Monday, October 29, 2012

October 29th, 2012

Hey everyone, heads up. I'm not emailing pictures today. I think this computer is majorly infected with viruses. Next time I'll send ya some pics. Anyways, Seems like you all are doing great and you are all happy and healthy. GOSH I just LOVED the pictures on the blog! I like seeing my family progress. Shay is HUGE and fit. (I'll talk to you later about our football game earlier. You better watch out whipper-snapper. I'm not just big but I'm quick like you too!)
     This week was great! While we were out looking for people to teach we passed by a house and Elder Rocaberte just felt like we needed to turn around and go back to a certain house. Knowing that those moments are rare I just immediately agreed, Ok kasama let's go. We go to the house and yell a TAO PO to the what seems like empty house. Seemingly miraculously a bunch of people come pouring out of the house and one of them says, "Hey come in!" Ok. so we go into the house and talk with the lady. Turns out we had stumbled upon a Less Active Sister and her Family! She (now more than ever) is thinking about her little kids and thinking about raising them the right way. (Do you think that it was just a random happen stance that we ran into her at the right time when she got back from the bukid and washing clothes in the river?) Not a chance. We know better. We also gained a new investigator from this encounter. Her sister is not a member but went to the church in primary as a kid. She's very interested in our message. I love missionary work when you really get to work! A lot of good things.
       Meanwhile there are the ups as well as the downs. We were planning for the day when it starts pouring rain outside. Rain or Shine we have to get out to work so we did. We got soaked from head to toe. My socks were soaked and they still had some soap in them from when I washed them. I guess I didn't rinse them enough and so when they got wet the friction from me walking would rub the socks against my shoes thus creating little bubbles that leaked out my shoes. I should have taken a picture but it was raining hard and I wanted to get to our next appointment ASAP. It looked cool to me but my companion didn't like it. He told me I should have rinsed them better. So Sue me!
      A song came to mind, "You can't roller skate in a buffalo herd. You can't roller skate in a buffalo herd. You can't roller skate in a buffalo herd. But you can be happy if you've a mind to.  All you have to do is get down to it. Knuckle down buckle down do it do it do it!" It made me laugh.
     Here's a great quote for you: "Tell me, I'll forget. Show me and I'll learn. Involve me and I'll remember." - Benjamin Franklin
 Dad: That applies to cars and computers for you! We got some stuff to talk about when I get home.
 Mom: That does not apply to dating. (MWHAAAAHAA HAAA! :D )We also have some talking to do.
     So they have a dance here its called Upa gondum style you may have heard the song playing on the radio and then changed the station. Part of its lyrics include, "HEEEYYYY SEXY LADY!" They have all the kids and teachers do a special dance to that song for graduations. Its really degrading. 0% Dignity. Well, That's all I got to say about that.
         Dear Devree Dear,
                     Ok sorry I have been goofing around a bit. I should have started emailing you all and not reading your letter again. When am I gonna get your personal letter? When are you gonna stop being boy crazy? You social butterfly you. Pala, you like boys other than Taylor Lautner! That's crazy! You all are growing up WAY too fast! Just the pictures are getting me thinking about how much you all have just grown. I told you so. I had to say it! SO don't put your heart out on your sleeve Missy. Just be careful like I said. Boys sometimes don't play nice.
                 Your movie was TANGLED. Although I have already seen it, it still is on my watch list when I go home. Here's my movie quote of the week:
"Have you ever heard the wolf cry to the blue corn moon?"
"Have you seen the colors of the wind?"
"It's my compass."    Okay try that on for size. I know its like a dead give away but hey at least I got an excuse. I can't watch movies.
          Love ya sis. Love Elder Hamblin
            Dear Mom,
                  I hope you cried for good reasons like you miss me and such when you read my handwritten letter. When I got some time on my hands I can be quite the writer. I miss my Mom ya know. I hope you all do feel the love from me. I hope Manny doesn't mind you Hogging me from him for the first few days of me being home. I don't care if we have a huge party or if its just me and the family when I come home....NOT like I'm thinking about that stuff....ahem. Anyways, If you want it to be just the family then that's what it will be.
          Last letter you talked about my Christmas package. To tell you the truth Mom, I'm a happy camper! I don't need anything that can't just wait till I get home. It's more of just the wants. I like candy, and Oreos. I've almost eaten all the Marshmallow Maties. You got any Collosal Berry Crunch? JK Just be creative. Whatever you send,, I'll love it. I've given up trying to convince you to not spend so much money. You'll send me a package with or without my permission. Be creative. You know what makes me smile and laugh! Just don't go all out with it. I know how much those St. Judes ties cost and that alarms me. Please don't spend tons of money on stuff I just have to bring back.
          THAT BEING SAID: I have compiled a list of things more like suggestions. None of these things make sense to send to a missionary but just so you know what I have been thinking about getting.
 I curse my addiction to gaming before the mission to the following list.
                   Sneakers For Running when I Get home
                   Star Craft 2 for PC
                   Portal 1 and Portal 2 for PC
                   Old Gaming Magazines (Dad hit up your friends for stuff issued in the last 2 years)
                   A nice good looking sweatshirt
                   Swimming Goggles
                   Calvin and Hobbs Comic Book
                   Eragon: Book 4 (I'm ready to read that!)
                   Think Geek Stuff (I'm especially interested in the Nicoli Tesla VS Thomas Edison shirt.)
          Please Refer to this website for more details:

