Monday, March 26, 2012

Komodo Dragon???

New lizard that is related to the Komodo Dragon. It is a kind of Monitor Lizard that can get up to 6 feet long. The Komodo Dragon is found in Indonesia and can reach up to 10 feet long and 300 pounds.

I had to do the research and find out what Elder Hamblin had actually seen. So I'm guessing it was a 3 1/2 to 4 foot long monitor lizard that weighs 100 t0 120 pounds.

Yeah... I think I would have been about ready to pee my pants too. Elder Hamblin, I'm sure glad the Lord watches over the missionaries.

Hi Elders!!! Come on over and say, "Hi!".

So Elder Hamblin, do these enormous lizards look like what you saw?


A new species of giant lizard has been discovered in the Philippines.

The 2m-long reptile is a monitor lizard, the group to which the world’s longest and largest lizards belong.

The monitor, described as spectacular by the scientists who found it, lives in forests covering the Sierra Madre mountains in the north of the country.

The striking reptile has bright yellow, blue and green skin, and survives on a diet of just fruit, yet until now it has escaped the eyes of biologists.

“It is an incredible animal,” says Dr Rafe Brown, one of the scientists who describe the new lizard in the journal Biology Letters.

In the journal, the researchers describe how rare it is to find such a large terrestrial animal new to science.

The discovery of the lizard, they say, is of a similar importance to two other large species of so-called “mega-fauna” discovered in recent years: the kipunji (Rungwecebus kipunji), a new genus of monkey found in Africa, and the saola, a Vietnamese forest bovid (Pseudoryx nghetinhensis).

The giant lizard is actually well known to resident Agta and Ilongot tribespeople living in the forests of northern Luzon Island.

The tribespeople regularly hunt the lizard for its meat, a vital source of protein.

Yet scientists were unaware of its existence.

That was until Dr Brown and an international team of colleagues from the US, Philippines and The Netherlands surveyed a series of lizard specimens preserved in museums both within the US and Philippines.

Within these specimens they identified the new species on the basis of its body size, scales, colouration and DNA.

With a main body length approaching 1m, with an additional 1m-long tail, the lizard has dark skin covered by golden yellow spots and flecks.
Its legs are mainly yellow, and its tail striped black and yellow.

In some pictures, the animal also looks to have green or blue scales.

The new species, which is called Varanus bitatawa, is thought to survive on a diet of fruit, making it one of just three species of fruit-eating monitor lizards in the world.

Monitor lizards include the world’s most massive lizard, the Komodo dragon (V. komodoensis), which can reach up to 3m-long and weigh up to 90kg.

While not as massive, other species of monitor, such as the Crocodile monitor or Salvadori’s monitor (Varanus salvadorii) of New Guinea, can also reach similar lengths.

Secretive creature

Why the new massive lizard has remained undiscovered by scientists until now is a mystery, especially as many biologists work in the northern Philippines.

The researchers say it may be because the lizard is naturally reclusive, being a highly secretive animal that never leaves the forest or crosses open country.

It could also be because few scientific expeditions have characterized the reptiles living in the Sierra Madre forests.

The new species of monitor lives at least 150km away from its nearest relative, another lizard called V. olivaceus, which also lives in trees and eats fruit.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

March 25, 2012

Such a CREATIVE way to say what a missionary does all day long. Sing with me now to the tune of "Pioneer Children". "Elders and Sisters, sang as they walked and walked and walked AND WALKED!"
This is how we pump the water, pump the water, pump the early in the morning. We are fascinated at how they do a fence. Look how it seems to be woven.
I believe we have a picture of this famous caribaou already.
These are the turkey's that Noble said are "STRAIGHT UP GANGSTAH" because they are so tough!
Elder Makiling talking to the goat and saying"Oooh you are such a cute kid. Yes you are!"
Baby caribaou trying to get a drink from a puddle and Elder Makiling.
We believe this is rice drying in the sun. This is why the Elders always wash their rice because it is drying out where anything can eat it, or relieve themselves on it.

