Sunday, July 31, 2011

Noble's Favorite Philippino Dish "Spaghetti & Hot Dogs!!!"

This last week I tried making Noble's favorite Philippino dish, “Spaghetti & Hot Dogs!!!”

When I told Rodel at work (He is from the Philippines), he agreed that was a wonderful Philippino dish. So he brought it to work so all of us could try it. He told me how he made it so I could try it out at home.

I made the spaghetti noodles like normal, and added the Hunts Spaghetti Sauce to the noodles. I added the Banana Sauce and Banana Chili Sauce to taste. Then you add the boiled hot dogs that have been cut into bite size pieces. The only part I missed was to brown and season some beef to add to the spaghetti sauce first. (Mmmm… MASARAP!!!) How do you make it Noble?

My Philippino friend called the banana sauce "banana ketchup". Shana said, "Yuck!!!" The banana sauce says it is made of (Banana, Water, Sugar, Vinegar, Iodized Salt, Modified Starch, Onion, Spices, Garlic).

Monday, July 25, 2011

July 25, 2011

Whooooo weeeee! You are all so busy! I wish I could have been there with you all for the reunion but I kinda have people to teach and things to learn you know?
Dear Mom,
I promise I didn't mean to make you cry! I know you all love me a ton, "even if Shay and Dane don't like to write me" sniff sniff. (make sure they read that part Mom!) Sounds like you got a dang good deal with the Iphone and Dad is the man you know!
Okay! So you had some questions about the life of a missionary and me being almost 3 months in, I feel qualified to fill you in! First of all yes We do all of the things of which you have mentioned. I write a letter to Pres. Carlos every week called an LTP and we've had a big multy zone meeting with one of the 70 and he had some good things to say. We have district meetings every Tuesday and we all go and eat Mang Ingnasal afterward and it's chicken with unlimited rice. YUUUUUM! We shop at a store similar to Smiths but here i'ts called Save More. "You can save more you can save more, SAVE MORE SUPERMARKET!" with music! We have personal and Companionship study every morning followed by the unfamiliar study to You and Dad.... Language Study! During that study I either study in my Conversational Tagalog book or me and my companion go over key words and sentences I want to say in our lesson. Sometimes we role play and I will even write key words on a note card to glance at durning the lesson. All of this is in perperation for that specific days lessons that we have planned and set with our investigators. Even though I don't like role playing I do it anyways and it always helps when it comes down to the do or die moment when E. Maxfield looks at me and says "Restoration" and I try to recite Joseph Smiths 1st vision in Tagalog as far as my memory can go and then I have to read the rest! I get farther and farther every time! My Tagalog continues to grow bigger and bigger each day and I can hold my own in a conversation with an 8 year old who asks basic questions. "Where you from? Is this your 1st area? Why is your skin white? I hear all you eat is bread in America is that true?" Most lessons I am going along and I am doing fine. I teach the principle clearly and they understand me and My companion dosn't have to do everything and people are happy. I just have one problem. My Kryptonite. The one thing that freezes me up, I hate it more than anything and that is when women start breast feeding while I'm teaching. They just lift up the shirt and insert the kid and my Tagalog goes out the window. Maybe later I will get used to it but right now I just get embarrassed and I lose where I am and I become a mess. Lifes hard but whatever I will get over it some day!
My companion E. Maxfield did the spider dance when he tried to kill a spider the size of my palm with his flip flop. He looked pretty funny dancing around! A frog got in the apartment also and we heard him croaking at night and let him out. Stupid frog! Turns out the Branch President still can't remember my name which is very frustrating. Mabe when I've been here for 6 months he will remember my name which is ironically right on my chest! GOSH! Any way when we tract we go from house to house and we walk up to their gate and shout "Tao po" and they come out and we ask how they are doing and if they want to hear the message! We go from house to house doing that until we start getting some good return appointments. We also ask members for refferals and to come be fellowshippers with us in our lessons. The Family with Jerry and Jemma (I remembered their names) They both have Baptism dates but they haven't been able to make it to church yet so we are trying to get them there! We Have another Invetigator with a baptismal date. His name is Brother Billy and he is an all star! We found him just sitting on the front porch making something for his neighboor to hold fish in. He has been SUPER receptive to the message and he reads EVERYTHING! He came to church and got his hands on a Gospel Principles book and hasn't put it down! When we came by for another lesson we came to teach him about baptism and give him a date. He already knew all about it from reading the pamphlets and the Gospel Principles book and was reading to start on the path to be baptized. Nothing will get in this mans way. He used to drink. Gone! He used to smoke 2 packs of ciggerattes a day! Gone! He replaced them with candy called MAXX which he shares with the little kids in our lesson we teach with him. (Interesting side note about MAXX it tastes frighteningly close to cough drops. hmmmm. interesting) ANYWAY We go to teach him a principle like tithing and he already can answer any of our questions. When he comes to listen and sit in on our lessons he tells people we pass on the road that we will come back later and teach them too! When people ask him if he is getting baptized with the Mormons he corrects them. He says, "No its not the Mormons it's The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints."
Devree your movie was Band slam "Fish are Friends not food" guess that sorry this next parts got to be quick we have to leave soon! \
Thanks Dad for the SD 16 GB cards Its comming in handy for all the pictures i am taking and next time I will send more. Thanks for everything!