 I know this probably doesn't help you much in package ideas but hey just saying. It's some stuff I'd like to have when I go home! Just in case you were wondering. I'm such a nerd. I wrote it all in my planner so I wouldn't forget anything!
                   So ya I loved the update on the blog! You took a LOT of pictures of A LOT of people I don't know. I just don't know those new people. It’s kinda weird to tell you the truth! Anyways I miss ya. I plan to send more snail mail letters soon. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Go do something crazy like eat a whole jar of pickles or go cliff diving or something. Make it a birthday you'll never forget. I love ya Mom. Live life to the fullest. Love your son, Elder Hamblin
       Dear Dane,
            I just LOVED your Nacho Libre. You have great taste in costumes and movies. I loved that movie too as you well know. I thought you liked to know when we were out and about having fun today I saw some graffiti on the wall. It said I love you. I had to laugh cause some Philippino must have misspelled YOU! HA! Anyways, how you doing? he he How's school going for ya? Missionary work is hard sometimes Dane, but you always get rewards and joy for the work you do. You may not see the outcome of all your efforts in life but knowing you've done your best is a reward in itself. That's what helps you out when the success isn't every day ya know? I love you Dane, You rock that Nacho Libre costume!
            Love, Your big brother
      Dear Shay,
             You are a BEAST! You look fit bro. Your voice is gonna be super deep and you’re gonna be huge! I can just see it! Don't worry I can give you a run for your money now. I have been playing football and walking all day long every day so now I just need to run with you in the morning and get rid of my tummy and then I guess I'll be happy. Also I got to get used to drinking milk again. I think I'm having negative reactions to the little bit of milk I have with my cereal. It makes me want to go potty a lot. Anyways, that's a personal matter! I loved your Gambit suit. You looked super cool for your lady friends at the party. Mom sure thinks they like to hug you a lot! Well, just be careful like I've always said. Mom’s, already trying to get me to date your crushes older sister. That is awkward is it not? Come on agree with me on this one. Hey Allen says to watch "Firefly". It’s a TV show you can probably find on Netflix. Don't tell mom I told you to do that! Wink! It’s about Space Cowboys in space. They blow up stuff. Allen says it’s cool so check it out. I think you would love You should check that out to. Manny told me about it way back when. You might like some of the T-shirts.
                Anyways, I love ya and I miss ya bro and yes Dane is right, You are most certainly a trunker. One who inflicts trunkiness on others. Love ya Love Elder Hambz
      Dear Pops,
              Hey, I am really excited about having the computer chat when I get home. Building the computer would be an exciting adventure but if I could do something with a laptop then I guess I will be happy with that. I just would like to know more about computers and cars. That would help me in the future for sure. Cars and Computers break down easy and I have to be mister fix it in the house when I grow up! It’s a shame that the computer died on ya. I hope that you are finding a fix for it.
              Your little run away day sounded pretty cool. I hope that you can find some time to do that when I get home to. I will definitely give Shay a run for his money when I get back. I am trying to stay fit but you can only do so much in a tiny apartment. I'm am just beat when I wake up too. I want to go running when I get home. You can come with me in the morning. It will be fun you'll see. I love you Dad and sorry if your portion is a little small. We got a late start today after playing with the Zone. Well, Love ya Pops and don't be a trunker! JK love ya Dad. Love Elder Hamblin
                           Take care and be good examples for me! Love Elder Hamblin
        Philippines Cauayan Mission

Monday, October 22, 2012

October 21, 2012

Elder Hamblin has had a hankering for Breakfast Cereal and Milk.  We just had to indulge him.
Enjoy!!!  Elder Hamblin
Elder Rocaberte and Elder Hamblin shelter from the rain.
Elder Hamblin was envious of a picture of his family in the snow.  He said he would L-O-V-E to be cold for a little while.  All I have to say is...  "PUT THAT BLOCK OF ICE IN YOUR BED, ELDER".

