Monday, October 31, 2011

October 31st, 2011

John Paul "the drunken child". He is always going around from house to house in a certain state and his eyebrows always look like this.

The greenery that grows on everything including the electrical lines.

The Elders were invited to a rich family's birthday celebration for a four year old.

The head of the pig.

Noble got to turn the stick. He was impressed the eyes and tongue were still intact. You know it is almost done when the skin cracks like that. Do you see the tail of the pig sticking up?

The famous national hero boxer named Paquiows.

This is the huge pig that scared Noble to death. He just came alive out of the mud and chased Noble.

Another view of Big Pig!

Here he is wallowing.

Wow you guys always seem to make my day every time I read your email. Something interesting is always happening at the Hamblin House! Dad I don't know what it’s like yet with Christmas, but from what I read and what the people say it sounds spot on! Pasko is their main word for Christmas but they understand Christmas also and All the Catholics will go to church and the kids will get money from their Grandparents! Also there are Carolers here who will sing for money or food or just to see an American smile. So you've got it on the nose Dad Thanks!
As for the 3rd world missionary… things are moving right along. We got a brand new missionary in our District Elder Lundy and he’s HUGE! He’s older like Elder Schmidt who is training him and He’s the perfect match for Elder Schmidt. E. Lundy is the laid back cool jazz kinda personality type that E. Schmidt needs to calm down! He’s about 6'4'' and loves to play the drums. FINALLY A MUSICIAN I CAN TALK TO! He is a pretty good handy man and carpenter as well which is cool and he has a since of humor I already love the guy and he fits right into our funny District here in the Philippines. He sweats a lot. He hales from the far away land of Wisconsin where it’s cold and he’s not used to the weather here yet which takes a while. I came from Nevada so Humidity was my enemy and I know how long it takes to get used to it! He’s got Humidity and Heat in general against him so I pray he will adjust smoothly and comfortably. He’s a big teddy bear and we love him.
HEADS UP Papa Bear! There are some cool stories coming up! SO 1st is the story of the ___ ______!
We were trying to hunt down a name we had found in the Area Book in the previous Investigators section and we felt like we were getting close when all of the sudden to the left I saw the ground move. It was in a Huge Mud puddle and I saw it shift, shuffle then slowly stand up. IT WAS THE BIGGEST PIG I HAVE SEEN IN MY WHOLE 19 YEARS IN EXISTENCE HERE ON EARTH! He looked up at me, snorted and ran towards me so I ran away screaming like a little girl. Elder Cajumban got a kick out of that! The mere shock of a pig materializing out of mud before my very eyes was shocking enough then coupled with terror as it ran towards me it scared me spitless. Thank GOODNESS it was on a rope staked to the ground and it couldn't chase me far. I almost pee'd my pants from laughing so hard after it! He is as long as my arms stretched out all the way to the finger Tips! NUTS I TELL! ABSOULUTLEY RIDICULOUS!
2nd story!!!! SO we went to go teach Kenith our amazing Investigator and she was listening quietly and awesomely like she does every time and just like every night we get a visitor after the lesson begins. This night was no different from the rest except for his introduction into the lesson. We are thoroughly engaged in a discussion about Faith in Jesus Christ when all of a sudden we hear outside an “Oooooo!” I look at E. Cajumban with that face like, I really hope that drunk man doesn't want to talk to us!" But sure enough the Drunk Grandpa of Kenith pokes his face in the door way. He’s got a flashlight and he’s shinning it on his face to look scary and he’s definitely drunk off his rocker. As he bursts in trying to scare Kenith (who’s got her head in her hands embarrassed beyond belief at her drunk Lolo) he sees us, the missionaries just sitting there completely halted in our lesson. He looks at us and you can almost see the wheels turning in his head. Then he recognizes us and he smiles then almost immediately afterward realizes he has interrupted our lesson. He says "AY pasencha elders lasing ako!" (O have Patience with me I’m drunk!) and proceeds to shake our hands. Then he plops down in the Hammock and passes out. We all start laughing and he doesn't get why and then goes back to sleep. Later on after the lesson I whispered to Kenith "Oy Pacencha Lasing ako!) and threw in a fake hiccup afterward. She started laughing so hard I thought she was going to die! Elder Cajumban laughed so hard and me too. We were so loud we probably woke up the neighbors! It was a good lesson though and during the important parts the spirit was there! Well those are some good stories for you all! Now for the questions!
Dear Mom,
Wow your job as a Sub seems to get harder and harder every time you decide to pick it back up again! Autistic boys don't sound like fun at all! Please pray for help. I will pray for you also like I do every night! For the Investigators. They are doing well Rep Rep is doing a review of the lessons to get a better understanding even though he is already baptized and Mark John and Kenith will be baptized this Saturday. Isn't that exciting!? I know they will be good leaders in the future church in the Philippines! John John is kinda just there during the lessons. He’s listening then he’s not listening but I think that’s just because there’s a lot of people in the lessons and he just wants to get out and play. We gave his little Sister a blessing today. She has Pneumonia which isn't a problem in the US but here without the money for medicine it can be fatal especially for a little girl like her. She isn't even a year old yet! People here have it rough when it comes to getting medical treatment they have to make a 50 - 55 pesos travel to Ilagan for Real Medicine and Real Doctors. Devrees glad that she was born in the U.S. because if she was a Philippino she probably would've died after the tumor cutting blood flow off to her brain!
Count your lucky stars all 50 of them for being born in the land of the free and the home of the brave! I miss American food Mom. I miss Mom food! I laughed at the list to when I wrote it! All I Want is FOOD! I just can't think of a gadget or a thing that I couldn't live without here. I don't think technology is still important to me but not a necessity like it used to be! I am having a change of heart towards video games right now. I am realizing they aren't essential to human existence and I can do without them even though its painful. JK I love you Mom and I appreciate everything you do for the Family and for me even when I’m half way around the world! Love YA ELDER HAMBLIN!

Dear Dane,
Did you like seeing The Brazell’s and the Angus’? Was the Homecoming cool? Did you get some ideas for MY Homecoming? I still don't have a six pack yet but I’m getting closer every day! Do good on that project okay? Don't let Shay eat all your candy!

Dear Shay,
CONGRADULATIONS!!!!!!!! You lucky dog you! Still the State Champs! Well I’m proud of you Shay I’m sure you make a kickin trumpet! I’m glad all the Band and Soccer is over so you can breathe! Make sure you and Dane get outside and play every now and then. He will love it, and you'll remember it forever. You don't know how many times a memory of you two playing on the tramp with me has helped me through the rough spots on the mission. You also don't know how much you will miss that little Dane until you're gone away from home and you don't have the chance to play with him every day like you used to. You don't know how much you love something until it’s gone. I miss you both and can't wait to get back and do whatever you guys want to do! I miss you Sooooooo much! Love YA Little Bro!

