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Noble's Last MTC Letter

Man alive a lot has happened! They have changed our schedule drastically so that they can redo the floor in the kitchen. On top of that we have a lot to do in preparation for leaving to the Philippines. A lot of the Elders here have recieved a lot of candy from family and friends and they don't know what to do with it all. My companion decided we should have a going away party with all the new Elders that just came in! We did the Ogga Bogga prank to them all and they all fell for it! (you know the one where we make them sit in a puddle of water!" It was fun and everyone liked it. One by the name of Elder Phillips has really touched my heart in how he has really strived to know the language. He started freaking out and we told him to calm down and relax and he did. He's doing alot better now!

Dear Devree,
Sorry I forgot to answer your question last time! This one was Band Slam! It was great! Brought me back to when I could watch movies! Now I'm homesick dang you! JK I love the movie quotes. Here's a good one! "1.21 Gigawatts!" It's kinda hard but I think you'll get it! This movie quote is tied with the theme of traveling to the Philippines. The COSI sounded awesome and I would have loved to see rats play basketball! So you got into the NHS (National Honor Society)! Well congratulations! You're living the High school dream. Manny was able to do that and he said it was great for college applications. Really helped him go places in life. Just don't get really prideful like some of the NHS kids do! Stay awesome! Love Elder Hamblin
Dear Dad,
I'm glad you had a great birthday! Wow 2 birthday cakes! You must be getting fat like me now! The MTC food is okay but now we only get one choice because they are working on one side of the Kitchen. OHHH I took a picture of the Jacob Hamblin Building and right now it's under construction so it doesn't look that great but it is awesome. I'll send the pictures to you through my next email hopefully! I have a question about the Kirtland Temple. What do the letters on the podiums mean? You know like the MPH and the other letters. Are they acronyms for the priesthood or offices in the church? I don't know. I've only seen them in the videos we see here on Sunday. It's nice you got to go out to dinner with Kacey and Ben and Connie and Danny. I'm sure it was a great time. I'm not sure if I can really help you out right now Dad, with becoming a Grandpa. You see there are plenty of beautiful young ladies here but I can't really do anything about it because I am a missionary. So you will just have to wait to be the old fart you always have wanted to become. Talk to Devree. She's closer to getting married than I am at this point! The poem about little Mary was amazing! I loved it and I am saving it as a draft so I can print it out later! Thank you for that I think it was just what I needed! Sometimes we are required to walk by Faith not by Sight! Thank you for the inspirational thought. I really do appreciate them. I will try to tell you everything about the trip there and all the wonderful experiences I will have in the Philippines! Suuuurrrrrre Love ya
Dear Mom,
Thank you for having Uncle John and Uncle Ben send me those messages. I'm kinda confused though. Was it Uncle Ben from the Walkers or Uncle Ben and Aunt Linda? I don't know I Think it was the 2nd Uncle Ben. But anywho tell them I loved their letters and I love them. It was a very special experience to have an Apostle of the church give me a blessing. I know if I stay righteous remember who I am and why I am here I will be able to have the gift of tongues. Mom I know how you are about traveling but to tell you the truth a majority of the plane ride there I will be knocked out in my seat on the airplane in an attempt to stay alert when I get there. Remember I will be chasing the sun to get to the Philippines so I will be traveling INTO THE FUTURE! So I will be really tired when I get there! I also have an 8 hr bus ride to Cauayan so it's gonna be a very long day! I heard there will be monkeys but don't touch them. We had a realllllyyy long metting on personal health and clean eating habits. They even went to the point of telling us not to eat raw meat. WHO'S GONNA EAT RAW MEAT! It's like there's some really dumb missionaries out there that have to hear that or something :) But I will tell you all about my mission when I get there! The language is tough. We had our last TRC yesterday and it was great! We taught a volunteer (role playing as a new convert) who was a native Philippino and he had a great accent! Our teacher said it was spot on with the people of the Philippines. We talked to him about his family and figured out that he was a new member of the church and that he knew the plan of salvation! He was so kind and helped me when I didn't get all my grammar correct but he understood when I taught the 1st lesson and the concept of tithing to him. This all was in Tagalog and I know I said some things wrong but he understood the lesson. Then he decided he wanted to tell us about the Philippines in Tagalog and we didn't understand hardly anything he said. He told us that the "Street Language" will come with time in the Philippines. He said that we have learned well and the people of the Philppines will be lucky to have us! That really touched me that he was glad we were going out and doing the work. I know I don't know nearly enough Tagalog, but from knowing numbers, animals and various fruits and vegetables to being able to teach the 1st lesson and the law of tithing. That to me shows improvement and that I have more to learn but I really have come a long way in this language. Thank you Mom for the support and love you have given me through the rough times. The days where I'm most home sick are P-days when I am emailing you all! I love you and I can't wait to tell you about the Philippines in the next email! Love Elder Hamblin