Kay I got a lot to write you about! I am sending some pictures right now. One is just me and the awesome Elder Rocaberte.  Another is of my water bottle when the freezer over froze and we had to defrost it and the water bottle got stuck in it! The last is your awesome Package to me! I loved it! Of course the Oreos and the St. Judes tie. I like those ties. I put the non-St. Judes tie on right after I got it! It's stain resistant apparently! Pretty cool. My family is AWESOME! Let's not forget the 2nd place winner of best contents in the box. THE HUGE BAG OF MARSHMALLOW MATIES! THANK YOU SOOOOOOO MUCH!!! I've already eaten like two bowl fulls! I had to buy milk though but it was worth it! OH HOW I MISS COLD CEREAL IN THE MORNINGS! After I was done with the cereal I soaked Oreos in the left over milk for breakfast. I am such a horrible person! I felt fat but I was happy! We played sports and I got an email from my brother E. McGuffin who is now Brother McGuffin. I miss him. I hope he is doing well and hopefully being successful in the interesting life of an RM. Thank you SOOOOO much for all the love and support in the Package. But to tell you the truth my favorite part of each package really, is when I get your handwritten letters. That really is the best. I miss my family when you get a handwritten letter its just different than a regular old email ya know? Thanks so much for all of it.
           In other words we had our quarterly interviews with President Carlos and I got to say that this interview far surpasses the ones of the past. I was awkward at the first and didn't know what to say. The funny thing was President read my countenance and just KNEW what to say to help rekindle my missionary spirit and help me to just let go and be happy again. It's a struggle Devree to CHOOSE to be happy every single day but it is always worth it! Its one heck of a journey a mission takes you on.
          I have one big thing/chunk of news to tell you all. When President came to interview and speak a bit in our District Meeting, he told us about an email he had just recently got from church head quarters. It said the usual number of missionaries that send in paper work was around like 500 to 800 in like two weeks. In the last two weeks after General Conference an estimated 8000 worthy young adults have put their papers in and are waiting to enter the over stuffed MTC and become part of God's massive righteous army! 8000! Count them zeros! Can you believe that!? I can't! It means there is going to be a sudden surge of more missionaries in the field now and the work will be hastened. The field is white already to harvest! I'm excited! I may only see a little of the effects of this during the last months of my mission but this means younger, brighter missionaries into the field at an earlier time in their life. It's just so exciting that's all! It means I may have a hard time getting married if all the beautiful young ladies are saying, "NOPE, I'm staying ring-less! I have to serve the LORD first! WAIT FOR ME" UGH! Well I'll just stay positive about my dating future. Anyways tha'ts the gossip in the Philippines. Okay now for you!
     Dear Devree,
           Well, I refer you to the Dating portion of the paragraph above. I am definitely worried about dating when I get home. I don't think you'll have to worry about be getting married 2 months after I get home ya know? Basta, I'll wait so you can be there if you serve a mission. It would be a great opportunity if you served a mission. You would love it! You grow and learn a TON on your mission. It is a great learning experience. Do you want me to send you a reply to all your questions in your box letter or wait till your handwritten letter gets here and just respond to it that way? I think I'll just wait for the hand written letter than, I can take my time with how I respond.
           Anyways, WOW, you are a super duper flirt when you want to be. High school wasn't your game time... COLLEGE was! I am happy that you are happy. Be careful though little sister. Dating as you know, is a weird game with few rules. I know you're smart and you play smart. Just think before investing your heart in a dude who's still a boy. I don't know.  Just play safe. I've been burned and its not fun. Play safe with fire. Its beautiful and dangerous. Play smart. Words of advice for the week. That and boys mature slower than girls. The rest I'll save for your personal letter. Your movie Never Been Kissed. Here's my movie: "I bet she doesn't wrestle fight or box!" "Roar ferosiouly." LIVEN IT UP A BIT!" "I want you to strike fear into my heat!" "NO not you Wesely you're a rabbit! For heavens sake." "NO more mister Nice Guy that's not me!" Try that on for size! Love Elder Hamblin
     Dear Mom,
           Thanks for your letter in the package and for all the love. I love you all and I love what you said about Eternal Families. Really that's your goal for all your little kids right? To grow up one day and have great gospel discussions and such and go to the temple together. That's what it's all about right? I like your goals in life. They are good righteous desires. I want us to be an Eternal Family someday too. I guess its more of just staying an Eternal family.
            So  ya a lot of Adventure Times and we have been seeing the results from our labors. I hope to see the cute family with the disabled boy start to progress. We just had a TON of meetings this month I haven't really felt like we were able to get in the groove of missionary work this week because we were just so busy with the meetings and such. I'm just all conferenced out. (if you can count that as a term) a spiritual overload. I haven't had the proper time to search ponder and pray about what has been said. Before you know it I'm gonna get transferred again into a new area with a new companion and probably more pictures. I hope to talk with Ethan when I get back. Maybe help him find the right path.  