Link to show Solana on the Map: Solana

Sorry about that kinda had a missend. Here's the real deal!
He he Hey Hamblin Gang! Hey Its always a big gift and treat for me to accept your email and I'm glad I got one from EVERYONE this time! Hey got some kickin stories I want to share with you, so here I go!
1st things 1st we almost died this week! As we were walking down the path to Nanay Balubals house Elder Makiling stops me and says Look! As I look up I see a REAL LIVING Komodo Dragon staring back at me! He was about a stones throw away! He stuck his tongue out and then sped away and even though he had to be at least 3 1/2 to 4 feet long he could go FAST! He cleared like 10 yards in 1 second! WOW! I almost pee'd my pants!

Click Komodo Dragon Link: Not a Komodo Dragon but a new Monitor Lizard.

Now can Kolten say that? Just joking! I
can never say that I have seen a dust storm here like he saw in Arizona! Cool stuff cool stuff! WE also have a member here who is working down in Manilla right now but she texts us every now and then. Her name is CHERRY PIE! HA! No joke and every time she texts us I have to sing, "She's my cherry pie put a smile on your face ten miles wide! Look so good make a grown man cry, SWEET CHERRY PIE!!!" She is an interesting character. Elder Makiling thinks I'm a CHICKS BOY! It's only because I'm white. That's why I'm so darn popular here! Okay now for your Email!!!

Dear Pops,
Hey I read your letter. I'm pretty sure everything I write is misspelled in Tagalog but Pamensahe means money for traveling. SO I hope that clears things up for you, my Guapong Tatay! Hey don't stress about work or the medical bills. I'm praying for you and for Devree and the whole family every night and the Lord hears my prayers. He hears your prayers too and all we have to do is be humble enough to accept his will. Hey and don't mess with turkeys. Apparently they are like SUPER tough here! Thats why I gave you a picture of a turkey because three words come
to mind whenever I see one, "STRAIGHT UP GANGSTAH!" So enjoy the turkey pic! P.S. I miss my Shark Car!!! :( Love ya pops!

Dear Mom,
Hey so don't be subbing to much or you just might lose your marbles ya know!? You know what happens when you Sub too much and you know your limit so be safe okay?! I love you but don't go and destroy yourself. Those kids can be brutal! You are doing a great job with the blog and all but the picture in the caves is of me and Elder Makiling, so if you could change his name that
would be great. I totaly got the name wrong with caves the name on the sign is correct. Go with that. Thanks! Thats so sad! I wanted to be Dads assistant scout master when I get back!!! What a BUMMER! So hey do you remember when I asked for the Birthdays because I'm an air head and I always forget the Families birthdays!? If you could send a list of when all your birthdays are,
that would be awesome so I don't forget them! Hey how's Kolten doing and how's the whole getting him into college deal going? Hey I am doing WAY better this week! We had an awesome Sunday with Nanay Balubal and Lesquero coming to church and our two inevestigators who will be baptized next Saturday Raul and Elena!! We acctually picked them up before church! Anyway the bummer part was Armin Valdez was supposed to come to church but he didn't. This was the last Sunday we had given him chance after chance but he still hasn't come to church. SO (This is my least favorite part) we just might have to drop him because he is making no progress and is not doing so well. So sad! Anyway thanks for the prayers and love I can feel it! Hey we had an
awesome experience with OYMing yesterday! We were just walking down the road like we do EVERY DAY and we saw a guy who was smoking his cigarette. I decided to just OYM (Offer Your Message). Anyway just cause and when I talked to him he invited us into his house! (in my mind im yelling "CHECK MATE!!") We learned he was around 30 years old and had a little daughter and his wife was a teacher at the school nearby! We come in and he says he wants to learn about and hear the WORDS OF GOD ALRIGHT! Me and my companion can do that! We shared with him aboutGod and about Jesus Christ and his Gospel and why it's perfect for families. In short he loved it and wants to know in our next visit about why there are so many churches and only one God. GOLDEN! I hope that he keeps on progressing! Anyway, yes missionaries have their up and down days and we're still human after all. SUPER HUMAN but still human! Hehe :) Thanks for the love and concern for me and my Investigators. Thanks for the prayers. God has heard everyone of them and blesses me and you in ways we never knew were possible. I love you and take care. Ingat po kayo palagi! Elder Hamblin!

Dear Shay,
Hey so the meet didn't go as well as you planned huh? Hey I hated running too! But the more you run the fitter you will be for pole vaulting in the future! If you continue with pole vaulting I want to see some awesome videos and see you live in one of your meets! You got fried? I sometimes
get fried but thats okay. Its not super bad. Hey if you wear sunscreen apparently you don't get sunburned! WHOA crazy right!? I don't know I haven't tried it yet because that would be WAY to smart of a thing to do! Anyways I love you Shay and I wish the best for you!
Love your oldest and wisest brother, Elder Hamblin
P.S. How are your girlfriends doing?

