Sunday, November 18, 2012

November 18th, 2012

These three are of Nanay Ulep in the back, Little Raymond, and my amazing comp Elder Galang on the path that leads to the Torres house in the bukid! Nice right!

Listen up breaking news: I FOUND BARKS ROOTBEER HERE! Of all places at a gas station they had it for sell! I enjoyed every drop. Elder Galang appericiated his as well.
A Carrabao up close and personal. He posed great for the picture! He could be a top model someday.
Elder Galang and this Carrabao just chillin on the side of the road.
Okay this is me being me at a very long lonely walk to our investigators in the bukid and Elder Galang in the back being Elder Galang. (note: He uses the Payong I left mine at home. Luckly it wasn't to hot!)
Okay, so we have the Tomatoes on my face. I really don't know why I wanted this one to be sent to you. I guess that my inspiration for this photo comes from a crazy lady in the palanky. She asked me if my face was itchy from all the pimples so i said sometimes when its hot. She asked me, "Do you want to know the secret to getting it the pimples to go away?" I'm like, "Lay it on me Lola!" She said I just need to get a ripe tomato and slice that baby up and lay the slices on my face. I would then be healed. So I'm thinking what the heck what to I have to loose? So I tried it out! 0 effects. But it makes for a great story.
I just like the wording the Mutant Coconut. Nice. didn't eat any of it!
Me and a monkey chained to a metal pole suspended between two trees. He was happy but at the same time liked to throw things at me. That's why I was a little nervous to get close or turn my back on him. "Baby monkey, Baby monkey, Riding on a pig baby monkey!"
There is a pig in that muddy picture. He's camouflaged in the mud. He's an undercover pig. Under mud that is.
And the last pic is just more pigs. These particular members have a ton of pigs in their yard. Like around fifteen in like one huge pin. Good stuff.

Wow, you all wrote a lot to me! I definitely feel the love! A lot has happened!
      Me and Elder Galang are still very hard at work trying to teach the gospel! I am just pooped every night! I try to get to bed at 10:30 so I don't feel like junk in the morning. I wrote in my journal, "Woke up today, surprise, but I feel like I was thrown in a sack and a used as a piƱata for little Hispanic children." I try to do my work out in the morning but to tell you the truth, I can barely muster the strength to eat my toast and stare at the wall at 6:30 am! Blah, I'll be better. You don't need to hear my complaints. I leave that for another time.
     The work goes one. We had a wonderful District Conference for all the branches here in Roxas last Sunday. That was nice. Not too much to report on.
        We had a very frustrating lesson with a stubborn old man who told us that Joseph Smith could not see God or he would have died. (so says the Holy Bible) Despite the very clear accounts in the Bible like Acts 7:55-56 of people seeing God and Jesus Christ Tatay would not listen. That is one hard heart. Most missionaries would give up by now but not Elder Galang. He wants to help Tatay understand. -We will keep coming back till his heart softens and he starts to listen again and not just debate. GOSH! I was praying so hard during that lesson that I would yell or get angry or throw Tatay across his yard. I was blessed with an investigator like him so I could learn to rely on the Lord for PATIENCE and to rely on prayer and not just will power alone. I learn a lot while I teach others a lot!
      OK, who’s first on the list:
                  Gosh, nice blog. Nice countdown. HA! ;D I can't believe I'm rounding down to 100 days left to go! BAH! Scary stuff! Well my very trunky sister, I have something to tell you. You, attract, crazy, men. I had problems with Crazy women as well. Don't worry, just don't let them know your really personal info. They're crazy!
              Dear, Sister of mine, no letter yet. As you can obviously tell I am waiting ever so patiently. I'll let you know when I get it! I liked your pre-thanksgiving. Looked nice. You guys are gonna actually kill a turkey. Nice! I had to kill a chicken with Elder Oyardo in San Mariano. It’s a gruesome job, but someone has to do it! Turns out our brothers are still fraidy-cats when it comes to spiders!
            Your movie was AUGUST RUSH and it is one of my personal favorites! Can't get enough of good musical pie! SO, here's mine:
 "second star to the right and straight on till morning."
 "I had a pet hamster once. THAT’S NO MOTHER!!"
 ".....not to lay finger, or a hook on _______  ____!"   Guess that! Love, Elder Hamblin

