Monday, October 29, 2012

October 29th, 2012

Hey everyone, heads up. I'm not emailing pictures today. I think this computer is majorly infected with viruses. Next time I'll send ya some pics. Anyways, Seems like you all are doing great and you are all happy and healthy. GOSH I just LOVED the pictures on the blog! I like seeing my family progress. Shay is HUGE and fit. (I'll talk to you later about our football game earlier. You better watch out whipper-snapper. I'm not just big but I'm quick like you too!)
     This week was great! While we were out looking for people to teach we passed by a house and Elder Rocaberte just felt like we needed to turn around and go back to a certain house. Knowing that those moments are rare I just immediately agreed, Ok kasama let's go. We go to the house and yell a TAO PO to the what seems like empty house. Seemingly miraculously a bunch of people come pouring out of the house and one of them says, "Hey come in!" Ok. so we go into the house and talk with the lady. Turns out we had stumbled upon a Less Active Sister and her Family! She (now more than ever) is thinking about her little kids and thinking about raising them the right way. (Do you think that it was just a random happen stance that we ran into her at the right time when she got back from the bukid and washing clothes in the river?) Not a chance. We know better. We also gained a new investigator from this encounter. Her sister is not a member but went to the church in primary as a kid. She's very interested in our message. I love missionary work when you really get to work! A lot of good things.
       Meanwhile there are the ups as well as the downs. We were planning for the day when it starts pouring rain outside. Rain or Shine we have to get out to work so we did. We got soaked from head to toe. My socks were soaked and they still had some soap in them from when I washed them. I guess I didn't rinse them enough and so when they got wet the friction from me walking would rub the socks against my shoes thus creating little bubbles that leaked out my shoes. I should have taken a picture but it was raining hard and I wanted to get to our next appointment ASAP. It looked cool to me but my companion didn't like it. He told me I should have rinsed them better. So Sue me!
      A song came to mind, "You can't roller skate in a buffalo herd. You can't roller skate in a buffalo herd. You can't roller skate in a buffalo herd. But you can be happy if you've a mind to.  All you have to do is get down to it. Knuckle down buckle down do it do it do it!" It made me laugh.
     Here's a great quote for you: "Tell me, I'll forget. Show me and I'll learn. Involve me and I'll remember." - Benjamin Franklin
 Dad: That applies to cars and computers for you! We got some stuff to talk about when I get home.
 Mom: That does not apply to dating. (MWHAAAAHAA HAAA! :D )We also have some talking to do.
     So they have a dance here its called Upa gondum style you may have heard the song playing on the radio and then changed the station. Part of its lyrics include, "HEEEYYYY SEXY LADY!" They have all the kids and teachers do a special dance to that song for graduations. Its really degrading. 0% Dignity. Well, That's all I got to say about that.
         Dear Devree Dear,
                     Ok sorry I have been goofing around a bit. I should have started emailing you all and not reading your letter again. When am I gonna get your personal letter? When are you gonna stop being boy crazy? You social butterfly you. Pala, you like boys other than Taylor Lautner! That's crazy! You all are growing up WAY too fast! Just the pictures are getting me thinking about how much you all have just grown. I told you so. I had to say it! SO don't put your heart out on your sleeve Missy. Just be careful like I said. Boys sometimes don't play nice.
                 Your movie was TANGLED. Although I have already seen it, it still is on my watch list when I go home. Here's my movie quote of the week:
"Have you ever heard the wolf cry to the blue corn moon?"
"Have you seen the colors of the wind?"
"It's my compass."    Okay try that on for size. I know its like a dead give away but hey at least I got an excuse. I can't watch movies.
          Love ya sis. Love Elder Hamblin
            Dear Mom,
                  I hope you cried for good reasons like you miss me and such when you read my handwritten letter. When I got some time on my hands I can be quite the writer. I miss my Mom ya know. I hope you all do feel the love from me. I hope Manny doesn't mind you Hogging me from him for the first few days of me being home. I don't care if we have a huge party or if its just me and the family when I come home....NOT like I'm thinking about that stuff....ahem. Anyways, If you want it to be just the family then that's what it will be.
          Last letter you talked about my Christmas package. To tell you the truth Mom, I'm a happy camper! I don't need anything that can't just wait till I get home. It's more of just the wants. I like candy, and Oreos. I've almost eaten all the Marshmallow Maties. You got any Collosal Berry Crunch? JK Just be creative. Whatever you send,, I'll love it. I've given up trying to convince you to not spend so much money. You'll send me a package with or without my permission. Be creative. You know what makes me smile and laugh! Just don't go all out with it. I know how much those St. Judes ties cost and that alarms me. Please don't spend tons of money on stuff I just have to bring back.
          THAT BEING SAID: I have compiled a list of things more like suggestions. None of these things make sense to send to a missionary but just so you know what I have been thinking about getting.
 I curse my addiction to gaming before the mission to the following list.
                   Sneakers For Running when I Get home
                   Star Craft 2 for PC
                   Portal 1 and Portal 2 for PC
                   Old Gaming Magazines (Dad hit up your friends for stuff issued in the last 2 years)
                   A nice good looking sweatshirt
                   Swimming Goggles
                   Calvin and Hobbs Comic Book
                   Eragon: Book 4 (I'm ready to read that!)
                   Think Geek Stuff (I'm especially interested in the Nicoli Tesla VS Thomas Edison shirt.)
          Please Refer to this website for more details:

 I know this probably doesn't help you much in package ideas but hey just saying. It's some stuff I'd like to have when I go home! Just in case you were wondering. I'm such a nerd. I wrote it all in my planner so I wouldn't forget anything!
                   So ya I loved the update on the blog! You took a LOT of pictures of A LOT of people I don't know. I just don't know those new people. It’s kinda weird to tell you the truth! Anyways I miss ya. I plan to send more snail mail letters soon. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Go do something crazy like eat a whole jar of pickles or go cliff diving or something. Make it a birthday you'll never forget. I love ya Mom. Live life to the fullest. Love your son, Elder Hamblin
       Dear Dane,
            I just LOVED your Nacho Libre. You have great taste in costumes and movies. I loved that movie too as you well know. I thought you liked to know when we were out and about having fun today I saw some graffiti on the wall. It said I love you. I had to laugh cause some Philippino must have misspelled YOU! HA! Anyways, how you doing? he he How's school going for ya? Missionary work is hard sometimes Dane, but you always get rewards and joy for the work you do. You may not see the outcome of all your efforts in life but knowing you've done your best is a reward in itself. That's what helps you out when the success isn't every day ya know? I love you Dane, You rock that Nacho Libre costume!
            Love, Your big brother
      Dear Shay,
             You are a BEAST! You look fit bro. Your voice is gonna be super deep and you’re gonna be huge! I can just see it! Don't worry I can give you a run for your money now. I have been playing football and walking all day long every day so now I just need to run with you in the morning and get rid of my tummy and then I guess I'll be happy. Also I got to get used to drinking milk again. I think I'm having negative reactions to the little bit of milk I have with my cereal. It makes me want to go potty a lot. Anyways, that's a personal matter! I loved your Gambit suit. You looked super cool for your lady friends at the party. Mom sure thinks they like to hug you a lot! Well, just be careful like I've always said. Mom’s, already trying to get me to date your crushes older sister. That is awkward is it not? Come on agree with me on this one. Hey Allen says to watch "Firefly". It’s a TV show you can probably find on Netflix. Don't tell mom I told you to do that! Wink! It’s about Space Cowboys in space. They blow up stuff. Allen says it’s cool so check it out. I think you would love You should check that out to. Manny told me about it way back when. You might like some of the T-shirts.
                Anyways, I love ya and I miss ya bro and yes Dane is right, You are most certainly a trunker. One who inflicts trunkiness on others. Love ya Love Elder Hambz
      Dear Pops,
              Hey, I am really excited about having the computer chat when I get home. Building the computer would be an exciting adventure but if I could do something with a laptop then I guess I will be happy with that. I just would like to know more about computers and cars. That would help me in the future for sure. Cars and Computers break down easy and I have to be mister fix it in the house when I grow up! It’s a shame that the computer died on ya. I hope that you are finding a fix for it.
              Your little run away day sounded pretty cool. I hope that you can find some time to do that when I get home to. I will definitely give Shay a run for his money when I get back. I am trying to stay fit but you can only do so much in a tiny apartment. I'm am just beat when I wake up too. I want to go running when I get home. You can come with me in the morning. It will be fun you'll see. I love you Dad and sorry if your portion is a little small. We got a late start today after playing with the Zone. Well, Love ya Pops and don't be a trunker! JK love ya Dad. Love Elder Hamblin
                           Take care and be good examples for me! Love Elder Hamblin
        Philippines Cauayan Mission

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