July 17, 2011

Dear Mom,
1st things 1st....YOU GOT AN IPHONE! Well I guess me being on a mission has REALLY helped out the family! JK I hope you are enjoying it tons. Well as usual you are all so busy! I hope the family reunion was amazing and that everyone missed me of course. I had a little family reunion myself with some of the surrounding districts and such. We all went to the rice terraces again but instead of Banaui we went to Batad. Batad is higher up and kinda scary to get to. The roads are kinda, well, "sketchy" is the word that comes to mind. If it rains than you don't go because a lot of the path is really bumpy dirt roads and there was a part where we had to get off the top and go inside the jeepney because we would have fallen off if we stayed up there! We teased that if you ask the jeepney driver if he could do it he would respond se guro "mabey" and make the sign of the cross and kiss his necklace for good luck! (He was Catholic) We made it safely there even though the road was currently under construction and we saw a sign saying, "Beware of Blasting" which kinda made me nervous. When the jeep couldn't go any farther we hiked for three hours and then came to the most beautiful waterfall that I think I have ever seen! It was fantastic! We played in the water and were really carefull not to go swimming and used some rocks we found to spell out P. C. M. (Philippines Cauayan Mission) So it was a great day!

There were rice Terraces there of course and hopefully I can send some pictures to you that explain it in a little more detail!

ANY WAY so my families on the road again but in a good way! I hope you are all having a great time swimming and eating homemade food and playing with Moms Iphone! Love the Elder of the Hamblins

Dear Shay,
Yellow rice? I sure hope it isn't yellow after I wash it 3 times! How are you doing!? I hope everything is going great besides the boo boo! I hope coach Watts is teaching you right! and treating you right too! DO BAND! It will be one of the most, best and hilarious decisions of your life so just do it! Band Camp isn't even that long or bad anyway and remember if it doesn't kill you then it makes you a better trumpet player! Love The Great Hambino!

Dear Dane,
Why would I eat our dog? I don't even like dog and I've seen the things that Low Rider eats and believe me that is not what I want to eat! It's great you had Madsen over but not so great that you didn't like Sierra Joes. But it's also great that you enjoyed your Yogurt Ice Cream cone at Mavericks so I guess everything turned out alright! Stay in school! You crazy Hoolagan! Love your big brother Elder Hamblin

Dear Devree,
Why do you always have to be so busy you are going to run yourself into the ground! You just go and go and go and you run around with your head chopped off! You should come the the Philippines and take a load off! It helped me! Your Movie was School of Rock! Now here's mine, "It gave me no Eagle Powers! It gave me no nutrients!" or "Ramses is the one it lights your heart with desire!" Guess that! Well take a break every now and again sis! ANd steal those covers back! Love Elder Hamblin!