Dear Dane,
How's baseball going? Is it over now? You still into bey blade? How's the pinewood derby car coming along! I miss you little bro!! Hey I hope you aren't getting too good at video games! I'm probably not good at video games anymore but it will be fun to play them when I get home!
No six pack just yet but I still continue to work towards it. I like my new toilet but we still need a toilet seat. That would be nice. And toilet paper, that would be cool. The spider training is pretty cool. They just have them fight on a stick like pokemon until they are super strong. Sometimes they feed them a multi-vitamin to get them stronger faster. Its kinda cool. They start them out on far sides of the stick then they let them go and watch them duke it out for a couple of seconds then after a minute or two you see one hanging in a web and the other one spinning webs around it. Pretty darn cool. Anyway mabe I'll get a video and try and send it to you!
Love ya little bro. Elder Hamblin

Dear Devree,
Your movie was UHF! One of the classics! Today we are gonna teach poodles how to fly! I love that movie. Anyway here's my movie! "His life is smothered in shades, his life is gone but his stench remains!" "It's called a lance, HELLO!" "You're out!" "Yes William we'll sleep with the pigs." Its actually amazing the things you can remember and the things y0u can't remember! I love you Devers and keep singing your heart out inChoir. I hate singing in other languages. Except Josh Groban. He's amazing. I love you Devs take care. I love you all Hamblin Gang and talk to you next P-Day. Elder

Saturday, March 24, 2012

March 18, 2012

HELLOOOOO HAMBINS!!! I am excited to email you all again and am
Sad because I have forgotten my SD card reader at home and will not be able to
send you all pictures! I know what a bummer but you'll just have to wait until
next time! Anyway we are doing alright here in Tuguegarao. This
past week was kinda rough. We have ALL been burning the candle at both ends and
I am really feeling it this week. Just collapsing into bed with that dreaded
feeling that the alarm is gonna go off in like five minutes! YEA! Last Sunday we
blessed the sacrament, I played the piano we taught gospel principles and they
wanted me to teach priesthood also but I said no they could have someone from
the branch teach. We're trying to get them to be self reliant and not leaning on
the missionaries for EVERYTHING! We're not super heros people! (even though we
look like them! :) Anyway we have been stressed over the upcoming baptisms of
Elena and Raul and everything seems to be in place for that so no problems
there! If you could put Armin Valdez in your prayers tonight that would be great. He just needs the Faith to come to church and reap the blessings from it. He is an older man and has gotten divorced...ish. Divorce doesn't really happen here. They just split. Anyway we are trying to get him to come to church for a long time now and we need some help so your prayers would be great right now for him. Please don't forget us in your prayers! We need all the help we can
get right now! Things are good right now and we are still alive and kicking! Pray for us. We need the help right now to get some miracles done here in the Cauayan mission.

SO DAD: Sorry I didn't come to the Merit Badge Convention but it sounded amazing! Our family is a very active family in the church because we help a lot with the activities! But you are right. I beat you when it comes to raw hours of work. I never take off my white shirt and tie and if eat in my white shirt and tie. Heck I might as well sleep in my white shirt and tie! But I don't regret the time I am investing here in the Philippines. Every minute of every day is golden! Don't stress out! It's one of the most sure ways to make your life miserable for as long as you like!Stressing causes ulcers and we all know you don't need an Ulcer Pops! So keep up the check lists that will help a lot! Ironically I have been getting better with my Personal Management here on my mission. (Its a good thing I got that merit badge! It has helped me out a TON!) JK I love you Pops and don't have too much fun without me! And don't push yourself too hard. You're not a
teenager any more! Love ya, Elder Hamblin

Dear Mom,
You guys are ALWAYS BUSY! I guess if you weren't the email would be pretty boring like other missionaries get. HA! But not the Hamblin Family. Were still partying hard and fast no matter what! I hope you enjoy your break at the beach with swimming and eating delicious food without me. GOSH I miss my family. I don't miss anything more than I miss my family. American food is up there though! Things are good and we are pushing on through the trials and tribulations of
being a servant of the Lord.

