Mom! Keep on being the glue for us! Love Elder Hamlbin

Dear Devree,
I had a thought before going to bed. I was thinking that if you are a little nervous to go to school you know in Idaho, then mabe you could ask Dad for a fathers blessing to help ease the fears. That might help. Any way. I hope that the worst part is over with concerning your fears about school. I love your stories about Virgina City and the Obama Dollar. I laughed my head off! Anyway, I am hoping that you can find a way to love the brothers like you love me. They need a different kind of love ya know? Spend some time doing what they like to do. You'll be surprised what you find!
Your movie was Second Hand Lions. BEST MOVIE EVER! I can't wait to see the new movies on your list for me and the old favorites that I know we have! Okay here's mine: "Twins in a bunk bed!" "Grrrr GRAHHH GRrrrr GRAHH"
"We scare because we Care"
"Oh Googly bear!"
Try that on for size! I hope you get it! I'm am very interested and excited to use this magic box when I get back. If you got it Hunger Games is up on my list. Wait till it comes out on DVD first though! Go Dad and his Magic Box. Kiss his toe for me will ya? Love you Little Sis. Love Big Bro!

Dear Shay,
You little turd. Eating at the Home Town Buffet! WITHOUT ME? How could you? It's gonna take a long time for that one to heal bro. I think this is twice now isn't it? I miss eating American food, really bad. When I ate that pizza I really enjoyed it, but I thought about how much better Costco pizza is and how much bigger it is! I miss good food. Don't get me wrong, chicken intestines on a stick is great and all and I'll never get tired of Pig Tongue. But every now and then some Lasagna or Shepherds Pie would really hit the spot ya know? I miss ya little bro. You have always been an example to me of putting your whole heart into the things you are passionate about. I admire that. I wish I could be better at putting my whole heart into things. I'm just afraid to be disappointed, ya know? I sent you all some good photos hope you like them. I hope that you do well at soccer and get all sexy from running so much. Love you soooooooo much! Elder Hamblin

Dear Dane,
I hope you are having a great time with the cousins and such. I hope that you are being a good boy for Mom and Dad. Are you making sure that Shay isn't eating out of the kitchen? Make sure you get him to eat his cereal in the kitchen for me will ya? I love you Dane. I miss the Bunso. I miss my little bro some times. I look at your guys' picture on the wall and think to myself about all your interesting personal personalities. I hope that you are doing great. I hope you are getting outside and playing in the sun a bit rather than just rotting away in front of the computer or the TV. I miss you little bro! I hope that you are happy and doing fine. Please, be good and make me proud! Love Big Bro, Elder Hambz!

I love all you guys soooooooo much. I hope that you are all being good examples to our family, to our ward, to our community and to each other. Meanwhile while you are all being awesome I will do my duty and try and love these people back on to the straight and narrow way. I will try to make you proud. I love you. Stay safe happy and well fed. LOVE


Monday, August 13, 2012

August 13th, 2012

Elder Hamblin and Elder Schmidt
Elder Hamblin and a life size tiger.

