Tuesday, July 31, 2012

July 29, 2012

Dear Mom, I am sooooo excited to hear from you all. I am tired and sore from waking up at 5am and playing Football with some Elders. I did pretty good for a blind dude with no glasses. I threw a touchdown pass to Elder Schmidt and I stole the ball two times. Fun stuff Fun stuff. But my legs are on FIRE! I am definitly not the fat chubby boy you sent off on an airplane. I've changed. All for the better. Well thanks for appreciating the blessings you get from me working in the hardest mission in the WORLD! I appreciate you acknowledging where those blessings come from. I love you and you love me despite my horrible spelling. I don't know how you put up with me. Your gray baby that is a slow learner. I love you MOm and thanks for pushing me to my potential and not giving up on me! You're the best. Well it sounds like the Rices are always busy doing something. I hope that Aunt Paula is happy now. I love Kaylun and I hope that he and Grace will be happy as well. I really liked the GIGANTIC email I got this week and by the looks of my companion, I could be here awhile! Oh well, we'll see! Please give them my love and tell them I love them and give them a hug from me. (That goes for whoever else is reading this blog who is in contact with them!) I love you Mom and please continue to reap the blessings of having a missionary in the field. I love you and enjoy the blessings you spoiled, rotten, people! Love Elder Hamblin Dear Devree, SO, you sure have had the week. How's the leg gonna hold up on trek? Are you gonna just have to sit in the sick wagon when it gets too hard!? I had to sit in the sick wagon because one night around the campfire they told us that me and Devin had EXPLOSIVE DIARRHEA! So, we just ate food and sat in the sick wagon while they carried us to the point where they said we were healed! I also went on a mission and that was fun! Well we always had fun on the trek. Heres my quote: "I see you managed to get your shirt off!" "The red thingy is moving towards the green thingy. I think we're the green thingy!" "Her translator is broken." try that on for size! Your movie was Men in Black! I can't WAIT for the 3rd one! IT sounds awesome from what I've heard! So I am gonna hog the netflicks on the Wii for sure! Sorry guys its mine for like a week straight! I am gonna get so fat. I want to run in the mornings when I get home to make sure I don't get too fat! I am kinda curious about the list of movies you got set up for me and I can't ask you to email me the list or that would just destroy me. I would just look at the list and probably cry! I love you Devrs, Keep up the good list and get better. Have fun on trek with your friends for me! Love, Elder Hamblin Dear Dane, I have seen some pretty cool stuff like a video of some Elder getting a worm taken out of his stomach and other fun things. I hope to send or bring home some awesome pictures for you and the family to see. I am doing fine. We don't have a toilet seat in our horrible little apartment but that's okay. It's just hard to go to the bathroom sometimes! Oh well. You get used to not using toilet paper. Oh well, I think that I can live just about anywhere now from all the horrible apartments I have been in! I like to think about my bed at night and then I forget that I am on a twin mattress in the middle of rice fields. I do remember the story about the fire crackers! No one has pulled too bad of tricks on me yet. All my companions are smaller than me which adds a sort of fear factor to my side. If they mess with me I don't mess around with them. I have seen some crazy scars from stupid things companionship's have done. Oh well, I love you Dane and don't worry I don't let them mess around with me too much! Love your big bro Elder Hamblin Dear Shay, Your movie was the incredibles, I think. Ya you are Hot and when you're Hot you sweat and when you sweat you are stinky Shay! I love your sense of humor! I think that you are now sold on the BYU Idaho thing now too! They're brainwashing you bro! Don't give in to the dark side! I'm just kidding. BYU Idaho has a fantastic campus I am sure. I just don't know about all those girls man. I have heard things. I hear the girls just collect a group of guys and whoever proposes first gets the girls. I don't like that. Although, I have this feeling that the woman I am going to marry is going to not be just an easy pick. I am going to have to fight and win her heart lock, stock, and barrel. I don't know, it's just a feeling. Well, The not your family reunion sounded good and all. I'm sure you had tons of fun. I still wish I could have gone with you! I miss my bro. I miss you SHAY! I love you, Elder Hamblin Dear Dad, Your question was "When Ammon taught King Lamoni’s father (Alma 22:18), Lamoni’s dad said that he would give away all his sins to know God. If we are unwilling to give away all our sins… what would you say that our spiritual problem is?" I would say that the problem would be not giving your whole might mind and strength to God. (Moroni 10:32) If we want to become closer to Christ and his way and his path than we need to be perfect. BUT perfection does not come in this life. That is for the life to come. What we can do right now is be the best we can and emulate Christ in our lives so that through following Christ we can be perfected in him and receive eternal life! In short the problem would be having two master. Either he will love the one or hate the other! You can't be serving God and Mammon. Hopefully that helps answer the question. Dad, thanks for not writing a super huge email. I have been kinda dizzy and probably need to drink a lot of water soon. I was great to hear from you all but I am just hoping that I don't fall asleep during our FHE later tonight! I love you and miss you and hope the best for you all and please send those letters and the package! I am SUPER excited. To let you know the truth I have kinda felt like I was in the dead Zone this past cycle. I haven't been getting much mail. It's that twilight zone between your half way mark and the 6 month mark where everyone forgets you're alive until they find out that you are actually coming home soon! Anyways I love you and I appericiate the emails and all! Please keep them coming! I love you and sorry there are no pictures this week. Nothing to amazing happened. Next week you should get some cool pictures! I love you and stay safe everyone! Please be good examples to the ward for me! Love, Elder Hamblin Philippines Cauayan Mission

