Sunday, April 10, 2011

Handwritten April 6, 2011

Kamusta Kayo, Dad your Tagalog is great! Keep it up. Salamat po!
Mabut ito sa susulat ng pamilya ko. Mahal ko parasa pamilya ko. Namiss Ko ong mba mukha niayo! Sa Englis. "How are y'all doing. It is good to write to my family. The love of mine is for the Family of mine. I miss all your faces! If I were to exactly and directly translate the above sentences I would sound alot like Yoda! Para sa Halimbawa. (For example) Mahalaga ang pagbinyag sa ebanghelyo ni Jesu Cristo! "Important is the gospel of Jesus Christ!" My language is coming along and I really feel your prayers when times are rough. Everytime they want me and my Kasama (companion) to teach a lesson Sa Tagalog (in Tagalong), I remind myself of the scripture in D&C 100:5-8 and pray that goes for Tagalog also! Just joking. Alam ko po na totoo ito! "I know that its true!" I find myself wrapped up in the language when I go to sleep at night and I love it! With some hard work I just might baptize someone in the Philippines!

But once the spiritual aspect of the MTC I just got to see conference and it was amazing! I was able to really listen and have a deep desire to hear the words of his prophets and apostles. It helps if you think of yourself as an investigator. The prophet, a man here to tell us what God wants to tell us, is able to be seen or heard over and throughout the whole world in numerous languages and touch the hearts of so many people! Its almost too much to handle! Sorry phonetic speaking will make your spelling go down the toilet! I loved all of the things that were said at conference and I almost cried when I heard about the little boy who had to sit still while he got radiation. My thoughts went to Devree and what she went through and I was overcome by a sense of love for anyone going through that hardship and their family. I was sincerely touched by Shay's letter and I am sending one back! I love all of you and I miss you alot! I miss watching conference in the livingroom on my couch with my family all around me. I miss playing with my little brothers on the tramp or the computer. I miss singing with my sister and quoting movies with her. I miss my Mom and cooking in the kitchen with her. I miss having my father be able to sit down with me and talk to me about the more spiritual side of life and giving me insights on how to better myself and solve my problems. I miss sitting down as a family and eating dinner with you all! I am about to finish my time at the MTC, hop on a plane and fly for hours to a land across the world where I will be the farthest I have ever been from home and I won't come back for 2 years! I understand what is required of me but its still really hard to wrap around my head. I have been right next to home for all this time but when I step off that plane into the Philippines, there's no turning back! There's no redo or start over! I think that is when its going to finally hit me that I am for sure serving a mission, not going to Scout camp with a bunch of immature boys. That is when my metal will be tested. That is when I will become a man. Don't get me wrong, I know that I'm a missionary and I conduct myself as such everyday, but, this is the minor leagues. I know I don't have the language down and I never will be perfect at Tagalog, but I still have that desire to get into the mission field. No matter the consequences. I was also told that they don't send too many white Elders to the Philippines Cauayan mission sooooo most of my companions will be native Philipino speakers who don't know English at all! Now if you were to tell me that the 1st day I got into the MTC, I would have freaked OUT! But, I realized that if I get totally immersed in the language, then I will learn it faster by force! That is what I truly want and need! So I am absolutely thrilled about it!

Oh and another thing they have a whole building here dedicated to Jacob Hamblin! Isn't that neat? I wanted to check it out but it is being renovated so I can't go past the fence.:( Hopefully I will be able to go inside before I leave because I don't know if I will be able to after my mission! The only reason I know this is because Elder Kolten Rice sent me a letter the other day. He said he was doing great and got his 1st Baptism (in that area). He sent me some cool pictures too! By the way, thank you for the pictures you sent me. That was really kind of you. I especially appreciate the 4 generation photo. It reminds me of my tag and how I carry my family name on it everyday. If it wasn't enough having amazing ancestors like Jacob Hamblin, Theo Noble Hamblin, Grandpa and you Dad, You decide to name me Noble. As if I didn.t have enough to live up to already! Jokla "Joke"!

I appreciated the pictures and the kind thoughts. Along with the refiners fire story you sent Dad. I feel that this is only a taste of what missionary work is really like! So I don't complain and I just do. I am getting skinnier already from the daily exercise. I am trying to get my mile under 8 min. and today my time was 8.15. I couldn't believe it. I was so close! I know that with hard work, faith, prayer and sincere desire all is possible with the Lord's help!
I love you,
Elder Hamblin


  1. Beautiful letter--send that boy some more Oreo Cookies already.

  2. Dear elder Hamblin. I loved to listen to your letter . We are in canada with Aunt Danawn and familky. Summer is reading the letters to me. I was talking to Luke and he told me something else about one of his ancestors, Lorenzo Hill Hatch, was saved from drowning at Lees Ferry crossing in northern Jacob Hamblin.
    We pray that the lord will direct you in learning the language and in your teaching. We are so proud of you. Love Grandpa and Grandma Rice.
    PS. Are you elders still making up games with that ball?