Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas 2011

HAAAAAAA! I miss you all! I miss Christmas and I miss the traditions! I miss my family!!!!!!!! It sounds like you guys are just receiving all the blessings from all our hard work! I miss you all and I hope that you are all enjoying your wonderful presents! I actually am really surprised with the outpour of blessings everyone got! Dad must be working like crazy and with Moms "combat pay" with substituting I think that you guys had a wonderful Christmas. I had a great Christmas too. The ward fed us quite a bit and I got to open all those gifts in the 1st package that I hadn't opened yet! MAN I was excited for all the cool stuff! The new Journal looks amazing and the 1001 Philippino jokes was.....interesting! No I loved it Devree. The problem is that all the jokes in there are dirty! I have yet to find a clean joke so me and E. Oyardo will keep searching for the clean ones. Mabe we'll mark them all and I'll show it to you when I get home. I have still not opened the snow in the can and I hope to soon. WE just might be able to make a snowman IN THE PHILIPPINES! I hope you all. I am too spoiled this year and I hope that other package gets to me in one piece! Love ya! (We sent 2 packages to Noble on the same day. We sent one for Christmas and one for his birthday which is tomorrow. He did not receive his birthday package.)

Dear Mom,
SO you gave me a great description of all the fantastic gifts that you gave all the kids but I got to see some pictures. POST THEM ON THE BLOG when you get a chance and I will be there! YOu guys are soooooo darn spoiled. Please make sure Shay doesn't kill anyone with the Cross bow! SOO you wanted a paragraph or two to read to the ward right? We'll try this out and change the spelling if its wrong. okay here I go:

Dear Dayton Ward,
From what I have heard the Ward has changed quite alot since I've been there and so if you don't know me that's a crying shame. I'll just have to meet you when I get back to the states! For those of you that remember me, thanks and don't lose the faith! You are all doing wonderful things in Dayton, Nevada and I am proud of our strong ward!
To the missionaries: I hope you are taking good care of my area! I know there are fantastic people there that need to hear the gospel and you two are very lucky to be serving here. Remember that when the days are hot and you are getting doors slammed in your face and nothing seems to be going right, I am eating pig intestines and rice for at least two meals a day! Just kidding it's only 3 times a week. I love missionaries and I know your families are being blessed!
First of all I would like to say thank you to everyone for being the fantastic examples for me and for my family! Thank you for the love and support that you have given to us in our time of need and the friendships that we have made. Thank you for the letters of love and concern for me. Don't worry I'm doing fine and I am still doing the Lords work. The Baptisms are coming and I am seeing lives change! I am really blessed to be a part of this work and I love all of it!
I have been very busy here in the Philippines with not only baptisms but also with the Wards working closely with the Bishops and Ward Mission Leaders to get stuff done! One of the bigger things on our agenda is Less Actives! Getting them to come back to church is not easy but every time it's worth it. I would just like to say to the ward that if you know someone who for some reason has fell away and needs a friend DO NOT WAIT TILL NEXT SUNDAY! Be their friend and get them to the activities and back into church. We can't just forget about all these fantastic people that have some how gotten out of the habit of going to church. Help bring them back!
I love you all and I wish only the best for you! Take Care! Ingat!
Your favorite 3rd World MIssionary,

