Monday, July 9, 2012

Elder Lucernas & Elder Hamblin Teach 37 Lessons in 1 Week. WooHoo!!! GOOD STUFF!

Elder Magalong biding Elder Hamblin farewell.
Elder Lucernas ready to help Elder Hamblin set a new personal record of 37 lessons taught in 1 week.

Hey Family,
SUP? I am doing great! I am trying to learn all my duties as a Zone Leader and trying to fulfill my calling and get a better relationship with President Carlos. I think he likes me now. :D Anyways! WE had a BBQ at his house this P-Day cause I got to help with Elder Tadena!

Me and Elder Lucernas are kicking it in Baluarte! 37 lessons this week! That’s a personal RECORD!!!!! WHOOOOO!!!! Everyone get some ice cream and celebrate for me!! HA! WE had a great week and we couldn't have done it without the members and all their help! GOOD STUFF!

Well I had a lady try and get me to find some American to marry her daughter. The common misconception here is that if your daughter marries an AMERICANO you get RICH!!!!!! YA!!! Cause every son in law wants to finance his parents stuff! DUMB! This woman was one of those obnoxious moms who doesn't know when to stop talking! There her beautiful daughter is sitting there rolling her eyes at her and texting on her phone to her friends! GOSH! I don't know how many times I have been asked to marry someone’s daughter! GAH! ENOUGH! I AIN"T RICH! I POOR! Plus I don't know how to deal with in-laws like that!

Anyways now for your letters:


I'm glad you liked the package! I hope it was worth the 4,450 pesos I spent to get it there! Ha I hope you guys have tons of fun with it! I'm just glad nothing broke and it got there in one piece! WHEW! Glad that was of my chest! ANYWAYS! I hope you have tons of fun with the surgery and all. You have found ways to help Devrs have a fun time even though it is a surgery and all to make her look cuter for the DUDES! I hope you are doing great now with the lump problems! I assume the pain and STAFF infection is gone and you are up and kicking again I love you mom and I don't want you to scary me like that again! NO MORE LUMPS and I mean it! "anybody want a peanut?" HA!

I got a letter from Kolten. I am excited cause he is doing good and going to BYU I DO! :D My heart may be softening. I could go to BYU I DO but I don't know. Basta we'll talk about signing me up when I get closer to leaving! I love you MOm! Stay healthy! Love Elder Hamblin!1!

Dear Dad, So you almost killed my Brother!? JK I love you Dad! The food sounded AWESOME! You got to remember this yummy stuff when I get home! I love it!!! SO you teenager. Not going to work! I love you Dad. Youtubeing! FREE RUNNING TOO! Your are just like me you know? I miss you all! I miss my pops! I hope you all have a great time with Manny at Pear Harbor you jerks! I miss swimming so bad! This morning as I am washing my clothes I pour some bleach on my clothes and smell it. I think about the chlorine filled swimming pools and going off the high dive! Hah. I miss it so! But that will have to wait ya know? I can't wait to get that list of movies from devs and just vegging out on the couch and watching it all with NET FLICKS on the WII! YA! I miss ya Pops. I miss the good times. It just means that we will have to make more memories when I get home. I love you Pops. Stay awesome! Love Nobie won konobie!

Dear Devree, Your movie was, STAR DUST! It took me awhile but I did it! Hey, Here's mine: "Clearly I will go sailing no more" "We toys can see EVERYTHING! So play nice!" "I got a puppy!"

Kay so little sis I don't think you need butt surgery. I think your cheeks are just fine!! :D HA! No you will have your steady boyfriend wrapped around your little finger when I get home. Then I will have to scare him off with my knives! and shay's cross bow gun! HA No I'm not that mean! I hope that the surgery on your cheek, (the one on your face) goes great and that you will be beaming the FULL smile 24/7! Good luck at college with the new apartment and such! I hope you have all the stuff you need now! You'll do great! I'll pray for a safe and easy recovery for your face.

Love ya little sis! Elder Hamblin

Dear Shay,
Flying the plane sounded like tons of fun! I hope that you are doing good. You are probably getting ready for school right? JK I know you. Shay be happy that you were born into a family that enjoys summer break and makes sure it isn't boring. We have been truly blessed you know? I hope you know that! I love you Shay. I hope that you won't be to cool for your older brother when I get home. We still got to have tons of fun! We have to go swimming and hiking and eat root beer floats and play video games and make mom crazy by staying up all night! JK :D U da BOMB Shay. Keep up the good example to your brother! BOTH OF THEM! I love you and stay strong!


Dear Dane,
I hope you weren't too scarred from your near death experience with Dad. I think everyone has to have a near death experience with Dad at least once in a year. So it’s okay Dane. That’s normal. No six pack yet. You have always been on the more cautious side of things haven't you? You have been the Chuckie for me and Shay like in Rugrats! I love your sense on humor. You never know when Dane is gonna lay a joke on ya! I love your personality Dane. You are the baby and will always be the baby of the family! Well, unless Mom has ANOTHER miracle baby like you! Ha I love you Dane. I hope you are doing well now and are being a good example to Shay and Devree! I hope you are being an example to your friends. I love your missionary spirit! Keep it up! I love you Dane! Stay safe and happy and well fed.

Nobie won konobie!

SO everyone, you have two pictures. One of Elder Magalong, happy to get rid of me with my luggage and one with Elder Lucernas my new awesome companion. He cooks, he sings, he dances, he's awesome at basketball. He's a great companion and I will learn a lot from him in this cycle. I love you all! Stay Happy! :D

Elder Hamblin
Philippines Cauayan Mission

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