Monday, July 23, 2012

July 23, 2012

Elder Hamblin having a mighty fine day!!!
He has a small bag of black fluid.  I just can't remember what it is.
Even the old people cross this CRAZY bridge!
Yep!  Elder Hamblin is on the war path.
Look at that smile.  It's sooo good to be home!  Even if he doesn't have a toilet seat.
Two happy Zone Leaders!  I'm not sure who was taking that picture in the middle of no where.

Dear Hamblin Family,
        YES I was able to see the blog and wow is it UPDATED! Now I know all about the Family Reunion, sniff, the surgery, sniff, and my cousins, sniff sniff! I miss you all soo much! I am glad is all relatively well! Hopefully Devree will be back to normal, (swelling wise) in a couple of weeks! She is such a trooper! Things are good with me. That same Nanay Pinky, (thats her actual name) is trying to get either me or one of my friends to marry her daughter. GOSH what is wrong with these Moms practically selling off their daughters just cause I'm white? There is definetly a screw loose. ANYWAYS, I love them still even if shes CRAZY! (although I am a pretty good catch! HA! JK)
            I've got another Nanay that is convinced that if I sell Vitamin pills with her we are gonna get RICH! I mean LOADED! She talked my ear off about it over lunch. You guys should get rich with us! It'll be fun. All we have to do is go around selling pills and getting people to join this company! IT'S GREAT! I let you all think about that!
             WE had a General Authority come and visit us. Elder Teh who is the Area President of the Philippines came to teach us this last Tuesday. I LEARNED A LOT! And I am currently trying to apply it. Devree, you would have loved it. He talked about the EAC in Finding Nemo and how there is a PNC in the mission. It's the Pwede Na Current! WE have to be careful not to fall into that current because that's the normal way of living your life or serving a mission. Its the worlds way of relaxing us and making us forget that we need to be doing all we can to live the gospel righteously. I liked his talks. He taught me how to be a better Leader in the Mission. It was great. I sat right next to him during lunch. We ate and talked. I accidentally used a slang word, ASTIG (awesome) when talking to another missionary and Elder Teh told me to not use it. He understood that It was a word a lot of missionaries use. He also knew that I had no Idea it was slang. I just say awesome now in English to that I don't use ASTIG. What a great week! ALSO check out Romans 12:21 It is a great verse on how to live in this crazy old mixed up world! Now for your letters:
           Dear Mom,
                 Thanks for updating the Blog it looks great! I am glad that Devree is through the scary part and that she had tons of fun on the journey! It must be weird saving the worst for last but I COMPLETELY understand WHY the worst was last. Who wants to go see the Lion King with eggs on their legs! HA :D
                I am so excited for you all and for my letters from Kolten and other famliy members! I am glad that you all had fun at the Reunion but you have to know that I wish I could have come too! Its a big part of our lives you know? You don't think about stuff like that before setting off for a mission. Those are things you are reminded of DURING THE MISISON! :D I will enjoy it when I get home I know that. It's still something I wish I could have done with you all! OH, yes my companion is a hoot! He likes to sing in bed and say, Elder Hamblin, Mahal Kita please update the area book! I love him like ALL my companions. Despite the few that criticize and annoy!
           CONGRATULATIONS AUNT PAULA!!!! I am soooooo happy for her and her new husband. I hope you two can make the wedding. I will not be able to because I am going to be going to a Zone Leaders Council. Please let her know that I love her and am VERY happy with her decision! It will not only make her happy right now but for the eternities and she already know that! 
    SO those pictures....he he! WE got be and the Elders in our District/Zone. We have the gekos live and dead. You got us taking jump shots in the pouring rain! YA! and me eating a double banana. It's two regular bananas that grew together close enough and became a double banana. They call them Kambal which means twins. I personally think that they are more delicious than the regular bananas so I take it upon myself to eat every batch I see. Ha I love these bananas. Sweeter than any bananas you will ever find in Nevada THATS for sure! Well hopefully that explains the unexplainable. I love you Mom.
              Dear Devree,
                      DON'T SCRATCH YOUR FACE WHATEVER YOU DO!!!!!! @#!$ your face looks like *$%&!!!!! JK YOU look great with the Surgery smile! You will be up and kicking sooner than you know it! Then you will be smiling and smiling for all those handsome RM's knocking down your door just to get a chance to date you!
                   You and your eggs. That must suck. But hey, at least its over now. I hope all is well. Rest up and get your blood going again! I can't believe how much they had to cut up your leg to get all the things they needed. I feel kinda bad saying this but I wish someone else could have donated and you didn't have to suffer as much. But I guess the best donner is you. Your body should reject its own spare parts!
                Your movie was the Nightmare before Christmas. (I got it on my Ipod) what song were you listening to? Anyways, here's my movie. "BRILLIANT, You reject your own nose because it is the noise of comercializm. Why didn't I think of that? Cut print check the brake moving on!" OR "Where are you Christmas!" I think you'll get it! if not, ask Dane. He should know! he he! SO I love you . THANKS For the awesome letter. I miss you Devrs. Get well soon. I'll pray for you and when I get back were going to New York City! JK LOVE ELDER HAMBLIN!!!
          Dear Dad,
                 I love that you are helping Manny with things that you will eventually be helping me with in the not to distant future. He needs a soft and guiding hands. He needs a wing man that's for sure. The Manny I knew did things because He knew they were right and was not easily influenced by others except close friends. I think this is Manny's refiners fire. He is probably trying to figure out what and who he wants to be for the rest of his life and that is no easy task to accomplish! I have had some dillemas on the mission in a some what controled atmosphere where I have to ask myself, WHY am I doing this? WHERE am I going with these dissisions, and WHAT am I becoming. I am asking myself these questions while studying the scriptures and becoming closer to God. Manny is in the World. The COLLEGE WORLD. Where if you got it flaunt it and more friends equals happiness are the mottos and slogans. Do what you must in order to have the right friends in the right places. I can HARDLEY IMAGINE, what he must be going through right now. He is trying to stick to what He knows is right even though he may not have some one to be the voice that says he's doing the right thing. It's been awhile since I've gotten A letter. He said a package was on the way so I'm excited. I hope it comes soon. I don't want to send off a letter and then tomorrow I get his Package! Oh well. Tell him I love him.
              Dad, Philosophizing with my Pops is one of my greatest past times! (note: I have no Idea how to spell Philosophizing. That is Spell check at its best!) Heres what I got to say: If we love God we will do all we can to be worthy to return to him. BUT we are human. Even if we are not worshipping stuff in the world the world can be disracting enough to make us forget all he's done for us. THATS why we go to church and stay worthy enough (by keeping the commandments) to take the sacrament. (to always remember him) If were staying true to those Covenants than we are promised that His Spirit will be with us. I know that its true. In all our lives we need the Spirit to help us make good choices. If you feel that something is being a leech or a parasite to your spiritual parts of your life than go take it out. Repent and then don't invite it back. Sometimes it may be something that you can't or  don't need to get rid of but could probably do a little less. Either way if its getting in the way of you receiving inspiration for your calling than you don't need it!
             Thats what I've got. If you have other questions just ask! I hope those thoughts helped you out on your next talk or just with you. Thanks for the question. Your right Dad I miss talking with you about these kinda things. I hope we will have many talks when I get back home! I love you Pops! Elder Hamblin