Elena and Raul are doing alright. They are just so busy I'm worried that they won't come to church one Sunday and that will goof up everything and the dates will have to change! But I have faith that they can do it! I've been kinda tired lately. I think I'm pushing too hard then the next day I feel like I'm being lazy. I'm just going crazy right now and I could just use a vacation to San Diego and just put my toes in the sand, go body surfing. I miss home and the mountains sometimes. After a year in the Philippines, you start to lose the shock value when people are welding outside without a mask or when a Carrabaou moos at you. I try and always find
some thing new to look at or see it in a different light but after all the glitter and shine of it fades away the question remains, "Elder Hamblin, Why are you Here?" but the answer never changes, "To Invite others to come unto Christ by helping them receive the restored Gospel!" After all the souvenirs are faded and lost, after the photographs fade and after all is said and done. I am here to preach this gospel to people who are "perishing in unbelief" or in the less actives case are straying from the Iron rod. I'm on a mission because I know this church is true and that these people need that message. That's why I'm staying. That's why I'm gonna finish this thing. Not for me, not for my family, not for the prestige of being a RM. I'm doing it for God and for my Savior Jesus Christ who gave everything he had so that I would have a chance to come here and eventually return to our Heavenly Father. That's why I walk up and down the dusty roads of Solana at all hours of the day, beating back dogs with my umbrella. That's why I try to love all the members of this church ESPECIALLY the less active ones who are smoking now and going to other churches. That's why I go through the heart ache and joy of seeing people accept and reject this gospel and seeing them be baptized. That's why I'm gonna finish this thing. That's what keeps me going at 9:20pm when we're at least 2 kilometers from my bed and we're gonna walk it because there are no rides. I can't give up and I won't give up until President Carlos tells me to go home already!

I love you guys and tell those lazy siblings of mine to get on the ball and write me an
email! JK love you!
P.S. I am sorry the email got broken and I am glad that my siblings do still love me and the letters just got lost instead. JK

Monday, March 12, 2012

March 11, 2012

These are the two "blessed" sisters. Sister Martinez and Sister Hoops.

Look at those legs! So white next to ElderMakiling's!

Inside the caves looking big and strong. Elder Hamblin said "We aren't superheroes. We just look like them!" Just kidding.

The hole in the top to let smoke out for fires for the caves

Here is the Hitler mustache.

More from the caves.

This was part of the Catholic Cathedral that was built inside the caves.
Part of the Callao caves.

Part of the zone that Noble is in right now.
GOSH! So Manny got to pay you all a little visit? That's awesome!! It's good that he can still feel open and free to come and visit even though it really isn't a party if I'm not there! HA!! So things are still going good here in good old Solana. It actually rained a little bit which cools things down for a bit! Everything's going good. I've got some pictures I want to send that we took at our Activity at the Turlock Caves. We saw some pretty cool formations inside those caves and they even had a little Catholic Cathederal built inside it! At the top it opens up and you can see the sky. It's kinda like walking through the inside of a dead Volcano. I don't know if these caves once were under water or used to be Volcanos but they were pretty cool! I took some videos but can't email them cause they're too big to send in an email! I hope you enjoy the pictures. Hey these caves were like Pirates of the Caribbean meets Lords of the Rings/ Aladdin! Pretty knarly stuff Broah! Anyway the picture of the two American Sisters on the Triky are Sister Martinez with the brown hair and Sister Hoops with the Red hair! They're both very...blessed, but Sister Hoops reminds me of Devree for sure! She is up and down and loves to talk to everyone. She tries her hardest to speak in Tagalog to the Filippinos. She'll be a great missionary for sure! Sister Martinez is a little farther along in the mission and helps her out with hard Tagalog words and stuff. She's a great example of Christ like love. Even for goof balls like me! They're a joy to have in our Zone! Any way that's all the cool stuff. Here's the answer to your email.
Dear Tatay,
I hope you got my other email about the Merit Badge Fair. I won't be attending sorry. Don't have enough time! But thanks for sending me the invite! You're a silly goat sometimes pops! Anyway I can help you guys out with Thatching and Areating when I get home from my mission and become your Assistant Scout Leader! HA! That would be a blast! Good things are happening. If all goes well we will have two baptisms here in Solana this month. AND an older lady in the ward who used to be less active is now officially back and active once again in the church. She is a stud
and even though pamensahe is outrageously difficult right now, she is still finding the money to come to church each Sunday. A lot of good things are happening. Please continue to pray for Elena and Raul and Armin Valdez so they can all come to church! Dad, I understand that you are going through some rough times at work, but your problem is one that most Filippinos WISH they had, and that is TOO much work. These people are searching for a job and scrabbling up
change to pay for rice and their meager ulam for every nights meal. Be thankful you have a job. Even though they may take 5% of your pay just remember they gave you another duty which means more money eventually right? I love you Dad! Don't stress over the little things just make a check list. That always helps me. Every time you check something off SMILE! SMILE until your face hurts and eventually you will feel happy! I love ya Elder Hamblin P.S. Your gonna need to
drink more water if you want to get to 130 years old mister. Love ya!

