Monday, August 6, 2012

August 5, 2012

We have ate and ate and ate these past days cause it’s like ELder Lucernas palooza! EVERYONE and their DOG wants to feed us now. I hope they like me after he's gone and don't think I'm a stick in the mud!
Elder Lucernas has only a mere two days left and then he will go off to a better place. "sigh" I'll miss him, and his Adobo. He was a great Elder. I made him Homemade pancakes and homemade syrup too!
The people in the big group photo from left to right are, Me, Joshua Valle, Elizabeth Valle, (one of our investigators) Brother Sammy, Rinel Salvador, (The Other Investigator of ours) Bishop and ELder Lucernas. I don't really know the names of the kids on the ground. They were member kids that just happened to be being baptized on the same day! Pretty cool huh! These two will be strong members in the future church I am sure on it!  The tender joys of missionary work!  So happy for everyone!!!
Wizard training photos. Turns out the Zone Leaders don't get cars here they get broom sticks. SO after me pleading and begging with Elder Lucernas He finally taught me how to fly the broom stick. It was fun. You can tell by the expression on my face!
Looks like Elder Hamblin is ready to play some Quiditch on Ron Weasley's old "Clean Sweep" broomstick.  WATCH OUT for those bludgers Elder!
You will definitely have to practice before you are ready for the "Nimbus 2000"!!!
Dear Devree,
       I eyes watered up when I was reading your letter. It’s hard when you realize how much you love your family on the mission. I've seen just about every way you can deal with homesickness here on the mission. I've seen missionaries who just cry themselves to sleep at night longing for their families. I've seen missionaries turn off all emotion related to home and just think about the work. I've seen some that don't even email to their families. They say they just want to forget them for now and get lost in the work. But the mission is not about forgetting your family and loved ones. It’s about serving God and giving a little bit back to him for all that He's given us.
        You know Devree, I don't think I ever told you this, but, sometimes I have nightmares. Bad nightmares about you. The one week I was able to get off school to come visit you and Mom. In the dream I just see you in the hospital bed, withering away, and I can't do anything except be there for you and help you forget about the pain. I'm completely and utterly useless. I don't ever want to see you like that again. I wish I could have gone through it for you. You had all of high school in front of you. But now that I think back I don't know if I would have been strong enough to fight the depression the bad news the nosiness and the smell of old lady poop! You are the only of us that could have laughed cancer in the face and beat it! You spat on it and said, "Ya! Put that in your pipe and smoke it!" I have a big respect for you little sis. More than you know! I miss you and I hope to have Noble Devree dates when I get home.
              The Trek sounded awesome but I need to hurry up cause I lost track of time! Your movie was one of the Indiana Jones ones. Maybe crusade or something like that! I liked it though! Hey so here is my movie:
             "Please keep off of the grass shine your shoes wipe your...face."
             "She's married to the Muffin Man. The Muffin Man! THE MUFFIN MAN!"
      Love you Devree,  Elder Hambz
           Dear Mom,
                  Mom, saving the world one jar of peaches at a time. Hopefully you have inspired the women of this church to get into the canning spirit. You have to realize Mom, that not everybody was raised like us. The good old fashioned way. Not everybody's Mom took them to Grandma’s house to buy and can Strawberry’s. I was born lucky. Other Moms just buy frozen food in the grocery stores and warm it up in the microwave for the children, but not my Mom. I was raised on homemade Lasagna and Cinnamon rolls made from scratch! What can I say Mom. You are one of a kind! I don't think I would have traded my childhood for anything other than what I had got! You teach those women how to can their fruits so they can bless their kids with fresh pears too! I love you Mom.
                SO, sounds like you and Pops had your own special near death experience. Dad’s a monster on those quads. I'm ready to let Dad go and see if I can hold on! I win by the way if I come out unscathed from the experience! I hope that leg heals up quick. Doesn't sound too serious! If it’s not in too much of an embarrassing spot take some pictures and send it to me in the email. That would just totally enhance my emailing experience! I love you Mom! Love, Elder Hamblin
   P.S. You know that when they name their baby after me he doesn't have a choice. Because of the Divine virtue of the name Noble he is bound to be amazing, inspiring, the best in his class and overall legendary! I hope they know that. Plus, I would be honored to have a pupil again. HE SHALL BE EPIC! I'm gonna have to get used to having a little me running around though. WEIRD! he he. Tell the Ericksons that I love them too!
         Dear Dane,