                 Dear Shay,
                      Gamefly really? You lucky son of a gun! I hope you are using it to its fullest potential! I love you buy the way! WE should use that when I get home if you still have it! I hope that all is well with school and all. I hope you do what you really want to do. I hope that you can put your whole heart into it and I hope you become the master at whatever you choose! I love you Shay, and you know Mom is just trying to make sure you are happy. I hope that you can enjoy your High School years and It won't feel like you are withering away. I know my sophmore and junior and well pretty much all of high school I felt SUPER BUSY! I'm sure you feel like you don't have a life sometimes but don't worry. Just roll with the punches and do your best to endure it and enjoy it! You only go through High School once ya know! (That and puberty. Don't want to ever do THAT again!) So hang in there bro! I'll pray for you not to get to stressed! I love ya! Elder Hamblin
                  Dear Dane,
                        Ya who want to know you have Stuffed animals? Well I am glad that it is all Cousin proof now! I hope nobody gets into it! DID YOU CLEAN THE HOUSE!?!??!? I hope you did! I love those Costco muffins also! I hope to buy some when I get home. Mabey the Poppy seed muffin kind. ya. Anyways, I am sure you are going to have TON'S of fun with the Cousins this week! Make sure you give them all extra lovins from me! I miss you little bro. STAY CUTE!!! Oh and P.S. no six pack yet but its commn! Love Elder Hamlbin
          SO the pictures are me and my comp being silly, me and my comp being silly and a little of me and my comp being more silly! Not much to explain. OH the rickety old bamboo bridge should be a nice photo! I hope to save that as a screen saver when I get home! I love you guys!!!!! Stay safe happy and well fed LOVE, ELDER HAMBLIN

Oh, a bother in in the Ward asked If I could buy him some scriptures with my credit card and then he would pay it back in cash. He wants the kind I have that has a strap and buckle. I think I will just go through one of the senior couples rather than use my money. I'll get him to give me the cash and then I will have the Senior couples handle the ordering. Anyways, I let you know how it goes. I don't trust this guy enough to pay then have him pay me back. Thats not cool. Oh well I love U! Elder Hamblin