Dear Mom,
Hey so money is tight but you are all going to see General Conference live!...WITHOUT ME! GOSH! Everything cool happens when you leave for a mission. Next thing you know Dad wants the whole family to visit New Zealand! GOSH!
So Kaylun wants to be a Navy Seal? Okay dream big! Kayluns always has been the kind of kid that goes big or goes home and I think that attitude will really help him put up the fight he needs to be a Navy Seal. I hope that they don't destroy him. From what I hear the Navy Seals go through some intense training and he's gonna have to get use to cold water! Anyway I wish him the
best and hopefully I will have time to write him something. Hey thanks for the heads up on the B-Days if you could send a big list of all your Birthdays that would be extremely helpfull so that I don't forget any birthdays in the future! THANKS!
Anyway you can see how blessed the sisters are in my pictures and give all my lovins to Manny and Kyle. If Kyle has an address GIVE IT TO ME! And I will write him a letter and put extra love in it for that goof ball! I love you and stay safe! I'll look for you in General Conference! Love you Mom! Elder Hamblin
Dear Devree,
WHOOOOOHOOOOOO! "wolf whistle" You are going on Dates! I hope that this boy you are so into is a good young man or else I'll destroy him! JK I'm sure you have good taste! Sorry
that date wasn't all that you had probably hoped for but I hope the next one is AWESOME! Hey just don't go dating EVERYONE while I'm gone. I have to be there to protect you! Man you are growing up WAY to fast. I can imagine you in a car with a boy and It SCARES ME! You will soon be off to college wherever you decided to go and I'm not ready for that!
GOSH your movie was Little Manhattan! Okay heres my movie: "Don't touch the stone!" "I need a pair of young legs a strong back to go in after it for me!" "Find the DIAMOND IN THE ROUGH!" Guess that! Love ya little sis! Stay safe! Elder Hamblin
Hey don't get down about polevaulting. I didn't vault on the 1st meet either! I was too FAT FOR MY POLE! HA! They made me run the 100 and the 200 meter races and I got SMOKED! I was
last place in both! Man what an embarrassment! But don't worry it always gets better. How many pole vaulters are there now? I want to definitetly see some PICTURES on the BLOG or sent in the EMAIL of SHAY POLE VAULTING! I hope they got the message Shay! I love you and don't be stressed if your not amazing your first meet. Love the sport and it will all come! Thanks Shay for the Message and don't go dating those women on the cross country team just yet! Love ya little
bro. Elder Hamblin
Dear Dane,
What a BUMMER! You didn't get to play with Manny. You even got the Bey Blades out! Don't worry I'll play with you when I get back from the mission! Hey its good that you are good at
math cause I sure am not! You can help me with my math when I go to college! HA! JK You just stay the cutie that you are! I love ya little bro! Stay out of trouble and don't give your parents a head ache. Love Nobiewonkanobie or Elder Hamblin!

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Noble is 1/2 done with his mission March 4, 2012

The Solana sign like the Hollywood sign.

Solana with a different view.

These are the little houses for the fighting cocks. Another view. There are so many little houses it looks like a graveyard for chickens!

A laundry basket and a cat.

A very small dog.

So tiny for a dog.