Mom I miss you and I miss your cooking and I miss Christmas at my house! I really hope that the blessings keep coming for you all and I hope that all goes according to plan with the ward thing! I love you SOOOOO Much! Don't worry I gave E. Oyardo 1 pair of pants and an old shirt of mine and some socks for Christmas. He comes from a poor family and he only got a 5 peso coin for Christmas so I think he liked it! LOVE YAA! Elder Hamblin
Dear Devree,
SO your movie was ELF! We got to talk about that on the SKYPE and iIwas so glad to see you are all nice safe and sound! HERES MY MOVIE:
" And then suddenly a burst of uncontrolable rage burst out of me that I couldn't stop and I beat the crap out of him!"
"MERRY CHRISTMAS LITTLE BOY! What do you want for Christmas?"
Guess that! YOU SPOILED LITTLE GIRL! You got a Laptop for Christmas?!!! You got to send me pictures I want to know all about it! And the other presents you got of course the purple you love and Dad made sure that the stove was up and running for you all so you wouldn't get cold! Im sure with the temp being down in the teens you must have been SUPER COLD! I hope you all get some snow soon! I love ya ELDER HAMBLIN
Dear Shay,
A cross bow huh? DON'T SHOOT DANE! or the dog or anything that moves for that matter! I want to see pictures with you holding it and shooting it so make sure they get posted on the blog! I love ya and I'm sure you had a wonderfull Christmas! Tell me more about the FORBBIDEN ISLAND game that you got! Also the SHerlock Holmes movie sounds awesome! "Should I list the reasons Alphabetically or chronologically?" Thats my favorite part! I LOVE YOU! ELDER HAMBLIN
Dear Dane,
SO you got a brand new bike eh?!!! I want to see those pictures of you standing next to it riding it, petting it, loving it, hugging it, kissing it! All of it! The nerf battle sounded awesome and I want to see pictures of the dual swords they sound pretty darn cool! I love ya Dane and O can't wait to nerf battle and Sword Battle and War Craft Battle and Peggle Battle and SUPER SMASH BROS Brawl battle when I get home! I love ya a TON! Elder Hamblin. P.S. Go memory foam!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) :) :)
Dear Poppie,
I miss you and I love you and I WANT THAT PACKAGE! I have been praying that iIget it soon and that nothing is stolen but that may be too much to ask. I miss my Tatay. The Skyping went great and I loved it all and I want to do it again for Mothers Day. Because Elder Oyardos family doesn't know how to really use the computer other than Facebook. I don't think that he will get the same oppurtunity! BUT I am glad that he can at least email them thru Face book!
Lowrider really does love being warm doesn't he? That spoiled dog! Thanks for holding the fort down while I'm gone! I know that my sis won't be cold when her pop is around! I love that about you!
Sorry no pictures this time I don't want to chance it with all the viruses swimming around in this computer! I will try to send a video next time and I think you will all love it! It's from the little play we did with the costumes so you will love it! Christmas sounded like a success and I can see that my famliy is DEFINITELY receiving the blessing of me being on a mission. I love you all and all the wonderful things you are doing for our fellow members in the Ward! I love you and stay safe! LOVE ELDER HAMBLIN!

Monday, December 19, 2011

December 19th, 2011

We might describe this animal as a water buffalo. In the Philippines it is called a carabao (pronounced kah-rah-bow. The bow is like bowing at a performance.)

Noble acting like he is going really fast.

Nice cow!

Elder Oyardo posing on top of the carabao and Elder Hamblin said "He's having a great time!"

Elder Hamblin posing with his new name tag but alas we cannot see his name tag well.

Sister Rae Marie Foster sent this Christmas tree to Elder Hamblin. He loves it!

Another mouse caught. This one makes number 3! Devree said it says in perfect English "Cat Master". But now I think it says in perfect English "Catch Master". Ewwwwww I hate mice and rats!

Haaaaaaaa! Hey yall! How are you guys doing! I was soooooo excited to read your letter! You are all sooooo great about emailing me! I’ve got some kicking pictures and stories to tell you guys but 1st I need to say one thing to a special lady in our ward:

SISTER FOSTER: THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU FOR THE CHRISTMAS TREE!!!!!!!!! I set it up as soon as I got home and it looks lovely I sent a picture with it too! Thank you for ALL that you do for me and my family. You’re the best.

SISTER REMINGTON: THANK YOU FOR YOUR DEAR ELDER LETTER I LOVED IT! But I am pretty sure my letter to you won't get to the states until next year so wait patiently. Your letter is coming!

One of the things I got to do is a Cool story. I got to ride a Carabao the other day! It was loads of fun and I really loved it! You guys can see the pictures. Mom I would like you to notice I am SMILING in these pictures and I am having a wonderful time here! I miss you all and I just want you to know I miss you all and I wish you all the best! Now for your questions!

