Monday, March 12, 2012

March 11, 2012

These are the two "blessed" sisters. Sister Martinez and Sister Hoops.

Look at those legs! So white next to ElderMakiling's!

Inside the caves looking big and strong. Elder Hamblin said "We aren't superheroes. We just look like them!" Just kidding.

The hole in the top to let smoke out for fires for the caves

Here is the Hitler mustache.

More from the caves.

This was part of the Catholic Cathedral that was built inside the caves.
Part of the Callao caves.

Part of the zone that Noble is in right now.
GOSH! So Manny got to pay you all a little visit? That's awesome!! It's good that he can still feel open and free to come and visit even though it really isn't a party if I'm not there! HA!! So things are still going good here in good old Solana. It actually rained a little bit which cools things down for a bit! Everything's going good. I've got some pictures I want to send that we took at our Activity at the Turlock Caves. We saw some pretty cool formations inside those caves and they even had a little Catholic Cathederal built inside it! At the top it opens up and you can see the sky. It's kinda like walking through the inside of a dead Volcano. I don't know if these caves once were under water or used to be Volcanos but they were pretty cool! I took some videos but can't email them cause they're too big to send in an email! I hope you enjoy the pictures. Hey these caves were like Pirates of the Caribbean meets Lords of the Rings/ Aladdin! Pretty knarly stuff Broah! Anyway the picture of the two American Sisters on the Triky are Sister Martinez with the brown hair and Sister Hoops with the Red hair! They're both very...blessed, but Sister Hoops reminds me of Devree for sure! She is up and down and loves to talk to everyone. She tries her hardest to speak in Tagalog to the Filippinos. She'll be a great missionary for sure! Sister Martinez is a little farther along in the mission and helps her out with hard Tagalog words and stuff. She's a great example of Christ like love. Even for goof balls like me! They're a joy to have in our Zone! Any way that's all the cool stuff. Here's the answer to your email.
Dear Tatay,
I hope you got my other email about the Merit Badge Fair. I won't be attending sorry. Don't have enough time! But thanks for sending me the invite! You're a silly goat sometimes pops! Anyway I can help you guys out with Thatching and Areating when I get home from my mission and become your Assistant Scout Leader! HA! That would be a blast! Good things are happening. If all goes well we will have two baptisms here in Solana this month. AND an older lady in the ward who used to be less active is now officially back and active once again in the church. She is a stud
and even though pamensahe is outrageously difficult right now, she is still finding the money to come to church each Sunday. A lot of good things are happening. Please continue to pray for Elena and Raul and Armin Valdez so they can all come to church! Dad, I understand that you are going through some rough times at work, but your problem is one that most Filippinos WISH they had, and that is TOO much work. These people are searching for a job and scrabbling up
change to pay for rice and their meager ulam for every nights meal. Be thankful you have a job. Even though they may take 5% of your pay just remember they gave you another duty which means more money eventually right? I love you Dad! Don't stress over the little things just make a check list. That always helps me. Every time you check something off SMILE! SMILE until your face hurts and eventually you will feel happy! I love ya Elder Hamblin P.S. Your gonna need to
drink more water if you want to get to 130 years old mister. Love ya!

Dear Mom,
Hey so money is tight but you are all going to see General Conference live!...WITHOUT ME! GOSH! Everything cool happens when you leave for a mission. Next thing you know Dad wants the whole family to visit New Zealand! GOSH!
So Kaylun wants to be a Navy Seal? Okay dream big! Kayluns always has been the kind of kid that goes big or goes home and I think that attitude will really help him put up the fight he needs to be a Navy Seal. I hope that they don't destroy him. From what I hear the Navy Seals go through some intense training and he's gonna have to get use to cold water! Anyway I wish him the
best and hopefully I will have time to write him something. Hey thanks for the heads up on the B-Days if you could send a big list of all your Birthdays that would be extremely helpfull so that I don't forget any birthdays in the future! THANKS!
Anyway you can see how blessed the sisters are in my pictures and give all my lovins to Manny and Kyle. If Kyle has an address GIVE IT TO ME! And I will write him a letter and put extra love in it for that goof ball! I love you and stay safe! I'll look for you in General Conference! Love you Mom! Elder Hamblin
Dear Devree,
WHOOOOOHOOOOOO! "wolf whistle" You are going on Dates! I hope that this boy you are so into is a good young man or else I'll destroy him! JK I'm sure you have good taste! Sorry
that date wasn't all that you had probably hoped for but I hope the next one is AWESOME! Hey just don't go dating EVERYONE while I'm gone. I have to be there to protect you! Man you are growing up WAY to fast. I can imagine you in a car with a boy and It SCARES ME! You will soon be off to college wherever you decided to go and I'm not ready for that!
GOSH your movie was Little Manhattan! Okay heres my movie: "Don't touch the stone!" "I need a pair of young legs a strong back to go in after it for me!" "Find the DIAMOND IN THE ROUGH!" Guess that! Love ya little sis! Stay safe! Elder Hamblin
Hey don't get down about polevaulting. I didn't vault on the 1st meet either! I was too FAT FOR MY POLE! HA! They made me run the 100 and the 200 meter races and I got SMOKED! I was
last place in both! Man what an embarrassment! But don't worry it always gets better. How many pole vaulters are there now? I want to definitetly see some PICTURES on the BLOG or sent in the EMAIL of SHAY POLE VAULTING! I hope they got the message Shay! I love you and don't be stressed if your not amazing your first meet. Love the sport and it will all come! Thanks Shay for the Message and don't go dating those women on the cross country team just yet! Love ya little
bro. Elder Hamblin
Dear Dane,
What a BUMMER! You didn't get to play with Manny. You even got the Bey Blades out! Don't worry I'll play with you when I get back from the mission! Hey its good that you are good at
math cause I sure am not! You can help me with my math when I go to college! HA! JK You just stay the cutie that you are! I love ya little bro! Stay out of trouble and don't give your parents a head ache. Love Nobiewonkanobie or Elder Hamblin!

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