Monday, April 23, 2012

Dad's Birthday, April 22, 2012

We don't know about these pictures yet.  Elder Hamblin's face is Alarming!  I wonder if it is a mosquito bite or something.  We will ask this week.
Hey Hamblin Gang!!!
Okay I got some fun stuff to tell you all! So my companion is REALLY good at basketball apparently! We had to unlock the hoop! They had a metal bar and a little lock fashioned up there! Pretty cool. Phillippinos LOVE basketball and the branch has to protect our court. We have been busy. I did my 1st baptismal interview last Saturday. It was with the sisters investigator Bro. Ariel. He has 2 missing fingers. HE'S AWESOME! He TOTALLY wants to pay tithing! SO I've eaten like Mac Do more times in the Philippines than I have in like my whole life! I don't think it's very healthy for me. OHH CHARLIE HORSE!!!! AHHHHHHH CAN'T MOVE!!!! Okay I'm better now! SO I think I need to eat more bananas to get some potassium in me! Shouldn't be too hard to find some bananas right? HA! So now for your emails!
Dear Mom,
WOW that is one gnarly scar there on your nose. Out of all the things you could capatalize in your email to me you capatalize ALL DAY! Not HUGE SCAR or STICHES or anything like that. You just didn't want to be there ALL DAY! You are so funny Nanay, you make me laugh! You can be just like me with the one on my face! HEY! Don't let the lady from the army take out the stitches, She'll make you bleed! So I'm glad you made sure to let Dad have a happy Birthday. WHY DIDN'T I THINK OF SCUBA BOOTIES! My Dad is so weird, just like me! Make sure to get some rest Mama. You need it. I know how you tend to get cabin fever when you're in the house too long. I would instant message you on face book if I could or play tetris with you like all the other people in this computer shop but I can't so I won't!
Can't wait till Mitt Romney becomes President of the US so that nothing crazy goes down while I'm across the seas and I can come back and America will NOT be in a mess! You know though that nothing will be sacred anymore and that we will go right back to Joseph Smith days being persecuted from left and right. I hope they don't try to exterminate us again. That would be a bummer!
Hey, so there's a BISHOP GALLOWAY now in Comstock ward! CRAZY! You know he was a great example for me through high school and he gave me and Devin some awesome Ideas for group dates when we talked with him! Well Mama I love you and rest up that nose! You are one tough cookie just like your Daughter that had cancer and your father that had eye lid problems! TROOPER! I love you and be safe! Next thing I know you will be driving to Smiths to get milk while on Vicadin and get in a car accident! DON'T DO THAT! I love you , ELDER HAMBLIN
Dear Papa,
Happy Birthday again. I am really sorry about not emailing you that one time but I hope I made up for it with the next one! I really am an Absent Minded Professor sometimes! I love ya tatay!
I TOTALLY printed out the talk and I highlighted it up and everything! I realized that when I came on a mission, I had a testimony and everything but my motivation was a level 4 I was the Good soldier that he talks about. I level the reasons from 1 the lamest to 6 of the most amazing of all.... CHARITY: THE PURE LOVE OF CHRIST!! I think I have now a taste of the love that Jesus and Heavenly Father have for me. My capacity to love has grown and I love the people and my District even more. I love my job as a District Leader I love just talking with my District and trying to solve problems. I think that's one of my favorite things along with accepting Revelations for my meetings. Its awesome. I can kneel down with my scriptures thank God for the scriptures and pray to find the answer to my problem in the scriptures and it doesn't take me very long to find the exact verse that I need. I love being a missionary! It's great!
Hey enjoy those booties. I love my Dad. You have a crazy sense of humor! You make me laugh with the way you think. The snow tie, the booties. You are one funny tatay you know that! Anyways can't just email you Tatay I got to get to the mga kapatid! Love ya!
Dear Devree,
You naughty girl! Staying out late on Prom Night! Tsk tsk! At least it was at the Bishops house! HA! You know how to party!!! I miss Zack. He's one funny dude. I think that you will have fun as a crazy college girl though. Just promise you won't be getting married as soon as you go to BYU Idaho! JK I can't wait to see you all so grown up when I get home. Shay will almost be done with High school! Dane will be a giant. We will have some serious fun when I get home. Just me and the boys! You'll be at college! LAME! You'll just miss out one the Warcraft battles and wrestling in the house and Mom telling us to go to bed already! Funny stuff! SO the dress looked AMAZING I like how they did the back round view and you looking out the window Majestically! You da bomb!!
Hey just refer to Dads part of the letter and try to read the scriptures for revelation. You got to be ready before the problem occurs. If you are living right then the spirit will be there and you will know what to do if its the Lords will!
Hey be a good girl for me and keep those boys in line! LOVE ELDER HAMBLIN
Dear Shay,
Hey, so I was thinking about you pole vaulting but I havn't seen any pictures yet! I want to see some pictures of you pole vaulting. SO, get the camera out there and strut your stuff. I don't care if your horrible maybe I could give you some tips. Just post a video for me on the blog and I will give you some feed back! Hey I love ya little bro and you keep dancing with those girls and drive'm crazy! I love ya and stay safe. Elder Hamblin
Dear Dane,
Hey you keep being awesome alright! I miss ya bro! You are a good example to your friends! The rock and walking underwater sounded pretty cool and I would have loved that! I miss ya bro and we got to go swimming some time when I get back! I love you and stay safe!
I love all ya Hamblins and I wish you the best and I hope that you are all staying safe loved and well fed. Love Elder Hamblin