Dear Mom,
I miss you. I didn't get your package yet but that’s okay I can wait I just hope it doesn't get lost in the mail! I REALLY WANT THAT HOOPS AND YOYO CARD! As I have stated I did get the Christmas tree and it looks awesome! I did give Elder Cajumban the missionary book and I have wanted to use it ever since. So I am excited to get my own copy again! I will try to be a big boy when we Skype so that I don't cry either but I have a feeling we will cry anyway! I miss you guys sooooo much! I will be there at 9am on the 23rd to talk to you all! I can't wait to SKYPE! I think it will all work out just fine and I will love it, you will love it, we will have a great time!

The language is coming and my anak is actually from a part of the Philippines that speaks DEEP Tagalog so I am learning all sorts of new words from him just by him using them and me going, Huh?

I can't believe that Heather Capps got married! Time is moving soooooo fast I can't wait to get home and get back in to the groove of things again. My Companion is going to be reading over my shoulder for the rest of this letter and bugging me to leave the internet shop but I don't care I am going to email my family whether he wants it or not! I miss you all and I can't wait to SKYPE and I can't wait to be home for Christmas but not just in my dreams but in person! LOVE ELder HAmblin

Dear Shay,

I didn't get the other package yet but I got the Christmas tree and it looks great! I want you to know that I always pray for you guys but now I will pray extra hard for you and your finals. Just study hard and the Lord will help with the rest if its his will for you to pass! I love ya Shay and don't worry the SKYPE thing will be just fine we just got to work out some bugs but it will be fine! I love ya and have fun this Christmas don't stress out or anything! Love Elder Hamblin

Dear Devree,

Good luck on the finals and don't stress out so much! Just study hard then do your best and it will all work out just fine! The Choir concert sounds like a lot of fun and I can't wait to hear all about it during the SKYPE! It should be loads of fun and we will be able to play our game live if it all works out!

So the Christmas Caroling sounded rigged when the one neighbor said, "There is too many of you for my yard. Go next door!" No one would say that to Christmas Carolers! That and members don't do that to other members! I'm glad they set it up. It was a great lesson for you all!

Your movie was "Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure" Party on dudes! *guitar riff* I love that movie. Okay here’s mine,:

"John Wayne that’s a terrible cowboy name!"

"I wanta be a cowboy baby!"

"NO that’s bad"


Try that on for size little sister! I love you SOOOOOOO much and can't wait to SKYPE! LOVE ELDER HAMBLIN

Dear Dane,

How’s Shay enjoying the "Princess and the Pea" Bed?!! How are you enjoying it? Its cool you are doing some family history! I didn't know we were related to so much royalty! I guess that’s where the natural born right to lead comes from in our family! I miss ya little bro! I miss all the games we played and make sure Dad doesn't waste away playing Plants VS Zombies okay? Love your big brother Elder Hamblin

Dear Dad,

I can't believe you’re addicted to it too! Plants VS Zombies has taken the Philippines over! I see kids playing it all over the place! I hope that you don't lose your mind like some of the kids here. They skip out of school and use their money at the computer shops and play that game all day long! I can't play it but for some reason when they do I don't feel the need to do it! It doesn't look that interesting I guess we will try it out when I get home!

I have kinda been feeling tired lately also! I think that its due to training but that’s normal! I really do love training and I am doing a great job. My Anak is doing fantastic and he looks like he’s becoming one of Cauayan’s Finest! I just need to make sure no other missionaries spoil him with bad examples! I also have tried my hardest to stay true to the white handbook and show him the correct path, what’s pwede (approved or good) & what’s not pwede and such! SO you guys are Ward Missionaries huh? Well if you can give some Referrals then the missionaries will love you! That and feeding them always does the trick with me! I think this will be great for you all and get you all focused on the purpose. TO INVITE OTHERS TO COME UNTO CHRIST! Remember that the Preach My Gospel book is not just for missionaries but for ALL members of this church and in it you will find everything you need to be the best missionary you can be!

The bit about the Christmas tree you bought for that family really touched my heart! THAT is the true meaning of Christmas. It is about giving my friends... giving not receiving! I know that new family will never forget your kindness! WHY ARE YOU GUYS SO AWESOME ALL THE TIME! I don't know how to keep up with you all!