Dear Devree,
Your movie was Hocus Pocus. Ironically I had just listened to both those songs just before coming to email so I was ready to answer that question has soon as I read Thackary Binks! You know that Ali's parties are always the bomb she’s got the house and the cool parents to do it too! You TURD! HOW could you just drop that on me They have a GUITAR HERO 5 NOW! We have to have it! I miss playing Rock Band with you all and begging Mom to do the Vocals even though she’s allergic to video games and have Dad play the Drums even though he doesn't have rhythm.... AT ALL! In short I miss you all soooooo much! I don't know about you but Dolphin Tale sounds a little cheezy but I trust you are all coming up with the best movies for me to see when I get home! Did you know they are coming out with a Puss in Boots movie! Come on! Isn’t there already like 4 Shreks out now! The writers in Hollywood must of all died or gone into hiding after making crappy movies! I miss quoting and watching movies with you! People really are touched when I tell them your story even though they can never fully understand it because the translation of Chemotherapy and Radiation aren’t very good! I love Ya Sis!
Kay now for the moment you've all been waiting for my quote here it is:

"But you’re so OLD."
"I need a good pair of legs and a strong back to go in after it for me!"
"You’ll live as a street rat die as a street rat and only your FLEES will morn you! SLAM"
O ya put that in your pipe and smoke it!
Love ya little Sis Elder Hamblin

Last but not least my Tatay! Your story about sharing my stories was really touching Dad. I am astonished and amazed that a humble small life like mine could be used in such a powerful demonstration of receiving guidance. You truly are a master teacher Dad. You teach like Christ with Parables in that case the parable of the 3rd world missionary! You are a great inspiration to me Dad and you’re my hero.
Your description of me on the tin roof was so descriptive that I could see myself in the situation with a smile on my face and Elder Cajumban sitting right next to me with a watering mouth as we watch those eggs cook! You make my mission sound like a action packed movie which if edited right it could be an action packed movie! Everyone here including ESPECIALLY including President Carlos is VERY Careful and cares about each and every one of us. He is DEEPLY sorry that me and Elder Cajumban have to pump our water right now and wants to solve the problem as quick as he can but we can't move out until December 31 or in other words next year to our new apartment we found because of the old Tenants needing to stay a little longer! Ya as I said you are doing great with the blog just keep it up! I know that people are very glad that it’s there. Jason Wheeler sent me a Dear Elder and that was great to hear from him! He’s like the big brother I never had you know!
The Christmas Package sounds amazing and I can't wait. Sorry I only think with my stomach! Those bird eggs we found aren’t doing the trick you know! LOVE YA TATAY!

Elder Hamblin

Sorry. Here’s a low down on the pictures:
The Pig was just a pig they were roasting spit style for a kids birthday what a celebration the family was REALLY rich! We were the guests of honor! The Birthday boy was turning 4 years old. We got to turn the pig on the bamboo stick over the fire. The pig had both eyes and the tongue still intact! It was fascinating so we took plenty of pictures and a video too! The green bottle had a picture on Paquiows face on it the boxer he’s a national hero here! He’s making a funny face which I find amusing! The Dirty pig was the one I was talking about in the email. HE’S HUGE! Also a picture of me and John Paul we call him "The Drunken Child" because he always has the attitude of a care free drunk and the Eyebrows really do the trick with his look. He always has his eyebrows up like that! He’s a hoot and one of those many followers of the white American with Black hair and freckles! I also took a picture of the power line because I thought it was pretty cool that there were green leaves on the power line too. It just shows how much the green just swallows up everything here! Enjoy!

On Mon, Oct 31, 2011 at 8:09 AM, Hamblin Family wrote:

Dear Elder
Noble it’s Dane. How are you doing? How is that six pack coming along? I’m having an awesome Sunday!!! We are going on our way to Colby Brazell’s Home Coming in Fernley. I got a lot of candy from the Trunk-R-Treat last night. Everyone is asking for my chocolate.

I am writing a report about Dr. Salk that cured Polio. I have to make a puppet. Today it took Mom, Dad, Shay and me to button my pants at Church today. I need to get a six pack like you.


Dear Elder Hamblin,
I don’t know what to say. We got 1st place for 3A small bands. So we are still State Champions. Woot!!! Woot!!! We had our last soccer game. No more soccer and no more band marching. I might just start having a life. “To life! To life lak-hiam. Lak-hiam Lak-hiam to life!” (From Fiddler on the Roof).

Lately I have been having fun texting Kacey Caddy. I don’t have a phone to text with, but I have been using Mom’s iphone. Sometimes it is confusing for Kacey.

Dear Elder Hamblin
It’s been busy! Friday There was no school but Ali’s birthday/Halloween party was that night. It was really cool! They covered the walls with black plastic and made it a cool hang out. We need Guitar hero 5 because it has really good songs like “All the Small Things”, “Hungry like the wolves”, ”Fireflies” and others. It’s great fun. On Saturday was the Trunk or treat and afterward we went to see Dolphin Tale and it was excellent! That’s on your list! Your movie was Quest to Camelot but I couldn’t figure it out without Shay and Dane’s help. I’ve never seen that movie all the way. Here’s your line:
“Thackery Binx!”
“Come little Children I’ll take thee away into the land of enchantment”
“I put a spell on you and now, you’re mine!”
Guess that! Dad made a Halloween CD and two of those songs are on it. And this cool skeleton song that I adore. I’m trying to get through my application for BYU Hawaii but I still need to do a lot. I’ll tell Colby at his homecoming that you say hi!
Love your most favoritest sister,

Dear Nobs,
We just got done hearing Colby’s homecoming talk. Sean and Spencer Brazell also spoke. It was great to see the Angus’. Tyler is going into the Navy tomorrow and Scott and his cute wife came with their 3 kids. Aleah has lost a lot of weight and I am going to try to be like her. We got to see lots of Fernley people but it isn’t home anymore. It is great to see people still being strong in the gospel after 8 years since we moved to Dayton. Colby said something that was neat. He said he visited someone in the hospital and saw a sign that said “Call…don’t fall.” It meant to call the nurse so that the patient wouldn’t fall on their own but Colby related it to Call (Pray) so you don’t fall away from the gospel. I taught a lesson today about “I can do all things through the Lord”. It turned out really great.
I am still doing the Autistic boys. I have a scratch on my chin and a bruise on my leg from the tantrums. But I think they are getting used to me. I had to call Stephanie Clark a few times to figure out how to get the boys to do what they needed to do. We found out that if you reward them with positive behavior every 1 or 2 minutes, then they will be good. The one boy only had 1 time out instead of 4 the last day. It is hard for them because they can’t speak. We make them ask for food when they have snack twice, but they don’t know how to communicate. I will probably be teaching them till we go to Boston in a couple of weeks.
So how are your investigators? Is Kenith being okay with the death of the little boy? How is Rep Rep, John John, Mark John, ? Do you have any baptisms set? How is Elder Cajumban?
We love you and pray for you every day.
Love, Mom
Dear Elder Hamblin,
I have had no end of fun with your stories about the spider the size of your hand. When they ask, “How’s Noble?” I say “Noble is having an adventure. He just killed a spider the size of his hand!” Then I tell them how the Mother got away, and she was way bigger than the baby. When the women in the room shudder and turn white, I get some impish pleasure out of it. Thanks for the story it is awesome.