P.S. Hey if you could send some good batteries in the next package that would be great! All they have here is horrible over priced lame batteries here! Thanks Love Elder Hamblin

Monday, April 16, 2012

April 15, 2012

Presiding over this meeting will be Todd A. Hamblin and music will be preformed by the.......
You guys are off having tons of fun and being amazing as usual So I will just say....I miss you and the ocean.....and real ice cream........and cousins. General Conference was AMAZING AND I LOVED IT ALL! I didn't fall asleep I was taking notes like a mad man. I Hope I can remember all the stuff I want to work on throughout the next month and year. I wish I had a computer in the Apartment so that I could just watch or listen to it all the time. Okay here's a bit about my week!
A rich sister in our branch made us Chicken Soup the American way without the bones! YUM! And she made us Kamote FRIES! Which are a lot like french fries but instead of potatos it's better. Its made out of SWEET POTATOS! We ate it with ketchup and mayonaise mixed together. She's the bomb!
One of our investigators Raul Balucay needs your prayers. His wife is working in another country and has decided that she does NOT want him to be baptized into the church. It would not mix well with her beliefs as a Muslim right now. SO please pray that her hear will soften and that Raul will gain the courage to talk it out with her. He needs our prayers. He was supposed to be baptized with Elena. Pray for him.
Hey we saw something pretty cool the other day. We were riding on the back of a jeepney when we saw a big truck coming from the other direction. SO naturally our jeepney stops to let him pass. Meanwhile an idiot Calesa driver comes and see's that we've stopped and tries to pass us. I see this happening and try to stop the calesa but he keeps on urging his horse forward not paying attention to the stupid American waving his arms at him. SO he and the Truck meet. They aren't going very fast so they both slow down. For some reason this Calesa driver was waiting for the truck to get out of his way? Truck Vs Calesa. FATALITY! TRUCK WINS! The calesa is forced onto the incline and looks like its about to tip over but wobbles his way around and survives unscathed. Crazy idiot. That Truck would've destroyed him! So Ya see something
new every day!
SO MOM! I liked what you said and I think I will try and do that with my notes and be better at trying to apply what I learn! Your little get away sounded AWESOME! I want to come too!!! SO we will definetly need to do that when I get home! I think the theme may have been just being better members. I don't know It's all kind of a blur right now to me. I need to go over it again. I love all of Jeffery R. Hollands talks. President Monsons little boat story really got me too. AND about the girl who gave him a balloon. Man what a great story of how President Monson does good in the world EVERY DAY! SO Thanks for all that. Hey stay safe and keep reviewing the talks. There's always something new to learn!
Love Elder Hambs!!
Dear Devree,
I think if you hopped in the ocean you would still be cold right now. Those Hamblin Boys looked cold but you know how we tick. The Hamblin boys work and operate at a Higher temperature than normal people. So we warm up quicker. Don't ask me why. That's just how we're made. Anyway, I like your TV show quote AVATAR: THE LAST AIRBENDER!! It's a shame the movie tanked! SO here's my quote: "It's outrageous its CRAZY!" or "Humph, ohhh he got me!" or the easy one, 'EVERYBODY EVERYBODY EVERYBODY WANTS TO BE A CAT!"
I like that part in Avatar where Prince Zuko talks about his life. He says that he has had to claw and fight for everything he wanted but it didn't matter to him. He liked it. It made him strong. I think in a way that's how you have fought for your life and now you are enjoying it. It's made you stronger than you think. Keep kick'n it sister and how was prom? I don't know if it has happened yet but I'm sure you will tell me all about it when it does!
Love ya Elder Hambs
Dear Dane,
Hey little bro! YOU ARE GETTING SOO BIG!!! I hope you had tons of fun at the condo and playing in the ocean. (You know the extra fat just keeps us warm in the cold.) Hey I miss you little bro! We got to play some serious games and watch teen titans and Avatar when I get home.
What Wii games did you play at the vacation house? I love you Dane! Stay in school! Be the Math Wizard that you are!!! Love Elder Hambs
Dear Shay, (or should I say Whoppie Cushion)
You are turning into one sexy little brother of mine. YOU are getting soooooo old! HOW do you do it! I'm gonna come home and you are going to be HUGE! We can share girl stories when I get home! Hey little bro! You have to tell me how Band is going for ya. Is Mrs. Bum bringing the hammer down on ya or are you doing alright trying to juggle it all? I hope you don't get too stressed or tired. I miss having you around to talk to and to drive me crazy! We got to play that cool Tank game on the wii when we get home!
Love ya little bro. Elder Hambs
I miss you all and I wish the best for you and for all the siblings. Be a good example to our friends and be a good example to the ward in being good members and true disciples of Christ. Be ye the LIGHT! Take care and be examples! ELDER HAMBLIN

