Sunday, November 11, 2012

November 4th, 2012

    Dear Hamblin Family,
              Life's good except the internet is extremely slow here.
SO, probably no pictures this time Poppy. I'll see what I can do.
Frustrating to say the least. But, life goes on. Ok so you guys are
not gonna believe what happened...
            I got transferred! I kinda saw this coming but hey that is
the life of a missionary. Elder Rocaberte's got something like 12
weeks left. I got transferred to a new area called ROXAS! I am still a
zone leader and I am now companions with the fantastic Elder Galang.
He's da bomb. He's such a hard worker. Sometimes we get home, plan,up
date the stinkin area book and I update my journal. By the time that’s
all done I get to bed by like 11:30 and then get up and do it all over
again. It's a very fast paced life here. A LOT of investigators to
teach. Me and Rocaberte got at least 3 new investigators while I was
there and they will still need to work hard to find more good
investigators. I'll pray for them. He got Elder Proctor who is amazing
so no worries.
      ROXAS you pronounce it ROWHAS! Its a very interesting place. A
lot of funny members. We had one Sister who has to be in her 80's come
walking into church with some crazy shades a rose dress and some
kickin blue/white/pink socks that went up to her knees. She's an
amazing help to the elderly investigators. I love her little high
pitched voice. Makes me smile.
              Dad, I found a monkey. I took a picture but I don't know
if I can send it. We'll see. Anyways, I have taken some great pictures
just haven't got the opportunity to email them yet. I don't know if I
ever will have the chance now. I'm in a far out area with crappy
internet shops and hords of annoyingly loud War Craft players shouting
profane language in Taglaog all around me. If it were dark and hot, I
say this would be a lot like outer darkness. Anyways, I'll do my best
to get some pictures coming your way!
            We have a recent convert and his legal name is Moby Dick.
He wife is Sister Sweets but I think that’s just her nick name. Our new
bathroom is small. I sit on the toilet and my knees touch the wall in
front of me. Kinda uncomforable. I am also afraid when I see
cockroaches and worms on and around the drain by the shower. YUCK! I
have some cleaning to do. Our house is right next to the Sister
Missionaries. They are in are District and are SUPER nice. They give
us food sometimes over the concrete wall that separates our houses.
It’s cool.
                ANYWAYS, that's how I'm doing. What about you people?
            Dear Mom,
                    I got your Dear Elder! (you trunky mama you!) I am
in the process of making another personalized letter for you but I
might just send it with a personalized letter for Devree when I Get
her mail too. I don't know. We'll see. Thanks for the extra thoughts.
I received yours along with Laura’s at the same time. HAHA ohhh when I
read the two together I laughed my pants off! I'll show you when I get
home! Anyways, I loved it so be ready for another letter soon. Last
that I heard the Less Active Family the Pemintells were doing great.
They have a baby that has the same birthday as me and one of the AP's
Elder Huffstuttler. It's kinda interesting. I only got one lesson with
them so It’s up to Elder Rocs and Elder Proctors to get them back to
church. Well, I hope that they will get back to church. I found this
part of your letter pretty interesting: "Then Friday was my birthday
and Dad and I had a relaxing fun day of talking to most of my siblings
and a little shopping and a couple of movies.  Grandpa Rice also got
his prostate operated on and is doing well." What a conversation jump!
I'm glad that grandpa is on the mend and You had a great birthday. I'm
sorry about Grandma though. I'll pray for her along with your prayers.
God has blessed you guys so much since I've been gone I just assumed
Grandma and Grandpa would have no problems. Well, we'll see how it all
plays out. Tell them I love them.
                  Substituting has got to be rough on ya Mom. Don't
over do it! I hope those horrible teenagers will behave for you Mom.
You can borrow my bull whip if you want. It's in the white chest in
the attic. You can borrow it for as long as you like. Make sure you
teach those rotten kids.
                  SO, stay safe stay happy. Buy yourself something
nice for me. A little belated birthday present. I love you tons Mom.
Be happy! Love Elder Hamblin

              Dear Shay,
                    Sorry about the soccer games dude thats rough. I
hope you have a better year next year if you play again. Hey don't
even worry about it Shay. I'll totally be there for Thanksgiving and
Christmas in your dreams. I'm sorry Shay, I'll be there for ya next
year for sure! Just hang in there pal.
                    Shay, I just can't bring myself to giving you a
switch blade for Christmas. I can't just see you going to school and
being like, "Hey guys, guess what my older brother got me!" Next thing
I know you're in prison. Not good. I got you a knife. It's cool and
you will love it. And it’s less illegal than a switch blade. So be
happy. :)  I love you Shay. Be a good boy for me and do what  your
parents tell you. Finish up your merit badges and your eagle scout
now. You'll thank me later. It's a nightmare when your 18 year dead
mark is right around the corner dude. Just get your merit badges done
then goof around with me when I get back.
    :b    Love Elder Hamblin