P.S. No six pack yet just eating a ton and playing some hard core volleyball Dane. Shay be a good example for your sibblings! Devree keep up the hard work and you will be rewarded. Mom and Dad, you are doing an awesome job as missionary parents keep up the excellent work!
Your son and brother Elder Hamblin

Easter Sunday

Oh and P.S.
Devree whats this quote: "He's still....Juicy!"
Dane, I still don't have a six pack yet but it's coming!
Shay, Stay in School!

There was one last thing. Yesterday we went to a fireside and it was absolutley spectacular! There was an Elder from Hungary who played a beautiful piece by Bach that is more complicated than 3 David Lanz songs put together! It's longer than them too! He finished the beautiful piece and the speaker Elder Allen got up and just said WOW! Then he asked him if he knew "Go tell it on the mountain" and he did. He asked if he could play it for us! So he did and the 1st verse and a half he only used his feet! It was crazy what he was doing with his feet. I can't even move my hands that fast. Then he starts with the hands and the feet and it sounds beautiful and he finishes it off with a big beautiful chord and throws his hand up in the air in triumph. The whole room stood up and gave him a standing ovation. We seemed to clap for days until we all finaly calmed down and Elder Allen gave a great talk on his job. He is in charge of Mormon messages and communication with the media. He showed us a lot of clips but my favorite (Paborito) is the one with the Dad and his little girl. The Dad is a big burly welder with a knarly beard and he gets a phone call from his little girl. She wants him to sing "Itsy Bitsy Spider" for her before she goes to bed. So he does over the phone with the hand motions and everything and tells her he loves her and says goodbye. When he hangs up the phone all the other workers are right behind him and start laughing at him and poking fun and the hand motions. His reply, "She's my little girl and I love her." I want to be that kind of Dad to my future children. I want to be a fantastic Dad. I just wanted to share that also with you. Thanks for the support and love and I know that because you tell me you love me in every email! Thank you.
Love you all!
Elder Hamblin

On Mon, Apr 25, 2011 at 10:22 AM, Noble Hamblin wrote:

Kamusta po Kayo!
It was great to hear from all of you and I love you all and I miss you. I really wish I was there!
Dear Mom,
I'm so glad everyone got there safly and I hope the trip home is just as good. That's crazy how the roof got ripped of by a tornado! I know that the family is being protected by the Lord. (I'm sooooo sorry I forgot about Dad's birthday. Could you please send me all your birthdays in an email so I never forget again? Salamat po! I love you and I hope that you will love your visit there. Make the most of it! Oh and could you email me Manny's address so that I could write him a letter before I leave? Thanks.
Dear Dad,
HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! I hope it was great! I know that if I spent my birthday with my family I would have loved it! I think the jitter bugging would have been pretty cool! The 2 years story with Macy was really touching and funny! I love that little ball of love! If you think about it, 2 years isn't really that long in the whole scheme of things. I'll be back before you know it! I liked the quote on the grave stone. When you have an eternal perspective it changes the meaning. Thank you for all the kind thoughts! I have a story for you! One Saturday night I'm in line for my food and when I get up to the counter I grab a plate of ham and potatos and I hear. "Noble?" I turned around and looked at who it came from. It was Suzy Ingoldsby (sorry I probably spelled it wrong.) She was covering a shift for her friend as a cafeteria worker and she was going to school at BYU! It was nice to talk with her for a bit and she wished me good luck in the Philippines! It was absoulutley hilarious! Out of all the people in my life the 1st person that I know here at the MTC is Suzy. Crazy! Enjoy the trip and give everyone my love! SUUUURE LOVE YA!
Dear Devs,
Tangled oh and how I love that movie. I'm sorry you're not feeling well but I'm glad that you checked out clear. PUT YOUR EYE DROPS IN! For heavens sake don't lose your eye! Love ya
I have some other things I need to tell you about this week:
I got to chat with Suzy at dinner. She's the 1st person that I know here at the MTC! Next I don't care what they say, Preach My Gospel is for everyone so get a copy and do what it says everyday life! Next watch/record the spoken word every Sunday and watch it as a family. It's amazing uplifting and brings you closer to God through music. I'm leaving for the Philippines in a week and I don't know the language very well and the food is going to be different. I can barley stumbble through the 1st lesson in Tagalog and I'm scared. Alot of doubt and despair has come into my life as I get closer and closer to the departure date and I'm not believing in myself. I tried and tried to be a good missionary but it was getting harder and harder to smile. It was a really dark part of my stay at the MTC and I was getting really down on myself, but just when I was at my very lowest, something wonderful happened. Tuesday I went to a Devotional and ELDER SCOTT WAS THERE!!!!!! He testified of Christ just as any Apostle of the church should and he gave us all a "Virtual Hug" by holding out his arms and us holding out our arms. It felt nice and I knew he cared. He then proceeded to use the Priesthood power he holds to confer a blessing of the gift of tongues on each and everyone of us in the MTC that had to learn a new language. It was powerful, special, and it seemed that it was meant just for me. Ever since then words are sticking, phrases are forming and I am finding it easier and easeir to say what I want to say in Tagalog. I know that as long as I'm worthy I will recieve that gift of tongues for the people of the Phillipines. I know that sometimes we are brought down so that the Lord can lift us higher!
The next day we had a wonderful lesson by Elder Welsh one of the Tagalog teachers at the MTC. (and may I say that they don't just pick any average Joe to be a teacher here! They are all stars!) He shared an experience he had in the Philippines where he was tracting in a neighborhood of squatters. To give you a visual, these people are so poor they are living in wooden towers each tower are the dimensions of how big my room is and imagine my room but stacked on top of each other about 5 high with a wooden ladder to go to each level. A whole family lives on each level. No privacy, no plumbing and no running watter. They are struggling to keep their family's fed and they can't afford medical care for their children so you see mothers holding their babies and their heads are bleeding from different diseases. As a missionary trying to teach them the gospel and they ask him this question, "Why is life so Hard?" How do you answer that with the scriptures. How can you ask them to pay tithing? Go to and look in the search bar, "rice in their bowls Pres. Hinckley" and read the talk he gave specifcally to the people of the Philippines. He promises that if they pay their tithing that there will be rice in their bowls and clothes on their backs. Take a look around and check out the youth music library for me. Its pretty cool if Devree could download the songs, "Seeking What's Good" and "All Is Well" Thanks. My P-day got switched to Friday so reply before friday! LOve you Elder Hamblin

Dear everyone else,
I love you and if you're in school stay in school. I wish I was there and I wish that I could all give you a big hug! Love Elder Hamblin