Monday, July 16, 2012

July 16, 2012

Dave is a special boy. He has 6 fingers on both hands and 6 toes on each of his feet. Some have bones so he can move them. Others are just cartilage so they are all jelly like Harry Potters arm.
This is Dave.  He's is one of my favorite little boys to talk to and play with. He loves boxing. He like pretending to eat me. We have a lot of fun together. I hope you enjoy the pictures of all these fun people I continue to meet here in the Philippines. I Love them all!
Dear Hamblin Family, It's me again, and MAN do I got some news for you!!! Kay so here I am. Tired, hungry and wanting food to fill my stomach. We get finished with some last appointments and Elder Lucernas gets a text on our phone. WE HAVE A DINNER APPOINTMENT!!!! WHOOOO!!! SO we go to this dinner appointment, and we have Chop Suey. But this is NOT your regular CHOP SUEY! This chop suey has some extra things in it. Half way through I realize that the stuff that I thought was meat has a different texture. I ask Elder Lucernas, Hey what kind of meat is This? And he answeres, Oh no that’s not meat that’s liver.......mhhhhhh baby! Nothing like a couple of chunks of liver to put some hair on your chest. I grab another piece that looks a little bit different and start chewing on it. I asked my comp hey what’s this stuff? He said its heart. That’s right, I got you all beat. I ate a total of 3 hearts that night. NOW I HAVE THE POWER OF FOUR HEARTS!!!! HA!! You'd think I would have super powers by now right? Oh well. I'm still kicking. No problems yet. The work is going great! We are but about doing good things and helping people come unto Christ. If we don't get a baptism this month then it will be 2 next month so I'll keep you all in touch with those two. Their names are Elizabeth and Rinel. They are two fine youth that will be a great help to the church. I love them and so does Elder Lucernas. Hopefully he will be here for BOTH of their baptisms. He goes home next month. We'll see what happens! Oh I think I drank some of the interesting filtered water at a members house. I had a pretty bad LBM and I didn't like that at all. Oh well, those pills are coming in handy Dad. I think I can do a better job at watching what I eat. OH MOM, You are gonna love this! Last night I was eating at a member ladies house. She had some interesting things set out. We had Pancit we had this crazy banana dessert thing that was deep fried and cover in chocolate syrup. good stuff! Then they had broccoli. Now you know how me and broccoli don't get along very well. WELL guess what? I ate like 5 spoons full and had 0% reaction to throw up! ISN'T THAT GREAT! The Philippines has made me a non-picky eater! Now when I go home I will eat pretty much anything! I'm excited! Oh well. I hope you found that interesting! Anyways thanks for giving me the scoop on New York City. I DO want to go see the BIG APPLE. MY comp Elder Lucernas has been asking me if I had gone to the BIG APPLE yet. I haven't been there. Or to Boston in the fall. Oh well. I still got a life time to live. Who knows what will happen. Well I am quite upset I didn't get to go see Lion King. That goes on my list of broadway shows to see. I want to see Lion King, Wicked, Phantom of the Opera, and many others. We better get started! HA Love you Mom Dear Devree, Your movie was TARZAN! I think I have that one on the computer! Oh well, here's yours: "AS YOU WIIIISH!!!" "There's mostly dead and then there's all dead." Hey, you moved your head!" "A six fingered man killed my father." This day’s quote is in honor of Dave. (you'll get it when you read the other email!) I hope you get it!! I can't remember much else from that movie but I think you will get it! Oh well. SO hey, I wish I could have gone to The Lion King with you and eat good food and see the museums and such. (I would not mind a Lion King CD in the next package. *wink wink*) I think going anywhere with you is fun and an adventure. I love my sister. What can I say? I miss the good old times you know? I hope you are loving the Big Apple. You know New York City reminds me of Elf a lot. "Watch out! The Yellow