Oh we are teaching MORE families now. We have one family with a baptismal date next year! They look promising but the Tatay has a long way to go. He’s a drunk and he drinks all the time. BUT HE WANTS TO CHANGE! That is the important part and we are getting him on the right track again so that he will be able to be a Patriarch for his family! I know he can do it.

That spot of land where the Steamers Wieners was, is a cursed plot of land. I don't think anything can survive there, so good luck to the Sushi place! I don't like sushi anyway! Well Can't wait to Skype you all on the 23rd at 9am. I will be in Ilagan for the better computers so that will be great! I miss you all and I know we can do this.

The Skype problem should be an easy fix and we'll get it working just fine! I love ya Tatay! I love ya family! and I wish the best for you all!!! I'll talk to you all soon.




Monday, December 12, 2011

December 12th, 2011

Baptism of Joan and Elder Hamblin with his new "anak" trainee Elder Oyardo.

Mice and Rats in the garbage.

Monkey swinging on the porch.

Freshly killed chicken?

Kids acting silly. Noble in the background getting ready to eat Pig Intestines?

Noble helping to prepare some food.

Smiling about his new haircut. No little front part of the hair to stick up. It is too hot and wet to stick up hair there.

I cried a little when I read your letter! I loved it soooooo much that I'm printing it out and it’s going on the fridge! I will treasure your words in my heart. The reason why this letter has hit me so hard is because through trial and error I have learned and done EXACTLY what you have advised me to do. PLEASE DELETE THE FOLLOWING PARAGRAPH:
1st order of business I want you to DELETE THE LAST EMAIL I SENT YOU! ALL OF IT! DON'T POST IT ON THE BLOG I DON'T WANT THE WORLD TO LOSE FAITH IN ME! I DON"T WANT THE WARD MISSION LEADER TO SOMEHOW GET WORD OF IT I WANT IT GONE! That is the past and we are living in the present. (delete this paragraph also)
2nd I LOVE YOU ALL SOOOOO MUCH! Thanks again for this fantastic email. I really have felt your prayers being answered here in San Mariano. I have seen miracle after miracle unfold before my eyes and I don't have a stomach ulcer yet! :)
1st Christmas miracle:
I was able to get everything figured out with the BRCR's (baptism record, confirmation record?)that were turned in late. Our new members can go to the temple on the 14th now that me and a member figured out how the family history accounts are made and managed. The ignorance to technology here is amazing sometimes. I don't even think our Bishop can access the ward members names on his computer! But I figured out how to make Family History Accounts so that the members can do their temple work. So I fixed that miracle!
2nd Christmas Miracle:
JOAN the 21 year old who's parents didn't want her to be baptized. Ya she was baptized last week on Friday! We had some problems with the pump and the way they have the water pump system here is absolutely stupid. Thank goodness my District Leader Elder Schmidt has gone to college and is into pipes and how they work with his Civil Engineering studies under his belt. He checked out the bobo (stupid) design and showed me how it works. The water was a little bit green but the baptism went great even though I had to hunt down a key to the chapel 2 hours before the baptism started! She gave a beautiful testimony about waiting 1year for that moment to happen! She is another person prepared by the Lord! She needed the gospel and if it weren't for me and Elder Oyardo her baptism would have been halted even LONGER! I am thankful to be a part of this work. THE BLESSINGS FAR OUT WEIGH THE TRIALS! I know this is the work of God and he wants it to progress!
3rd Christmas Miracle:
Somehow through it all I have helped Elder Oyardo become used to the life of a missionary and he isn't home sick! He is a stud ASTIG SIYA! He is doing great and is having a wonderful mission so far.... well ..... despite pumping water and dealing with his Tatay (Father= Trainer= Noble)leaving the apartment without his name tag! (Good thing his Tatay had a back up name tag!)
Now for the real trick, Moving apartments! My next task ahead of me makes the others seem like childs play. I have to find a new apartment. The one we wanted to move into has people in it because despite my texts the owner ignored me and gave it to a family of 7. Turd. No courage no respect, just ignores me and gives the apartment away! Frustrating to say the least! But I am not a negative thinker I am a positive thinker. Here in the Cauayan mission we don't cause problems, we make answers. Failure is not an option. SO I talked with the ward I talked with our progressing investigators and we have located a new apartment it’s small but it has screens and running water and will be good for a quick fix but they will want us to move into a better one soon. I'm still trying to set things in motion to do it but that’s not a problem now! PRAY FOR US! I love all the prayers and I am feeling them everyday. I learn and grow and stretch and learn some more from these experiences. E. Shmidt says that if I worry to much I might give myself a stomach ulcer which isn't good! So I have done some deep breathing techniques and some relaxing things before going to bed which have helped. But the thing that helps the most is prayer.