I made it big for your OLD MAN EYES!!! JK I love ya old man. What do you think you are a young teenager like Shay swimming in the Ocean. Who's gonna watch you to make sure you don't set fireworks off in someones back yard while I'm Gone??
Love ya pops! Elder Hambs
I'm sooooooo sorry about not emailing you last time! I didn't realize it until I had left the computer shop. I'm super sorry but now I am going to give you the best email ever you know why? Cause: IT'S YOUR BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!! WHOOO! (please refer to the attached video!) I love you pops! I hope you know that! I hope you can see the video. The VCL player can read it just fine here. I'm sure you can find a way to convert it to whatever format you wish you computer wizard!! But I love you Dad and I can't do much but I'm trying my best to make your Birthday a little more special this year. Even though I'm far away from you right now and am not there to celebrate it with you I wanted you to feel the love. I miss you pops. I miss you every think about the good old days. Or come home exhausted and I want someone to talk to in ENGLISH! I miss the talks we had. You and me on my bed. Even late into the night sometimes. Talking about
girls and dreams and the more important things in life. You have really taught me to step back and see the BIG picture and try not and get to caught up and stressed with the less important things in life. I love you for that Tatay! Life in the Philippines is rough but rewarding. I have to admit though, I looked at the blog...and with a sizable portion of my heart I wanted to be with you all at the ocean playing and body surfing together. I miss those days. I miss swimming. I miss my Tatay. You always were the good example and standard that I needed to measured up to. Even from birth I didn't get to take any breaks. You named me Noble of all the names you can pick. I've come to forgive you for moving from Hawaii to Nevada without asking my permission. JK I love you pops. You da bomb! TICK TICK TICK BOOM! I hope that you be havin the bestest B-Day ever! You're the best Dad I could ever ask for! I remember the trips to the dump and trying to pound down the rediculous amount of weeds into the back of little red. I miss working on the car with you and I want you to teach me more about the hardware of a computer when I get home. I am thankful I have a MR. FIX IT Dad that can not only fix but teach me how to fix so I can bless my family. I want you to think back to when you decided to use your hard earned money to serve a mission. Did you really think about your posterity wanting to serve a mission because you did? Well the blessings will reach farther than you or I will ever see because
of your desicion to serve the Lord and "Come Join The Ranks"! You should be getting a letter some time soon. I hope you like it. I love ya Tatay! Love Elder Hamblin!