Wow what an EMAIL!!!! You guys are the best and I have a LOT of stuff to tell you. Where to begin... So: 1.) I am doing great and me and Elder Makiling are kicking booty in Solana! We are doing good and we have two Nanays that have come back to church from countless visits from the Relief society and of course US! They are good. The 1st Nanay Balubal has got one more Sunday to go then she is officialy counted as RETURNED to the church and active again. Nanay Lescuero is active now. WHOOOO! But her husband is not. AHHHHHHH! JUST COME TO CHURCH TATAY! WHATS YOUR PROBLEM? As you can tell the whole agency thing is really bugging me right now! We also have 2 baptismal dates set up. There is Elena Pagulayan and her date is the 17 of this month. (Pray for her and her Father to open his heart to the message again!) Then there's Tatay Raul his is the 31st of March and he's a stud! He's just got to shut down the Bukid on Sundays so he can always come to church! (Pray for him to always be free on Sundays!) Those are a few of our Go getters here in Solana!

2.) So last Sunday I was selected to play the piano. After the 1st hymn the 1st councilor stands up to make an announcement. The announcement was that there was going to be a baby blessing. Fair enough I like baby blessings. He continues telling the congregation that Elder Hamblin will be giving the blessing! My heart stops.....then kicks back on when he comes over to the piano to ask me to join him up front! I whip out my white missionary handbook with the Priesthood blessings listed in the back and read like crazy how to bless baby's. I made some mistakes at 1st but then I closed my eyes and started over and was shaky but I corrected my mistakes and then when it came to give the blessing as the Spirit Directs the words came in English so that's how I said the English. The Mother (who's husband isn't a member) didn't understand the blessing but God did and I did and that was all that mattered right then. Later I told her that I had blessed her baby boy with health and the opportunity to marry in the temple and be a strong faithfull member of the church. It was nerve racking but it's over now. That was my 1st time blessing an infant. Crazy Huh? Never thought that would happen on my mission!

3.) In my new apartment I am not afraid to walk around bare foot! Ha! And we have running water which is the BOMB! We just cleaned up the bathroom really nice with Muriatic Acid (which is some powerfull junk) so now our toilet SPARKLES! Good stuff! Now I don't have to sing, "Great grinning ghosts come out to socialize!" Whenever I go to the Bathroom! Good stuff!

4.) We have some Sisters in our Zone Sister Martinez, Sister Galang and Sister Hoops and they all deserve a round of applause! During our Specialized training with Elder Brent Nielson of the quorm of the 70 (General Authority he's kinda important!) Sister Martinez asked a SUPER deep question about the "other worlds" that have been made and if Christ's Atonement covers all those people's sins too and he answered her that that was correct his Atonement is INFINITE and covers EVERYTHING! Before that, no one was asking questions they were all shy so I decided to start things off. I asked the question, "What requirements does the personal body guard of the Prophet of God have? How does the security work for President Thomas S. Monson?" It wasn't a doctrinal question but an interesting one! He aswered by pulling out his cell phone and showing to us the security brefing he received this morning about a bomb that went off in an airport far away from us in the southern part of the Philippines. He recieves a briefing like that every week so he knows where not to go and is always safe and sound! The church security system is amazing! Anyway that was a special experience. Sister Galang is a Philippino that is really good at English and is currently training the brand new Sister Hoops from Utah and might I say she blessed Sister. (There are people reading this blog like Sister Shainer that would get me in trouble with Sister Carlos if I say anything more!) :) Anywho things are good and up to speed in the Philppines Cauayan Mission!

Dear Tatay, I have a fun little sentence for you to translate into English for me. Here it goes: "Lahat ng ulo ay may buhok, nguni't hindi lahat may utak!" Try that on for size! Ya Tagalog Mabuti naman ang Tagalog para sa akin. Alam ko at indindihan ko ang Tagalog pero medjo mahirap para sa akin magspell lahat ng Tagalog words. Mahirap talaga habang Priesthood class dahil kung nagsulat ako sa black board hindi intindihan ang mga Priesthood holders and mga sulat ko! Sana intindihan mo ang sulat ko para sa Magtranslate siya sa English para kay Nanay! Salamat sa magbasa ang mensahe ko! I finally feel like a powerful Tagalog user but sometimes I get humbled because of my Loving Heavenly Father who doesn't want me to get too prideful. I understand my weaknesses and accept them and try to learn and grow each day with my understanding of Tagalog. Its an ongoing process but I do feel comfortable talking with people now. I just don't get it when they use slang or deep Tagalog or speak SUPER fast! ANYWAY yes things are good and I learn everyday! Its great that you are running again Tatay! Me and My comp are running roughly a mile in the mornings also and strangely enough I fell better throughout the day but I'm pooped when we get home! Keep it up Tatay. Mabe we'll ALL have six packs when I get home! HA!! Anyway here are the pictures. There's the one of the Solana Wood sign that looks like the Holywood sign and then theres the SUPER SMALL dog and cat. Also the little tent like things in one of the pictures is the little homes for their roosters because they do alot of COCK FIGHTING here in Tuguegarao. Cool stuff but a little scary. They also do SPIDER FIGHTS. Its kinda like poke-mon for kids here but with real creatures. They train their spiders to get strong and then have them fight other spiders to see who wins. It's pretty cool I'll show you a video of it some day. Anyway take care tatay I LOVE you! Elder Hamblin

