Monday, May 9, 2011

Letter Snail Mailed on April 15, 2011

Noble says, "Keep this one just for fun!"


Korbattaaaa! Fell asleep during personal study.

Me receiving "Revelation".

Dear Hamblin Family,
Look Ma I'm writing with Pen! I hope you're happy! Ya I am leaving in 2 weeks! Its kind of crazy how fast time flies by. I really appreciate the words of encouragement! I feel like I only know a little Tagalog and I won't be able to talk to anyone in the Philippines. I know that I am trying my hardest and if I keep this up I will wake up one day and find out I know Tagalog!

In my mission they don't send many white American missionaries I have been told. I will probably have a native Filippino for my senior companion. I will probably be sent to the sticks but there will be one mall in the area! I have been told that I will be just to the left of where all the hurricanes pass through so I might get some of those. I also heard that I should protect everything from mold and other creatures that make their way into our apartment. Oh and there will be grass huts.

Something I am excited for is I will live with hardly anything for 2 years which will give me so much more appreciation for the easy way of life in America. At the same time it will prepare me for living like a poor college kid when I get back!

My brain melts when I have to conjugate verbs on the spot. It's hard for me to choose which verb and when I should use it. The where is easy. The verb always is in front of eveything else! Here's some examples or maga Halimbawat: I verbs object focus, root: ture to touch. Command: i turo Past: i tinuro Present: itimu turo. Future tense: i tuturo. I have to think what tense and then conjugate it on the spot! I have to stop my brain has melted and is leaking through my nose! Other things come easy for me. Puede po ba Kaming magbuhad ang mensahe tunkol san Jesucristo para sa inyo? May we share a message about Christ with you?

Thank you for your prayers! And thank you for the wonderful package! I loved the Easter egg basket and I thought about skipping down the hallways of my residence hall throwing eggs at people. But I refrained. The new shorts look amazing and I can't wait to show them off during gym. I appreciated the oreos and hid them in my drawer so people with hungry stomachs wouldn't gobble them up! Keep in mind that there are no full stomachs here. We Eat all THE TIME! Another paradox of the MTC. I thought the "Sweet Dreams" sleeping mask was pretty funny. I loved the pictures you sent. Devree's new wig looks awesome! So does the puzzle that Dad got done. Shay and Dane are still goofballs, so everything is in order. I love you all and I hope all of you stay safe and fed.

The" Beautiful Prayer" really hit me hard! I realized that I do pray for some of these things but most importantly I prayed for love for my companions and all who I come in contact with. Having the love of Christ is key to caring for your companion and for your investigators.

I love you and I love all your letters. Oh and by the way, while I am writing this letter to you, there is a bunch of Elders singing a hymn in German, right across the hall! I love you and thanks for the support. I pray for you everyday.

Love you, Elder Hamblin
P.S. Enjoy the Pictures! Work hard. Play hard and Sleep Hard!

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