ones they don't stop!" I also just miss sitting down and watching movies with my best bud. You are the only one who knows as many movie quotes as I do! JK I love you little sister. You hang in there and rest your cheeks. (The ones on your face too.) I hope that the surgery goes GREAT! and everything turns out alright and everything is successful. I will pray for you! Love, Your Big Bro! Dear Pops, SO Ya I sacraficed a TON of MCDO for you all. I hope you are thoroughly enjoying your chess set. I never was great at chess. Philippinos are born great at chess so they all whoop my buns. I hope you take good care of my wood carvings! Next time I am going to use a better service that doesn't freak me out and tell me I have to pay 3,000 pesos AFTER I send the package! We'll Thanks for all that! Hey, Marshmellow Maties is NEVER a bad idea. I really don't know what to ask you all for. FOOD. Get creative! Oh and love....in a can. JK DAD, I will wait very patiently for the super letter and I will let you know when I get it! Thanks for putting the extra effort in to get me stuff like that. You are the bomb. I do feel close to you all when I write you too. NOTHING compares to Skype-ing but hey. It's hard to beat! BUT, I do feel like P-Day's are just enough interaction with my family so that I don't go crazy! I miss you all. YOU know before we know It, Mom will be bugging me about where I should apply to go to school and what I want to be for the rest of my life. Then soon after that I will be hustling together another package for you all, somehow. Then I will be home. Facing the hard life of an RM in a cruel world. Oh well. We'll see what happens. I don't want that day to come any faster than it already is! Oh well. I love you pops! Dear Shay, Hey I love you too! I hope you know that!? Hey, you better believe that we will be going on a lot of random trips to the river and Smiths and the Dollar Tree. Whenever we can we will stay up late and drink root beer floats and play video games. HECK we can try and go see a movie just you, me and Dane. THE BOYS! And when Devr’s is home we can do puzzles or watch movies or make cookies or something! There is ALWAYS something cool and fun you can do. There is no excuse to NOT be busy doing something good! I am glad that you are thinking about your mission, now and not later! I know from experience that it is good to plan ahead with things like missions. You can ask me any questions you like about missions and I will help you out if I can! I kinda look forward to switching places with you and emailing you about your rough companion or your prideful WML. I think that it will be fun to say, "HEY, watch it man! MY brothers on a MISSION right now! In AFRICA!" JK I don't know where you are going but it should be sweet! You will make a fine Elder Hamblin! I can't wait till I get back and we can PARTY!! Love BIG BRO! Dear Little Dane, WELL I guess you aren't that little anymore are you? How’s YOUR six pack coming? JK I still have no six pack Dane but I'm fasting today so maybe that will help! JK I love you little bro. I hope you are making sure everyone is doing their chores while I am gone! SO you got a dollar and 12 cents...... YOU ROLLIN IN THE DOUGH!!!! Your mission fund sounds like it is just going to keep on rising till you are ready to go! I hope you receive the blessings from doing the right thing and the blessing from having 2 great parents supporting your older brother on a mission. You will do great. Hey, I think that we should all go to the Minden pool when I get home. I think that would be a fun idea. I actually had a dream one night that I was diving off the diving board at that pool. Maybe I'm trunky a little bit. Not really though. I got people here that I have to help understand the Restored Gospel. I'm VERY busy being a Missionary. So don't worry though All is well and I will be on my way home before you know it! I miss you Dane. I miss all of you. I wish you all the best and I'll miss you! LOVE, Elder Hamblin Philippines Cauayan Mission

Monday, July 9, 2012

Elder Lucernas & Elder Hamblin Teach 37 Lessons in 1 Week. WooHoo!!! GOOD STUFF!

