Monday, May 7, 2012

May 7, 2012

Hey sorry its been taking me awhile to get you the big email. Hey Things are good and we are doing great. Solana is chugging along right now and things are good. We had a great time fixing our sink this P-Day and hopefully it won't give us any more problems. I am glad that we will not have to worry about that anymore. I went to a leadership training thing in Cauayan. All the District Leaders and Zone Leaders counciled about our Accounting process with the District and came up with a More excellent way! "guitar riff" SO that was cool. I saw my whole district there! Ya we're awesome! SO anyway now to answer all those fun questions you have.
Dear Mom
Hey I'm really sorry. I didn't answer your questions last time about the package. I had to hit myself on the forehead when I remembered. Sorry talaga! Sorry! Mom I drew the line with emailing. I email you and President Carlos. NO ONE ELSE! I have emailed Manny one time my whole mission, I think. Other than that it's straight snail mail and 40 pesos every time. So ya I don't want to hear it missy! JK I love you Mom! Your the one who makes sure I don't kill myself. SO about the package It would be Double A batteries. AA for the Camera! If you could send some that would be SWEET! That and the ADVIL. I have been getting headaches recently I don't know why. I've been having some intense dreams lately and that has lessened the amount of sleep I get most nights. I don't know maybe it's just stress from stuff. My companion got your email but was afraid to reply cause his English isn't great. He understood most of it. He just told me to email you but I encouraged him to do it. We will see if I can get him to send one to you. Oh and socks would be great.  Hey and OREOS! OREOS are always great. Pizza, mashed potatoes. cookie dough mix. Heck go crazy! Make me some cookies throw'm in a zip lock bag and we'll see what happens! Bro Uci has had some rough times. Three deaths in the family in 2 weeks. He's hurting. We are there for him and are just laying off the teaching and just visiting right now. Everything should be back to normal by next Wed and then we can get down to buisness. He has just been up taking care of the funeral and doing everything by himself. He's gotten skinnier. He'll be better. Just wait. We had a Less Acitves at church last week! WHOOOHOO! SO we had her Sis. Mallillin and her kids at church and they loved it! WE don't have too many new investigators. We're talking about the Less Actives and helping the Branch right now become more self sufficent. I brought the bread and water for sacrament last Sunday. They need help and we're here to help them fix some of their problems.
WE LOVED what you said about Uncle Monte and Grizzly Bear Hunting. That's cool enough as it is' But his immune system is failing him at the same time. Thats Hard core! Tell him not to kill him self! I love him. Oh tell him to go to church too and read his scriptures. He needs it.
Mom we'll get to talk next week but I want you to know that I love you again and that I do read your questions but sometimes I forget to answer you. Sorry I'm thinking about alot of things when I email and sometimes its hard. Well I love you. Elder Hamblin
Dear Dad,
The story about the Doughnuts was amazing. I loved it and yes I do want to get doughnuts with you when I get home. Yep its official I need some bacon doughnuts and Angry Birds when I get home. I'm gonna get so fat! I do know the scripture that Birshop Heusser used and that was perfect for your situation. I remember when Bro Evans laid it out for me. How Moroni tore into Pahoran about not sending the troops and Pahoran is like, Whoa calm down! I'm having problems right now too! I think Bishop Heusser is inspired and is called of God. He really knows what he is doing and so does God. Alma 38:5 put TODD in where it says Shiblon. Then live it. You will be happier and then this will happen: Mosiah 24:14 Keep on keeping on and don't give up on Shay. He loves you and thinks you're amazing. Just don't wake him up at 3 am! Love ya Pops.
Dear Devree,
Your movie was "A Knights Tale"! I love that movie! "Your Out!" HA! Okay here's mine. "What are you? I'm complicated!" or "Africa will never let him Die!" or "I'm getting too old for this! ....BANG!" If you can't get it, ask Shay he should know!
I love the fact that after you say that nothing happened you then state the Scholoarships! You are Da BOMB Devree! TICK TICK TICK BOOOOOOM! SO ya You should give me some tips when I get home about going to college and what I should do to apply and such! That would be great!!!
SO Fillippinos usually pronounce my name. Humblien. Also they call me elder humble all the time. I try to use my Christ like attributes daily! We actually eat pancakes for breakfast and such. I sometimes have toast with Brown Sugar on top. Depends if I'm lazy or not. Fried rice isn't my favorite but we get that some times. It's prettty cool. Ya things are going good. I want some doughnuts. I want to Netflicks on the Wii now! Really bad! We are gonna PARTY when I get home! Root beer, Pizza, women.....okay take out the OTHER women just family......MORE PIZZA, VIDEO GAMES! PARTY!!! ANYWAYS, I love ya and stay safe and happy!
Dear Dane,
Hey little bro hang in there! Alright? You are a soccer STAR! Just like your big brothers! Keep it up. I always hated being a goalie but you have at it! The pictures on the blog are intense! I want some of Shay too!!! I love you all! and No I DON"T HAVE A SIX PACK YET! But it's coming along! Love you ELDER HAMBLIN
Dear Shay,
Keep it up with the pole vaulting. HEY you are getting sun burnt mister. Mom will kill you. Don't drive the girls too crazy. As long as you don't have girls over at the house before 7:00am I think Mom and Dad won't kill you. Be a good boy alright and a good example to Dane for me while I'm gone. You have got to hold the fort down while I'm gone so that when I get back things are still up and running. I love you Shay. Take care of the throne, young prince. Your older brother will be home soon to resume his place. In the mean time, don't burn anything in the microwave for me alright? :) Love Elder Hamblin
Sorry I'm late at getting the mail in. Due to intense compications with my SD card and an Auto Run Virus I was unable to get you the email on time. Please forgive me for this gross mistake and still be my friend on facebook! I love you all and for always and I will definitely talk to you all on Skype next Monday. Love you all..... ELDER HAMBLIN


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