Tuesday, April 19, 2011

April 18, 2011

Dear Mom,
When I think about how I am going to be leaving the country in 2 weeks I think about all the new things I'll see and the people I meet and the long flight and bus ride to the Cauayan Mission. Then I realized i can't be thinking about this now, I need to learn TAGALOG!!!!! Then someone tells me to chill out and calm down so I do and things go back to normal and the cycle starts again. Something I learned is that I learn the language better when I don't think about myself and I think about who I'm learning this language for and why I need to learn it. Then the spirit is with me and I learn and speak alot more than if I was on my own. Having the spirit with me as much as I can is an ongoing and difficult task, But if I am a good boy and I follow the rules and pray for guidance then he will be there for me to help and lift me up when I think I can't go any farther.
I was told that the ADOBO IS AMAZAZING! I was told that there will be horrible storms and I will probably help rebuild and make houses. The spiders are huge the water is nasty so purify it. It turns out that its not a matter of if you get sick its a matter of when and how bad you get sick in the Philippines. I have a teacher here now that is replacing the beloved Bro. Slade. The New teacher Bro. Welsh served about 6 months in the Philippines and then got some parasites and got so sick he was sent back to the states for treatment and then ended his mission in California. He said he tried everything not to get sick but some how he did. He also said he went from hundreds of investigators to 2 so that gives you an idea of how much work I will be doing in the Philippines! I haven't got my flight plans yet but I will soon. Then I will know for sure when I will be leaving.
So you saw the new Red Riding Hood movie. I find it funny that you say the story line was crap because thats one of the most beloved storys ever! I loved the home work story! It reminds me of how witty Dane is when he wants to be! I also love how my family loves to party! You had the pre-easter party and did the easter egg hunt and I loved hearing that! I'm exited that you are all going to visit family and I wish I could go to! I know it will be a blast and you will all love it! Good luck at St. Judes and I hope every thing checks out fine! Its good to hear that you are all trying hard to read the scriptures every day. I know that if you read and study in the scriptures every day you will find answers to your more troubling problems and you will be blessed. I know I have! I hope that Dad will be able to throw the rocks off the bridge like he wants to and he will feel the connection with his Dad like I do with him every time I forget what I was saying or don't finish a story. Tell everyone in Missouri that I love them and that I only want the best for them all! Tell Aunt Mary to send me a picture of her brand new baby girl when she comes! Love ya lots.
Dear Devree,
(Swan Princess) and one of my favorite lines is, "Liven it up a bit! I want you to strike fear into their hearts! (Roaaar!) No, not you Wesley your a Rrrrabit!" Try this quote on for size, "Guys, DEAD TOMS DEAD! (sobbs of woe)" If you can guess that one I will inpressed! I am always nervous about going to the Philippines, but I know the Lord will take care of me because that's where he wants me to be. As for Sundays here at the MTC we 1st start off with a bowl of cereal if its not a Fast Sunday and then we go to Priesthood meeting, (Relief Society for women) and then we take a break have a lesson in the classroom by one of the students in the District and then we go to sacrament meeting and hear from the Branch Presidency and other random missionaries that are called on the spot to give talks in Tagalog. The Missionaries chosen are always random so you never know when you have to give a talk! Then to finish off the day we go to a Fireside held in the gym where all 2,000 missionaries in the MTC gather and hear from Pres. Brown and his councilors and the speakers for that evening for 2 hours. So to kind of sumarize things in the MTC you do alot of sitting around eating and listening to speakers but you have a ton of fun while doing it! For me its kind of like EFY but i don't get to dance with beautiful young women. I just get to look. Window shopping if you will. (you don't have to put that last comment on the blog if you don't want to) Anyway Im sorry that you had a bummer of a start but a pretty good finish. The hardest thing about being away from home is that I don't get to see your shining faces. (hows that for cheesy). No I miss sitting on the couch and just talking with all of you. I miss holidays like Halloween and Chistmas and spending it with you all. I miss just sitting at the table and telling you about my day. Everyone here knows exactly how my day went because they were with me during most of it! My companion knows everything I do all day long so Emailing you all is a very good reward for being a good missionary thoughout the week! Speaking of which I was able to take part in another blessing here with a sister who has had trouble sleeping because of the flu that has been going around here. It was a fantastic experience like always and helps me to remember how much I should be thankful for the gift of holding the priesthood in my life. I love you and I want the best for you! Good job on the posters keep it up! LOVE YA!
Dear Dad,
I love hearing about your projects and what you do for everyone in the house. I am sad we lost Timon and Pumba Adventures in Typing but I am glad you found a new one on Amazon.com! Dane will feel the blessing from that CD and learning how to type for the rest of his life! Thank you, You're the best Dad any 9 year old could have. I hope you're getting enough sleep now that you know all the crazy stuff is over. I get excited to go get on that plane anytime I hear about food in the Philippines. The fruit and rice there will be to die for and I hear they cook their meats delicously! Because they don't have a f in their language they yell out "SOPT DRINKS" when they want you to buy some soda. They call Fanta Panta also! We all thought that was pretty funny. Don't worry I will take tons of pictures and maybe some videos and bring it all home on that huge 16 gb card you gave me! Here's some Tagalog for you. Pasincha my spelling will probably be off a bit so don't freak out about looking up the words. Kamusta, Ako po si Elder Hamblin ito ang kasama ko Elder Fonua. Pwede po ba kaming magbahagi ang mensahe tunkol sa naming manunumbos ni Jesucristo para sa inyo? Mahal Tayo ng Diyos at mahal Tayo ni Jesucristo. Gusto niya mahinaing tayo. Sorry that's all i can do right now! Some days my Tagalog is awesome and some days it stinks. I was trying to share a message about Jesus Christ but I got stuck on he wants us to be happy because I haven't memorized happy yet and my books are in my room! Sorry. But there's some to look at! I love you and keep up the good work!
Dear Shay,
Love you too!
Dear Dane,
No six pack yet but I am loosing weight so stay tunned! When I get one I'll have my companion take a picture and I'll email it to you! okay? I LOOOOOOOVE YOU be good!
I love you all lots and I hope I answered all your questions! I challenge you all to write in your journals how God has blessed you everyday when you get the chance. Count your many blessings name them one by one and you will feel his love!
Love Elder Hamblin

P.S. The Oreos are almost gone! Oh and someone from another district took a photo with me because they wanted to say they knew me before I became the prophet! What a goofball! Love ya.

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