Elder Magalong biding Elder Hamblin farewell.
Elder Lucernas ready to help Elder Hamblin set a new personal record of 37 lessons taught in 1 week.

Hey Family,
SUP? I am doing great! I am trying to learn all my duties as a Zone Leader and trying to fulfill my calling and get a better relationship with President Carlos. I think he likes me now. :D Anyways! WE had a BBQ at his house this P-Day cause I got to help with Elder Tadena!

Me and Elder Lucernas are kicking it in Baluarte! 37 lessons this week! That’s a personal RECORD!!!!! WHOOOOO!!!! Everyone get some ice cream and celebrate for me!! HA! WE had a great week and we couldn't have done it without the members and all their help! GOOD STUFF!

Well I had a lady try and get me to find some American to marry her daughter. The common misconception here is that if your daughter marries an AMERICANO you get RICH!!!!!! YA!!! Cause every son in law wants to finance his parents stuff! DUMB! This woman was one of those obnoxious moms who doesn't know when to stop talking! There her beautiful daughter is sitting there rolling her eyes at her and texting on her phone to her friends! GOSH! I don't know how many times I have been asked to marry someone’s daughter! GAH! ENOUGH! I AIN"T RICH! I POOR! Plus I don't know how to deal with in-laws like that!

Anyways now for your letters:


I'm glad you liked the package! I hope it was worth the 4,450 pesos I spent to get it there! Ha I hope you guys have tons of fun with it! I'm just glad nothing broke and it got there in one piece! WHEW! Glad that was of my chest! ANYWAYS! I hope you have tons of fun with the surgery and all. You have found ways to help Devrs have a fun time even though it is a surgery and all to make her look cuter for the DUDES! I hope you are doing great now with the lump problems! I assume the pain and STAFF infection is gone and you are up and kicking again I love you mom and I don't want you to scary me like that again! NO MORE LUMPS and I mean it! "anybody want a peanut?" HA!

I got a letter from Kolten. I am excited cause he is doing good and going to BYU I DO! :D My heart may be softening. I could go to BYU I DO but I don't know. Basta we'll talk about signing me up when I get closer to leaving! I love you MOm! Stay healthy! Love Elder Hamblin!1!

Dear Dad, So you almost killed my Brother!? JK I love you Dad! The food sounded AWESOME! You got to remember this yummy stuff when I get home! I love it!!! SO you teenager. Not going to work! I love you Dad. Youtubeing! FREE RUNNING TOO! Your are just like me you know? I miss you all! I miss my pops! I hope you all have a great time with Manny at Pear Harbor you jerks! I miss swimming so bad! This morning as I am washing my clothes I pour some bleach on my clothes and smell it. I think about the chlorine filled swimming pools and going off the high dive! Hah. I miss it so! But that will have to wait ya know? I can't wait to get that list of movies from devs and just vegging out on the couch and watching it all with NET FLICKS on the WII! YA! I miss ya Pops. I miss the good times. It just means that we will have to make more memories when I get home. I love you Pops. Stay awesome! Love Nobie won konobie!

Dear Devree, Your movie was, STAR DUST! It took me awhile but I did it! Hey, Here's mine: "Clearly I will go sailing no more" "We toys can see EVERYTHING! So play nice!" "I got a puppy!"

Kay so little sis I don't think you need butt surgery. I think your cheeks are just fine!! :D HA! No you will have your steady boyfriend wrapped around your little finger when I get home. Then I will have to scare him off with my knives! and shay's cross bow gun! HA No I'm not that mean! I hope that the surgery on your cheek, (the one on your face) goes great and that you will be beaming the FULL smile 24/7! Good luck at college with the new apartment and such! I hope you have all the stuff you need now! You'll do great! I'll pray for a safe and easy recovery for your face.

Love ya little sis! Elder Hamblin

Dear Shay,
Flying the plane sounded like tons of fun! I hope that you are doing good. You are probably getting ready for school right? JK I know you. Shay be happy that you were born into a family that enjoys summer break and makes sure it isn't boring. We have been truly blessed you know? I hope you know that! I love you Shay. I hope that you won't be to cool for your older brother when I get home. We still got to have tons of fun! We have to go swimming and hiking and eat root beer floats and play video games and make mom crazy by staying up all night! JK :D U da BOMB Shay. Keep up the good example to your brother! BOTH OF THEM! I love you and stay strong!