Your Dad can tell a good story. So when people ask how you are doing, now they have a wonderful image of you sitting on a tin roof with a muddy river from the Typhoon all around the building. You are wearing cut off suit pants with a muddy face, and you are roasting eggs from a wild bird you found. When you get home you are going to have to carry on the story. I am counting on you.

I also used your experiences in a lesson to the young men. I told them about when you dedicated the grave for the still born baby. That would be hard to do in English for most people, to comfort the father and dedicate the grave. But Noble did that after being in the field for 4 months. The only way that Noble could do that is because he is worthy enough to tap into spiritual power from our Heavenly Father.

The Lord blessed him and he experienced a miracle. While you boys are in the young men’s program, we want to teach you how to tap into spiritual power. Everyone was listening intently to the whole story. I know you are just Noble but you have been able to live your life so that your Heavenly Father can work through you to bless the lives of his children in the Philippines.

I truly believe with all my heart that you are right where the Lord wants you to be, and he is grateful for your humble willingness to serve. I think it took a lot of faith to do what you did in that situation and I am proud of you.

I want to see some pictures of this crowd of kids that follow you around and call you Kuya. I am sure they are real characters and it would be great to know a little bit about them.

I am having a few problems having enough adult leaders to take the scouts out. I thought about how awesome it would be if you could be my other adult leader. We are going to the corn maze this Friday and Saturday and I thought it would be awesome to dutch oven with you and play capture the flag. But Shay will have to fill in for you as my pal but not my adult leader.

Thanks for all of the ideas for your Christmas package. We have been busily getting them together. Mom asked “Food? Is that all that he wants?” But that is what I wanted when I was on my mission, and I only went to England. We have been having fun putting together the packages. I made a Halloween CD that I want to send you, even though it will be too late for Halloween.

Noble can you take a look at your mission blog and let me know if that description of Christmas in the Philippines matches what you are experiencing?

Well, I am going to sign off for now. I can’t wait until I can read your letter tomorrow.

Love you tons! Mahal Kita.

Monday, October 24, 2011

October 24th, 2011

How you all doing?!!? I’m doing just fine! Sounds like you all are busy going about "Doing Good" I was excited and happy to hear my most Favorite sister Devr’s is alive and well and not on life support in a hospital in Boston. WHoooo what a relief. Dad it’s not your fault you don't have to apologize about the missing Email from Devree I’m just glad you are all still fine and doing good. And now for some high lights in the life of an obscure 3rd world Missionary:
I got to see a bunch of guys load up two HUGE PIGS into a custom made Trike that had a cage instead of a cab welded to the side for the pigs. They would take an empty rice bag sack thing and put it over the head of the pig then pull the pig so it would back up into the trike. It was pretty cool but it happened during a lesson so I couldn't just interrupt the whole lesson and whip out my big obvious yellow camera and video tape it! I sent you all a picture of the scars/soars I sometimes get from mag-laba. KNARLY! We had apartment checks lately and me and Elder Cajumban got the "Celestial" badge for how clean our apartment was! It wasn't easy though! That place was a pig sty! Also kids are starting to call me Kuya which means "Older Brother" That means that I’m in with the crowd now! Some kids even in their zeal call me Kuya Elder "Humblen" They mispronounce the name every time now no matter how many times I repeat it. Oh well its cute! Last Sunday a bunch of the member kids found out where we live so they came and visited us before going to church since our house is on the way! We walked into Church with roughly 13 or 15 kids walking, holding, or hanging onto us. It must've looked cool to the members, but I think it was probably not in accordance with the white hand book. Oh well...
Now for some not so happy news. One of our Investigators Kenith informed us that one of our greatest friends Rick had died in an accident just 2 days ago. Rick was only 9 years old. He loved to play and run in and out of the houses just like all little Filippino boys do. He would sit in our lessons with Kenith and he came to church 3 times with her! He was amazing and never rude. Apparently he had just come home from school when a truck swerved off the road because of a van in the oncoming traffic lane. The Truck hit Rick and then the barrier leaving a large dent in it. Ricks foot was severed and his chest caved in damaging internal organs. They rushed him to the hospital in a trike but the poor little boy didn't even have a chance. We went to the viewing and even in the casket you could see how misshapen his chest was. His grandmother was the only one home. His dad had work and his mom is working abroad somewhere. She won't receive news of his death till tomorrow. It’s a sad state of affairs. When a child dies its rough but we have hope that they are in the spirit world and we can see them again and that helps lessen the pain. These people don't have that knowledge. To them it’s devastating. We reminded Kenith about the spirit world which helped her out. She wasn't crying when we left. It just shows how much these people need me here. How could I believe that there was anything more important for me to be doing right now? This mission has taught me SOOOOO much it’s crazy! I’m not even at a year yet!
Dear Mom,
What a week it’s been for you all! I’m proud that you handled the SUPER SHAY PARTY as well as you did! I’m sure it was a hit. I love how much care you put into the games and how much my family loves to PARTY. Speaking of which there should be a nice one when I get home! Not being trunky or anything! Way to go on the Armor of God lesson. I think I’ve seen the video you were talking about in Seminary (Cemetery) The memory’s fuzzy but from what you explained it was when the men took their armor off to get a drink of water that the enemies came and got em! Don't worry I’m being a VERY good missionary here in the Philippines even if there are really naughty girls all over the place! Thank you for keeping me very well informed on all that’s going on back home! I wish I could come to the party's and shake my bon bon but that will just have to wait! Love Ya
Dear Devree,
WOW I get the Double dose of Devree this week! Your 1st movie was UHF and your 2nd movie was Lion King. I love the lines you pick they give me flash backs of watching them with you and that makes me happy and gives me a big smirk on my face whenever I read your email thanks! Now I’m glad your safe and sound but when you have that surgery on NOVEMBER 16th you got to keep me in the up and ups, the inside story okay? I love you and pray that you'll be a okay when this is all through! Wow talk about public speaking! You are a celebrity with chocolate milk! I like when you typed speech you accidentally wrote "speacch" which makes me believe you have a spa spa speech impediment. (I used spell check for that last word!) My spelling has gotten really crappy since I got here! So you still get cold easily uh! The rummage sale sounded like a super success!
Here’s my quote:
" If only I had separate parts my career would be the arts"
" I'd be the star of CAMELOT you'd be the other half the whole world forgot if I didn't have you! IF I DIDN'T HAVE YOU!" OOOO what I could be if there was only me o what I'd do if I didn't have you!
"Look at the sky tell me what do you see? Just close your eyes and describe it to me"
Sorry I can only remember the songs it’s been a long time! Love ya

Dear Shay,
Oooooo you crazy teenager you. Inviting girls to parties and scaring your parents spitless. You remind me of a younger Noble but with more guts and spazazz! Yes my little nerd counterpart I know the game hero’s quest and its older and bigger than you and me together. People dress up and go out in the woods and play those types of games. Be careful just ask Dad what happened to the guy who does the voice of Woody in that one weird movie! I can't remember actors names or old movies anymore soon I’m gonna forget everything! So you were a God for Halloween? You naughty boy you! Devree was a cross dresser. JK She was Phantom of the Opera. What was Dane again? NINJA go Dane classic. How was the homemade rootbeer I bet it was delicious! Love ya Shay

