Friday, April 29, 2011

Noble's Last MTC Letter

Man alive a lot has happened! They have changed our schedule drastically so that they can redo the floor in the kitchen. On top of that we have a lot to do in preparation for leaving to the Philippines. A lot of the Elders here have recieved a lot of candy from family and friends and they don't know what to do with it all. My companion decided we should have a going away party with all the new Elders that just came in! We did the Ogga Bogga prank to them all and they all fell for it! (you know the one where we make them sit in a puddle of water!" It was fun and everyone liked it. One by the name of Elder Phillips has really touched my heart in how he has really strived to know the language. He started freaking out and we told him to calm down and relax and he did. He's doing alot better now!

Dear Devree,
Sorry I forgot to answer your question last time! This one was Band Slam! It was great! Brought me back to when I could watch movies! Now I'm homesick dang you! JK I love the movie quotes. Here's a good one! "1.21 Gigawatts!" It's kinda hard but I think you'll get it! This movie quote is tied with the theme of traveling to the Philippines. The COSI sounded awesome and I would have loved to see rats play basketball! So you got into the NHS (National Honor Society)! Well congratulations! You're living the High school dream. Manny was able to do that and he said it was great for college applications. Really helped him go places in life. Just don't get really prideful like some of the NHS kids do! Stay awesome! Love Elder Hamblin
Dear Dad,
I'm glad you had a great birthday! Wow 2 birthday cakes! You must be getting fat like me now! The MTC food is okay but now we only get one choice because they are working on one side of the Kitchen. OHHH I took a picture of the Jacob Hamblin Building and right now it's under construction so it doesn't look that great but it is awesome. I'll send the pictures to you through my next email hopefully! I have a question about the Kirtland Temple. What do the letters on the podiums mean? You know like the MPH and the other letters. Are they acronyms for the priesthood or offices in the church? I don't know. I've only seen them in the videos we see here on Sunday. It's nice you got to go out to dinner with Kacey and Ben and Connie and Danny. I'm sure it was a great time. I'm not sure if I can really help you out right now Dad, with becoming a Grandpa. You see there are plenty of beautiful young ladies here but I can't really do anything about it because I am a missionary. So you will just have to wait to be the old fart you always have wanted to become. Talk to Devree. She's closer to getting married than I am at this point! The poem about little Mary was amazing! I loved it and I am saving it as a draft so I can print it out later! Thank you for that I think it was just what I needed! Sometimes we are required to walk by Faith not by Sight! Thank you for the inspirational thought. I really do appreciate them. I will try to tell you everything about the trip there and all the wonderful experiences I will have in the Philippines! Suuuurrrrrre Love ya
Dear Mom,
Thank you for having Uncle John and Uncle Ben send me those messages. I'm kinda confused though. Was it Uncle Ben from the Walkers or Uncle Ben and Aunt Linda? I don't know I Think it was the 2nd Uncle Ben. But anywho tell them I loved their letters and I love them. It was a very special experience to have an Apostle of the church give me a blessing. I know if I stay righteous remember who I am and why I am here I will be able to have the gift of tongues. Mom I know how you are about traveling but to tell you the truth a majority of the plane ride there I will be knocked out in my seat on the airplane in an attempt to stay alert when I get there. Remember I will be chasing the sun to get to the Philippines so I will be traveling INTO THE FUTURE! So I will be really tired when I get there! I also have an 8 hr bus ride to Cauayan so it's gonna be a very long day! I heard there will be monkeys but don't touch them. We had a realllllyyy long metting on personal health and clean eating habits. They even went to the point of telling us not to eat raw meat. WHO'S GONNA EAT RAW MEAT! It's like there's some really dumb missionaries out there that have to hear that or something :) But I will tell you all about my mission when I get there! The language is tough. We had our last TRC yesterday and it was great! We taught a volunteer (role playing as a new convert) who was a native Philippino and he had a great accent! Our teacher said it was spot on with the people of the Philippines. We talked to him about his family and figured out that he was a new member of the church and that he knew the plan of salvation! He was so kind and helped me when I didn't get all my grammar correct but he understood when I taught the 1st lesson and the concept of tithing to him. This all was in Tagalog and I know I said some things wrong but he understood the lesson. Then he decided he wanted to tell us about the Philippines in Tagalog and we didn't understand hardly anything he said. He told us that the "Street Language" will come with time in the Philippines. He said that we have learned well and the people of the Philppines will be lucky to have us! That really touched me that he was glad we were going out and doing the work. I know I don't know nearly enough Tagalog, but from knowing numbers, animals and various fruits and vegetables to being able to teach the 1st lesson and the law of tithing. That to me shows improvement and that I have more to learn but I really have come a long way in this language. Thank you Mom for the support and love you have given me through the rough times. The days where I'm most home sick are P-days when I am emailing you all! I love you and I can't wait to tell you about the Philippines in the next email! Love Elder Hamblin

P.S. No six pack yet just eating a ton and playing some hard core volleyball Dane. Shay be a good example for your sibblings! Devree keep up the hard work and you will be rewarded. Mom and Dad, you are doing an awesome job as missionary parents keep up the excellent work!
Your son and brother Elder Hamblin

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