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

April 18, 2011

Dear Mom,
When I think about how I am going to be leaving the country in 2 weeks I think about all the new things I'll see and the people I meet and the long flight and bus ride to the Cauayan Mission. Then I realized i can't be thinking about this now, I need to learn TAGALOG!!!!! Then someone tells me to chill out and calm down so I do and things go back to normal and the cycle starts again. Something I learned is that I learn the language better when I don't think about myself and I think about who I'm learning this language for and why I need to learn it. Then the spirit is with me and I learn and speak alot more than if I was on my own. Having the spirit with me as much as I can is an ongoing and difficult task, But if I am a good boy and I follow the rules and pray for guidance then he will be there for me to help and lift me up when I think I can't go any farther.
I was told that the ADOBO IS AMAZAZING! I was told that there will be horrible storms and I will probably help rebuild and make houses. The spiders are huge the water is nasty so purify it. It turns out that its not a matter of if you get sick its a matter of when and how bad you get sick in the Philippines. I have a teacher here now that is replacing the beloved Bro. Slade. The New teacher Bro. Welsh served about 6 months in the Philippines and then got some parasites and got so sick he was sent back to the states for treatment and then ended his mission in California. He said he tried everything not to get sick but some how he did. He also said he went from hundreds of investigators to 2 so that gives you an idea of how much work I will be doing in the Philippines! I haven't got my flight plans yet but I will soon. Then I will know for sure when I will be leaving.
So you saw the new Red Riding Hood movie. I find it funny that you say the story line was crap because thats one of the most beloved storys ever! I loved the home work story! It reminds me of how witty Dane is when he wants to be! I also love how my family loves to party! You had the pre-easter party and did the easter egg hunt and I loved hearing that! I'm exited that you are all going to visit family and I wish I could go to! I know it will be a blast and you will all love it! Good luck at St. Judes and I hope every thing checks out fine! Its good to hear that you are all trying hard to read the scriptures every day. I know that if you read and study in the scriptures every day you will find answers to your more troubling problems and you will be blessed. I know I have! I hope that Dad will be able to throw the rocks off the bridge like he wants to and he will feel the connection with his Dad like I do with him every time I forget what I was saying or don't finish a story. Tell everyone in Missouri that I love them and that I only want the best for them all! Tell Aunt Mary to send me a picture of her brand new baby girl when she comes! Love ya lots.
Dear Devree,
(Swan Princess) and one of my favorite lines is, "Liven it up a bit! I want you to strike fear into their hearts! (Roaaar!) No, not you Wesley your a Rrrrabit!" Try this quote on for size, "Guys, DEAD TOMS DEAD! (sobbs of woe)" If you can guess that one I will inpressed! I am always nervous about going to the Philippines, but I know the Lord will take care of me because that's where he wants me to be. As for Sundays here at the MTC we 1st start off with a bowl of cereal if its not a Fast Sunday and then we go to Priesthood meeting, (Relief Society for women) and then we take a break have a lesson in the classroom by one of the students in the District and then we go to sacrament meeting and hear from the Branch Presidency and other random missionaries that are called on the spot to give talks in Tagalog. The Missionaries chosen are always random so you never know when you have to give a talk! Then to finish off the day we go to a Fireside held in the gym where all 2,000 missionaries in the MTC gather and hear from Pres. Brown and his councilors and the speakers for that evening for 2 hours. So to kind of sumarize things in the MTC you do alot of sitting around eating and listening to speakers but you have a ton of fun while doing it! For me its kind of like EFY but i don't get to dance with beautiful young women. I just get to look. Window shopping if you will. (you don't have to put that last comment on the blog if you don't want to) Anyway Im sorry that you had a bummer of a start but a pretty good finish. The hardest thing about being away from home is that I don't get to see your shining faces. (hows that for cheesy). No I miss sitting on the couch and just talking with all of you. I miss holidays like Halloween and Chistmas and spending it with you all. I miss just sitting at the table and telling you about my day. Everyone here knows exactly how my day went because they were with me during most of it! My companion knows everything I do all day long so Emailing you all is a very good reward for being a good missionary thoughout the week! Speaking of which I was able to take part in another blessing here with a sister who has had trouble sleeping because of the flu that has been going around here. It was a fantastic experience like always and helps me to remember how much I should be thankful for the gift of holding the priesthood in my life. I love you and I want the best for you! Good job on the posters keep it up! LOVE YA!
Dear Dad,
I love hearing about your projects and what you do for everyone in the house. I am sad we lost Timon and Pumba Adventures in Typing but I am glad you found a new one on! Dane will feel the blessing from that CD and learning how to type for the rest of his life! Thank you, You're the best Dad any 9 year old could have. I hope you're getting enough sleep now that you know all the crazy stuff is over. I get excited to go get on that plane anytime I hear about food in the Philippines. The fruit and rice there will be to die for and I hear they cook their meats delicously! Because they don't have a f in their language they yell out "SOPT DRINKS" when they want you to buy some soda. They call Fanta Panta also! We all thought that was pretty funny. Don't worry I will take tons of pictures and maybe some videos and bring it all home on that huge 16 gb card you gave me! Here's some Tagalog for you. Pasincha my spelling will probably be off a bit so don't freak out about looking up the words. Kamusta, Ako po si Elder Hamblin ito ang kasama ko Elder Fonua. Pwede po ba kaming magbahagi ang mensahe tunkol sa naming manunumbos ni Jesucristo para sa inyo? Mahal Tayo ng Diyos at mahal Tayo ni Jesucristo. Gusto niya mahinaing tayo. Sorry that's all i can do right now! Some days my Tagalog is awesome and some days it stinks. I was trying to share a message about Jesus Christ but I got stuck on he wants us to be happy because I haven't memorized happy yet and my books are in my room! Sorry. But there's some to look at! I love you and keep up the good work!
Dear Shay,
Love you too!
Dear Dane,
No six pack yet but I am loosing weight so stay tunned! When I get one I'll have my companion take a picture and I'll email it to you! okay? I LOOOOOOOVE YOU be good!
I love you all lots and I hope I answered all your questions! I challenge you all to write in your journals how God has blessed you everyday when you get the chance. Count your many blessings name them one by one and you will feel his love!
Love Elder Hamblin

P.S. The Oreos are almost gone! Oh and someone from another district took a photo with me because they wanted to say they knew me before I became the prophet! What a goofball! Love ya.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Handwritten April 6, 2011