              Hey, You have gotten a lot of good blessings from me on a mission haven't you. Spiritual blessings and Temporal Blessings. (EX: Iphone) You know that good stuff!  I am soooooo happy for the package! But another package, already? I have no Idea what to wish for for Christmas. That's like light years away! All I can think of is like trunky things like a funny t-shirt or I don't know, Its hard since you're all so far away, and I'll just have to lug it back when I come home anyways. If you have an awesome idea for a gift you could just keep it at home waiting for me. At this stage of my mission I just figure that whatever I want can really wait so you don't all spend too much money on little old me. I'm stoked for Devree's quote "Irreplaceable gift". But that can wait. If I could go crazy with Christmas or Birthday wishes I would wish for....nah tha's crazy.....basta I would wish for a chance for either a really nice Laptop for school or a chance to build an awesome gaming computer with my tatay out of one of our many old extra computers. I'm excited to do that when I get home. That and Quading and making Peach Ice Cream with Mom and Pops. I want to go hiking and stuff as you all know. Give me a week to think about other stuff to put in the Christmas/Birthday package. I'm not thinking well right now I got a headache from all the karaoke singers and such. SO next week just remind me and I'll give you some ideas. Sorry, I'm just pooped this P-Day. What are you guys doing for NEVADA DAY! I want the details mama. Love ya, Elder Hamblin
         Dear Dad,
                You trunky Dad you! I would love to go explore the abandoned mines with you too Dad. Quad adventures are at the top of my list of things to do when I get home!
               I really don't know what I want for Christmas Pops. If I had to think about Video Games I would like for Christmas there was one called Portal. I never got around to playing Portal and apparently a new one has come out now called Portal 2 both for the PC. (You can see why I would be interested in building a gaming PC with my Pops and getting a laptop for College. Basta I'm still hopelessly in love with video gaming. I will probably beat all of Shay and Danes new games while they are at School. I just think A good PC for the apartment or my future house would just be an excellent investment and a fun source of entertainment. But enough, I also want to open the hood and have you teach me more about cars. I need to know more about cars and about building computers and if you can help me with that I will be a happy man. I've also made a goal to practice the piano more when I get home. I don't want to just waste away like before my mission. I want to develop my talents.
            K so so far I have written Manny like two letters and I sent off one before I got his Dear Elder which said that his address had changed. Turd. I also sent him a letter about the package and one to his Girlfriend as well. BOTH were sent together to his first address and that was long ago before he sent me the address change letter. Tell him I LOVED the package and the letters and everything! There is a letter floating in the world somewhere for him. I send him the letters and wait for a response. Next letter I'll talk about his package. Anyways, I miss him. Tell him that too! Snail mail is horrible and unreliable and very sketchy most times!
               SO you liked the BYU Idaho Campus huh? Ya really think my future wife is actually there waiting for me to enroll? My future wife, Dad, has probably just accepted her mission call. But that's negative thinking pops! Basta I Love the Philippines. I love the mission. It's frustrating at times but its really enjoyable at times as well. I'm excited for the future but I have to enjoy the journey now. I only have like 4 or 5 months left! Time goes by so fast! This cycle is like a blur right now. Anyways, love ya Dad, Love ELDER HAMBZ
       Dear Shay,
              I liked that you were Gambit for the party. I liked Gambit too. I think he should have gotten more attention in the X-Men movies. Anyways, I like Night crawler too but I could see how It would be very difficult for you to dress up like a blue tattooed man! Last week I taught the gospel to recent converts and less active people. We don't have a TON of investigators right now but we have one really good one that is progressing pretty well. I have high hopes for her. She still needs to pray to know if the Book of Mormon is true or not. She comes to church each Sunday though! That is always a good sign. We have two other investigators that are not just getting the lessons right now. We're trying to help them out. I want to find a family to baptize. I am just waiting for us to stumble upon the Golden Family. Pray for me. Pray for my comp. I love ya little Bro. Stay strong read PMG (Preach My Gospel) and be the best example you can be to your friends! Love, Big Brudda
       Dear Dane,
                That's great that you are excelling in the Baritone. I hope you stay with the piano lessons as well so that you and me can play piano and stuff. I don't care what they say, playing piano gets you chicks. I miss ya Dane. I laughed when I thought of you as Nacho Libre. In your Stretchy pants. Just for fun. I love that movie. You're right I love that part where he farts and jumps on the guy! Gotta love Nacho Libre and with that Napolean Dynomite! Gotta love it. I'll watch it with you when I go home. I'll do pretty much whatever you guys like to do when I get home. How is school going for you? How are you doing in Scouts!? I saw the pics of you all! You are turning into a mature young scout. I hope to be like an adult when you go on a campout! Alright well I got to go but be a good boy for Mom and Dad and for me okay. Love Elder Hamblin
                         SO if I didn't answer any questions just let me know in the next email. My heads about to explode and we've been here for way too long. Love you all!
 Elder Hamblin
Philippines Cauayan Mission