My anak really is amazing. I know he’s reading over my shoulder right now because his family didn't give him an email but I just want you to know he’s amazing. He continually surprises me everyday and surprises our District Leader with his skills in teaching OYMing and just overall being a good missionary. He went on a split with an American Missionary that was only 1 cycle out and loved the experience. They got a ridiculous amount of OYMs and 3 lessons! He’s awesome. He is constantly saying "Your my Tatay show me how to do it!" or if he’s just Timid "Your my Tatay you do it!" I love him! He’s awesome. I hope that I am good friends with him as long as you have been good friends with your anak. (The sister his Mom trained when she was on her mission in Alabama.)
I prayed for peace in my heart to know that it’s all gonna be okay. I prayed to be able to focus on the work when I needed to. I prayed for guidance and for help in what to do about the unending problems and obstacles that enter my path and I prayed that our Dear Heavenly Father wouldn't get tired of my endless prayers of his needy servant. I prayed for Elder Oyardo. I prayed for his family and my family. I prayed that the work will move on. That I will have the language skills I need to do what I need to do here in San Mariano. I prayed a lot! And I have seen the miracles time and time again! THANK YOU FOR EVERY PRAYER! I really have truly felt them and know that I’m not alone and I can do this!
In short, things are okay now and I am not pulling out my hair so much anymore!
Also remember that I didn't send any pictures of my anak E. Oyardo yet so the people you said were E. Oyardo on the blog are still E. Cajumban that goes for the Jenga picture too! SO Elder Oyardo is the Philippino in the baptismal Pics that I am sending in this email. HE IS ON MY RIGHT! So don't forget it! JK
Dear Mom,
I SAW THE FAMILY PICS THEY LOOK SO AWESOME! You all look so different! Thanks for the prayers! I really can feel them and I feel you guys love! Don't worry about what I said last email. I am doing MUCH better this email and I just need to start being super friendly with the Ward here and earn their trust. I found that if I smile during church that the people tend to have a better feeling. I think I have a pretty big effect on the ward here. It seems a lot of eyes are on me all the time! I have to ALWAYS be a great missionary because if I am, the rumors about me will always be good ones! I loved Rodel’s Advice! Walking stick! I had to buy a new umbrella because the little one from the states finally died on me. It had a broken part of the metal frame that eventually made its way through the thin fabric and poked a hole in the top. I kept on using it till the hole got pretty big and water got in! My new umbrella is pretty kickin and I like it! It’s BIG and does the job. So our investigators are doing okay. We keep on teaching the same families and little kids and it looks like we've got some big concerns to resolve with some of our older investigators. (By old I mean they have been taught for cycles now! They are all under 18 years old!) The families are progressing slowly. The big problem is the drinking and the smoking. Those are the 2 most common problems it’s seems with the tatay here. We just need to get them on the road to recovery and they will be fine. One family, the Ruda family, is doing great they love listening to the lessons and the Tatay doesn't have any smoking or drinking problems so far as I have seen. We will try to get them all to church next Sunday!
Here’s a fun thought Read Luke 10:8 and think of me eating pig intestines. You might get a chuckle out on it!
Your right though Mom, my language/people skills have really grown since I became a Tatay and just like at home when you left to St. Jude’s I am "Growing Up Fast" whether I want to or not! I love you and I got a new haircut. Hope you like it! Love Elder Hamblin
Dear Shay,
So the deal with getting mature............ well it’s not really just a one day fix you know!? You got to work at it everyday. It’s an attitude of mind. Like Dad always says you got to do things when they need to get done even when you don't want to! That’s what it means to be a real man. it’s not the money, the cars, the women, the class, it’s all about getting stuff done when they should be done! I know it’s not a great answer but when you start fulfilling your duties you really start to mature from a kid to a young adult and from a young man into a man man! Dear old Preston needs friends and that’s exactly what you are to him a good friend that is gonna help him make changes in his life so that he can come to church and receive some serious blessings man! You are doing a great thing. As with all great good, noble, things you have to be patient. You may not see instant results with Preston, but you can and will always be there to lift him up and if necessary give him a swift kick in the rear to get him to church so he can fulfill his duties as a priesthood holder. I know you can do it and I know that the Lord wants it done and you are just the man to do it for Him. SO in closing I would like to say.....GET 'R DONE! Love Elder Hamblin