Dear Dane,
The Ninja, you rock Dane what a good idea. The ladies go crazy for ninjas at parties. No 6 pack yet but I’m working on it! Did you know I pump all my water by hand then carry it in buckets to the house! It’s old school but it makes me buff. When I get back you and me should go see that waterfall together okay! LOve Your big brother

Dear Dad,
Thanks for getting me Devree’s letter and filling me in. You’re the best. I understand that it wasn't your fault and that you didn't have control over the whole computer dying thing! Thanks for being an awesome Dad and making sure I get an Email from you all Every Week. I love ya Papa Bear. So how’s Dane doing with the classic Timon and Pumba Typing? I hope things are going well back home. It sounds like Dayton is changing and I can't wait to see what’s different when I get back. All the goofballs that were freshman not too long ago will be graduating soon including my not so little sister. It’s crazy to think about it all passing so fast the longer I’m here the more things I miss out on. Like you and Mom dressed up like Hoops and Yoyo. I would have loved to see that. I would have loved to see me friends and members there. I miss them all. The spook walk sounded awesome and The Rummage sale and the DMV sounded like a super success. The response from our community is absolutely amazing I love where we live. Even though it may appear like we are the poorest out of all the families on Moms side of the family we seem to receive countless blessings in our times of need. I'm glad to be a benefactor to all this but you got to know I miss you all sooooooo much!
Okay I said I would think about it and I have. I've consulted with my comp and we have compiled the Christmas Wish List:
Gummy Worms (plain and sour)
Beef Jerky (plain or teriyaki)
Oreos (yes don't forget the oreos)
2 journals (our old ones have almost run out of pages)
A tie for E. Cajumban (he doesn't care what tie new or old just a tie)
and last but not least.....
Whats ironic about the last item is that i though of it before i even read the email or looked at the blog. You know my Birthday is around Christmas time so i deserve my Hoops and Yoyo card too!
Other Items: An HDTV a girl friend a hot tub would be nice. JK Love ya Dad Love ya all!

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Christmas in the Philippines

Filipino Christmas Traditions

Parol (Philippino Christmas Star)

PASKO: Christmas in the Philippines

The Tagalog word Pasko derives from the Spanish word Pascua. Although the word Pascua means Easter, Pascua de Navidad refers to Christmas.

The Philippines is known for having the world’s longest Christmas season. The four months that end with the syllable –ber are considered Christmas months, which is why stores and households start playing carols on the first day of September!

Note: Noble told us that he started hearing Christmas music in "Mac Do" (McDonald's) in September.

And the holiday season extends beyond December 31st. It doesn’t end until the Feast of the Epiphany or Three Kings (Tatlong Hari) which falls around January 6.

If Mexico has piƱatas, the Philippines has its parol. Of course, a parol is not something to hit with a stick. It is a Christmas lantern, most commonly in the shape of a five-pointed star. The bamboo or rattan frame is covered with rice paper, tissue or cellophane. Almost every family either builds or buys one to hang by the window or door. Shopping malls construct giant versions of parol. Traditionally, a candle was placed inside for light to shine through; for safety reasons, people now use bulbs or even a flashlight. Families, schools and other places also display a creche or nativity scene called belen. Christmas trees made of plastic are decorated with lights, tinsel and balls.

The Tagalog word for gift is regalo, but Filipinos have a special word for "Christmas gift" — pamasko. The Filipino version of Secret Santa is called Monito Monita or Kris Kringle. Students in their classes and office workers all hold gift exchanges during the Christmas season. Children receive fresh bills of money called aginaldo, usually when they visit their godparents and elderly relatives on Christmas morning.

Mostly Catholics, Filipinos begin a novena (a series of nine masses) on December 16th. The masses are part of the cherished religious tradition of Simbang Gabi, which literally means “Night Worship.” Filipinos go to church at four o’clock in the morning and afterward have breakfast together. A traditional drink during this season is a warm ginger tea called salabat and a traditional treat is a flat but thick yellow rice cake called bibingka.

On Christmas Eve (Bisperas ng Pasko), a few Filipino towns commemorate Joseph and Mary’s search for a place to stay with a reenactment called panunuluyan, a tradition very similar to the Mexican posadas.

What every Filipino looks forward to is Noche Buena, the grand family dinner after the midnight mass. Christmas morning is the time for visiting relatives. Filipinos wear new if not their best clothes. Children do mano, which is kissing or bringing to their forehead the hand of an elderly person. This is when they receive their pamasko, certainly aguinaldo from godfathers and godmothers. Christmas lunch and Christmas dinner are with family.

Maligayang Pasko!

Merry Christmas!