Monday, October 15, 2012

October 14, 2012

Dear Devree,
          Gosh I like how Mom's all like saying my opinion for me! Sure what the heck. You know I think you should marry an RM ya know. I GOOD RM that will treat you right and hold your fingers when your cold and put your toes in his armpits! JK That’s just nasty!  But they would be warm! I openly apologize ahead of time guys. No pictures this week. I forgot my SD card reader. I'm bobo what can I say! Anyways get ready cause next week I'm totally sending a video of me eating a Balut in the fastest time possible! I hope that Mom Doesn't throw up!
        SO this week everyone, (Sorry Devs I'll get back to you in a sec.)  Me and Elder Rocaberte have been havin a rough time finding some good progressing investigators. After all our fantastic baptisms we have been having a hard time finding NEW investigators to teach and help come unto Christ. Thus we came up with an idea. During our newly found extra time in the afternoon we have scheduled certain times where we are straight tracting. Tracting: Verb; The act of finding new investigators to teach through talking to random strangers about Jesus Christ. Tracting is a very depressing term so I have preferred to call these golden moments ADVENTURE TIME!  (I draw a sword in my planner every time we have one Shay and Dane!) It's an exciting time! Sometimes we get lost, sometimes people are rude to us but we are slowly seeing a bit of success through the least effective way to find people to teach! We also heavily rely on referrals as well. Anyways the work goes on. I love it. Please pray for my mouth to be unstopped. I will try to be ready to accept those blessings! I continue to pray for you as well!
             Sorry for the interruption!  I have a scripture for you today. It’s in the BIBLE in Matt 5:16 tell me what you think about it!
           Your movie was WHITE CHICKS! Thats a good movie but a naughty one as well! Here’s mine they quoted it in General Conference
   "If I were a rich man, yabadebadebadebadebadebadeba dum!"
   "Traditiooooon Tradition.......TRADITION!"
   "God of wonders, miracle of miracles..."
   "Match maker match maker make me a match! Find me a find catch me a catch!"
        Ironically I can only remember the songs! Don't ask me why! Love ya! Elder Hamblin
        Dear MAMA,
                 OOOOOHOOOOO! You are in for an extra surprise. You just let me know when you get it! It's for your birthday! I hope you like it!
              I loved General Conference! IT was great! It's so hard to spell great! Will you teach me how to spell and do simple math when I get home Mom? I feel like my brain has been melting! BAH! Yea I liked when President Eyrings Granddaughter talked about how Jesus wasn't in his house (the temple) so, he must be out helping someone else! I loved the talk by Larry Echo Hawk 1st because h is name is just AWESOME! Second because of his story when he almost got chewed out for what he believed in but instead the drill sargent just passed him over. He testified that indeed he was a Mormon and yes he knew the Book of Mormon was true. AT ALL COSTS! When I heard Jeffery R. Holland's talk about DO YOU LOVE ME? I was reminded of his other talk I have saved on my SD card that another missionary gave to me. IT was a talk he gave in the MTC about the same topic. I'm glad that the world can now know of it. The world can now know that Discipleship doesn't end with missionary work. It’s now and forever. We can’t go back to the frayed nets and the old boats. There is no turning back. We are disciples now. No amount of disobedience and being excommunicated can change the fact that we covenanted to do His work BE HIS HANDS! OH I loved every second of it. I was so sad when it was all over way too fast. I wish I could watch it all over again. But that would take WAY too long at the computer SHOP! Anyways yes mother I loved General Conference. It was a blast!
       Bad news, no small package. Not yet at least. I can't wait for it! I hope to see it soon. I hope to see you all soon in the right time! I love you and miss you. Love Elder Hamblin
       Dear Papa,
            You bet your burnin biscuits that I am down for quading adventures! I am down for anything you all think is fun except Risk. Ain't goin down that road again! I don't want to have to play a game so long that I will grow a beard by the end of it! I miss ya papa. Did you know that? I hope you all know I miss ya tons.
          I miss Manny as well. I hope to send off a great letter to him soon. I thought I had sent a letter off to him and he still hasn't sent back a response. Who cares? I can send him a letter when I want to  So Manny said the prophet did have revelation when they lowered the age of missionaries?  So yes anyways, I agree with you in that It's true, The Lord does direct and guide his church for sure! I'm grateful that I'm just a part of it all! I'm happy that I am a missionary. I am happy that I am learning and growing rather staying a stagnant person and not going anywhere in life. I do look forward with brightness of hope that I won't be a bum when I move out of the house, but be a happy person. I want to be a person who has a purpose to my life and goals and hopes and dreams and not a mindless Zombie. I don't know ifI look forward to the future yet since I'm trying to enjoy the present. It's an awkward experience sometimes. Roller coaster emotions for people who are choosing to accept or decline the Saviors invitation to Come unto Christ come unto him and forget the sins and the addictions and be better people. It's amazing to see people change. Well, I love you pops. Sorry for that little bit. It was long, but I needed to get it out. I hope you enjoyed conference as much as we did. I gave the talk you referred to me from Elder Oaks about why we serve to a missionary who needed it yesterday. I hope it helps! I love you pops thanks for all you do for me. Love, Elder Hamblin
           Dear Shay,
                   SO, you are busy saving up for a HUGE Ipod Touch huh? Well, I just got one thing to say about that.....can I play with it? JK I love you bro and I am glad that you are trying to budget and use your money wisely. But remember this scripture when you think about how to use your money 2nd Nephi 9:51 It's about spending your hard earned money for the things that matters most! Oh be wise!  Can I say more?
             That TV show you were talking about is like the most favorite TV show of one of my good missionary friends out here. He is awesome. He says the show is awesome and I plan to check it out when I get home. I kinda have been making a bucket list in a way. Of things he tells me I should see or do when I get back we love talking about stuff like that. He is really plugged in and knows the stuff I would like! He's nice like that! If that Zip Line at the Watts is still up I want to try that out as well. Are you gonna be brave enough to go camping in the cold with me? I can't wait to dive into a freezing river with you. It should be fun getting hypothermia with my best bud! I miss ya Shay, DON'T forget to read my scripture I gave you and don't forget to pray! I love you and be a good boy for Sister Remington.
 Love, Elder Hambz

         Dear Dane,
             I can't believe you!  You lazy tard. Lying around and watching TV and movies! You should be outside and feeling the sun on your face! True it is getting to the cold part of the season! I don't know! Just be active! I plan on going on bike rides with you and random walks if you don't mind! Shay too, just make sure you guys aren't taken over by electronics!
           Keep it up in band Dane, you'll be glad that you did! I hope to be able to fetch my old trombone out of the attic and try and get it to work and be playable again! That will be fun! Anyways, I hope that you are ready for some fun coming up. Halloween's almost here and Thanksgiving and not to forget CHRISTMAS! It all happens so fast!
            I don't care what you say I'm not playing RISK with you Dane, Ya can't make me! I won't do it! It just takes WAY too long! I love you Dane. I miss ya bro. I'm glad that you liked my letter to you. You should try and read Alma 13:28 Tell me what you think about it! I want to know what you liked about it in your next email to me. If you have questions just let me know! I hope you like it!
           Well, I miss you and love you and hope to see the blog updated soon! I like seeing pictures of my family. I miss them. I pray for you always and I promise I will try real hard to send Pictures and Maybe a Video next time. I love you all!

                                                                                  Elder Hamblin
                                                                      Philippines Cauayan Mission

Monday, October 8, 2012

October 8th

This is the out stretching parts of my area. I like it. It's green.
I like the trees and such.
The horrible news that McDO has been SHUT DOWN until like NOVEMBER! ISN'T THAT JUST AWFUL!?!?!?!?
Tatay Jesus Castelo's baptism photos. I like his like half a smile.  He was a wee bit nervous and then he really pulled it off with his awesome testimony. He talked about when He first met us. It was great.
Here's the baptism pictures. We got Jessica's and Jennifer's baptism photos.
Tatay Jesus Castelo's
A lot of people lost their jobs. I lost a great place to buy my ball pens. And a buko shake stand.   Others lost much more.
Santiago almost burnt down to the ground the other day. Not a very pleasant thing.
The whole city smells like burning paper and plastic. Its getting better now. Still don't know the cause of the fire.
Cool lantern made from a soda can and a candle.  This is the top.
Soda can lantern.  Design on the side.