Dear Dane,
How you doing? I saw the family pictures you look sooo big! You and Shay are growing up soo darn fast! I love my nickname and it strangely reminds me of Star Wars! How are you doing? You sound busy! With school and Honor Points and Shepherd’s pie! (Oh, how I miss that dish!) I can't wait to come home and play with you guys and everything! It sounds awesome! I love ya and miss you and Sheperds pie!

Dear Devree,
So how’s the face treating ya? You looked so darn beautiful in the picks on the blog! With your Red hair wig and everything! It really is amazing how beautful it is right by our house! I wish I could have been there with you guys! I miss ya all!
The sleep-over you went to sounded awesome but probably took forever! Also the story about the trees was REALLY cool! It made me think about how the Lord is using me in my service here. Here’s a story or spiritual thought for you!
As we go through this life of trial and tribulations and all the while God and His Son Jesus Christ are molding and shaping us into who we will become, it is kinda like a house. Sometimes when we see and hear what God is doing with us us we get a little scared because God is changing things that we need in our house but we have to trust him. 1st it’s a sink there and a wall there. Then he starts ripping off the roof and taking out our foundations. It’s then that we realize that he isn't making the little cottage we thought he was. He's making a palace! Think about this when the times get rough and you think you are losing who you are! God is in all that we do so don't be afraid! Okay your movie was It's A Wonderful Life" Whew that was hard! Here's my movie quote for you!

"What’s pizza?" "We got to plant Pizza Plants!"
"Error Error restricted zone"
Try that on for size!
I love ya little sis and you're growing up on me too fast! Stay just the way you are! LOVE, ELDER HAMBLIN

Dear Dad,
Also Dad about the Skyping thing. Maybe the 23rd will be a better day for us all to Skype. I've been looking at the Calender and that’s when it’s easiest for me! SO will plan for 8 or 9 AM here in the Philippines on that Day for us to Skype. Will Talk about it more next email.
Your spiritual thought really helped me this fantastic P-Day and I am really thankful that you are my Tatay right now and know me the way you do! "Don't worry about the end of the world today! It’s already tomorrow in Australia!" That was the best thing to give me a smile on my face! I loved that! People don't care how much you know until they know how much you care! I have found that true also! I love these people and I know I’m here for them! They need missionaries REALLY BAD and I am here to give them the gospel! What a great work. I have to admit multiple times I have thought "What if I asked to be transferred?" or "Does President Carlos know what he’s doing? Do I know what I'm doing?" "Why the heck am I here anyway?" But there always comes an answer right after the question. I am a missionary of the true church and these people need me whether they know it or not! I cannot afford to fail. Failure is not an option. Quitting is not an option and Giving up is not an option! I either grow or die there is no in between in this crazy world thatI choose to live in! I choose to be a servant of the Lord. I choose to live the gospel and I choose to help these people no matter what the trials no matter and no matter what gets thrown at me! I cannot give up now I've already come so far! I know that this church is true and that I am here for the right reasons and my work here is not a waste of time but it it’s helping me become the man I have to be for God. I know this church is true and nothing will change my mind about that! NOTHING!
Dad you have been there every step of the way through my life and I know through the emails and the prayers that I am not alone you are still there to help me and so is my beloved family and friends. I just am going through the refiners fire and it’s just making me into the beautiful silver God wants me to be! I understand more than I have ever before the principle of Faith and how you must show your Faith through works and trust in the Lord and THEN comes the blessings in an OUT POUR! This is how the Lord works for everyone for every need and I can now testify of it to our investigators more convincingly. One way the Lord is making me into a better missionary for his work! I love all that I have done here and continue to do here in the Lords Vineyard and I cannot stop until he says "The work is done" for my time. I will give it my all these next months but it’s not gonna be easy. I love you all and I will read this email over and over again in the upcoming weeks to get it to stick!