Dear Dad,
So Mom gets an iphone? I guess it's true every thing good happens when you're gone! Well besides little red. I am glad Shay is with you through the whole fixing process and I hope he is being a good help to you! You are Mr. Fix It! No matter what IT is! Thanks for being a great Dad and sending me those Spiritual thoughts. I got two at the same time because mail from the mission home here is kinda weird! Thanks for the spiritual thoughts though and the one about the stained white shirts is so true. Being blessed with two very experienced companions so far, they have their share of battle stories and funny stories too! I made history last Sat! I baptized Tatay Leonardo Almasan, one of the 1st baptisms here in a long time! It took me 4 times to get everything under water but we got it done and I said the baptism prayer in Tagalog too! Elder Maxfield was very proud of me! There wasn't too many people but it was good! I Think Tatay Leonardo really felt the Spirit and it was strong when he was confirmed by his son-in-law the next day too! It was a fantastic experience and I will never forget it. My 1st baptism, (In the mission of course) It was great!

Oh and I didn't mean to say bloody eggs. I meant to say bloody nose. When you speak too much of another language here they say they are getting a bloody nose. That's why it's a funny mistake. I was speaking Tagalog so much that apparently even my balls were bleeding! JOKE and a naughty one at that! I really didn't mean to do it on purpose it just happened and Elder Bates made fun of me for that for a long time! Love you DAD!


Monday, July 11, 2011

Noble Has No Electricity! _July 10, 2011

Dear Mom,

Oh Mulan, I miss the show and the dang good music. Elder Bates had a CD with "Mysterious as the Dark Side Of THE MOOOON" on it and i loved listening to that song over and over again! I can't wait to hear the Weird Al CD when i get home. I didn't think he was making anymore CDS but that’s cool. Well more traveling seeing family and the bitter sweet news with the Walkers. Well things are still in the fast lane for the Hamblin Family! Mom you do so much and are the best travel agent money can buy in my book. The whole idea about you guys coming to the Philippines and picking me up doesn't look like its gonna happen with all the different stories I’ve hear so far. Basically they want the missionaries home before they are released so that they don't bring home their Philipina beach godesses. Don't worry Mom I don't have my Eye set on any Girls here. Nor will I be window shopping until I get home. So no extra surprises coming home with me except for some kicking souvenirs and shirts. We had the same lesson in church here in the Philippines but I bet it was a little different than yours was. They shared some crazy scripture in Mark about The disciples needing to preach the word and how that’s more important than waiting tables? I don't know what is about these people but they seem to use all the scriptures that i have never heard of before and sing all the Hymns that I've never sang before too!

I will be Baptizing Tatay Leonardo on the 16th THIS NEXT SATURDAY! I am practicing the baptism prayer in Tagalog so that i Don't mess up and I'm sure that the Lord will help me! Tatay said something really funny when we were asking him the baptism question. When we got to any serious sins and any homosexual relationships he answered Hindi Pa which means "Not Yet" We teased him about that and he changed his answer to never. He’s is surprisingly hard to find for a old man! When we went to go teach him a follow up lesson we asked the family where he was since he wasn't at their house they said he had gone to his house. We went to his house and his wife said he had gone to the families house! Where the heck is this guy? Did he tell them that he would be at the others house and then go and cause mischief with his friends? I got a picture in my mind of a 50 + Tatay leaning out of a trike with a baseball bat hitting down mail boxes and i had to giggle! Of course he wasn't out causing Mischief he was in the backyard of his house and his wife just hadn’t seen him go back there! You Crazy old Tatay You!!! Any ways things are going good here. When i smile at someone it seems contagious and they always smile and sometimes wave back. People are starting to like the missionaries and not running away when we come to their doors. We don't knock on doors here we just walk up to their fence and shout TAO PO! which translates People (respectively) They usually come out and answer BAKIT which translates WHY? I love these people they are really nice and are willing to cooperate with us for the most part. Just make sure they aren’t drunk off their rocker and you will be okay! Love Ya Mom. Elder Hamblin

Dear Shay,

I saw the movies you mentioned that you saw today. Green Lantern and X-men 1st class right? Ya They were being sold on the street for about 50 pesos each which is about $1.16 and you better believe they were pirated! I just think it’s funny that you probably spent 6 bucks to go see them in the theaters but i could see them for around 2 bucks by buying the dvd and using an internet shop to watch it! BUT that’s in not allowed for missionaries and i don't what to be breaking mission rules now! They also had Transformers 3 for sale and someone asked us if we wanted to preview it but with all of me and my companion’s will power we decided to decline his offer to watch Transformers 3 for free. I really wanted to see it though. You will have to tell me what you think of it! I was also really tempted to by a copy of Spongebob Squarepants in Tagalog but i didn't! Love you Shay and Stay Cool

