Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Dad and Mom's 22nd anniversary

SHREK SHREK THE MOVIE WAS SHREK!!!! GOSH I CAN'T BELIEVE MYSELF SOMETIMES!!! I forget to email Dad and then I forget the movie game with Devree!! You guys will never let me live that one down! GOSH I have been kinda stressed lately so I will try to calm down for your email! WHOoooo! Yea okay now I can do it!
Dear Mom,
No my face was not swollen I just took a picture of me shaking my face around and it came out all cool like that! The other Americans laughed when I told them that trick! Funny stuff! Yea so don't freak out my face is fine never was swollen just a cruel trick on my family thats all! He he he! So hey I've been looking at the blog and noticing that Shay wears more and more of my clothes as the days go on. How big is that guy now!? ANYWAYS!!! Yea me and my comp are doing fine just got to help him when it comes to voicing his opinions. It feels like I'm pulling teeth sometimes to get him to say what's on his mind!!! SO besides that, things are going alright. We did run into some heart ache the other day. We found Bro. Uci (the golden contact) drunk and gambling, (great combo) at a funeral by his house. He was willing to have a lesson but he's been going through some really rough stuff lately with his famliy and he's pretty stressed so we set up a return appointment and gave him a break. I don't think he would have focused well on the message anyway if we had taught him....
Raul still hasn't been able to talk to his wife yet but we keep following up on him. I don't know if we will see much progress with him. Anyway that's the scoop here in the Philippines.
Dear Tatay,
I've definitely seen some crazy junk here haven't I? Don't worry about my face.  I didn't put any windex on it. Although something tells me that the members would tell me to do something like that. HA! I was told to take a cold shower after being in the rain so I wouldn't get sick! NO LOGIC WHATSOEVER! That's just CRAZY! Anyway, I miss ya tatay. I love how Mom has to tell me about your trials as a Young Men's Leader .......of EPICNESS!!! I sooooooo want to be your assistant you don't even know!!! I love ya Dad and I will just say, Hang in there. Some day the synapsis in ?s brain will click and a new light of truth and understanding will distill upon his soul and he will join us magicians of the higher path! I can't wait to geek it up with you and watch John Carter of Mars or From Mars I can't remember. Anyway, it sounds good. I saw it playing in a members house and I wanted to sit down and watch it soooo bad. That dude was jumping all over the place! But we had places to go and less actives to teach and souls to save. Mars will have to wait for this John Carter....
I miss you and we be havin a movie marathon when I get home. Then we will go run a marathon in Utah or something. You, me and shay and we will kick buns. Love ya ELDER HAMBLIN
P.S. I just may want to be a movie writer when I grow up. We'll see....
Dear Devree,
YOUR MOVIE WAS SHREEEEEEEEEEEK!!!!! And this time it was Princess Bride!! love that show I quote it all the time with the Americans. Sorry I be the most worstestest bradah in da whole wide world!! I humbly petition for your apology madam! I can't believe I did that I am so sorry. But I got a quote for you and here it is! "If your intentions were to shoot an arrow through my heart....well.....BULLS EYE!!!" I think you can get that one. I love you little sis and I am glad you had a great time out and about on Prom Day. You looked beautiful in those pictures. Sorry no pics from me this time. I'm afraid that some virus has infected my card. BUT THAT WILL NOT STOP ME! I will fix it and be back sending pictures next time. Love ya! Elder Hamblin
Dear Shay,
Don't worry!  Bishop Heusser knows when you can date and he'll remind you when the time comes. I think EVERYONE will remind you when that time comes! You will be a dating machine! Just don't date the icky girls as mom would say. They just want you to take off your armor and drink beer with them. Not cool! Hey I miss ya little bro and I can't wait to laugh and talk and play with all of you again. AND WHATS WITH YOU WEARING ALL MY SHIRTS MISTER!!!?!?!? Ha ha joke lang I just think its funny watching you wear my clothes. I guess our family has always been big on hand me downs. I don't know how to spell hand me. O well... And we're definitely going to play this Tetris game on facebook that everyone is appartently addicted to here in the Philippines. When I get home we are gonna get some things done mister. I love ya little bro. Hang in there.. 14 months is a blink of an eye in the sight of the Lord. Love ya. Elder Hamblin
Dear Bunso i mean Dane,
Bunso means the youngest and thats YOU! How are you doing you Math wizard. I swear you must be the biggest and smartest out of all the Hamblin Boys at your age. You are gonna be HUGE when I get home! Maybe even taller than me!! I love and miss ya boy!!! We are gonna be playing all the time. when I get home. It's gonna be awesome. Alright well I better sign off. I love you all and wish you a happy anniversary Mom and Dad. Soon you'll be empty nesters! AHH! I love you all and wish you the best. LOVE

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