P.S. YOU Da Bomb! If the video doesn't work thats a shame but I really hope it does! You might have to see it when I get home.

Love ya, Elder Hamblin

Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter 2012

Elder Hamblin's watch made it to Solana and then finally fell apart. It was just not made to take that kind of abuse Elder.

You are looking at the difference between a clean water filter and a dirty water filter. Elder Hamblin informed us that maintaining the water filter is part of their basic training for new missionaries (Otherwise the Philippino Quick-step kicks in).

Dear Hamblins, Rices, Krices, and other alternative life forms that are reading this blog:
I GOT SOME BIG NEWS!!!!!! Elder Makiling got transferred. I recived my new companion last Thursday. His name is Elder Magalong and he's a RIOT! I love that kid so much! He's the same batch as Elder Makiling and I call him a kid but he's 21 and older than me. He's a little....socially awkward but that's okay. I love him. He does stuff that make me say, what are you doing? But that's what keeps me on my feet. His stomach is ALWAYS hurting so I try and make him foods that he likes. If you don't feed a Filippino his daily amount of rice they get sick and sometimes change colors. No just kidding they just have rice withdrawals. I on the other hand, I am a hybrid so when they complain about no rice its okay to me. I can keep going and they are astonished! Americans are so weird! He he!
So life is good with me and Elder Magalong. We got some good investigators progressing and I am excited to see what happens. But before we had the transfer meeting slide show to see who my new companion was, one of the AP's an old friend of mine, Elder Cajumban came and whispered in my ear, "Hey President wants to talk with you." Oh no. What did I do? Why does he want to talk to me? Trembling in my nice black shoes I tred my way to his Office. Along the way another old friend Elder Schmidt came to comfort me. (You might remember him from the skype) He knew what was going down. He's connected! I walk into his air conditioned office and sat on his nice couch and he frankly leaned over and said, "Elder Hamblin you have been called to be a District Leader." Might heart skips a beat, before I can respond he continues briefly about what my duties will be. Making lessons every Tuesday and teaching my District of wiser older missionaries! I will conduct splits with all the Elders In my District of 8 and I would continue to keep my area afloat while teaching my newer companion the ropes as his 1st senior. AHHHHHHH! I shook his hand and walked out that door half awake half asleep. What did I just sign up for? Was a large question that was floating through my mind. By the look on my face Elder Schmidt knew and gave me more comfort and advice on how to be a great District Leader. He would know, he used to be my District Leader. He was my District Leader in San Mariano for a cycle. He told of the opportunity to gain revelation for your District and the love he had for the missionaries good and bad now. I am stoked to fullfill my calling now. I've already made a lesson about the Divine Companionship! I'm excited. Anyway I'll let you know more about my experiences in the next email.
SO now for your emails. I can't forget about you guys. Your Easter sounded great okay here we go.
Dear Mom,
