Monday, November 26, 2012

November 25, 2012 Happy Thanksgiving!

Okay, Hamblin Famliy!!!!
  I hope you know I missed you all and your Thanksgiving FEAST! GOSH!  (they are playing the freakin sexy lady song right now as I sit in the computer shop. I'm gonna hurt someone.) This has been a fantastic week for me. We don't have any money to buy a turkey. I don't even know where I'd find one. I had a merienda on Thanksgiving. They had real peanut butter on bread! (no jelly but that's normal here.) We had a hamburger for Thanksgiving at a restaurant called Jolliebees that tasted interesting. I didn't have a great Thanksgiving. I have high hopes that our Christmas will be much better. Elder Galang will be home for Christmas. I on the other hand will not be. I sometimes wish I could trade spots with him. He wishes he could trade spots with me and stay in the mission for another couple of months.
       I am very, excited to see that Shay killed that Turkey in one chop. What a manly man! I'm proud of ya! I loved Danes picture of him holding up the turkey feet and saying I'm a T-Rex! I miss my family's sense of humor and AMERICA'S sense of humor. (We are WAY funnier than the Philippines in my opinion.) I will be honest with you all that I did know about Pitch Perfect and Hotel Transylvania before you wrote me about it! It's kind of a funny story. I'm in the palanky market buying what I got to buy to survive. Eggs. One tray. We buy a ridiculous amount of eggs and the lady like normal wraps it up in a news paper and ties it up for me to carry home. Just like normal...I get home unpack the stuff. As I unwrap the eggs I unfold a corner and I see a picture of a little vampire girl with a smile and naturally the animation looks normal like its from America. I begin to read that Hotel Transylvania had just come out and was a number one hit for families and I knew that Adam Sandlar played the voice of Dracula that's it. I also saw an ad for Pitch Perfect and I almost pee'd my pants laughing when I read, "Get ready to get Pitch Slapped!" HA! I am not trunky I just stumbled upon that piece of newspaper by accident. I miss movies. A lot. Members are all talking about Twilight part 2 and I knew Devree would be all, THIS IS THE BEST ONE YET! Cause she's in love with Jacob and Edward like Bella is. I keep my ear out for news and I catch a couple of things. You have no idea how hard it is for me not to hop on Youtube right now and see the trailer. It's like I'm getting clean from using drugs and I'm having youtube withdrawals right now. That and Mario. I just love Mario. I can hear the music in my head. AHHAHAHAHAHHAAHHH! I know you will all take care of me when I get home. I know you will feed me tons of food and love me and laugh and play cards with me cause you're my family and you love me. I miss you all. I wish I could be there for Christmas SOOOOO BAD! But I can't and I can't do anything about it so Shay you're gonna have to suck it up! Dane don't cry. I almost cried when I saw the Missionary bear sitting at the table ready to eat the turkey for me. I miss eating as a family. I guess I've always been a family man you know? I like being with my family and doing fun things with you all. You know I will be ready and willing to do just about whatever you all want to do when I get home! I miss you all and wish you a happy thanksgiving. Give my lovins to the Evans as well. Madsen is HUGE! I saw the pics on the blog! Well, that was a long introduction but now I guess I will answer your questions.
           Dear Dane,
         You are super cute with your T-Rex hands and you make me laugh with your different sense of humor. You are the light in the family. I always have to listen to what Dane has to say cause every now and then you say something that is SUPER funny and get everyone laughing and talking. No wonder the world loves you and your personality. I am thankful for Dane and for all that you do for me. Thanks for everything Dane, Love Elder Hamblin
        Dear Shay,
     No package yet. I didn't even know you guys had sent one yet! I am very excited for my gift this Christmas. I hope that all goes well with you and Dane earning money for the things you both want. You two are really lucky to have parents who love you and love what you do. Be grateful that Mom keeps you on task and Dad supports your righteous decisions. There are a lot of members here who are the only members of the church in their whole family and that is really hard. SO, be grateful for that. I'm grateful I was born in a country that other people wish to go to. That's a definite plus. Love you bro and have a very Merry Christmas! Love Elder Hamblin P.S. I can hear the Christmas music already and the town hall already has lights on it to make sure you get our house decorated and fast! love ya!
      Dear Devree,
    Your movie was Galaxy Quest I love that movie. I love the quote you chose as well. The super nerdy guy trying to explain to his parent about a spaceship falling into earth atmosphere at mach 15 which is indeed very unstable. Love that movie. I love you! I miss you as well. I am glad you and Laura got back to Dayton safe and sound and hopefully there will be no more car troubles on the way back to Idaho! I really wish I could be there to drive you both back. I don't know a ton about cars but I know a bit! I just wish I could help that's all.
   Your Thanksgiving sounded awesome. I wish I could have gone and seen Pitch Perfect with you. I miss going to movies with my family along with eating with you all. I know Dad and Mom are going to be ready to fatten me up when I get home! Don't laugh too hard at me if I can't eat it without rice. Or if I have to use a fork and a spoon. I'll try to be an American again. It's hard, okay!?
    Okay, my turn this is getting harder and harder just to let you know! Here we go:
  "Twins, in a bunk bed!"
  "I don't care if its been said I love scarin kids in bed!"
  "We scare because we care!"
  "Oh googely bear!"
  "You and me, me and you, both of us together!!!!" 
 Try that on for size! I can't wait to see these new movies just to let you know!
    Elder Hamblin
P.S. Their is a Iron Man 3 out apparently. That definitely made me trunky.   :D   