            Dear Dane,
                  That math problem is like CRAZY hard! My brain is
like melting just thinking about it! I think you should just dumify
it. Take all the crazy words define them and rewrite the sentence in
simpler words that make sense to you. THEN do the math and the answer
shall come. Try that out bro. It's my method to ridiculous questions.
                  Baritone and The piano now. You will be a musical
prodigy when I get home! I hope that  you will live on the legacy of
musicians in our family! Well besides Dad. He toots a different horn.
(NOT THAT ONE!!! The one on the steering wheel of a car. Weirdos :)
                  Remember to keep saving up for your mission and
doing chores for money. You'll be glad you did in the future. DON'T
watch do much TV ok? Or movies. Or video games. You know what I mean.
Love ya little brother. Love,    Elder Hamblin

              Dear Devree,
                    Mom, bragged about you in her letter to me that
she sent. She says you've got STAMINA! I believe that! You are quite
the social butterfly in college aren't you? I'm afraid I'll be the
social caterpillar in college but I'll do my best to be confident.
Right now, when It comes to dating girls or even talking to girls the
same skin color as me, My self confidence level is in the toilet. I
can't really talk to white girls very well. I get nervous and stutter.
And that’s with sister missionaries in proselyting cloths. I'm doomed.
:( Do not cry for me sister. I will learn to be sociable soon.
                  Like for example, I can hardly write this letter
without looking at the picture of your friend that you sent me and
getting majorly distracted. I have a soft spot for white girls. SO SUE
ME! I'm a hopeless case. Well, at least I'm guapo right? At least I
got that! Speaking of how handsome I am, Do you think I would look
good with a mustache? Just askin!
                    Hey Devs, I have a lot to tell you so make sure
you get that letter to me fast! I miss you ya know!!!?? Your
experience in the scare house sounded REALLY scary. In fact it almost
scared your hair off! HA HA! I'm so funny aren't I! Sorry bad joke.
Anyways, I hope you are safe and sound and I hope you have a fantastic
Thanksgiving and Christmas with the family. At least one of us will
get to have Christmas with the family. Hopefully we'll both be there
next year. Ahhh I miss ya devs.
Love ya! Elder Hamblin

            Dear Pops,
                  Wow, sounds like you had a hard time focusing on
what to write me this week. HA I love you and your scrabbled thought
process. I miss ya.
                Ok, you got me good with the Gamer Magazine about
building a Budget Gamer PC. I'm sold. I need to study up on that and
cars and practice the piano. I'm going to continuously try to develop
my talents in order to find out what I want to be for the rest of my
life. See what I'm good at. Being a writer a programmer an airplane
mechanic a musician. Those are all careers I would love! Just gotta
find out what I am good at and get REALLY good at it!
                Nah Dad, Haven't encountered much snow driving in the
Philippines. Haven't encountered much snow in the Philippines. I
haven't drove a car in like 1 year and 8 months Dad. So no I haven't
had that experience in a while and YES I would have loved to drive my
best friends to Dayton for you but alas I am just a man and a
missionary man at that in the Philippines. One thing I know for sure.
SOMEBODY I don't know who... REALLY wants me to go study at BYU Idaho
when I get home. I don't know I may be crazy but that's the general
vibe I'm getting right about now! HA I love you Pops.
                I'll try and get you some new pictures soon. I don't
know I just have problems with these computer shops. They just aren't
trustworthy. I could get a virus and lose everything If I'm not
careful so just hang tight I'll see what I can do. I know you love
seeing what’s going on so I'll do my best to get some new pictures in
for you all!
                  Elder Rocaberte was getting a wee bit trunky at the
end there but His new comp will kick him in to gear. I'm sure of it.
He and I needed a change of pace. Anyways, God knew I was needed in
Roxas so he told President Carlos to send me here. Now it’s my job to
find out the reason why. It may be for me It may be for my companion.
Heck, I don't know what or who it’s for but I'm gonna find out why I
need to serve here. This could very well be my last area. Elder Galang
my current companion is going home in like 6 weeks (at the end of this
cycle) so I will be here for a while. That's ok with me. Life's good.
not toilet seat till but that's nothing I can't handle. Basta, Thats
Life! Well, I'll never forget how much I am truly loved by you all.
Thanks for everything guys. You're all awesome. I hope you checked out
the links as well. I love you all and hope you feel the love coming
from me as well in your respective places.

                  ELDER HAMBLIN

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