        Dear Mom,
               Yes you are trunky. Yes I emailed Mrs. Sanborn and she emailed me back that it was fine now. She is happy to help. Can you believe that some kids these days don't want their parents involved with their college experience! I can! Kids these days!
               Sounds like Grandma and Grandpa are getting old like they should. I know I sound heartless right now but it’s a part of life Mom. Believe me, it’s gonna break my heart to see you two go at the right time but that’s the thing when is the right time? I don't know Mom, I would comfort you more but I think the Plan Of Salvation does a better job at comforting people than I do. God’s plan that he loves us and wants us to one day return to him is a wonderful plan. I don't know what I would do without it! It really is comforting that He is there and wants us to be happy in this life and to learn from our mistakes. Take comfort Mom, in the fact that your parents are sealed to you and have been faithful to their covenants all their lives. Grandma is a saint. Enough said. Don't stress yourself out over things we cannot control. That's a very important lesson I have a hard time grasping sometimes. Just love your parents that’s all they need Mom is the phone calls and the letters if they can read them. Love them Mom. Love them!
           As for Football and other manly things, you will be surprised to know that I am seeing the interesting things in football and have loved playing it on P-days with the elders. When it isn't serious and only two hand touch I love it! I am trying to relate with my fellow Elders so I won't be such a social outcast in college cause I like Adventure Time, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, and reloading computers. I am going to attempt to keep my personality and fit in as best as I can. I make friends easily. So do my brothers despite their Lack of love for manly sports. Don't worry. You've taught us that it’s more important to smile and be a good friend than to fit in with the other dudes. I found people who like me for who I am so will they.
          Investigators are doing well. Nanay Uy is fine and her husband is getting over the skin disease on his face. Bro. Torres knows Tagalog apparently but was just shy to talk to me! GOSH TATAY! and The Mankokdoks are still not coming to church but they're mother a member faithfully comes each Sunday. Life goes on in the bukid. They plant and they harvest and they plant again. ALWAYS busy.
        I will send a 4th letter to Manny at the Address you gave me. I hope that it gets to him this time! Thanks for the address! Love ya,   Elder Hamblin
           Dear Shay,
                  Sorry, I'm gonna have to miss this Thanksgiving bro! I will be a little busy half way across the world. Ya know missionary stuff!
              You know Mom’s right, you aint fat. I saw the pictures. You are one lean mean lady killing machine my brother! I can see you right now singing at the top of your lungs, "I'm fat, I'm fat, you know it!" You can run with me in the mornings if you want. I don't want to be fat either!
               You are still a chicken when it comes to spiders I can smell your fear through the email! (Yea, I'm that good.) I haven't had the chance to kill any the size of my head lately but I'll definitely tell you when I do!
                Thanks for sending me a pretty big email. I feel the love. I can't wait to chill with you when I get home. You sound like you have grown like  a bunch like 1 year and 8 months worth since I've left. I bet you got a super deep voice now too! Gosh you stud!
              Did you know that I killed a chicken with my bare hands!? JK Elder Oyardo killed it with a dull kitchen knife. I just held its body as it squirmed and bled out onto the floor. Ya, I'm a cold blooded killer. Well kinda. I'm a cold blooded holder. yea. :D Tell me all about killing and plucking the feathers off the home grown turkey! I want all the details! I love you Shay. I won't see you for Thanksgiving but I will be there for you Virtually for Christmas through Skype! That's literally the best I can do for you bro. I love ya and miss you and I will do all that is in my power to never miss a Thanksgiving or a Christmas with you all again. (It's horrible) You better believe that I will be giving you an earful when you’re on your mission and are not coming home for Thanksgiving or Christmas. I love you Shay, Stay in School, Don't do Drugs, Date at the right age, and Most important of all I want you to remember that YOU ARE NOT FAT! Love Elder Hamblin
    P.S. Yes I would believe Mom would post that on Facebook and if she knew how she would put the video on Facebook to. and maybe youtube. I know I would! te hee  :D
     Dear Dane,
          So you are doing better at the Math club class thing. That's great! You are such a little fraidy-cat! I bet that your BIG SPIDER was probably the size of an eraser on a pencil. I can now hold spiders in my hand without batting an eye lash bro. You better believe I am going to scare the bejibbes out of you! (note: I have no clue what a Bejibbes is but I'm gonna scare you, and they are gonna come out!)
          How's Madsen doing? You and him are going to faint probably when you see the Turkey guts spill on the floor! I laugh at how you get so squeamish sometimes. I remember when I was in my last area I was just about to sit down and do my job in the CR or Comfort Room which means bathroom here. Anyways, when I was just about to sit down I looked down  and see a centipede crawling in the toilet. YUCK! I lost all desire to use the bathroom until the end of the day. Scary stuff ya know!
          Well Dane, you take care and remember that I love you and I am praying for you and the whole family to be safe and sound and be good examples to all the members and your friends. Got to love praying every night. It's super important!
 Love ya Dane,
            Love,             Elder Hamblin
         Dear Dad,
     Life as a Stake Leader must be rough with all the traveling and such on Sundays. You probably come home beat and tired. I'm glad I have a Dad who is trusted with a calling like that. You are a great example of how to fulfill your calling. Don't stress yourself out to much with all the extra stuff you could be doing or stress that you are not fulfilling your calling completely. Once you start stressing that's when you become less effective and more irritable. It's like that for most of us. I've had to learn to let loose and let go of the fears and doubts and events that stress me out that I can't control right now. (Ex: Marriage, College, Career, Marriage.) Did I mention Marriage? JK
                   You are also a great example of how to do things right the first time! Most of the time! I miss sitting down and having talks with you Dad. You guys are so darn busy! I like that. It's way better than just sitting around waiting for things to happen. I know there are a lot of fun times to come and I look forward to that! I miss you all and I hope you enjoy all the pictures.
             These three are of Nanay Ulep in the back, Little Raymond, and my amazing comp Elder Galang on the path that leads to the Torres house in the bukid! Nice right!
          The 2nd picture I just like the wording the Mutant Coconut. Nice. didn't eat any of it!
    The 3rd picture is of me and a monkey chained to a metal pole suspended between two trees. He was happy but at the same time liked to throw things at me. That's why I was a little nervous to get close or turn my back on him. "Baby monkey, Baby monkey, Riding on a pig baby monkey!"
     There should be more so keep your eyes open. Love Elder Hamblin

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