  Dear Hamblin Family,
               I am doing fine and I hope that you are doing well as well! I love you and I love the work. I am busy about the Lords business with my companion. I made some custom fit pants and The Bishopric changed in Baluarte Ward! It's been a busy week. The Mission President and his wife held our Zone Leader's Council at the mission home and fed us cold cereal and PIZZA! Sad thing was despite how delicious it all was I still had LBM's the next few days. Bummer, litteraly. Anyways, life is good. You guys sound like you're all doing well. I have been kinda having a weird P-Day. I accidentally ripped a whole in my new fitted pants right in the crouch and so now I have to close my legs when I sit down. I am currently wearing White socks because I was a NOOB and washed all my black colored socks. So I am trying to pull my pants down so no one can see at the same time trying to cover up the whole in my crouch. Needless to say I am having SERIOUS wardrobe problems this wonderful P-Day. None-of-the-less I continue on, whether my socks or black or white or my pants have a whole in them or not! The work goes on. We baptized Tatay Jesus Castelo just last Saturday. I am currently trying to send you picutures of his baptizm as well as the other baptizms We've had recently. Alright now lets get down to business.
               Dear Devree,
                       You stop seeing this boy right now missy! I don't like him one bit. He's no good for you. I'm a heartless shrew, and I'm just kidding. :D I just like acting like an over protective mother. You should totally marry the RM that Mom and Dad and Dane love! JK I don't even know these people. I'm happy you are finding people that you click with and enjoy being around.
                     NOW about this mission buisness. ARE YOU SERIOUS! If you sign up and enter the MTC like the day before I get home I'm gonna have to hurt you! JK No, Missions are awesome and you would learn a TON! So, if you want to go and if you feel like that's what you want to do, you just are gonna have to do it then won't you!? Just, don't leave before I get back please. I miss you, I want to see my sister when I get home. Sorry, I'm a wee bit selfish. Shay's gonna be making some good decisions soon. Sooner than we all thought. This new thing changes EVERYTHING! Nuts, when they told me that at church I was like,"Really? Thats great!" But I didn't believe it for one second. To many false charges and dumb rumors are being passed around lately its hard to know who to trust. Ya know?  
                    HEY, your movie was Hocus Pocus. Here's mine:
 "Q-tip Q-tip Throw it away Throw it away"
 "You don't need no pizza. They got food there."
 "Shock and Awe Shock and Awe"
 "He didn't show the inhaler?" "He chucked it right before he kissed me!"
 "I think it sucked up a diaper or something."
     Thats a good movie I hope you get it!
                 Love, Elder Hambz

      Dear Mom,
             I think I got the news like 5 times so far that people can start their missions earlier. It's great news and like changes everything. Yet, when I get to be a parent I don't think that I want to try and rush my kids into leaving for their missions when they are 18 years old. I had a lot of maturing to go through even when I came in at 19 years old. I know my brothers are leaders and true disciples of Christ though. They probably WANT to get out and into the world ASAP! I love you all. I miss my Mom. You don't need to repent Mom. Dane and Shay though....jk. I love my bros. Mom, I'm pooped. Washing cloths by hand really stinks to high heavens. I won't miss it. So you think Devs is really gonna go on a mission anytime soon? This changes everything. AGHH! I love General Conference. I can't wait. I might just download it and listen to it all week! I want to go watch it online like right now and i just might! I will tell you all my favorite parts next p-day and you can write me about it in your next email cause I will have seen it all by then! Thanks for not spoiling it to much. Sorry my brothers like wrestling so much! Shay will probably be able to take me down after the mission! Well, Your still hanging in their with the substituting. I guess it's a blessing and a curse for you! The Lord blesses us in different ways than we thought possible. Through some of my trials on my mission I have really been blessed. Well, Love you Mom and wish you the best. Love, your old toot of a son, Elder Hamblin
      Okay for the news letter:
               Hey everyone, I am doing well. I am busy with missionary work in the Philippines. Baptizing and helping people come unto Christ. The mission is a great place to learn life lesson and I am grateful for every second I have here among the Philippinos. Life is well. I have eaten a lot of strange things from a partially formed duck fetus to the tongue of a pig in a soup! I have blessed the sick, mourned with those who have mourned and tried to comfort those who stand in need of comfort. We have been teaching amazing people with amazing stories and who have truly been prepared for the message. I carry that message to all who wish to be happy for eternity. I am where I need to be when I need to be there. In short, I love my job. I guess I should say my calling. It really isn't a sacrifice when you think of all I have gained from serving a mission. It's more of an investment than a burden. My family has received an out pour of blessing from my service and I have received priceless knowledge that I don't think I could have learned any other way. I guess I just want to say I am happy because of the decision I have made. I love you all and wish the best for you. Pray for me, I pray for you.
                          ELDER HAMBLIN
Okay, how was that? If you need a better one just let me know. Love ya.