Dear Dane,
I hope you weren't too scarred from your near death experience with Dad. I think everyone has to have a near death experience with Dad at least once in a year. So it’s okay Dane. That’s normal. No six pack yet. You have always been on the more cautious side of things haven't you? You have been the Chuckie for me and Shay like in Rugrats! I love your sense on humor. You never know when Dane is gonna lay a joke on ya! I love your personality Dane. You are the baby and will always be the baby of the family! Well, unless Mom has ANOTHER miracle baby like you! Ha I love you Dane. I hope you are doing well now and are being a good example to Shay and Devree! I hope you are being an example to your friends. I love your missionary spirit! Keep it up! I love you Dane! Stay safe and happy and well fed.

Nobie won konobie!

SO everyone, you have two pictures. One of Elder Magalong, happy to get rid of me with my luggage and one with Elder Lucernas my new awesome companion. He cooks, he sings, he dances, he's awesome at basketball. He's a great companion and I will learn a lot from him in this cycle. I love you all! Stay Happy! :D

Elder Hamblin
Philippines Cauayan Mission

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Noble's 4th Area -Santiago

Noble told us that his 4th area is Baluwarte, Santiago North Stake.  I couldn't find it anywhere on the map.  So I searched the LDS.org meeting house locator.  Did you mean Baluarte, Santiago North Stake Elder Hamblin? I could find the Baluarte Ward in Santiago. LOL

Noble's 1st area was Villaverde.  2nd area: San Mariano  3rd area: Solana  4th area: Baluarte, Santiago

Elder Hamblin has been lucky to serve on the Northern side of the Island of Luzon in the Philippines.  This is remote and beautiful country and has been a wonderful adventure for Elder Hamblin.

Beautiful green Baluarte, Santiago in the Isabela Province on the Island of Luzon in the Philippines.
Santiago is a thriving city compared to where Elder Hamblin has served in the past.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Zone Leader in Baluwarte and PACKAGE

          This has been one roller coaster of a week with transfers and such! I have been really pooped lately because I have a stellar companion. His name is Elder Lucernas and I am so sorry but I am just going to have to get you all pictures next week. Let me explain why. SO, Transfers. We go to the departing missionaries farewell the day before and I get called into presidents office for an interview. He told me how I need to work on loving people more and I understand that comment after him reading my LTP (Letter to the Mission President) about my last companion. After that he called me to a new assignment. I am now Stationed in Baluwarte, Santiago North Stake and the new Zone Leader. The Zone is small but full of nice loving characters. I love it! I am surprised and the change it is from being a District Leader. The fact I don't have to plan a lesson next week is very liberating. But it came with....different responsibilities. ONE We have an ElderTadena in the hospital right now. His leg was broken in two different places in a motorcycle accident. A drunk driver on a motorcycle clipped him while he was walking with his companion down the side of a road. Me and some other brave men have been his helpers or really baby sitters over the past few days as he has been recovering from his surgery. He's doing great right now. He's a champ! We got him up walking to the bathroom the last day! He's awesome. In a stroke of luck, I was able to enjoy aircon and food prepared by Sister Carlos! The bed wasn't awesome to sleep on but I got a hot shower in the morning! Today's been pretty sweet. ANYways I think that my stay here has been awesome so far and I can't wait to see what else the area has to offer! It should be awesome!!!
       SO yes in the course of sleeping in a hospital before p-day things like my SD card reader that should have been packed, were not packed and thus no pictures. We'll see. I might be able to snag one from the front desk. ANYWAYS here is your letter you crazy Hamblins!!!
     Dear Papa,
          Don't you worry, I will take those Bikini clad demons off Shay's hands for ya! HA! I have no problem being his wing man or Koltens wing man. I would like to date women when I get home. Can you tell I might be getting stir crazy? I hope it's not to obvious. Every time I see a pale skinned Philippina, I don't know, I just have to sing hymns. I'll sing them out loud. That usually makes them go away. Ha. :D
          Believe me pops, I would rather drink a huge bottle of pickle juice than do another two cycles with him. I don't want to talk about it. We left on good terms and I will love him till the end of time. I just don't know if I can handle being with him 24/7. I love all my companions no matter what they do to me. I am finding a greater more fulfilling way to love others as Jesus Loves me. I hope to develop this talent more on the mission in the least painful way possible. I think I have a new duty to give some extra lovin's to a member of our Zone. E. Lundy tipped me off that he was having a hard time before transfers. He needs some Hamblin loving. Well, I love you. Stay safe and sound for me okay? Love Elder Hamblin