Love Elder Hamblin

Dear Dane,

I want to play Plants VS Zombies with you when you get home okay? It sounds like alot of fun! You have to remember to play with me when i get home because everyone will forget to play with me unless you do it! I can't wait to beat you in a round of super smash bros. when i get home! YOU BETTER PRACTICE! Just kidding you will probably destroy me! I LObe you! Elder Hamblin

Dear Devree,

Your movie was Mulan and you better be making me a list of movies to watch when I get home and don't forget Green Lantern the new X-men movie and Rango. Oh and Transformers 3 don't forget that one either! Thanks for sending me your emails Devrs, Your the one and constant out of the 3 siblings mostly because you have the longest attention span! Thanks again for the special favor i have asked of you and Dad to i guess with the CDs and such! Here’s my movie! "The pheromone levels suggest that he wants to mate with the female. Auto bots let’s roll out!" I gave you a big hint at the end there! Well as usual you’re sick with something! SO does the surgery on your toe look pretty knarly or did it even leave a scar? I hope it stops the infection problems and you don't have anymore problems with that toe! I am good and healthy here Only one or two times where i woke up and felt like someone beat me with a baseball bat! That’s just because i am a hard worker. We have been having a hard time lately with the power. The people who are in charge of the electricity here didn't give us our bill and so we didn't think about it and just 3 days ago they cut our power! Life without electricity is possible but very hard to live with here! My precious milk rotted into cottage cheese in our fridge and looked disgusting!

We have no fans to blow on us while we sleep and so i wake up in a pile of my own sweat and with great effort roll out of bed and say my morning prayers. But this is all okay! These trials have brought me and my companion closer together through team work and candle light dinners! We just got the very rude and surprisingly drunk man in charge of bills for electricity to help us and soon we will have our power back but it might take a while! ANYWAYS enough of the sad stuff we had to great dinner appointments during these hard times and 1 other baptism date given so things are good and the Lord will bless us if we bear our trial well! Love you Devs. Love Elder Hamblin

Dear Dad,

The new Camery sounds pretty cool and a considerable upgrade for the old camery and i can't wait to see it! Please I would love a new fresh piece of KFC when i get back! That would hit the spot with one of those butter rolls! MMMMMM! Can't get trunky yet I’m not far enough into my mission yet! I will work on the different pictures that you want of the money and other things this week and try to email them to you next time! I'm sure that you and the Wheelers have alot in common and enjoy talking about your missionaries and when they come home! I hate to burst your bubble Dad but I’ve got alot to do still here in the Philippines. More testimonies to bear more lessons to teach. More souvenirs to buy! But don't worry everyone says it goes by in the blink of an eye! Next thing you know i will be writing to you about how my college classes are going from BYU Hawaii! JK The package Ideas are going good! If you could put a picture of a american cheese burger and a strawberry shake in there so i could hang it up on my wall and stare at it that would be great! JK No the burnt CDs and zip lock bags are all good ideas! Beef Jerky, gummy worms, and any other non-perishable treats! It appears that the name brand junk food that i have grown to know and love cots alot here but in all actually it cots the same as it does in the states but it just seems like it costs more when you look at it in pesos and i think in pesos now so i save alot of money! Any ways i can't think of to much other things that i want so just send me cool stuff! Get creative I’m getting creative with all your souvenirs so get creative with the packages! If you can't think of anything to send me just put the money that you would have used into my account so i can by more cool crap for you all!

Dear Tatay,

Ito ay TAGALOG ORAS! Alam ko po na pwede po ninyo malaman kung totoo ang mga salita ko sa pamamagitan ng google pagsaling! Joklan Mahal kita! Noong bagong sinasabi ko "oy may dugo ng itlog ako" Pero Dugo ng ilong ako ay ang tama!