     Dear Shay,
            Wrestling inside the house! Tsk Tsk. You know Mom hates that dude! And whats this, starbursts and skittles and aghahghahg! Whats wrong with you!?!? I guess thats fine. I will get a package soon! Still waiting on it. I might see it tomorrow and if not tomorrow I get it in November mabey. I don't know. I just need some marshmallow maties. and a extra large pizza from Costco. Ya I get trunky when I talk about food. Well, its not really trunky its a want for real food. Its a beg for real food. I am missing good American food, thats all. I'm gonna come home when they tell me to get out of here and not a minute sooner! I love being a missionary when everything is going the right way! THAT is the best! Well love ya bro. Eat well and be happy and go on a mission ya fool! Stay in school don't do drugs and while I'm at it, DON'T DATE B4 UR 16! JK I love ya bro take care! ELder HAmbz
         Dear Dane,
                  It's great that you are already getting ready for your mission. The preparation will all be worth it! I love that you care about your grades in school. That will be a great help in the future! Keep saving for your mission and being a good example for Shay. No doubt you will be ready when the time comes. I'm just loving the mission life now a day's It's great and I am pretty busy everyday! We have to walk all over the place and teach/reteach people all the time. It keeps me busy and There's always a time I am blessing someone's life. Like one time, we had just gotten new beds for our apartment and we decided to give the old ones to a member who feeds us all the time just to ya know try and pay her back for all the kindness. You should of seen the look on her face. She said, "Blessings, I know that blessings will always come for the good we do." the matteress went straight to the kids who loved it compared to the wooden frame they had been sleeping on. The Fathers eye's just lit up when he put it on top of his tricy. It felt great Dane! I loved the feeling. Smiling watching them leave. It was great. Well Love ya Dane. Love Elder Hamblin

        Dear Dad,
                Well, I think I have been told about the BIG NEWS like 50 times by now. 1st time was at church. Didn't believe them one bit. I just thought that they had all been misinformed or going crazy which wouldn't be the first time. THEN, at the computer shop on P-Day, another missionary from a different zone came up to us and told us about the same thing. Said he saw it at General Conference 1st session, online. Then I started to believe. Then all you hoolagans told me 3 different times what had happened and man alive I believe! I can't wait to see it on the big screen next Sunday! IT'S GONNA BE AWESOME!! My brothers filled me in on all your yummy snacks and junk food I miss oh so much! jerks!
              SO, Dane's growing up right under your noses. I'll get home and he'll be a force to be reckoned with! I imagine him like 6 feet tall and with a super deep voice. That would be funny! I think my life could have been made into a Comedy TV Show. With the Nudist neighbors and the cranky old people on our block. What a great life! I Love you Dad, you know that, I hope you don't for get that. Enjoy the pictures Dad. I sent quite a few, and make sure you update the blog. I like to see pictures of you all. It makes me happy. It makes me really happy. Love you Pops
     Elder Hamblin 