You sure no how to give everyone more than they hope for! That is actually one of the most excellent qualities that you have Mom. That's reason why people love you. Why I love you! Hey don't have to much fun without me now! JK I'm having way more fun than you guys. I almost got eaten alive by a dog 1/4 my size. I almost his it with my Umbrella ella ella! Anyways, I'm sorry I for got Grandmas, Grandpas, Uncle KY's, Aunt Kalenes, and Aunt Terils birthdays. SO HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU ALL!! and any others I might've forgotten. You Da Bomb! Hey so I'm sure I don't have to ask but is the Enamel on Shay's teeth like completely gone by now because of all that flippin candy? Gosh, I love easter and hardboiled eggs and such. I LOVED General Conference. Hands down the best one yet! I love hearing the words of the prophets of GOD! You know General Conference just means more if you are a missionary for some reason. I remember before it was hard to stay awake through General Conference. Mabe because I was at home in comfy clothes and not in my Sunday best sitting on a hard wooden bench in an Air Conditioned Chapel! All in all, I know now how to be a better missionary and that I REALLY have to get married apparently when I go home or someone from the 12 apostles is gonna hunt me down! Kolten if you're reading this, GET MARRIED! :D I love ya!
Getting retired sounded like fun! ALL DAY LONG! I guess it has its perks and it's downsides to being old! I want to go to Hawaii and eat in a cafeteria FOR FREE! Gosh old people they get everything!
Home Town Buffet: How do I love thee? Let me count the ways: 1 your endless supply of fried chicken and pasta. 2 your free Ice cream machine where you can make your own cones. 3 The way my stomach feels when I finally want to stop and welcome unconscious oblivion of a nap. 4 The fact that I can do it with my Family.
Now I'm just slobber'n all over this key board I better stop writing about that stuff! SO Mom thanks again for all those names and Birthdays. I will try and give a shout out every now and then in my emails when their Birthdays come around. Thanks your awesome. SORRY if I came off a little annoying when I reminded you. I didn't mean it! I love you and talk to you next time. Elder Hamblin
Dear Devree,
Prom Sounds awesome and tell me which place you get in the prom competition. Me and Manny were selected for Prom King and People thought we'd be at each other's throats but you know me and Manny we don't let ANYTHING get between the brotherly bond. He became Prom king and after he got the crown, he put it on my head and I got to be his jester. HA! GOOD times good times. SO have fun and be safe little girl! Your movie was How to Train your Dragon. Here's my movie
"He's Dead! I thought this was a kids movie!"
"He lives in your finger."
guess that.
Dear Shay,
Sorry I got to hurry up my companion has no one emailing him. He's gettin shifty! Shay I guess I'll be emailing you more next round too. I hope you aren't a diabetic from all that candy! Enjoy livin the high life. Skyrim sounds cool and I hope you are enjoying it as much as I would. I love ya little bro! Elder Hamblin
Dear Dane,
Your story made me laugh about you with no pants and invisioning your cute chubby bouncing around and you trying to hold your shirt on was a hilarious thought thanks for the smile! I love you and I don't have a six pack yet but I do sit ups everyday. Thanks for reminding me. I love you all take care Elder Hamblin!!!