So Hamblin Family,
        Its kinda hard to focus because they have a karaoke going on next door and the girl thinks she’s the new Celine Dion. Me and my comp want to unplug the machine. SO amidst the war of music I am going to attempt to try and email you all. I love you but if this is short I'm sorry! ALRIGHT LETS DO THIS THING!!!!
        SO lets start with
            I think that your company leader is the bomb. Brother Frasier is really an amazing leader and an inspirational speaker. HE gets people to act! He and everyone else you come in contact with is in love with you and who you are! SO don't feel bad when People want to try and lend you a hand. It's how they show you that they love you. As for the brothers don't worry about it. Just love them. It's up to them if they love you back. I remember that when I left Devree it was only a couple of weeks in the MTC before I missed my once annoying brothers and my angel sister! You won't know How much you'll miss them till you're gone! So love them while you can and don't let them go! I know from experience it’s hard to leave them without saying goodbye! I never got to hug Shay goodbye or say goodbye to you. I only got to hug a half asleep Dane. SO love them Devree. Do what they want to do, it doesn't matter what you want to do, you can do that all the time by yourself. Do what they like to do and love them to death before you leave. They'll appreciate it more than you know!
         Your movie was Nacho Libre and here is mine: "Your only in trouble if you get caught! THERE HE IS! I'm in trouble!!"
"Rugman, haven't seen you in a few millenina Give me some Tassell!"
"I don't bring people back from the dead it’s not a pretty picture I DON"T LIKE DOIN IT!"
"Hold on to your turban kid. We're gonna make you a star!!"
         Kay that’s a lot try that out!
  Dear Shay,
         Yes I know Hydro the Olsons dog. He's a good dog. kinda reminds me of rascal at the krices. Hey I miss that old lake. It's a shame it’s all dried up right now! Very dry there but very wet here all the time! I can't get it to stop raining! You know I have had a reoccurring dream of going to Costco and getting an extra Large Pepperoni Pizza and eating it all by myself. It's a good dream but I always end up waking up. I wish I could have a Costco pizza again. I miss them and real Root Beer. and milk. Lots and lots of milk. My diet is gonna be really weird when I get home. I hope that I don't destroy my insides when I get home! I love you shay and eat some pizza for your older brother will ya?  Love Elder Hambz
      Dear Dane,
            So you have really been just kicking back and enjoying life! I hope you’re not getting too used to it! Sand Harbor sounded awesome. It’s hard to bury your hands because you need your hands to bury things you know? Manny sent me a package with a picture of me in it. It was back in the day when we used to go to sand harbor. It was an awesome picture of me jumping off the rocks. I like it a lot. Maybe I will send it to you all. Oh well. I hope to send it off soon! I have to scan it first! I love you Dane and I hope you are being a good boy for Mom and Dad! I love you! Elder Hamblin
     Dear Mom,
          Sounds like you are doing well. Don't worry the fever is gone. I still have plenty of Advil so don't freak out about sending more Advil. Leave more room for the marshmellow maties! he he :D How are you doing? I am sure you aren't feeling well after all the substituting. It takes a lot from you doesn't it! I hope you don't kill yourself with the substituting things. That and trying to clean out Devree's room. I don't know how she just collects so much stuff. It's kinda crazy! I hope that I don't ever get like that! I hope my wife isn't a hoarder! Oh well. I sent some pictures of my homemade spagettii and of me and Elder Schmidt. OH the elder sitting next to me just got a picture of a past Elder here who went home honorably. Well the picture is of this elder making out with a pretty girl in a car. That’s just cruel. Now the elder sitting next to me is sending it to all his friends in the mission. GOSH, sometimes I just can't focus on a simple email to my family. Anyways, I am doing good. I don't feel too sick anymore. I got the drugs I need from the drug stores here so don't worry about me! I wish I could go to sand harbor so bad. I DID get the mass letter envelope from the reunion. I am busy writing letters back to everyone. I miss all my cousins. I LOVE YOU ALL! THANKS FOR THE LETTERS! I hope to get some letters out soon. So thanks for that. OH and I got a package from my best bud ever Manny. I hope he reads that if not I am sending him a letter too. He sent me some candies pictures of his family and his girlfriend and my future girlfriend apparently and the stupid pirate set that has been cycling around our friendship for at least 4 years! Good stuff! Well I am a happy camper what can I say? I love you and all the relatives. Love Elder Hamblin
            Dear Dad,
                    Your toe looks DISGUSTING! I wish I could have seen it live! I hope you never work on bikes without shoes again. How many nails do you have to lose before you learn your lesson mister!? Although it does make for an interesting conversation with the little girl on facebook next to me. I think she almost threw up all over her keyboard. ha ha :D Well How you doing now? The only high councilman rocking the sandals on the stand! I got a picture of just the feet and bodies of the people on the stand and then at the end is my Dad and his one sandal! Nice, that's classy! You know you can go through quite a lot of pain pops. The kidney stone must have not been too good either!
          Well Yes I have to drive the quad when I get home. I don't want to sound trunky but that 6 month mark is right around the corner. I don't want to think about it too much! Anyways, have the pizza and rootbeer floats ready to go for me when I get home. I love you pops! I hope you and Mom have an awesome time at wood badge. Even if you aren’t going to be able to bring your toenail with you! HA! I bet it will look all weird when it grows back. Man my toes just hurt from thinking about it! If my companion complains about wanting to leave I am just going to show him the picture of your toe to get him to be quiet! (note: first time I attempted to spell quiet was quite.)
       So pops, I love what you said about me and my missionary experience but sometimes I feel myself caught up in the little things like wasting too much time at the internet shop or not getting out to work on time or things like that so then I feel horrible about myself and Presidents letters start to cut rather than to help me be better. I am doing better now but when I was with Elder Lucernas I didn't feel like a missionary on P-Days. Oh well, maybe I just am being too hard on myself. It's hard to be a good missionary when you don't have any good influences around you. My companion right now, Elder Rocaberte, is being a good example to me and we are in our proselyting cloths at the computer shop for the first time in 6 weeks. I hope to keep this up. Set a good example for the other missionaries! Oh well. I love you Dad. I love your toe too. Give it a kiss good night for me will ya!?                                                    Love,
                                                           Elder Hamblin!!! 