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

September 30, 2012

Okay, you all!  Listen up you trunky family of mine! While you're busy gloating in the hard earned blessings from my mission I have been hard at work teaching the Chosen One! Here let me tell you a little bit about a man I like to call a Golden Investigator! His name is Tatay Jesus Castello and this is his story:
            Me and Elder Rocaberte are waiting to catch a trikey before going to a far out part of our area. When out of the clear blue a man on a motorcycle pulls up right in front of us. He stops his engine turns, over, looks directly into my eyes and asks, "Elder, when is my baptism?" Now as you might as  expect I was kinda taken off guard by that. We talked with him a bit and he expressed how he had been taught by the missionaries in the past and needed to be baptized NOW so he could visit the Manilla Temple before going back to work in L.A.! I thought he was crazy but Elder Rocaberte asked him what his name was. Turns out Jesus Castello was in our list of people we were going to contact the next day! He had been referred to us by the neighboring ward! We returned and talked with him and turns out he had already found where the Bishop lived and had asked for a temple recommend. Our Bishop kindly explained that he had to be baptized and stay worthy for a year before he could get a Temple Recommend. Bishop then texted us and told us we had an appointment with this man, NOW! We set up a more convenient time other than 8:30am and when we returned to teach him we felt like we were talking to a member. He knew his stuff! He had repented of past sins. He has no Word of Wisdom or Law of Chastity problems. He truly had been prepared for us. Everyday for the past 3 days we have been teaching him all he needs to know. It's basically a review bringing to memory the lessons of the missionaries that came before us. He is almost ready for his interview this next Friday and then the following Saturday he will be baptized! I will send pictures. I just want to let you know I am trying not to be trunky as I watch my dear beloved missionaries leave me and hear of my Sisters love life! I am busy in the work that has fell into my lap. Please pray for Tatay Castello. He needs all the help he can get! Thanks for the updates and letting me know that you all love me a lot! I love you too! Just in case you weren't feeling the love or you were unsure. I love ya all!
        Dear Tatay,
                Thanks for breaking the rules a bit for me! I love ya ya know? Pops, you gotta admit, our ancestors are pretty darn cool! Great great great great great Grandpa Hamblin. Jacob Hamblin! Come on, he is amazing! The stories will never die as long as we past them on! I want to hear all about it when I get home! I plan on signing up for the whole indexing thing when I get back so I can help Digitize the history only written on pages! You should look into that too!
                The quading, the movies the food, that all can wait. When I feel like I can't wait for something and it's making me anxious or sad I think about what Elder Shaner said to me once. He said that if you are always waiting impatiently for something that has to happen in the future then you will always be unhappy and unsatisfied. I would rather just choose to enjoy what the Lord has given me. He has given me today and if I don't enjoy it then I can waste a whole day being miserable. OR, I could enjoy it and make the most of the Lord's time and enjoy the memories in the years to come. I have a lot of decisions to make in the future. Ones I look forward to and ones I dread. Nevertheless they will come. I just want to be in the right mindset when that time comes! "I want to be happy, therefore, I am." - Elder Hamblin Keep up the good work and be a good Dad, pops. I know you are! Just hold down the fort for me while I am gone. I'll be home before you know it!              
 Love, Elder Hamblin
          Dear Mom,
                   I admire your hard work and your Faith. You all really have taken that step of Faith into the dark to prove your trust and Faith in the Lord to help pay for the mission. I am shocked, amazed and in awe of the E. Family who are not filthy rich but wish to help support me on my mission for the month of November. I will give November all that I got Mom! I'll send them a slew of letters if you wish. Do you want me to just send it to you and then have you send it to them? If you send their mailing address to me then I'll write it down and send it directly to them. Thanks for everything Mom and for your extra efforts not to make me trunky. I try to shut out the tired and depressed feelings when they come and keep my mind focused on the work still. The mission doesn't necessarily take the missionary out of the world. It attempts to take the world out of the missionary. That, in itself is a self mastery that I have yet to perfect. I'm not perfect. Sometimes I get talking about video games with the other missionaries after District Meeting. Especially the ones that go home soon. Gosh, but we knuckle down and do the work. Life is good. The work goes on, and I go on. Let me know when you get the old school letters!  I love you Mom. Pray that I can stay focused and on target. Pray that I will not lose sight of my goals. Pray for Elder Rocaberte to cheer up too. He goes home in January. I want him to really shine these last months! Thanks for the love. I know you all love me very much. Please stay safe and happy! SURRRRRRRRRE LOVE YA!   Elder Hamblin
             Dear Devree,
                   Gosh, you are just jumping right into the dating scene aren't you? Given me a heart attack! You marry a nice RM for me won't ya? Well, AFTER I get home! You keep giving me the updates okay? I love ya little sis. Play safe okay? Stay close to your room mates. I checked out your blog. I'm excited for you and for your new adventure. I am gonna have to wrap up soon. It's getting close to closing time! But I want you to keep me posted on your interesting suitors that come your way!
                  I was touched as well while singing in Sacrament meeting. I think music is one of the most powerful ways to tell the Lord how we feel. I love singing even though I don't have an amazing voice like yours. I loved singing in the ward choir and trying to help out all the other men stay on key! Even if that meant having to not eat lunch right after church. I loved singing with you! I love church now too. It's a great time to just think about the more important parts of life!
                   Hey, so your movie was Tarzan so here's mine:
  "I swim pretty girl, pretty good pretty good!"
  "One of them darn fire flies done bit me on my sit upon. One of you is gonna have to suck the poison out. Don't all get up at once!"
  "Then all of the sudden, BOOM! No more Chinese Laundry. I found myself in that explosion."  (He's my favorite character!)
                    Guess that! You should get it!
           I love ya sis and keep me posted. DON'T get too trunky for me! Love ya,   Elder Hamblin
             Dear Shay,
                     Ask your friend if her older sister is Tiffany Fukugawa. I knew here when I went to Dayton High. That would be weird if she is her younger sister. Anyway, so as usual you've got all the girls crawling over you! I am kinda nervous for you dude! I hope those girls don't get too close for comfort. You know how some of them can be a little too forward. Anyway, life is good and we are good as missionaries. How's your life going?  I'm sorry your letter kinda just cut out at the end there and I don't even think Dane sent me one! I hope to send you some pictures of the root beer can jack-o-lantern we made! I thought it looked pretty cool. Elder Rocaberte made it. He's a little excited for Halloween. Anyways I hope you like the pictures! I miss ya bro you know that right? I hope ya do. WE will do a lot when we get back. You know that I know that and that's all that's important right now. We'll party hardy! Right now I will try and focus hard on the work and send you some pictures. I love you Shay. I pray that you stay safe and protected and that you make good choices everyday! Love,    Elder Hambln

             Dear Dane,
                   You bet your biscuits that I am ready to watch some movies with you! Don't forget the popcorn! BUT, I'm a missionary remember? Can't do that just yet. When I get home don't worry. I plan on spending a lot of time with my brothers! Ya I remember Nacho Libre. That movie IS embarrassing! I like it when he's sneaking up on the skinny guy who ate his chips and before he pounces on him he toots! Ah, I laugh every time. HECK I'm smiling when I think of it! Nacho Libre is a funny movie. Well don't forget Napolean Dynomite. You'd laugh at that one too! Don't worry Dane. I will be pretty much down for anything you want to do when I get home. EXCEPT RISK! I DO NOT want to play RISK. AND MONOPOLY! OR CREATURE FEATURE! Besides that, go crazy! Love ya! Elder Hamblin

           Well, everyone, I have stayed a little long and I need to be on my way. But I love you all, ya know?  You now should have the pictures of us making dinner during the brown out after we got dumped on! I look so sexy without my shirt on but you should probably not put that on the blog ya know? We also have the pictures at the new part of our area that I haven't really explored yet. The baptism pictures from Jessica and Elizabeth's baptism. I might have already sent those to you? I think that's it! I love you! Enjoy the pictures and be safe. Play hard! Love Elder Hamblin

          P.S. Liahona September issue. Pages 48-50 Keeping your life in balance: By M. Russel Ballard. Read it, Study it, Use it! Love Elder Hamblin