      Dear Mom,
               I promise I will be smiling in my new pictures with Elder Lucernas!!! I am sorry that I didn't smile for the camera the last two cycles. I have a hard time hiding my emotions. Anyways, the family reunion sounds AWESOME! I wish I were there with you all. Swimming. I smelled the bleach for my clothes the other day and dreamed I was in a pool swimming. Sad isn't is? I do miss it so. That and Bikini clad women. JK :D I love joking with my mama! Oh Mom, your wildest dreams are coming true. Your son is a Zone Leader. Just joking JOKE LANG! I'm not that vain. No I am loving the assignment. This is a calling that will help me be a better leader in the future. I am learning all I can from Elder Lucernas before he goes home in August. CAN YOU BELIEVE IT'S ALMOST AUGUST!!!! I can't. Don't worry I won't extend! I love you all too much. Well, we'll talk about that kinda stuff when it comes around. I'm still a young'n in the mission! We'll Mom, I love you and don't worry about the package. Something went wrong and so they are sending it back. I hope I can get a refund. I had to do it through some crap company called JRS Express. I will NEVER do that again. I will just use the post office. Oh well lesson learned. I hope I can get that stupid package to you all some day. Love Elder Hamblin  (The package arrived today, July 3, 2012. Devree's birthday and it was awesome!  He gave us a handmade wooden Nativity set, the family got some books and jewelry and Manny got a special surprise!  Noble sent wooden masks he wants to keep.)
        Dear Devree,
               Hey gal how you doing? HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!! (in advance) So you are going in for ANOTHER surgery huh? What's it for this time? To make you shoot fire out of your finger tips? To FLY? You know that would be flippin AWESOME! No I am just kidding. What is the surgery for and how long will you take to recover? Hey your movie was National Treasure. I got to admit that was a close one Devrs. I only got it because of the last line in it! Well, Here is mine:
  "Yes I was just testing you, IT'S 9, and thats a magic number!"
  "So if you wanta be the teachers pet, listen you should never forget. Rock got no reason Rock got no rhyme, you better get me to school on time!" (Guitar riff)
  "Hello this is Mr. Ned Shnibeli..." 
           Have fun with that one. Just quoting this movie makes me smile and chuckle to myself. Oh how I miss it! Okay well enough crying over this keyboard. Love you devs.
       Dear Shay,
            Can you tell me a little more about this AWESOME birthday of yours? Like what did you get and when are you going to let me use it? You know all the good stuff. Hey you can't be swimming around in Jacuzzi's with bikini girls and not expect a little attention from your parents. They're keeping a close eye on you cause they love you. About the girlfriends, save yourself the heart ache bro. I only had one right before I graduated, and that was enough for me. They take up time and money that can be used for so many other important things like root beer or video games. (or light bulbs for your room! he he) Don't mess around with the serious relationships. To tell you the truth Shay, It limits the number of ice cream flavors you can try. (If you don't know what I mean, just talk to Pops. He'll give you the talk.) I love you bro so tell me whats going down!!!! See ya on the flip side,
                                              Elder Hamblin aka Big bro
     Dear Bunso Dane,
                 You are the Bunso and that is what you shall be for the end of time. I hope you are happy about that. HEY what new games do you got for the DS? Tell me bro! I love hearing about what you are interested in. How was the Jakie chan show? How was that SUPER COOOOLD POOL? You know I would be swimming in that pool with you all if I could! I am having a fun time in the Phillipines. Heres something cool I haven't told you yet Dane! You know how missionaries have to shave everyday because well, they're missionaries?? Well, since I now shave like every day, the hair on my face grows longer and faster! SO, because I haven't been able to shave this morning, MY face looks kinda hairy! The sister missionaries we ran into (Sister Hoopes being one of them.) Probably thought I was weird cause I didn't shave! But don't worry, I told them what Had happened. I had to spend the night with a missionary in the hospital that had problems with his leg. She understood after that. Well love you Dane. 
          I wish you all the best and Till We MEET again!
                  Your most favorite missionary,
                  Dads 1st born in the wilderness,
                 The amazing the talented the witty,
                AHHHH JK You know I'm not that prideful!
                              Elder Hamblin