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Monday, April 2, 2012

April 2nd, 2012

Elena was finally baptized. She has been waiting months. Her father started the lessons but quit but he gave her permission to be baptized.
Elder Hamblin is a little uncomfortable because Elena is standing too close. She is leaning into him and he told us that is why his face is looking like he is going to burst out in a hysterical giggle because he feels uncomfortable.

Some of the items being hauled on top of a Jeepney including a bucket of fish!
YEAH! A new toilet seat and it is PADDED!
Luxury meets the Philippines in the bathroom!
Do you notice there is no tank on the back to flush the water, etc down. That is why the blue bucket is there. It is one step up from an outhouse! Ha! Ha!

Where is your companion? You look so sad and lonely.

Dear Hamblin Gang,
O I miss you all sooooo much! I miss all the fun times we've had and Dane YOU better watch out when I get home! You pick the game and I'll SMOKE YA! I love you little bro.
Ok time to get serious folks. Way to RUIN General Conference for me! Just Kidding! :) You guys know I still haven't seen it yet right? General Conference here is a week late so I will see it next week and comment on it in the next email home. Gosh you guys ruin GC for me. You don't know how excited I am to watch it. REALLY WATCH IT! I remember in the MTC we really had uncomfortable seats but I loved every second of Conference. Being a missionary the feel is just different ya know? I guess you would have to be a RM to really get what I mean. Conference just seems more important when you spend every week telling people to listen to the Prophet of God and then you get to hear him speak, everything gets INTENSE!
ANYWAY, I got some HLARIOUS stories that you just gotta hear so sit back and get ready to have your minds blown!!!
SO we had a wonderful baptism last Saturday. Elena Pagulayan has been waiting MONTHS for that day to happen. I baptized her and got her all the way under in one try! I have said those words many times: "Bilang Nataasan ni Jesucristo, Binibinyagan kita sa pangalan ng Ama at ng Anak at ng Espiritu Santo, Amen." I have NEVER said the Baptism prayer in English. Every time I baptize I do it in Tagalog. I don't know why it's just a part of me now. I don't even think I remember it in English now! Anyway it was a great experience for all who attended. I will continue to help her get on the right path and be a full fledged member as soon as possible. She is a great person. Her parents need to get on the ball though. Tatay was taking the lessons then ditched but gave permission for us to baptize her. Mom's never been in the picture. Filippinos are just so nice but they won't tell you no! They'll just hide or not commit to anything because they don't want to hurt your feelings! GOSH why ya all so nice!!? WE WILL get another lesson with Tatay eventually but until then we'll keep trying to play nice with her family. GOSH!
2nd order of business, I NEED ADVIL! My companion has been having some rough times with head aches. (Hopefully not because of me!) SO my ADVIL is gone. I'm a nice guy! So whenever you decide to send another package can you send me some ADVIL and mabe some TYLENOL? That would mean the WORLD to us! After walking and walking and walking its hard to go to bed sometimes! ADVIL helps me fall asleep. I don't want to sound like a Drug Addict but if you could send me the American Drugs that would be SWEET!
3rd funny story: (you knew it was coming!)
SO we are walking down one of those little roads that's like two feet wide and super muddy all the time! It short cuts to one of the Less Active families that we visit. As we are taking the short cut, the unthinkable happens! Out from the right comes FLYING a black cat and it really just shot itself out of the fence at us! It's tail brushed Elder Makilings nose! I just kinda watched it fly past me in a surreal kinda way then land on the ground an inch or two from me and dash into the fence on the opposite side and disappear! You know I can take the spiders and the cockroaches and even the Komodo Dragon, but FLYING CATS! REALLY?!!? I can't help but laugh. WHAT will the Devil literally throw at me next? "No unhallowed hand can stop the work of God" If I wasn't doing God's will I would have died a long time ago! I love being a missionary! ITS DA BEST JOB EVER!
So we also had an amazing lesson with one of our new investigators. RJ UCI thats pronounces Usi! He loves the message and his very curious. Especially when he figured out that Joseph Smith didn't make this church, God and Jesus Christ did! He told us that was a BIG mistake that their church had made! He went searching to find a book store that sold that little blue book! He saw the picture of the Book of Mormon on the back of our pamphlets and was very curious about it. We gave him a copy. That blew his mind. On top of that, it was free. EVERYONE'S Favorite word! He just may show up for General Conference too. (At the local LDS church) If the Prophet of God is talking to us we better listen!
Okay so now for your emails!
I hope you all loved general Conference! I'm sure I will! You guys always have so much fun with the family! I WANT ICE CREAM TOO! Gosh I miss REAL Ice cream. I miss REAL pizza and I miss my mama.