Monday, October 17, 2011

October 16, 20111

ummmmmm where's Devrees Letter? I'm kinda really anxious to hear how her Surgery went! What is up with you guys? Whenever Devree gets a surgery you don't say a single things about it! You guys didn't go to Boston on the 14th? I'm confused! Well it's good to hear from you all! (besides Devree) Well it's good to hear you guys are busy as usual and everything is going along smoothly. I just got a new Hair cut and had to walk through a pretty nasty baguio just last night but I will tell you all about that later in Dad's section. Things are going good. I accidentally burned my pancakes this morning and WE CLEANED OUR HOUSE!!! OOOOO it looks brand new! And best of all I'm not afraid that there are spiders in the Toilet anymore. I killed a huge one the other day the size of my palm but his mother got away. She was at least the size of my right hand! She was fast too! Man I was scared. She crawled all over my luggage and I didn't want her to get inside! YUCK!
Dear Mom, The Time out for Women sounds amazing! I hope that Erin will open her heart to the church. She sounds like a strong woman. I just hope they can make it through the whole Army bit. Thats rough on any couple no matter how many years they've been together! My investigators are awesome and here's the low down or scoop: Rep Rep:Age 9 .Grandpa's a member and they go to church every Sunday he was just confirmed last Sunday and there's a picture of him with Elder Cajumban. HE's a rock star gets every lesson but he's still a kid and gets distracted easly so we have to make our lessons exciting for him. Kenith and Lika 14 15 Both girls and both think were guapo! :) Kenith is on fire taking notes and reading everything and has been well prepared for us. Her testimony is like a rock! Lika needs some work. Lika is not super interested right now and sits in because Kenith is there. She needs to read and pray then she will be golden. They both got flooded when the Baguio hit so it was hard to find where they were staying but they came back and things are going well with Kenith. We still need to teach Lika. Lencee and John John 14 Female, 12 Male. Lencee has an old Grandma taking care of her and John John has inactive parents who need to get married and come back to church. Lencee is reading and has a testimony. John John thinks I'm cool. And his parents want their children to learn the gospel but they won't got to church? HMMMMMMMM! When will the wheels turn in their brains that they need the gospel in their lives?!/!!?!? Mark John 16 year old male. Mark John has a baptismal date but has a hard time coming to church. He just needs to start worrying about church and not money! GOSH! His house is out in the mouintains and we always seem to slip in the mud when we go out there! Those are a few of our more promising investigators and man are we busy with them! They all are unique and I love em all. BUT we need to start teaching families. I have yet to get a family baptism! SO we will keep searching and keep looking!
The blind lady sounded like a hoot! I wish Priesthood session was that funny! Well I hope I answered your questions. PLEASE tell me how Devree's doing and how the surgery went if it happened? LOVE Elder Hamblin
Dear Shay, So the Halloween Party is coming up soon! BE FINN from ADVENTURE TIME and send me pictures! I think you would make a great Finn and the ladies would go crazy for you! Yes Shay at times the team will get its butt kicked and yes not all band performances will go exactly as planned. But you must press on and keep on keepin on! Perseverance! (I used spell check to get that last word right!) LOve Elder Hamblin
Dear Dane, YOur date with Dad sounded AWESOME! I wish I could have been there. I miss Costco pizza. Just thinking about it makes my mouth water! That and Swimming! I miss it all! We got to do it when I get home! Man I'm gonna be tired when I get home! Definitely need to see the Zoo Keeper when I get home! LOVE YA Elder Hamblin
Dear Devree, Even though I didn't get an email from you I am going to send you a qoute anyways! Here it is: Is this Water Sanitary? It looks questionable to me!! Please tell me what's up with the surgery and all I am really worried about you! I pray for you guys everyday! Please shoot me an Email to let me know what's going on! I love you Devrs and I care about you and your many Surgeries! Love Elder Hamblin
Dear Dad, Well let me tell you about those Bagios! The one last night caught us off guard. We were across the river way out in the corn fields teaching Mark John. At the end of our lesson it started to rain a little bit. We started to make are way back to the boats and it started to pour. With lightning and side ways rain all over the place we trudged our way thru the mud to a members house. It was getting late and hard to see the path but I know what we felt. The road had turned into a river and it was up to our knees! My shoes (being water proof) began to take in water and in turn became super heavy because once water came in, it wouldn't go out! We talked with the member and they said that we could spend the night there. They said there would be no boats out in this storm. I said I check kami kung walang banka babalik kami! (If there's no boats we are coming back!) We then made our way through the back streets and down the slippery slope in the dark without a flash light to the river. When we got there, there was one boat with a flash light. We made alot of sound they saw us and we got home safe and sound. Now thinking back we were in a pretty dangerous situation there. If the storm had gotten any worse we would have been stuck in Kataging at a members house! No I haven't had a tree ripened banana yet mostly because banana trees aren't convenient to get to. The ones that are heavily guarded against marooners like me and my companion who just go and take bananas off trees without asking the owners! Scounderls! Anyway you and Danes date sounded like the bees knees! I miss pizza. I miss swimming and I miss my Dad. Really Bad! Yes I remember Duck Tales with Scrooge and the three little ducks. Duck Tales WHOOOOHOOOO! DA DA DA DA DA DA DA DA DUCK TALES WHOOOHOO! Awesome! It's about time that kid started watching something with good morals and Values! Thanks again for the address. Barry Jones said if I didn't send him any letter he would kill me so I guess I better get writting! I love that man. He was the best boss this side of the Mississippi! Love that guy! For Christmas I would like some goodies from home and lots of love! I think my companion would like some goodies like gummy worms or some unique candy of America! Anything from America would make him happy! You'll have to let me think on that question next email. I will give you a better answer.The Trip to Las Vegas with your work sounds like the bees knees. I want a job with benifits like that when I get all grown up! I love you Dad. Never forget that and I can't wait till I get my own Date with you when I get back! Love Elder Hambin

Monday, October 10, 2011


AH you guys are the best! I love all your emails and I look forward to them just as much as you do mine! So here are some things you guys missed out on here in my cute little 3rd world corner of the world.
The AP or assistants to the president of my mission went on splits with us but forgot to give us a warning so me and Elder Cajumban have the whole day planned out and are busy studing when the APs bust in and announce that I will be going to Cauayan and working with Elder Katoa (A HUGE TONGAN ELDER) he's real scary. So I packed like I was about to get busted for illegal drug traficing and got the heck out of there. We worked in the big city and slept in the apartment which is almost in the mission home. Sis. Carlos invited us over for Ice cream she spoils me rotten. That was when I saw President Carlos for the 1st time in "P-Day clothes" He was wearing a BYU shirt and a baseball cap! WEIRD! So yes Mother I am getting to know my mission pres on a whole new level! We chatted and then I slept in air conditioning for the 1st time in a long time on my mission. When I went back home, the other AP E. Hale loved my hamburger and milk shake photos and showed them off to his companion and the responce was, "you're just torturing your self Hamblin! " We all laughed at that! Slowly we are getting the paper work in place to move and in the mean time that means still pumping water!
GENERAL CONFERENCE WAS AMAZAZAZING! I loved the talk Elder Jeffery R. Holland gave in priesthood session about getting in our faces just enough to singe our eyebrows! Also Pres. Monson's stories are always so vivid and his facial expressions are the BEST! It was raining hard and I was worried that the power would go out but we were fine! Me and my comp just ate up every minute of it! It was truly a spiritual Feast!
Also I met an Elder Schmidt who knows BARRY JONES! I kinda want to send Bro. Jones a letter so if you have his new address than please send it to me if you could! E. Schmidt knew him from back when he lived in Turlock California so I thought that was pretty cool!
So now for your Questions:
By the sound of your last email you sound like my mother or any mother of a missionary in a 3rd world country under attack form mother nature. You let me know you really care about me which is nice to have confirmed even though you are my MOM. I wish I could give you a big hug. I miss Hugs that don't feel awkward. I could hug my companion but he would probably slap or punch me so I refrain. I could hug the mission president but he would look at me funny and I could hug the old nanay across the street but she smells like alcohol so I think that would be a bad idea. Basically I miss my Mom and I wish I could sit on your bed and watch weird old British TV shows with you like we did before. I miss you Mom and I pray that our family doesn't fall into harm every night and our family includes ME! Plus I'm on a mission Mom. The Lord has stuff for me to do still so have some faith he loves me and will keep me safe! I love you soooo much Mom but don't stress out too much over me. Focus your efforts on Devree She needs you the most right now! Love
ELder Hamblin
Dear Devree,
Your movie was "How to Train a Dragon" and oh how I love that movie! It's the best! I wish I could watch it with you. Mabe this Christmas I could Skype you guys and you could show off your new Smile you sexy thang you! Devree I know that Heavenly Father will help us in all our righteous endeavors so if you pray for help, I know that he will give you the strength and courage to accomplish what you've got up in front of you! I love you and want you to be safe and I know that Mom and Dad have got people there who are skilled in your opperation and that you are in good hands as you always have been! Love ya Little Sis
WAIT heres my movie quote:
"He's a bulider, a swordsman, a magician, he's unstoppable!"
"Prima Donna 1st lady on the stage"
"Come to me Angel of Music."
GUESS THAT! I know the last ones a give away but I'm having a hard time remembering lines sorry. Love ya Devrs

Elder Hamblin
Dear Shay,
I think you should be "Finn" from "Adventure Time" and you should send me pictures of all you guys costumes and the house all decorated for halloween. I'll let you know all that's going on with Halloween when I start to see it! Way to go on the almost Straight A's buddy. Don't worry about Mr. Santos. He's just a grumpy old Basketball coach who's still bitter from losing the state championship my freshman year so don't mind him. Just do everything you can to make him happy and he'll leave you alone! Really send me pictures of you guys. I would love to see them! I hope you aren't stressing out too much with the crazy schedule you've got! I love Ya remember that! Elder Hamblin