         Dear Mom,
    I loved how you explained in full detail on the blog and in you letter exactly what you ate. I almost got full just reading it. NOT! I miss Mama's cookin. FOR SURE! I know you'll take good care of me when I get back though so that's no problem. You know I remember saying that those things can just wait. What If they can't!? President told us in the letter/email thing that there could be a possibility with the new missionaries coming in and all that I could be going home a week or 2 early so that would be weird. He'll let us know for sure if it's so but if not that's fine. Either way I hope to finish 2 years. I don't know.  We'll see. The time is far spent and there is little remaining. HA! Did you get a hold of my grades yet? She emailed me back and said all was good. Well I hope you were able to get the grades and all. I'm sorry Grandma is still losing it. I'll pray for her and Grandpa.
      Well, Manny has found the woman of his dreams. I have sent a ton of letters to him that he just hasn't got yet. He probably thinks I hate him and his package. I wish I could just talk to him face to face! But that will have to wait. Tell him I love him for me will ya? I want to meet his girlfriend too! She seems nice.
         I have to talk at a funeral later on at 5pm today. I don't even know who died really but they want me to talk, so I will talk. Being a missionary means the ward can volunteer you to do whatever they want you to do without your permission here, in the glorious Philippines. Sweet right? As you can tell I'm not excited for this but it gives me another opportunity to preach the gospel to a large mixed audience of members, family members and drunk/gambling people tonight. It should be fun. Well, have a great day Mom. Love, Elder Hamblin

         Dear Dad,
     The Turkey feet in the backyard tree sound great.  I praise you for presenting them proudly. (I would have hung them above the front door if I were you but the tree is good too!) I would have loved to have been there for the whole Thanksgiving Festivities. I think that Shay is super lucky to be the one to deliver the killing blow to your turkey. Lucky dog. I would of loved to be there to scare/chase Dane around the farm with a severed Turkey head! Ah, alas, I am here in the Philippines teaching people and helping them come unto Christ. I don't know. It's fun and all and when I am in the work I am really into the work and not thinking about home and stuff. I am really happy. But when I am washing clothes or trying to read the Book of Mormon in Tagalog and such I just think too much about you all. I miss a world that just makes sense you know?
     I can't wait to see all the movies you have written on the list. Whatever you do, don't send the list to me right now! I'm definitely excited for all the fun you have planned for me when I rejoin my family. When I'm back in the states. I should make a song:
        When I'm back in the states I won't wear holey socks
        I'll swim in Lake Tahoe and jump off the rocks
        I'll tell me sweet sister her smile looks grand
        And Tell me little brother that he needs a real tan
   Maybe it will be an old western or a country song. I'm still working on it. (I just made that up on the spot! :)
       I miss you all and wish you all the best.
   ENJOY the pictures of the Rats and the Eels one of our investigators found in his rice field! His dog brought the rats home and he caught the eels. They ate them for dinner that night. Nice. Maybe if I'm lucky they'll invite me over for dinner next time! Well I love you. Take care and remember to always be good examples to your friends!

              ELDER HAMBLIN
                                                         PHILIPPINES CAUAYAN MISSION

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