I think that all of us going to General Conference LIVE when I get home would be AMAZING and I would love it! I also want to go camping and see my cousins and such! Mom, If you could send that list of the Birthdays that would be great! I understand about having to reply to an email that you read a week ago so I bolded it this time so that you wouldn't forget. Thanks!
Hey I miss you Mom! I miss all the funny mannerisms that we have in our family. My companion doesn't understand when I say, "I got to go Pods!" but you do! I miss how my family understands me! I miss it all! Oh and you're doing a fantastic job with the blog. I love the comments on the pictures. I'm glad that you enjoyed the sock one. That's an older one that I for- got to send a long time ago. Thanks for changing the names to ELDER MAKILING! Now I can sleep at night! JK
Hey, were there tons of people protesting at General Conference? Yea I thought so! I think that they are wasting their breath really. WELL I'll give you more info when I watch General Conference and tell you all my favorite parts! I love you!! Elder Hamblin!
Dear Devree,
Awesome, You're going to prom! DANG you're all old now! You're growing up WAY too fast for my taste! I miss all the good times we've had. You will have to put pictures of you and this Zac on the blog and I can see my little sis all dolled up and ready to go for prom! HOPEFULLY this date will go a little better than the other date you had! He he! I don't know if you see the animation but its hilarious. Two smiley boxes hugging each other! I thought it was appropriate!
Anyway, Yes I have puked here in the Philippines and it was not a pleasant experience. Have you ever had rice forcefully extruding from your nasal passage? Yeah I didn't think so. It's disgusting and it burns! BUT I know you take the 1st place prize for the pain endurance in the family. You're WAY tougher than me! Tell Mike I say HI too! Tell Monica the Puking experience was just being sick with the flu. No reason with the food. I'm okay with the food here. Just the flu got me last November!
Your movie was the INCREDIBLE'S! That's a good one! Alright here's mine:
A bird may love a fish but where would they live?
Then I shall have to make you wings!
I'm pretty sure you can get that one! You love that movie. I just picked the cheesiest line ever!
Hey Devree, My companion had a question about Final Fantasy the other day. He heard there were plenty of movies out about the games and he loves the animation. My question is, do you still have the Advent Children one or was that your friend's copy? Just a curious Filippino question. I love you little sis and try to stay safe and happy. DON'T GO and give Mom and Pops a heart attack and stay out till 2 am on prom night! I love you and be a good little sis for me! LOVE ELDER HAMBLIN!
Dear Shay,
We don't actually eat the rice straight off the street. The golden brick road that you saw in the picture is actually when the rice is still in it's husk! So when they take off the husk in the mill it comes to me all white and I wash it three times, cook it in a rice cooker and then eat it with my Ulam! And YES IT IS DELICIOUS!
I am proud of you getting up to 8 feet on the pole vaulting. You should have someone take a video of you. That would be sweet! I would like seeing you pole vault live though! I love you little bro. Hey I'm having tons of fun here in the Philippines. I wish you were here though. You would enjoy it too! Stay safe and in school you crazy boy! Your big bro, Elder Hamblin
Dear Dane,
How's it going buddy! I hope you are enjoying soccer with Mr. Bro. Evans! I love that guy! He'll be a great coach for you! Hey if you work real hard and train hard your team will do great. SO play hard and love the game.
No six pack yet but I am slimming down quite a bit. My pants practically fall right off me! I am really proud of you and of all the things that you do Dane. Thanks for being a good missionary and inspiring your friends! It's a bummer that the friends Mom gave back the Book of Mormon but we can't get discouraged just keep on trying and everything will be alright! I Love ya little bro. Elder Hamblin
Gosh it's been great to hear from you guys. A little bit about the photos: So you got me in the bukid the fish in the Jeepney and the NEW TOILET SEAT! YEA!!! It's Cushiony! Then the baptism pictures which are great. She's a little too close for my taste and you can tell by my face in the pictures!
I hope I'm not a Laman or a Lemuel when It comes to preaching the gospel. I am A Laman when it comes to waking up at 6:30 every morning though! JK! I love the mornings but as my follow up trainer said, "You are just slow in the mornings aren't you Hamblin?" I really look like a zombie but I do it! I love my job it's the best ever. You know Dad, being a Psychologist is great and all but What you suggested as a Screen Player writer or an author would be a fun job for me. I just have to get famous and sometimes that's hard! I could make bank though and pick my own hours! We'll just have to see when I go to college mister! SLOW DOWN DAD! Next email you'll talk about my Eternal Companion and, "I'm just not ready for that kind of a commitment!" So just wait a little longer Tatay. I'll be home before you know it!
I love you all and wish you all the best and I hope that you are all fine and well and doing what you can to live the gospel of Jesus Christ and be a good example to all!
I love you take care and be safe!
Elder Hamblin