I love you all and your love and prayers are really heard in Heaven and I am a testament of that! I love you and please don't forget the missionaries in your prayers!


Monday, December 5, 2011

December 5th, 2011 -Trainer of new Anak

Jurassic Worm

Elder Cajumban's Cooking

Elder Hamblin showing appreciation for Elder Cajumban's cooking.

Elder Hamblin playing Jenga with his district.

Guys I really needed your letter this P-Day! Elder Cajumban was Transferred and I got my brand new anak from the Manila MTC. Yes his name is Elder Oyardo and he is Philippino! He is a great missionary and we are already becoming great friends. He is really helping me out with being a trainer and he’s a great cook! I love him! But training isn't all peaches and cream. Our Ward Missionary Leader (an RM from Manila) sat us both down and told us what needs to happen. He doesn't want the work to suffer here, in fact he wants it to be 10 times better and there is a lot of stuff he ordered me to do. On top of all this I have a baptism coming up on the 9th and new members to prepare for the Temple Trip and the world seems to have crushed on top of me! I am suffocating under the weight. Yesterday we worked with The Ward Missionary Leader and it was raining. We had to go out to a New Member Mark John Waaaaayayayyaayaayyyyyy out in Matoya and it’s really muddy there. I fell down twice in the mud and I wanted to cry. I couldn't help but think poor pitiful me! I must be having the worst day ever in the history of worst days. I thought no one could ever have a worse day than this. Then I thought of 1 man who bled from every pore, a man who carried a wooden cross up a hill and was spat on and persecuted, who was betrayed by one of his closest friends. I thought of my Savior Jesus Christ and all he did for me and how he knew what I was going thru. I found the strength to get up both times and press on. I have wanted to cry for the last 2 days with all the pressures that have been put on me, but I know I can do it even if it seems impossible right now! I can do it with God’s help because he can do anything! Please don't stop praying for me. I need all the help I can get these next few weeks. I can feel your love and prayers everyday and I can't live without them. I guess what I'm trying to say is training isn't easy. I am being pushed to my limits on every level. Physically I am exhausted each night. Mentally I am about to lose it and my Tagalog is being pushed like I have never experienced before in my whole mission. My anak doesn't speak very good English and only understands limited English. I have never prayed like this before in my whole life!
Dear Mom,

Our Investigators are doing great. Joan is going to be baptized Dec. 9th and if I can get some BRCRs in we just might have some of our Investigators go do Baptisms for the Dead in the Manila Temple so please pray very hard for them that they can do that! We are currently teaching 3 families the Nasugatans the Fugabans and the Roxas. They are doing fine but they need to come to church! The members are fine but the Ward Mission Leader (Edwin Madrellyos) is kinda rude and prideful from his mission in Manila. He's too focused on the numbers in my opinion. He actually told me that he felt that I wasn't ready to train and wanted to ask Pres. Carlos for another missionary to come here and help me! Can you believe that? He's not on my top 10 list of nice people right now. I haven't been able to play the piano much yet. I need to focus on my anak right now not piano. SO Manny came over that's cool. What did he say? How’s School going?
Dear Mom,
I miss you Mom and I miss not having to wake up at 6:30 am everyday. I miss your cooking too! I miss my house. That day I slipped in the mud 2x I thought to myself, "what are you doing? What are you trying to prove? Why are you even here?" It didn't take long to answer I am here to preach the gospel no matter how hard it is no matter how bad people are to me I am here to save souls. These people need me! I just want you to know I miss my mommy and that I can't wait to see you guys for Christmas. I love ya.

Elder Hamblin

Dear Devree,
I would love to see a poem about me Devrs, If you could send one that would be great! So you got hit with a Chocolate Milk! Rough stuff! I would hate to be wet and sticky. HA! Your movie was Galaxy Quest here’s mine:
"Put that thing back where it came from or so help me!"
"In my professional opinion now is the time to PANIC!"
"O I'm the abominable snow man!"
"Do you hear that? It’s the wind of Change."

