Friday, April 29, 2011

Easter Sunday

Oh and P.S.
Devree whats this quote: "He's still....Juicy!"
Dane, I still don't have a six pack yet but it's coming!
Shay, Stay in School!

There was one last thing. Yesterday we went to a fireside and it was absolutley spectacular! There was an Elder from Hungary who played a beautiful piece by Bach that is more complicated than 3 David Lanz songs put together! It's longer than them too! He finished the beautiful piece and the speaker Elder Allen got up and just said WOW! Then he asked him if he knew "Go tell it on the mountain" and he did. He asked if he could play it for us! So he did and the 1st verse and a half he only used his feet! It was crazy what he was doing with his feet. I can't even move my hands that fast. Then he starts with the hands and the feet and it sounds beautiful and he finishes it off with a big beautiful chord and throws his hand up in the air in triumph. The whole room stood up and gave him a standing ovation. We seemed to clap for days until we all finaly calmed down and Elder Allen gave a great talk on his job. He is in charge of Mormon messages and communication with the media. He showed us a lot of clips but my favorite (Paborito) is the one with the Dad and his little girl. The Dad is a big burly welder with a knarly beard and he gets a phone call from his little girl. She wants him to sing "Itsy Bitsy Spider" for her before she goes to bed. So he does over the phone with the hand motions and everything and tells her he loves her and says goodbye. When he hangs up the phone all the other workers are right behind him and start laughing at him and poking fun and the hand motions. His reply, "She's my little girl and I love her." I want to be that kind of Dad to my future children. I want to be a fantastic Dad. I just wanted to share that also with you. Thanks for the support and love and I know that because you tell me you love me in every email! Thank you.
Love you all!
Elder Hamblin

On Mon, Apr 25, 2011 at 10:22 AM, Noble Hamblin wrote:

Kamusta po Kayo!
It was great to hear from all of you and I love you all and I miss you. I really wish I was there!
Dear Mom,
I'm so glad everyone got there safly and I hope the trip home is just as good. That's crazy how the roof got ripped of by a tornado! I know that the family is being protected by the Lord. (I'm sooooo sorry I forgot about Dad's birthday. Could you please send me all your birthdays in an email so I never forget again? Salamat po! I love you and I hope that you will love your visit there. Make the most of it! Oh and could you email me Manny's address so that I could write him a letter before I leave? Thanks.
Dear Dad,
HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! I hope it was great! I know that if I spent my birthday with my family I would have loved it! I think the jitter bugging would have been pretty cool! The 2 years story with Macy was really touching and funny! I love that little ball of love! If you think about it, 2 years isn't really that long in the whole scheme of things. I'll be back before you know it! I liked the quote on the grave stone. When you have an eternal perspective it changes the meaning. Thank you for all the kind thoughts! I have a story for you! One Saturday night I'm in line for my food and when I get up to the counter I grab a plate of ham and potatos and I hear. "Noble?" I turned around and looked at who it came from. It was Suzy Ingoldsby (sorry I probably spelled it wrong.) She was covering a shift for her friend as a cafeteria worker and she was going to school at BYU! It was nice to talk with her for a bit and she wished me good luck in the Philippines! It was absoulutley hilarious! Out of all the people in my life the 1st person that I know here at the MTC is Suzy. Crazy! Enjoy the trip and give everyone my love! SUUUURE LOVE YA!
Dear Devs,
Tangled oh and how I love that movie. I'm sorry you're not feeling well but I'm glad that you checked out clear. PUT YOUR EYE DROPS IN! For heavens sake don't lose your eye! Love ya
I have some other things I need to tell you about this week:
I got to chat with Suzy at dinner. She's the 1st person that I know here at the MTC! Next I don't care what they say, Preach My Gospel is for everyone so get a copy and do what it says everyday life! Next watch/record the spoken word every Sunday and watch it as a family. It's amazing uplifting and brings you closer to God through music. I'm leaving for the Philippines in a week and I don't know the language very well and the food is going to be different. I can barley stumbble through the 1st lesson in Tagalog and I'm scared. Alot of doubt and despair has come into my life as I get closer and closer to the departure date and I'm not believing in myself. I tried and tried to be a good missionary but it was getting harder and harder to smile. It was a really dark part of my stay at the MTC and I was getting really down on myself, but just when I was at my very lowest, something wonderful happened. Tuesday I went to a Devotional and ELDER SCOTT WAS THERE!!!!!! He testified of Christ just as any Apostle of the church should and he gave us all a "Virtual Hug" by holding out his arms and us holding out our arms. It felt nice and I knew he cared. He then proceeded to use the Priesthood power he holds to confer a blessing of the gift of tongues on each and everyone of us in the MTC that had to learn a new language. It was powerful, special, and it seemed that it was meant just for me. Ever since then words are sticking, phrases are forming and I am finding it easier and easeir to say what I want to say in Tagalog. I know that as long as I'm worthy I will recieve that gift of tongues for the people of the Phillipines. I know that sometimes we are brought down so that the Lord can lift us higher!
The next day we had a wonderful lesson by Elder Welsh one of the Tagalog teachers at the MTC. (and may I say that they don't just pick any average Joe to be a teacher here! They are all stars!) He shared an experience he had in the Philippines where he was tracting in a neighborhood of squatters. To give you a visual, these people are so poor they are living in wooden towers each tower are the dimensions of how big my room is and imagine my room but stacked on top of each other about 5 high with a wooden ladder to go to each level. A whole family lives on each level. No privacy, no plumbing and no running watter. They are struggling to keep their family's fed and they can't afford medical care for their children so you see mothers holding their babies and their heads are bleeding from different diseases. As a missionary trying to teach them the gospel and they ask him this question, "Why is life so Hard?" How do you answer that with the scriptures. How can you ask them to pay tithing? Go to and look in the search bar, "rice in their bowls Pres. Hinckley" and read the talk he gave specifcally to the people of the Philippines. He promises that if they pay their tithing that there will be rice in their bowls and clothes on their backs. Take a look around and check out the youth music library for me. Its pretty cool if Devree could download the songs, "Seeking What's Good" and "All Is Well" Thanks. My P-day got switched to Friday so reply before friday! LOve you Elder Hamblin

Dear everyone else,
I love you and if you're in school stay in school. I wish I was there and I wish that I could all give you a big hug! Love Elder Hamblin

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