Kamusta Kayo, Dad your Tagalog is great! Keep it up. Salamat po!
Mabut ito sa susulat ng pamilya ko. Mahal ko parasa pamilya ko. Namiss Ko ong mba mukha niayo! Sa Englis. "How are y'all doing. It is good to write to my family. The love of mine is for the Family of mine. I miss all your faces! If I were to exactly and directly translate the above sentences I would sound alot like Yoda! Para sa Halimbawa. (For example) Mahalaga ang pagbinyag sa ebanghelyo ni Jesu Cristo! "Important is the gospel of Jesus Christ!" My language is coming along and I really feel your prayers when times are rough. Everytime they want me and my Kasama (companion) to teach a lesson Sa Tagalog (in Tagalong), I remind myself of the scripture in D&C 100:5-8 and pray that goes for Tagalog also! Just joking. Alam ko po na totoo ito! "I know that its true!" I find myself wrapped up in the language when I go to sleep at night and I love it! With some hard work I just might baptize someone in the Philippines!

But once the spiritual aspect of the MTC I just got to see conference and it was amazing! I was able to really listen and have a deep desire to hear the words of his prophets and apostles. It helps if you think of yourself as an investigator. The prophet, a man here to tell us what God wants to tell us, is able to be seen or heard over and throughout the whole world in numerous languages and touch the hearts of so many people! Its almost too much to handle! Sorry phonetic speaking will make your spelling go down the toilet! I loved all of the things that were said at conference and I almost cried when I heard about the little boy who had to sit still while he got radiation. My thoughts went to Devree and what she went through and I was overcome by a sense of love for anyone going through that hardship and their family. I was sincerely touched by Shay's letter and I am sending one back! I love all of you and I miss you alot! I miss watching conference in the livingroom on my couch with my family all around me. I miss playing with my little brothers on the tramp or the computer. I miss singing with my sister and quoting movies with her. I miss my Mom and cooking in the kitchen with her. I miss having my father be able to sit down with me and talk to me about the more spiritual side of life and giving me insights on how to better myself and solve my problems. I miss sitting down as a family and eating dinner with you all! I am about to finish my time at the MTC, hop on a plane and fly for hours to a land across the world where I will be the farthest I have ever been from home and I won't come back for 2 years! I understand what is required of me but its still really hard to wrap around my head. I have been right next to home for all this time but when I step off that plane into the Philippines, there's no turning back! There's no redo or start over! I think that is when its going to finally hit me that I am for sure serving a mission, not going to Scout camp with a bunch of immature boys. That is when my metal will be tested. That is when I will become a man. Don't get me wrong, I know that I'm a missionary and I conduct myself as such everyday, but, this is the minor leagues. I know I don't have the language down and I never will be perfect at Tagalog, but I still have that desire to get into the mission field. No matter the consequences. I was also told that they don't send too many white Elders to the Philippines Cauayan mission sooooo most of my companions will be native Philipino speakers who don't know English at all! Now if you were to tell me that the 1st day I got into the MTC, I would have freaked OUT! But, I realized that if I get totally immersed in the language, then I will learn it faster by force! That is what I truly want and need! So I am absolutely thrilled about it!

Oh and another thing they have a whole building here dedicated to Jacob Hamblin! Isn't that neat? I wanted to check it out but it is being renovated so I can't go past the fence.:( Hopefully I will be able to go inside before I leave because I don't know if I will be able to after my mission! The only reason I know this is because Elder Kolten Rice sent me a letter the other day. He said he was doing great and got his 1st Baptism (in that area). He sent me some cool pictures too! By the way, thank you for the pictures you sent me. That was really kind of you. I especially appreciate the 4 generation photo. It reminds me of my tag and how I carry my family name on it everyday. If it wasn't enough having amazing ancestors like Jacob Hamblin, Theo Noble Hamblin, Grandpa and you Dad, You decide to name me Noble. As if I didn.t have enough to live up to already! Jokla "Joke"!