Ready to eat!!!
Homemade Spaghetti

Monday, August 6, 2012

August 5, 2012

We have ate and ate and ate these past days cause it’s like ELder Lucernas palooza! EVERYONE and their DOG wants to feed us now. I hope they like me after he's gone and don't think I'm a stick in the mud!
Elder Lucernas has only a mere two days left and then he will go off to a better place. "sigh" I'll miss him, and his Adobo. He was a great Elder. I made him Homemade pancakes and homemade syrup too!
The people in the big group photo from left to right are, Me, Joshua Valle, Elizabeth Valle, (one of our investigators) Brother Sammy, Rinel Salvador, (The Other Investigator of ours) Bishop and ELder Lucernas. I don't really know the names of the kids on the ground. They were member kids that just happened to be being baptized on the same day! Pretty cool huh! These two will be strong members in the future church I am sure on it!  The tender joys of missionary work!  So happy for everyone!!!
Wizard training photos. Turns out the Zone Leaders don't get cars here they get broom sticks. SO after me pleading and begging with Elder Lucernas He finally taught me how to fly the broom stick. It was fun. You can tell by the expression on my face!
Looks like Elder Hamblin is ready to play some Quiditch on Ron Weasley's old "Clean Sweep" broomstick.  WATCH OUT for those bludgers Elder!
You will definitely have to practice before you are ready for the "Nimbus 2000"!!!
Dear Devree,
       I eyes watered up when I was reading your letter. It’s hard when you realize how much you love your family on the mission. I've seen just about every way you can deal with homesickness here on the mission. I've seen missionaries who just cry themselves to sleep at night longing for their families. I've seen missionaries turn off all emotion related to home and just think about the work. I've seen some that don't even email to their families. They say they just want to forget them for now and get lost in the work. But the mission is not about forgetting your family and loved ones. It’s about serving God and giving a little bit back to him for all that He's given us.
        You know Devree, I don't think I ever told you this, but, sometimes I have nightmares. Bad nightmares about you. The one week I was able to get off school to come visit you and Mom. In the dream I just see you in the hospital bed, withering away, and I can't do anything except be there for you and help you forget about the pain. I'm completely and utterly useless. I don't ever want to see you like that again. I wish I could have gone through it for you. You had all of high school in front of you. But now that I think back I don't know if I would have been strong enough to fight the depression the bad news the nosiness and the smell of old lady poop! You are the only of us that could have laughed cancer in the face and beat it! You spat on it and said, "Ya! Put that in your pipe and smoke it!" I have a big respect for you little sis. More than you know! I miss you and I hope to have Noble Devree dates when I get home.
              The Trek sounded awesome but I need to hurry up cause I lost track of time! Your movie was one of the Indiana Jones ones. Maybe crusade or something like that! I liked it though! Hey so here is my movie:
             "Please keep off of the grass shine your shoes wipe your...face."
             "She's married to the Muffin Man. The Muffin Man! THE MUFFIN MAN!"
      Love you Devree,  Elder Hambz
           Dear Mom,
                  Mom, saving the world one jar of peaches at a time. Hopefully you have inspired the women of this church to get into the canning spirit. You have to realize Mom, that not everybody was raised like us. The good old fashioned way. Not everybody's Mom took them to Grandma’s house to buy and can Strawberry’s. I was born lucky. Other Moms just buy frozen food in the grocery stores and warm it up in the microwave for the children, but not my Mom. I was raised on homemade Lasagna and Cinnamon rolls made from scratch! What can I say Mom. You are one of a kind! I don't think I would have traded my childhood for anything other than what I had got! You teach those women how to can their fruits so they can bless their kids with fresh pears too! I love you Mom.
                SO, sounds like you and Pops had your own special near death experience. Dad’s a monster on those quads. I'm ready to let Dad go and see if I can hold on! I win by the way if I come out unscathed from the experience! I hope that leg heals up quick. Doesn't sound too serious! If it’s not in too much of an embarrassing spot take some pictures and send it to me in the email. That would just totally enhance my emailing experience! I love you Mom! Love, Elder Hamblin
   P.S. You know that when they name their baby after me he doesn't have a choice. Because of the Divine virtue of the name Noble he is bound to be amazing, inspiring, the best in his class and overall legendary! I hope they know that. Plus, I would be honored to have a pupil again. HE SHALL BE EPIC! I'm gonna have to get used to having a little me running around though. WEIRD! he he. Tell the Ericksons that I love them too!