Dear Dane,
You sound like you all are up to having fun. I like what you said about the NOBLE sized pumpkin but if you're saying I'm fat I'm gonna have to sit on you! JK you are a funny little guy! The Fog machine bubbles sounded like the bees knees and it's good you are learning about typing. In General Conference they talked about how all of the kids are getting more Tech savvy so that we can do Familly History work! So type away and get that 20 bucks from "Papa Bear" ?!?!? I love you Dane. Don't get too used to sitting in front of the computer. I did and look what happened to me! LOve ya Elder Hamblin

Dear Papa Bear?
Joke lang! Kamusta po kayo tatay? Ayos ko lang dito sa Philippines. Perro gusto ko Americano pagkain! Gusto ko ito TALAGA! I saved up and bought some Pancake mix and some REAL syrup for me a REAL hungry misssionary. It was delicious even though I burned like half the pancakes and gave E. Cajumban the 2 less burned ones. Cooking with a Wok and an Electric stove was tough let alone I haven't cooked pancakes in a LOOOOOONNG time!
Way to go Papa Bear with the Internet Research! Gosh your gonna give Mom an Ulcer for heavens sake! Then again if you refused to research for her and get it in English. She probably would've eaten you. So you were kinda stuck between a rock and a hard place. I can see it right now. "BLOOM TRANSITION" FLASH BACK "So Todd what does it say about the Typhoons? Well honey it doesn't look good. How bad is it? DRAMATIC SLOW PAN LEFT You don't want to hear this Dear. TELL ME IF MY SONS ALIVE!!!! dramatic music...DUN DUN DUUUUUUUUUNNNNNNNNNN! One of the Storms passed right thru his area Dear. They can't evacuate people fast enough. He's probably stranded on a roof hungry cold and alone. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!
You know I could probably make a pretty darn good sitcom out of my everyday life. I think Filippinos would watch it!
It's 3 or 4 weeks till you guys will be in Boston for the surgery. My prayers are with you and I have a firm hope that things will turn out alright. God will be with you. You're my Family. I'm on a mission. You guys are supposed to receive blessings. I love each and Everyone of you! I hope you all are fine and well fed. Shay don't kill Dane while Mom and Dad are with Devree and I think everything will be just fine! LOVE
Elder Hamblin
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Philippine's Mission Home Blog

This is from the Philippine's Mission Home Blog: http://Noble's 1st Transfer.

President & Sister Carlos

We will be serving as Mission President and companion in the Philippines Cauayan Mission from June 2010 to June 2013 Mission Address for mail and packages to missionaries: LDS Church Mission Burgos Street, District 3 Cauayan City, 3305 Isabela, Philippines

Sister Carlos Posted:
Transfer Day Photos
For some reason I didn't take many photos during this transfer day. We had a great transfer day meeting and as always it was a real treat to get to see and mingle with our beloved missionaries!
Noble's 1st Transfer

Elder Hamblin is getting transferred to Tuguegarao (from one end of the mission to another!)

http://Pictures from around the mission.

Random Shots Around the Mission
Sister Carlos said, "I always try to remember to bring my camera wherever I go. On every trip I spy something that makes me do a double take. Here are a few interesting things I've recently seen... "

Several of the towns in the north end of our mission have these horse-drawn carriages. Notice the size of the horses they are a miniature breed.

These bananas were sitting on the missionaries front porch. A member cut down the branch from one of his banana trees. Each row is ripening at a different pace so the elders can have ripe bananas for quite a few mornings!

This rice is white and ready to harvest!

I loved this picture because it shows ripe rice next to a paddy of growing rice. You can see the change of color as the rice grows. Newly planted is lime green, the maturing rice gets darker green before turning golden before it's ready to harvest.

Monday, October 3, 2011

October 2nd, 2011

This one reminds me of when a girl Noble was dating saw his eyes with a distant look in them as he was deep in thought. She said, "Noble, what are you thinking?" He said, "I was just thinking how cool it would be if you could blow things up with your eyes." His response made her burst out into laughter. "Boys!!!", she said.

The local kids were impressed with the damage from the storm.

This looks like a view of storm damage while riding in a taxi.

A powerline has fallen across this home.

Noble has enjoyed serving with Elder Cajumban. There have been 5 baptisms while they have been serving together in San Mariano.

Noble has a lot of fun with the local kids. He says that they think he is part Philippino because his hair is black. They all love to come up and push on his skin, then marvel at how it changes color when they let go. *** SMILE ***

The fabled picture of Elder Cajumban's birthday party. They rolled up a towel so that it stood straight up like a bar. The towel is then passed from person to person very gently so that it does not flop over. If if flops over they get to mark your face with charcoal. The towel has obviously flopped over while Elder Hamblin & Elder Cajumban were passing it.

AHHHHHH whooo what a week. The baguio came and kicked San Mariano’s butt! Trees torn out of the ground and houses blown away. The River swelled so much that some of our investigators’ houses were flooded and are now full of mud and other stuff. NOT FUN but our house was okay. We didn't get too much damaged at all! We’re just trying to fix the water problem and it looks like we are going to have to move. :( The land lady doesn't want to negotiate with the church about fixing the water pump and the church won't pay her the rent unless we fix the problem! HAAAAA SO as acting translator for Elder Russel (The older Elder in charge of house payments ) I am trying to solve the problem with Elder Cajumban and this crazy old woman who gets angry when she doesn't get her money! SO yes I am still alive but definitely under pressure this week.
Dear Mom,
NOOOOO I didn't see conference yet it takes about a week to translate and get it all ready for the Philippines but I could probably watch it online if I wanted to! Yes I am safe and sound but the triple companionship of sisters in my district got their house flooded last week. YOU WON"T believe how big the river gets here when it just dumps rain on us! The Conference sounds like a blast and I am looking forward to it! I'll be looking for all those talks you were talking about! You don't have to send me marshmellow mateys if you don't want to! Saw the pictures on the blog and yep they are amazing! LOOOOVE YAAAA Elder Hamblin
Dear Devree,
You and Shay looked AWESOME! I wish I could of dressed up too! You guys are always so busy back home! I can't wait till Conference and I can't wait till we can play the movie game in person because the way Dad sings just can't be captured in an email! Your movie was SWAN PRINCESS! WHoooo love that movie. PRACTICE PRACTICE PRACTICE! Soooo goood lets watch it when I get home alright! Okay Here’s mine! "O come now why don't you trust me? Should I list me reasons Alphabetically or Chronologically." Guess that it might be a little hard! I think I have it on the computer! Enjoy WILD ISLAND YA TURD! Love ya little Sis keep kicking kwan! ELder Hamblin
Dear Shay,
YOu STOLE MY STYX SHIRT! just kidding you can wear it you crazy fool. I liked mom’s caption on the blog. I hope you are having tons of fun in the band and soccer and just high school in general. Don't worry the baptisms are coming we just had 3 but you don't get a picture of the littlest one sorry no picture of him yet! I love you buddy but don't stress yourself out to much! Don’t eat ALL of Danes candy you'll make him cry! LOVe YA Elder Hamblin
Dear Dane,
YOu got a lot coming up Halloween and all that candy to eat. Don't rot your teeth out now! I was really impressed you wanted to do the maze like me. Trust me though it takes awhile to finish it like that! Thanks for printing out the packets whatever those are for Dane! Keep having fun Dane! Elder Hamblin
Dear Dad,g
Well I saw the pictures online of Chases wedding and it looked interesting! I’m sure you had fun and your faces in the pictures are hilarious why do you never open your eyes?!?!?! JK
You have been doing a MARVELOUS JOB on the blog for me! The information is all correct I think. The News print out of the storms makes it sound like I’m stranded on a roof surrounded by yucky brown water though so I think you freaked out Mom with that one. (way to go pops) NO POPY NOOOOOOO! Kidding she should get some sleep after this email! The birthday party for Elder Cajumban was yes in San Mariano just across the river on the side closest to Cauayan.
Ya we haven’t had general conference quite yet but I think its next Sunday and I’m really excited! I think its gonna be a good one! We just had 2 baptisms which are Josephine and Mary Grace Wayet. They are the two girls in the baptismal picture. We also just last Sunday Baptized little 9 year old Rep Rep but I don't have a picture of him and his grandpa just yet that will have to be next email! I love you Dad and yes I am doing fine here in beautiful San Mariano! Things are good besides having to fix the stupid water pump problem and I really can't complain! I love you Tatay Mahal Kita!
Ang anak mo,
Elder Hamblin
On Mon, Oct 3, 2011 at 4:31 AM, Hamblin Family wrote:

Dear Noble,
First off. Did you have trouble in the typhoon that hit the Philippines according to Sister Cheri Scott? I hope we hear from you tomorrow because I will think something happened to you.
Were you able to watch General Conference? What day and time does conference happen there in your mission? Did you get to watch it at the church or the mission office? I loved so many of the talks. I think you are a "real missionary". There were a lot of quotes and talks I loved. Elder Scott saying 'Pure Truth in the scriptures". Sister Thompson saying "Desire Revelation, ask in faith and diligently keep the commandments. I loved hearing where all of the new temples are going to be built and it seemed like President Monson was so animated and funny this time. I think he was trying extra hard to be cheerful when his wife is so ill again. Speaking of ill. I did not hardly recognize Elder Hales. He has been treated for cancer and I could tell he was on chemo and steroids because his face was so puffy. I have seen lots of the same kind of yellowy, puffy faces at St. Judes. I laughed when Pres. Uchtdorf heard the southern drawl of Texas and wondered if he had learned the right English language. But also about how he knew to "DO THE BEST I COULD". I guess that is all we need to do in life. I liked Pres. Eyring's quote about "Savor the moment as if time had stopped." Did you notice that alot of the talks asked us to have MORE CHILDREN and have MORE MISSIONARIES. It impressed me about how they reiterated over and over how the church and the world are separating more. It truly was a great conference.
I hope that you can send the pictures of the smeared charcoal faces of you and your companion. Make sure you tell us your investigators names so we can pray for them. We pray every day for your safety.
LOVE YOU TONS! We saw a film on the MTC and frantically searched for your face and then I saw it was filmed in February, before you got there. Guess what? Marshmallow Matey's are eaten the fastest at the MTC. So do we need to send you some so you don't get homesick? LOL LOB MOM
Dear Elder Hamblin,
Hi! It waas homecoming week so Shay and I got to dress up. Monday was country day so each of us wore a pair of dad's overalls. Tuesday was Rock-n-roll so I wore my jean jacket and made a mohawk out of pig tails. Shay had a fauxhawk with the blue gel from when I was Aang. Wednesday was international day so I woremy Union Jack shirt. Shay wore a hawaii shirt. Thursday was Oldies day so I wore Dad's Leather jacket. Thursday was also the bonfire. William was my bonfire buddy and our stick was lame and not decorated. One person made a Finn torch from Adventure Time. When I was a freshman I remember getting cold that night. Not here. the bonfire was MASSIVE! Even standing by the door to the math building you could feel the heat it gave off! I took lots of pictures on my phone because Daney wanted to be there but wasn't invited. I also took lots of pictures with my friends which I'll check to see if they are on facebook. Fiday was spirit day like always so I wore my band shirt from freshman year. People were like "Whose shirt is that?" mine "You're in band?" I was. OH at the pep rally SENIORS WON!!! Seniors hardly ever win! I guess there's more motivation this year because the class with the most spirits point at the end of the year gets to go to wild island. In creative writing someone wrote seniors all over the board and someone crossed it out and said "you wish you were a Junior" which was crossed out. and sophmore was written. I turned and said, "Why would you wish to be anything BUT a senior? We're getting outta here!" Friday night we went on a temple trip. I felt like this would be mega mormon weekend! While we were there Mom and Dane went on a date to goodwill and to see Spy kids 4(Mom said it was awful) Anyway Dane bought a copy of Swan princess and so he's been on a swan princess kick. Your movie is Innerspace. It's so funny! Dad was singing this while whe made breakfast so here's my line.
"I bet she doesn't wrestle hunt or box!"
"He seems concieted."
"What a total bummer!
"If I get lucky I'll get chicken pox"
Guess that! Well I took up enough of your time and I should share you. I love you and miss you very much!
Love your most favoritest sister,
Dear Noble,
I hope you are having a good time with good experiances and lots of baptisms.I hope you are getting along with your companion. At this moment in time I am beating Dane's bottom at chess. It's been delightful here even though we miss you but Halloween is coming and it's gonna be fun and I'm gonna eat all of Dane's cady. J/k HALF of Dane's candy. And it's going to be fun. And that's it. It's been a pretty boring week. My dress up week was amazing but we had those at the middle school.
Love Shay
Dear Noble,
I love you. I enjoyed General conference I hope you did. Daddy printed out some packets and this thursday I don't have any school. I tried to figure out the maze like you do with red and green crayons. I red crayoned the places I couldn't go and greened the places that are safe. Have a great time on your mission and don't worry about me. Last time I was just yanking your chain which is and idiom that I learned in school. We're getting our halloween stuff down and we're having a good time at home and mom bought us a lot of treats and it was like the Mormon superbowl. Shay's beating my can at chess. Have a god time on your mission!
Love, Dane
Dear Elder Hamblin,

I wanted to ask you about your trip to Ilagan to visit “Save More”. How far away is it? If I use Google Earth and try to guess, it looks like Ilagan is about 13 -16 miles away. Cauayan City measures about 16 – 20 miles away, and the ocean is just over 30 miles away. So am I close to how things are for you?

When I posted about your new area, I was guessing that his party was at Ilagan. It wasn’t was it? His party was really in San Mariano. Right? When you get a chance, we would like to see the pictures of the party with the charcoal and everything. We didn’t get any of those pictures.