              So, you enjoyed being an only child for a bit! Well, get used to it because that is exactly how it will be when Shay goes on his mission! It will be you Mom Dad and the Dog. Me and Dev’s might be married by then. Knowing Devree, She'll probably beat me to getting married. You could be an uncle! Okay, I'll stop. Mom's probably crying! he he! :D
          I think you would make a great Tuba Player and don't talk about Middle School. That means you are growing up WAY to fast. I'm gonna come back and you will be some crazy Tuba player going through middle school and soon enough puberty. (You know, as an older brother, I HAVE to make fun of you when your voice cracks. It’s one of the unspoken rules of brotherhood!) I love you Dane! Love Big Brother Nobs
       Dear Shay,
              Soccer should be fun. I would have stayed with the soccer too if the coach didn't wish I was Mexican. I bet your name isn't snowball like mine was. I was proud of myself though that year. I ran with them, trained with them, lost with them, and I was one of the few that had good enough grades to be eligible! HA! Unlike them! I'm not trying to be racist that’s what really happened. That may just be a problem we face in our high school. I have plenty of awesome Mexican friend that had my back through the rough times. Long story short, STUDY HARD, PLAY HARDER! And like Uncle Jeff use to say, "Pain is Weakness leaving the Body!"
      Love you Shay, and good luck in the next school year! LOVE Elder Hamz
             Dear Dad,
                    SO, Thanks for the questions and comments Dad, I don't know if it’s just from reading and reading and reading and studying day in and day out or just spiritual blessings helping me be who I have to be to do this thing. But I have received greater light and knowledge on my journey through the mission. I'd like to think that I can take this home with me and help out other people as they find the truth too!
                 Your question was about the ungodliness. Well my guess is that it is really anything God wouldn't do. Anything that goes against his commandments or his way. Speeding is breaking the Law and that is clearly stated in the articles of faith and other places that we are supposed to be good citizens at all time and in all things and in all places. I'm pretty sure playing with fire works in somebody's back yard is a big no no too. (in case you were wondering. he he :D) Same with angry words. I don't know how many times I've heard you say that you don't want contention in the home. Contention drives the Spirit away. Ungodliness DEFINITELY Drives the Spirit away so you can't say you are doing fine if you can't feel the spirit while you are doing it. BUT don't give yourself a hard time about it. I'm pretty sure I can't feel the Spirit when I am controlling the sands of time but at least I am not stealing from a store. Thanks for the scriptures Dad. I can use those.
             Now, I really don't know the answer to the Toilet seat problem. I think it’s a lack of obedience problem. We get a new apartment and there's no toilet seat. The senior couple inspects that and then says to the missionary, "YOU NEED TO BUY A TOILET SEAT AND THEN WE WILL REIMBURSE YOU!!!!! Then the lazy bums don't buy one cause they don't care and I get transferred in and say, "WHAT THE @#@%@&$^&@$! I JUST CAME FROM AN AREA WITH NO TOILET SEAT!!! COME ON!!!" So, I end up buying a toilet seat. Sometime I get paid back sometimes I don't. It depends. I might buy another one for this apartment if we don't move. We'll see.
           Ya, Elder Schmidt is the other District Leader in Santiago South. Me and Lucernas are Santiago North so I see him every now and then. Football was fun and I think Elder Lucernas was more into it than we were! He LOVES American Football but He says he will only do it once or twice every cycle or else he gets to sore. We BOTH were hurting after that! It was only two and touch after all. But all the running and jumping and such takes its toll on unfit bodies. I had a fever these past few days. It was 102.7 at 3 am so I took two ADVIL and went to bed. That calmed it down. I got some non-brand name Tylenol and a blessing from Lucernas and now I'm all better. But SUNDAY UGH! That was miserable. Just laying in be useless. Cursing the world and pitying myself. TOTAL BUMMER! But Now I'm good so ya don't worry too much. The worse is over with now!
            Elder Lucernas has only a mere two days left and then he will go off to a better place. "sigh" I'll miss him, and his Adobo. He was a great Elder. I made him Homemade pancakes and homemade syrup too! He was full after just two pancakes so I had to eat the rest. WE have ate and ate and ate these past days cause it’s like ELder Lucernas palooza! EVERYONE and their DOG wants to feed us now. I hope they like me after he's gone and don't think I'm a stick in the mud!
          i love you all family and all the love you pour into each email for me! You're all the best family I could have! THANKS!! Love,
                                            Elder Hamblin

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