         Dear Dane,
              So, you enjoyed being an only child for a bit! Well, get used to it because that is exactly how it will be when Shay goes on his mission! It will be you Mom Dad and the Dog. Me and Dev’s might be married by then. Knowing Devree, She'll probably beat me to getting married. You could be an uncle! Okay, I'll stop. Mom's probably crying! he he! :D
          I think you would make a great Tuba Player and don't talk about Middle School. That means you are growing up WAY to fast. I'm gonna come back and you will be some crazy Tuba player going through middle school and soon enough puberty. (You know, as an older brother, I HAVE to make fun of you when your voice cracks. It’s one of the unspoken rules of brotherhood!) I love you Dane! Love Big Brother Nobs
       Dear Shay,
              Soccer should be fun. I would have stayed with the soccer too if the coach didn't wish I was Mexican. I bet your name isn't snowball like mine was. I was proud of myself though that year. I ran with them, trained with them, lost with them, and I was one of the few that had good enough grades to be eligible! HA! Unlike them! I'm not trying to be racist that’s what really happened. That may just be a problem we face in our high school. I have plenty of awesome Mexican friend that had my back through the rough times. Long story short, STUDY HARD, PLAY HARDER! And like Uncle Jeff use to say, "Pain is Weakness leaving the Body!"
      Love you Shay, and good luck in the next school year! LOVE Elder Hamz
             Dear Dad,
                    SO, Thanks for the questions and comments Dad, I don't know if it’s just from reading and reading and reading and studying day in and day out or just spiritual blessings helping me be who I have to be to do this thing. But I have received greater light and knowledge on my journey through the mission. I'd like to think that I can take this home with me and help out other people as they find the truth too!
                 Your question was about the ungodliness. Well my guess is that it is really anything God wouldn't do. Anything that goes against his commandments or his way. Speeding is breaking the Law and that is clearly stated in the articles of faith and other places that we are supposed to be good citizens at all time and in all things and in all places. I'm pretty sure playing with fire works in somebody's back yard is a big no no too. (in case you were wondering. he he :D) Same with angry words. I don't know how many times I've heard you say that you don't want contention in the home. Contention drives the Spirit away. Ungodliness DEFINITELY Drives the Spirit away so you can't say you are doing fine if you can't feel the spirit while you are doing it. BUT don't give yourself a hard time about it. I'm pretty sure I can't feel the Spirit when I am controlling the sands of time but at least I am not stealing from a store. Thanks for the scriptures Dad. I can use those.
             Now, I really don't know the answer to the Toilet seat problem. I think it’s a lack of obedience problem. We get a new apartment and there's no toilet seat. The senior couple inspects that and then says to the missionary, "YOU NEED TO BUY A TOILET SEAT AND THEN WE WILL REIMBURSE YOU!!!!! Then the lazy bums don't buy one cause they don't care and I get transferred in and say, "WHAT THE @#@%@&$^&@$! I JUST CAME FROM AN AREA WITH NO TOILET SEAT!!! COME ON!!!" So, I end up buying a toilet seat. Sometime I get paid back sometimes I don't. It depends. I might buy another one for this apartment if we don't move. We'll see.
           Ya, Elder Schmidt is the other District Leader in Santiago South. Me and Lucernas are Santiago North so I see him every now and then. Football was fun and I think Elder Lucernas was more into it than we were! He LOVES American Football but He says he will only do it once or twice every cycle or else he gets to sore. We BOTH were hurting after that! It was only two and touch after all. But all the running and jumping and such takes its toll on unfit bodies. I had a fever these past few days. It was 102.7 at 3 am so I took two ADVIL and went to bed. That calmed it down. I got some non-brand name Tylenol and a blessing from Lucernas and now I'm all better. But SUNDAY UGH! That was miserable. Just laying in be useless. Cursing the world and pitying myself. TOTAL BUMMER! But Now I'm good so ya don't worry too much. The worse is over with now!
            Elder Lucernas has only a mere two days left and then he will go off to a better place. "sigh" I'll miss him, and his Adobo. He was a great Elder. I made him Homemade pancakes and homemade syrup too! He was full after just two pancakes so I had to eat the rest. WE have ate and ate and ate these past days cause it’s like ELder Lucernas palooza! EVERYONE and their DOG wants to feed us now. I hope they like me after he's gone and don't think I'm a stick in the mud!
          i love you all family and all the love you pour into each email for me! You're all the best family I could have! THANKS!! Love,
                                            Elder Hamblin