So how was General Conference in the Philippines? Did you enjoy it as much in Tagalog? Have you seen General Conference yet, or will that be next Sunday for you? I have to say I am impressed with your progress. I keep studying Tagalog in Rosetta Stone, and I am far away from being able to do what you do? I have learned trabaho, magtatrabaho, and nagtrabaho. I have learned about nasa ilalim, nasa ibabaw, nasa loob. I can drink cocoa bago magtrabaho or I can drink it pagkatapos magtrabaho. You said that Elder Cajumban does not speak much English. Has that made you crazy or are you adapting to that change?

Like Mom, I am also curious about the people that you are teaching now. Tatay Billy turned out to be so awesome and you will remember him for the rest of your life. I hope you keep meeting awesome people like that.

Shay and I went to priesthood together last night, and I thought of you. It was also strange to watch General Conference without you. In the Priesthood session they talked about needing tens of thousands more missionaries. They also talked about missionaries that were clean and worthy to use the power of the Holy Ghost. You are that kind of missionary. You have read your scriptures and said your prayers. Yes you are just Noble, but you are also receptive to the spirit so that the Lord can guide and direct your efforts. Keep up the good work Elder. I know that if you keep the spirit with you, the Lord will make it so your burdens are light.

Mahal Kita Noble!

Sunday, October 2, 2011

1st Typhoon Nesat hit, then Typhoon Nalgae

2nd Typhoon in Week Lashes Rain-Soaked Philippines

By OLIVER TEVES Associated Press
MANILA, Philippines September 30, 2011 (AP)

The second typhoon in a week battered the rain-soaked northern Philippines on Saturday, adding misery to thousands of people, some of whom still perched on rooftops while several other Asian nations also reeled from flooding.

Typhoon Nalgae slammed ashore midmorning Saturday south of northeastern Palanan Bay in Isabela province with winds of 100 miles (160 kilometers) per hour and dangerous gusts of 121 mph (195 kph).

It was making a similar path across the saturated Luzon Island as Typhoon Nesat, which earlier in the week killed at least 50 people, left 31 missing and thousands stranded and sent huge waves that breached a seawall in Manila Bay. Nesat also pummeled southern China and was downgraded to a tropical storm just before churning into northern Vietnam on Friday afternoon, where flood warnings were issued and 20,000 people evacuated.

In the Philippines, nearly 400,000 hunkered down in evacuation centers and in homes of relatives and friends along the new typhoon's path with heavy rainfall of about an inch (25 millimeters) an hour within the storm's 340-mile (630-kilometer) diameter that put most of the northern provinces including the capital on alert.

Isabela authorities earlier shut down electricity in the province to prevent accidents from falling power pylons and snapped cables.

The howling winds toppled trees and blew away tin roofs of some houses in Isabela's provincial capital of Ilagan. In nearby Luna township, a bus with about 30 passengers fell on its side on a rice field because of the strong winds, but no one was seriously injured, police said.

"The ground is still supersaturated and it cannot absorb more water," said Graciano Yumul, the Philippines' weather bureau chief. "This will just flow down to rivers and towns, and there is a big possibility that landslides, flash flooding and flooding could occur."

He urged residents still refusing to leave their homes despite the floods to evacuate because the water was going to rise in the coming hours as Typhoon Nalgae dumped more rain.

At least five towns in the rice-growing province of Bulacan and Pampanga, north of Manila, remained submerged three days after Typhoon Nesat had moved on.

"We have nowhere to go," Celenia Espino of Calumpit township said from her home, which was filled with knee-deep murky water. "We have no means of transportation out of here."

She was one of the thousands who sought shelter on rooftops with no food, water and electricity, while a procession of other residents waded in chest-deep water down main roads to reach dry land.

In the last four months, prolonged monsoon flooding, typhoon and storms across Southeast Asia, China, Japan and South Asia has left more than 600 people dead or missing.

In India alone, the damage is estimated to be worth $1 billion, with the worst-hit state of Orissa accounting for $726 million.

Several studies suggest an intensification of the Asian summer monsoon rainfall with increased atmospheric carbon dioxide concentrations, the state-run Indian Institute of Tropical Meteorology said. Still, it is not clear that this is entirely because of climate change, especially in India, it said.

The damage from the earlier typhoon in the Philippines was estimated at $91 million.

Nalgae, a Korean word for wing, was forecast to reach Luzon's western shore Saturday evening and exit into the South China Sea as a weakened category-1 typhoon as it moves toward China's Hainan Island on Monday.


Associated Press writers Hrvoje Hranjski in Manila, Tran Van Minh in Hanoi, Kelvin Chan in Hong Kong, Katy Daigle and Ashok Sharma in New Delhi and Thanyarat Doksone in Bangkok contributed to this report.

Noble's current assignment is San Mariano. He has traveled to Ilagan (Above San Mariano) for the good shopping. The bus was blown over in Luna (To the Left of San Mariano). The Mission Home is in Cauayan (To the Left of San Mariano).

We are concerned because Typhoon Nesat hit in the North above the word Aparri on the top of the map. Typhoon Nalgae hit on the Northeast part of the Island on the Palanan Coast. Right where Noble's 2nd area of San Mariano is. Noble is 30 miles from the coast with a mountain range between him and the coast. We doubt we will get any news from Noble tomorrow because the authorities have shut off the power until the storm has passed. This will prevent danger from fires and electricity due to telephone poles that are blown over by the 100 miles an hour winds that gust to a dangerous 125 MPH.

Shana thought of looking a the Philippines mission blog.

Friday, September 30, 2011
Another Typhoon is Heading Our Way
We just got word that another typhoon is due to hit our area pre-dawn tomorrow morning and is now categorized as a Level 3. Level 3 will bring high winds and lots of rain, but nothing that should keep us down too long. We have evacuated a number of our missionaries to higher ground as lots of rain is expected. All other companionships have been instructed to have several days of water, food and candles on hand. We are prepared!
Most of us just got back power since the typhoon on Tuesday. We will update this blog if we have power as soon as it passes. Please join with us in prayer that these storms will be tempered and somehow diverted.

Thanks to all for your concern.
Wednesday, September 28, 2011
Typhoon Pedring
We received word that a typhoon was headed our way but it was categorized as a Level 2, which means lots of rain and wind but nothing too crazy. In the middle of the night it was elevated to a Level 3, still nothing compared to the huge Typhoon Juan we had in October 2010. The worst part of this typhoon actually bypassed us and swerved more towards Manila. So there is lots of flooding and problems in Manila. Throughout our mission we have had massive tree damage and lots of brown outs (no electricity) there are a few areas where missionaries have been moved because of flooding, but all in all we are in great shape. We feel very fortunate! (The mission home and office has been without electricity since yesterday morning 32 hours so far. We have a generator so we have a few lights, refrigeration, fans and the Internet! Many of our missionaries are using candles for the next few days. Luckily the temperatures are cooler than normal so the heat isn't too bad.
Our sources in Manila told us that we could go ahead and send our departing missionaries on the bus this evening. They say the problems in Manila are more in the side roads and that the major highway to Manila is passable. So with a prayer in our hearts for a safe journey we put our 11 belved departing missionaries on the bus. Tomorrow they will go to the Manila temple and then catch flights, buses and boats to their homes on Friday.