Monday, July 25, 2011

July 25, 2011

Whooooo weeeee! You are all so busy! I wish I could have been there with you all for the reunion but I kinda have people to teach and things to learn you know?
Dear Mom,
I promise I didn't mean to make you cry! I know you all love me a ton, "even if Shay and Dane don't like to write me" sniff sniff. (make sure they read that part Mom!) Sounds like you got a dang good deal with the Iphone and Dad is the man you know!
Okay! So you had some questions about the life of a missionary and me being almost 3 months in, I feel qualified to fill you in! First of all yes We do all of the things of which you have mentioned. I write a letter to Pres. Carlos every week called an LTP and we've had a big multy zone meeting with one of the 70 and he had some good things to say. We have district meetings every Tuesday and we all go and eat Mang Ingnasal afterward and it's chicken with unlimited rice. YUUUUUM! We shop at a store similar to Smiths but here i'ts called Save More. "You can save more you can save more, SAVE MORE SUPERMARKET!" with music! We have personal and Companionship study every morning followed by the unfamiliar study to You and Dad.... Language Study! During that study I either study in my Conversational Tagalog book or me and my companion go over key words and sentences I want to say in our lesson. Sometimes we role play and I will even write key words on a note card to glance at durning the lesson. All of this is in perperation for that specific days lessons that we have planned and set with our investigators. Even though I don't like role playing I do it anyways and it always helps when it comes down to the do or die moment when E. Maxfield looks at me and says "Restoration" and I try to recite Joseph Smiths 1st vision in Tagalog as far as my memory can go and then I have to read the rest! I get farther and farther every time! My Tagalog continues to grow bigger and bigger each day and I can hold my own in a conversation with an 8 year old who asks basic questions. "Where you from? Is this your 1st area? Why is your skin white? I hear all you eat is bread in America is that true?" Most lessons I am going along and I am doing fine. I teach the principle clearly and they understand me and My companion dosn't have to do everything and people are happy. I just have one problem. My Kryptonite. The one thing that freezes me up, I hate it more than anything and that is when women start breast feeding while I'm teaching. They just lift up the shirt and insert the kid and my Tagalog goes out the window. Maybe later I will get used to it but right now I just get embarrassed and I lose where I am and I become a mess. Lifes hard but whatever I will get over it some day!
My companion E. Maxfield did the spider dance when he tried to kill a spider the size of my palm with his flip flop. He looked pretty funny dancing around! A frog got in the apartment also and we heard him croaking at night and let him out. Stupid frog! Turns out the Branch President still can't remember my name which is very frustrating. Mabe when I've been here for 6 months he will remember my name which is ironically right on my chest! GOSH! Any way when we tract we go from house to house and we walk up to their gate and shout "Tao po" and they come out and we ask how they are doing and if they want to hear the message! We go from house to house doing that until we start getting some good return appointments. We also ask members for refferals and to come be fellowshippers with us in our lessons. The Family with Jerry and Jemma (I remembered their names) They both have Baptism dates but they haven't been able to make it to church yet so we are trying to get them there! We Have another Invetigator with a baptismal date. His name is Brother Billy and he is an all star! We found him just sitting on the front porch making something for his neighboor to hold fish in. He has been SUPER receptive to the message and he reads EVERYTHING! He came to church and got his hands on a Gospel Principles book and hasn't put it down! When we came by for another lesson we came to teach him about baptism and give him a date. He already knew all about it from reading the pamphlets and the Gospel Principles book and was reading to start on the path to be baptized. Nothing will get in this mans way. He used to drink. Gone! He used to smoke 2 packs of ciggerattes a day! Gone! He replaced them with candy called MAXX which he shares with the little kids in our lesson we teach with him. (Interesting side note about MAXX it tastes frighteningly close to cough drops. hmmmm. interesting) ANYWAY We go to teach him a principle like tithing and he already can answer any of our questions. When he comes to listen and sit in on our lessons he tells people we pass on the road that we will come back later and teach them too! When people ask him if he is getting baptized with the Mormons he corrects them. He says, "No its not the Mormons it's The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints."
Devree your movie was Band slam "Fish are Friends not food" guess that sorry this next parts got to be quick we have to leave soon! \
Thanks Dad for the SD 16 GB cards Its comming in handy for all the pictures i am taking and next time I will send more. Thanks for everything!

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