Monday, April 23, 2012

Dad's Birthday, April 22, 2012

We don't know about these pictures yet.  Elder Hamblin's face is Alarming!  I wonder if it is a mosquito bite or something.  We will ask this week.
Hey Hamblin Gang!!!
Okay I got some fun stuff to tell you all! So my companion is REALLY good at basketball apparently! We had to unlock the hoop! They had a metal bar and a little lock fashioned up there! Pretty cool. Phillippinos LOVE basketball and the branch has to protect our court. We have been busy. I did my 1st baptismal interview last Saturday. It was with the sisters investigator Bro. Ariel. He has 2 missing fingers. HE'S AWESOME! He TOTALLY wants to pay tithing! SO I've eaten like Mac Do more times in the Philippines than I have in like my whole life! I don't think it's very healthy for me. OHH CHARLIE HORSE!!!! AHHHHHHH CAN'T MOVE!!!! Okay I'm better now! SO I think I need to eat more bananas to get some potassium in me! Shouldn't be too hard to find some bananas right? HA! So now for your emails!
Dear Mom,
WOW that is one gnarly scar there on your nose. Out of all the things you could capatalize in your email to me you capatalize ALL DAY! Not HUGE SCAR or STICHES or anything like that. You just didn't want to be there ALL DAY! You are so funny Nanay, you make me laugh! You can be just like me with the one on my face! HEY! Don't let the lady from the army take out the stitches, She'll make you bleed! So I'm glad you made sure to let Dad have a happy Birthday. WHY DIDN'T I THINK OF SCUBA BOOTIES! My Dad is so weird, just like me! Make sure to get some rest Mama. You need it. I know how you tend to get cabin fever when you're in the house too long. I would instant message you on face book if I could or play tetris with you like all the other people in this computer shop but I can't so I won't!
Can't wait till Mitt Romney becomes President of the US so that nothing crazy goes down while I'm across the seas and I can come back and America will NOT be in a mess! You know though that nothing will be sacred anymore and that we will go right back to Joseph Smith days being persecuted from left and right. I hope they don't try to exterminate us again. That would be a bummer!
Hey, so there's a BISHOP GALLOWAY now in Comstock ward! CRAZY! You know he was a great example for me through high school and he gave me and Devin some awesome Ideas for group dates when we talked with him! Well Mama I love you and rest up that nose! You are one tough cookie just like your Daughter that had cancer and your father that had eye lid problems! TROOPER! I love you and be safe! Next thing I know you will be driving to Smiths to get milk while on Vicadin and get in a car accident! DON'T DO THAT! I love you , ELDER HAMBLIN
Dear Papa,
Happy Birthday again. I am really sorry about not emailing you that one time but I hope I made up for it with the next one! I really am an Absent Minded Professor sometimes! I love ya tatay!
I TOTALLY printed out the talk and I highlighted it up and everything! I realized that when I came on a mission, I had a testimony and everything but my motivation was a level 4 I was the Good soldier that he talks about. I level the reasons from 1 the lamest to 6 of the most amazing of all.... CHARITY: THE PURE LOVE OF CHRIST!! I think I have now a taste of the love that Jesus and Heavenly Father have for me. My capacity to love has grown and I love the people and my District even more. I love my job as a District Leader I love just talking with my District and trying to solve problems. I think that's one of my favorite things along with accepting Revelations for my meetings. Its awesome. I can kneel down with my scriptures thank God for the scriptures and pray to find the answer to my problem in the scriptures and it doesn't take me very long to find the exact verse that I need. I love being a missionary! It's great!
Hey enjoy those booties. I love my Dad. You have a crazy sense of humor! You make me laugh with the way you think. The snow tie, the booties. You are one funny tatay you know that! Anyways can't just email you Tatay I got to get to the mga kapatid! Love ya!
Dear Devree,
You naughty girl! Staying out late on Prom Night! Tsk tsk! At least it was at the Bishops house! HA! You know how to party!!! I miss Zack. He's one funny dude. I think that you will have fun as a crazy college girl though. Just promise you won't be getting married as soon as you go to BYU Idaho! JK I can't wait to see you all so grown up when I get home. Shay will almost be done with High school! Dane will be a giant. We will have some serious fun when I get home. Just me and the boys! You'll be at college! LAME! You'll just miss out one the Warcraft battles and wrestling in the house and Mom telling us to go to bed already! Funny stuff! SO the dress looked AMAZING I like how they did the back round view and you looking out the window Majestically! You da bomb!!
Hey just refer to Dads part of the letter and try to read the scriptures for revelation. You got to be ready before the problem occurs. If you are living right then the spirit will be there and you will know what to do if its the Lords will!
Hey be a good girl for me and keep those boys in line! LOVE ELDER HAMBLIN
Dear Shay,
Hey, so I was thinking about you pole vaulting but I havn't seen any pictures yet! I want to see some pictures of you pole vaulting. SO, get the camera out there and strut your stuff. I don't care if your horrible maybe I could give you some tips. Just post a video for me on the blog and I will give you some feed back! Hey I love ya little bro and you keep dancing with those girls and drive'm crazy! I love ya and stay safe. Elder Hamblin
Dear Dane,
Hey you keep being awesome alright! I miss ya bro! You are a good example to your friends! The rock and walking underwater sounded pretty cool and I would have loved that! I miss ya bro and we got to go swimming some time when I get back! I love you and stay safe!
I love all ya Hamblins and I wish you the best and I hope that you are all staying safe loved and well fed. Love Elder Hamblin

P.S. Hey if you could send some good batteries in the next package that would be great! All they have here is horrible over priced lame batteries here! Thanks Love Elder Hamblin

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