Dear Mom, I like how Dad just says you guys ate sushi and you say ? threw up on you and you were taking chunks out of your hair! ASTIG! So things are going good and we are doing good as a companionship which is alright. I already talked about our Investigators. I didn't do anything special for my Hump mark but I do think I should burn some of my holey socks! I gave away a white shirt to the 2nd councilor here because his white shirt was getting kind of destroyed from wearing it EVERY Sunday! He appericiated the gift! I am getting two of my shirts fitted so they don't hang over so much and I look nice when I wear them. I'll take some pictures in the fitted shirts so you can see how much your chubby little boy has changed over the past year he's been gone! Way to go Nanay, make me all trunky talking about my 1 year mark and my home coming party! I know it just shows how much you love and miss me and want me back home! I miss you too Mom and I wish I could've eaten sushi with you! Not because of the sushi cause I hate sushi. No just cause I love you and want to have a nice long chat with you about UNR! I guess we'll talk about my very complicated future. Things don't get easier when you go home do they? O well, being Noble never was easy! Hey I love you and don't go running around with your head chopped off okay? Love Elder Hamblin

Dear Devree, Hey how did the talk go? I assume it is all over now and you did a fantastic job for sure! I love you did you know that? I hope you are practicing and getting to be a fantastic driver and pass the test with a breeze! I pray that everything with the surgery will go fine and that no bad stuff with infections and things will happen. You are a trooper you know that? Some grown men couldn't go through the things you've gone through! I am proud of you no matter what happens. I wanted you to know that. And you will always be my little sister even though I am Half way around the World I still love you as much as I did when I was home. You are the best don't forget it! The partys and such all sound awesome and have you decided where you are going for college? I hope its somewhere kickin! I hope I can go there too when I get home! Don't worry about me I'm doing fine. Just sweating off pounds like crazy here! Your movie was Star Dust which was a fantastic movie and I loved every second of it! I hope that you are not having too much fun with out me! Okay here's my movie! "This was my favorite shirt!" "Hold your breath Jump to the left..." Sorry if I already have done this one. Its been awhile since I've seen any good moives! Love Elder Hamblin

Dear Shay, Hey when it comes to pole vaulting you must have absoulutley no fear. Fearless you run down the lane and slide that pole into the pit. Then jam your knee forward like you are gonna kill some one and lean back. Don't worry about falling if you are running fast enough then your momentum will carry you into the pit. Point your feet up in the air and then do the spin. GET OVER THE BAR then come down and land gracefully in the pit! Have someone video tape you to see what you are doing wrong so you can correct yourself and you will be a champ. Now thats not too hard is it? I know it sounds impossible right now but that's how you get BIG jumps! Hey don't get discouraged if you're not jumping 10 feet in the 1st week thats okay just keep it up and you'll do gret better than me cause you're already in shape! What size pole are you using right now? DON'T EAT ALL THE ICE CREAM!!! Gosh save some for me! I am melting here in the Philippines but things are good. Some things like people denying the Holy Ghost bother me alot and when less actives and Investigators don't come to church thats SUPER frustrating but its okay. Everybody's got their agency. We all fought for it in the Pre-Earth life and if we don't use it here then its all for nothing! Hey take care little bro and be a good big bro to Dane for me alright. Love ya! Elder Hamblin

Dear Dane, Hey School sounds like it's going well and you're teaching Dad how to play video games which has been on my agenda for a LONG time! Hey Don't watch too much Bey Blade metal fusion without me alright? You need to GO OUT SIDE every now and then and get some Fresh Air. Its good for you! No 6 pack yet but it's getting close! I love you and stay safe little bro! Love Elder Hamblin Take care everyone and remember: "When in doubt speak the truth." -Mark Twain