Thanks for all the love in all your emails and for everything you all have done for me! Thanks for everything! Love ELDER HAMBLIN


Oh and Dad The 1 2 5 and 10 Bills are not in circulation any more but the 20 50 100 500 and 1000 bills we see all the time. All the coins in the picture are in circulation but the centavos are rare and the most rare is the ever elusive 5 centavo. I have been lucky to have collected 2 so far but some missionaries go through their whole missions without seeing one! Any ways that’s about the money! 1 pesos you can buy a little candy about the size of a warhead that tastes pretty darn good. 5 pesos buys you 3 delicious donuts! 10 pesos 5 donuts 20 pesos will buy you a 17oz soda bottle (glass because it’s the Philippines and they are awesome and recycle!) 50 pesos will almost buy you some "REAL COWS MILK" but only a carton full! 100 pesos will almost buy you a little container of non name brand ice cream but 200 pesos will get you butterfinger or reeces Ice cream! The 500 pesos bill will buy you a tire and the 1000 peso bill is for the mac do feast! LOVe ya

Click this link. http://Post from the past.

Philippine Coins: 1 piso coin is rare. Noble says the 5 piso coin is the most rare of these coins that are still in circulation. Though some missionaries serve their whole mission without seeing a 5 piso coin, Noble has found 2 so far.

Monday, July 4, 2011

Devree's Birthday 2011

This is the Mom and I was telling Noble that I wished he could tell us about the pictures he sends so that we could know what is going on more. Here is his reply.