I appreciated the pictures and the kind thoughts. Along with the refiners fire story you sent Dad. I feel that this is only a taste of what missionary work is really like! So I don't complain and I just do. I am getting skinnier already from the daily exercise. I am trying to get my mile under 8 min. and today my time was 8.15. I couldn't believe it. I was so close! I know that with hard work, faith, prayer and sincere desire all is possible with the Lord's help!
I love you,
Elder Hamblin

Monday, April 4, 2011

April 4, 2011

Dear Hamblin Gang,
I miss you all so much and thank you for all the support you have given me! I need to read your letters to lift my spirits and remind me who I affect by going on a mission. I hope you are all recieving the blessings of having a missionary out in the field! I know that I have recived strength here when I thought I had nothing left.
I need to get some more address's of people i know. The Jones, The Wheelers and Elder Remington. Even though they don't send me letters I want to let them know that i care about them. Also I really liked the OREOS in the last package and but my Kasama (Companion) and other Elders in my room ate alot of them last time. I would also like a pair of shorts and a white shirt in the next package because my one and only white shirt is getting sweaty and nasty! I bought an mtc shirt to switch out during gym but now that one is begining to get nasty also. So an extra set would mean alot. On a side note Elder Larson got some home made strawberry jam from his Grandma and some delicous home made bread! Ohhh he let me have some and I died and went to heaven. It was absoultley mahsarap. (delicous) I will try to incorporate more Tagalog in my letters if you all want me to! Its up to you. I just am able to write more in the hand written letters than in the emails.
I am glad to hear all the good news back at home! Makes me almost feel like I'm there! My Kasama was singing some pop songs the other day and the lyrics were kind of inappropriate. I had recently prayed for some sort of inspiration on how to help him be able to feel the spirit more in his life. As I was listening to him sing this song I decided rather than chastize him I would sing a song of my own! I started humming, "There is Sunshine in my Soul Today" and I got that song stuck in his head instead of the other song. It works wonders! I merely hum a hymn and I plant that tune in his head and he starts singing it! I believe it was an answer to my prayers and it taught me something very important. I need to be the example even when my kasama is not. I need to be extra good to make that impression. Your future is as bright as your faith!
Dad your Tagalog is comming along nicely. Maganda na Maganda very beautiful! I don't know if you have gotten my letter yet but I really did appreciate the story about going through the Refiners Fire. I definitely am not prepared nor am I fully aware of what I will be doing in the Philippines. I don't know how many lives I'll bless but I do know that this is the Lords work and he wants me there! I need to have the Spirit with me always and have my edges smoothed out a bit. The Lord wants me to be a bush so therefore I will be a bush.
Shay I loved your letter and I am very glad that you sent one back! You are a great example to your little brother and continue to be that good example always. Did you hear the talk about how we need to use the priesthood with joy? That one was very special to me because I had just had the opporunitiy to give a blessing to Sister Mc Kinley in our District. She was having trouble with her knees and so she asked me to give her a blessing. I scrambled to remember where I had left my Oil vile that had been consecrated for the blessing and healing of the sick. I tore the room apart and guess where it was? In my back pack! Me and my companion went and gave her a beautiful blessing of healing to her knees and of comfort so that she could sleep at night. I learned two important lessons that day. 1.) ALWAYS KEEP YOUR OIL ON YOU! and 2.) Feel the joy in doing priesthood work and be happy and grateful it is once again back on the earth!
Mom I am glad you enjoyed the pictures and personalized letters I sent. I did it to show my love for all of you and to give some advice. I did stay awake for all of conference and I listened carefully to all that they had to say. I thought it was funny that they addressed the young men so much about getting married! As missionaries we need not worry about marriage just yet even though it is the next step in our lives. It seems though, that after the talks the sisters here are looking and judging us more. We have to be on our best behavior and be the spouse we want to have. I liked what you said about how there's no more security grandmas roaming around! I hope she kept that kid in line! I also am glad you appericiated the Count of Monte Cristo joke. It is day 33 in the penn now and we just got our time out in the yard. (Temple Session) It was great and we took some awsome photos on the temple grounds and I hope you will be able to use one for my plaque photo! Elder Carrasco wrote in the snow Buhay na Siya which means "He Lives"
I want you all to know how much I love you and how often I miss you. The MTC has transformed for me. It used to be like boy scout camp for me but it is slowly evolving into my new home and I know that it will be wierd to leave it but eventually I will have to and then theres no turning back. I will always be serving the Lord and doing his work but theres no place like home. I miss you all and I never forget you in my prayers. Nagpapasalamat ako para sa pamilya ko. Mahal ko para sa pamilya ko! I love you all and keep continuing to grow in the gospel! Alam ko po na totoo and ebanghelyo si Jesucristo at buhay ni Pres. Thomas S Monson. Buhay na Siya our savior lives and loves every one of us. Mahal tayo ng Dios. God loves us he wants us to be happy. Mahalaga ang pamilya sa plano ng Dios. Important is the family in the plan of God. Sa pangalan ni Jesucristo amen. In the name of Jesus Christ amen.


Elder Hamblin