Monday, May 28, 2012

May 27, 2012

This is one of the cute babies that Elder Hamblin gave a name and a blessing to.  We love the hair!
Elder Hamblin without his glasses.  The thumbs up mean they had a great day.
Elder Magalong looking cool in his shades.
More Branch members but Elder Hamblin feeling a little uncomfortable because "Sister Merley,  getting all up in my grill" which means a little too close.
Not "Best Buy" but "Wise Buy".  Wouldn't you want to know you are wise when you buy?
Baby bananas that are oh so delicious!
Trying out his American goodies.  A&W rootbeer and it looks like Jolly Time microwave popcorn.  Do you have a microwave Elder Hamblin?
Another Bukid (field) that is flooded.  Lots of rain there.
A cutie that looks like she is being reverent by folding her arms.
Elder Magalong showing his pearly whites.  Not a cavity in the bunch.
Yea Mom, I know you love me and want the best for me. It's true you know! When you are in College you are away from your parents and you are put in a situation that gives you PHENOMENAL COSMIC POWER! YOU call the shots. YOU choose when to go to bed. YOU pay the bills. You are the boss and because of that a lot of people have fallen in "Forbidden Paths". Take Kyle for instance. Even in High school he was piercing his ears and finding himself in all the wrong places. I hope he's better now. Can you send me Barbie's address? If anyone knows where Kyle is SHE does. Haha :) SO anyway I know about the influence of FRIENDS when it comes to making decisions. I know that they are a big influence on you. I miss my friends but I miss my family more because they didn't forget me. It's another reason why I listen to them more and follow and take their counsel more seriously. Will my Dad or my 20 year old friend know how I should pick who to marry? I'll go with the 40 years of wisdom 1st. That's just me. I like to think things out 1st before I do them. Ya know!  Patience... sorry about that random word. I had to help my fellow American spell Patience. Rough word ya know. THANK YOU SPELL CHECK!
      Anyways, I hope that all is well with you. Those middle schoolers aren't destroying you! You said when I USED to like The Magic School Bus. I STILL DO LIKE THE MAGIC SCHOOL BUS! How could I forget sulfuric acid! COME ON! I should get those movies when I get home. 
Hey you're right. I can be full with a chicken burger and some fries at McDo now. I am used to eating rice. I don't know. I don't think I will eat anything in large amounts for awhile when I get home. Just to be safe. I'll pray for those you asked me to.
I'll email Dad more about his calling in a bit. I love ya Mom.
        Dear Dad,
               I am really glad to hear that you care about my problems.  (We deleted some of Noble's letter because he wanted it private.  Sorry to those who read Nobles letters )  I loved your letter Dad. I remember the story with your sister in the car. You just gave her a hug and all is well. Anyways, I'll try it out.  Who knows. I am receiving help from above. Thanks for everything pops. I am a stronger person because of this and my ability to wait has grown. Thanks for everything.  Elder Hamblin
              Dear Devree,
                   I hope that all is well. The wigs sound awesome. Your movie was Lion King. I love that movie. It's a classic. You know my companion hasn't seen Wizard of Oz. Weird huh? It's kinda sad when you can't quote all the time with your comp. Okay here's my quote
    "Get ready for THE ICE AGE!" or "Rubber lips are immune to your charms!" Guess that! You know not too many girls are stoked about getting wigs for their birthday but my sister is! I'm ready to see some cool stuff when I get home. Your laptop, your wigs, your boyfriends. All sorts of stuff! :) jk
SO hey be a good girl for me and don't kill your brothers! I love you! Elder Hamblin
           Dear Shay, 
               Okay weirdo, using my underwear! GOSH! SO hey I Love the long email that you sent me bro. It was so big it was hard to find in all the other emails. BUT I found it! So hey make sure you give me a nice big one next time too okay? I'm working on the knife and sending a package to you! Just give me some time and I'll find one. Hey love ya bro take care.
        Dear Dane,
             COOL you're a judge! I think that would be a great job for you! It's cool that you have memorized your part. Hey No six pack yet but it's coming along. You should have beat their team!!!! Stinkin 
Watts kids! I love'm! Hey so are you still going with soccer? I hope to show you some of my moves when I get home. If I can still do them! I love you. stay safe! Elder one ka knombie!
           Oh the pics are interesting. umm so we got sis. Merley gettin all up in my grill in the one with all the church members. Shes on my left. Then we got the the bananas from the tree. Note the cute little bananas in the bunch. Also the cute little girl in our ward. SUPER CUTE and some other fun stuff enjoy!

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