Well I wish I could tell you about them also because the yellow head band was not traditional Philippino wear. It was what we were required to wear in the Indian Temple that we went in during our trip to another big town for mission possible. Wow you all have been so busy I hope you remembered to breathe Mom!
Me and my companion got to return with our district to Banaui Today and while the new people wanted to hike the path we already went on we decided to go on AN ADVENTURE!!!!! We found a kickin' waterfall and took some pictures there and bought a watermelon on the way home so I guess thats our 4th of July celebration here in the Philippines! Tatay Leonardo is going to be baptized in just 2 weeks! We also talked to the couple Jerry and Jemma and gave them a baptizmal date also! The Dad and the 2 sons will be baptized in August and the mom and daughter will be baptized when she gets back from working abroad and when the daughter is 8! Also we have just met this amazing investigator named Billy and we love saying his name! He invited us in and was very kind and loving from the start. He's been reading the Book of Mormon and the pamphlets and last Sunday he CAME TO CHURCH!!!!! He said he really liked the members and the good feeling there even though during sacrament meeting the neighbors started blasting the song "Soldier Boy" out of the speakers and it was hard to feel the spirit. But they were playing Evanecence during priesthood so that was okay.....I guess! ONLY IN THE PHILIPPINES! It just is a reminder that I'm not in Kansas anymore! But that's just a summary of the recent success here in Villaverde! Alot of people have been letting us teach and they are very understanding with me learning Tagalog and love that I'm trying to learn. I even got a discount on the watermelon because I tried to use Tagalog to buy it when most people didn't care. She told me in her perfect English that she would give it to me for 10 pesos cheaper because she appreciated that! Even members congratulate me on how far I have come in this language as I help teach more and more with Elder Maxfield! Things are just going great!
Oh I really don't think I would like to read an 800 page book right about now. It's hard for me to even sit down and study this language without drifting off so Elder Maxfield wakes me up and runs through my flash cards with me to stay awake! He's awesome and never gives up on me. One time we ran out of the Restoration pamphlets but we had the opportunity to teach that lesson. Of course we take it and when it gets to the part where I share about Joseph Smith's story I'm not even thinking about how I don't have the 1st vision memorized in Tagalog and when we get to that point in the story I look to Elder Maxfield in desperation to have him recite the 1st vision because I don't know it all. He just smiles and nods his head at me giving me the floor to share. So reluctantly I turn back to the old couple we are teaching and I start the 1st vision. After much trials and tribulations I get up to where he sees the two personages and my mind goes blank and I've got nothing. I struggle to get the next part out and there's nothing there. I think that I've falled and just before the silence gets to akward, Elder Maxfield picks up right where I left off and finishes the 1st vision with ease. I thanked him for it after the lesson and he thanked me for the opportunity to stretch his abilities in reciting it. He said he never had to pick it up half way through before and he had to think about it but he congratulated me on how far I got and said we would practice it more later! He's just awesome! Well I love you Elder Hamblin
Dear Devree,
I hope you loved your birthday and that you wear that dress out until it falls apart! I'm sure there's someone crazy enough to dress up with you for prom! SO your toe got smashed what the heck happened and how was the surgery? I hope it's feeling better now! Your movie was Monsters Inc now guess this, "You can be a big pig too BOO!"
So you know that favor I asked you well here it is! I need you to start collecting CD's from Veggie Rock to Merry Axemas. I want whatever you can get from our music libraries that is missionary appropriate because I am going CRAZY! All I have is Elder Bates Christmas Cds and its not Christmas and after awhile it gets annoying because it's all country Christmas songs. I mean don't get me wrong but after 2 weeks of straight country I'm going nuts! SO whenever you all decide to send a package or IF you send a package please send it with some cds. For example like Movie Sound tracks, Gospel, MO TAB, Instrumental, (No Words) Veggi Rock, Merry Axemas, and Childrens Hymn book songs these are all good. Funny Gospel related songs DISNEY whatever is missionary approperiate please send! Thanks, your most favorite ELDER, Elder Hamblin!
Dear Dad
Stop burning the candle at both ends. You know I'm not home to remind you that your not a teenager anymore so someone better be filling my spot! You are one impressive Tatay! Keep up the good work with your little Scouts!
My companion wanted to know if my family liked the outdoors. Well your comment about writing me in your camping chair by a babbling brook definetly confirmed everything I say about you guys. I wish I was with you all but I guess it's for the best the trailer was getting a little crowded! It's a funny thing the mission you make so many friends and enemies everyday. We were trying to have a lesson with this one Tatay and his son who is of another faith decided that he should tell his father that we were of the devil and after yelling at him for letting us teach him he stormed off into the Bukid to go to work and after that we have never gone back! Some people absolutely despise what we stand for and will do anything to hinder our work. We tease that the church he's from MUST be the great and abominable church that is talked about in the scriptures! Well things still are progressing even with the antaganists and the nay sayers. Something funny with the Branch Pres. When we were working with them Elder Maxfield made a comment about how he just might not have kids and Pres let him have it! He said that is a commandment to multiply and replenish the earth and that he wouldn't recieve the blessings for having kids! We were kinda taken aback with that comment! Then we were teaching an older couple out in the hills and the olds nanay told us of the sinful days of Pres! Well he's repented now and has a wife and two kids so we taught about the atonement and forgivness of sins. Good segway into the Atonement don't you think!? YES the photo opp with the native Ifugau costed us 10 pesos each and they much appericiated it! I'm sure they are all rolling in the Dough when they go home and just dress up like that for us! Oh well! It was fun. I bought some really good souvineres for the family and Manny so don't you worry about that!
NOW time to get things straight! The picture with the kids they had just gotten out of school so they were in their school uniforms and the second picture was a Dragon Ball Z pic for heavens sake! They LOVE anime over here and watch it everyday if they have a tv! Mom you remember when you made the Goku costume for me for Halloween! I practically worshipped that show! SO ya we were doing the ANIME pic for the second one! Elder Maxfield says he's more of a Pokemon guy! The pic with the chalkboard was when we were playing ping pong in the Solano chapel and that was fun but I didn't win the whole tournament! The bridge was a long hike down from the main road about 1000 feet above us. It's at the bottom of the rice paddies and after that we hiked back up the tall rice terraces. The last picture we hitch hiked and got a ride with some guys coming back into town from the bukid! When we went back to Banaui today, I got to practice my haggling skills in Tagalog on the locals. I used things like Mahal iyan (Thats expensive) or May Bawas (Is there a discount) or pwede 50 pesos (is 50 pesos good?) I got some kickin' wooden carvings for pretty cheap! So it was a great day!
Well I love you all and I know even though Shay and Dane didn't write me this time that they love me too. Next time I better get something from you two!!!! I don't care how busy you are, you got to have time for your big bro! I like hearing from EVERYONE IN MY FAMILY! So remember I love you all and I also treasure your emails and any news of how things are going in good old Dayton! Next Time there should be more pictures! LOB YA
Elder Hamblin