I love you little Sis and I want you to know that you are very important to me and that I really can't wait to see you during Christmas. I love ya! Elder Hamblin
Dear Dane,
SO how are you doing little bro! I miss you! So how’s that math treating you at school? I hope school isn't being too rough on you! I miss you and I love you and I hope to hear more from you next week.

Love ya! Elder Hamblin

Dear Shay,
I love ya bro. I miss ya. I am glad you asked for help with Preston. So he’s not coming to church hmmmmmmmm. Well you could try and wake him up before church and show him how it’s done. Help him through the motions and get him ready to be at church on time! Then once you've done that a few times just call to make sure he’s up and getting ready for church on time and make sure the other boys don't say things to him like. Gee where have you been? or Look who’s back! ya know that would just discourage him coming to church! So just get him in the habit of things and he should be alright. Love Ya ELder Hamblin
Dear Dad,
I would like to say thanks for the story at the end I really needed to hear that! I also would like to say thanks for all the wisdom that you have given me. I have just been having a really rough week so sorry for the crappy email. I really do try my best to get a good meaningful letter out to you guys. But next email could you please send me an inspirational thought or some kind loving words from you I really need that right now. Please continue to pray for me, for us here in the Philippines Cauayan Mission and I will pray for you!
I haven't received any other packages other than the 1st one so far so maybe tomorrow I will get them! I can't wait! Should be exciting.
The Skype thing will probably happen in Ilagan because the internet here is kinda sketchy! Ya Christmas Day would be best but I'll let you know if anything changes. I love ya! ELder Hamblin


Pictures enjoy!!! :)
The worm one has got to be one of our favorites!

Monday, November 28, 2011

Thanksgiving Email -November 27th, 2011

Elder Hamblin in San Mariano with one of the Lago Family kids.

The Lago Family in San Mariano.

Elder Cujamban in front of the Christmas Tree in the Mission Home in Cauayan City.

Elder Hamblin in front of the Christmas Tree in the Mission Home in Cauayan City.

Halloween in San Mariano.

A picture of the Corn Planting.

Hey don't worry about it guys! I just got to the internet shop early because we were printing out some photos for a family who is applying for a free house from the government! They are the Lago family who are members and they are so cute! Their 5 year-old daughter’s name is Lovely! HA! Anyway I was just giving you all a hard time! Relax! But I think emailing in the morning would be a good thing for us in the future so that there isn't soooooo many children playing on the computers making the internet slow! HA! It’s great to get your email! You are always so good about this you know? The other reason that I sent you an email was to make sure you guys didn't get a miss send so that when me and Elder Cajumban came back to actually email, you would know that there might have been a miss send and resend the email so I could get it by then! SO relax my beloved family you are the best and always have written me every week. I love you sooooo much!
SO now for the cool stuff! I would like to give a shout out to Elder Lundy’s mother! THANKS for the prayers for Devree! If you're reading this on the blog (and I know you are) I would like to tell you your son is the BOMB and he’s got a strong testimony that inspired me to be a better missionary! Thank you for giving birth to him so we could learn from him here in the Cauayan Mission!
2nd order of business is for Devree! Devree I was listening to the Veggi-Tales CD on the Song "The pirates who don't do anything!", and it got to the part when they all say, "and I've never been to Boston in the fall!" and I thought of you and realized, YOU HAVE BEEN TO BOSTON IN THE FALL!!!!!!! HAAAAAAA I had to LOL when I realized that and thought you might get a chuckle out of it too!
Another Shout out to Sis. Remington! Sis. Remington you are an amazing person and I loved your Dear Elder you sent me. They are always a treat! I love ya and I sent you a letter so whatever you read 1st just know 0ur WHOLE family appreciates you and all you continue to do for us. You’re awesome! Keep it up!
Now back to the immediate family again! :) Guys I’ve got some news. I don't know if it’s good or bad yet so I will just call it news for now! The thing is, President Carlos pulled me aside at our last Zone meeting and talked to me about my next calling. He said, "Elder Hamblin you have been called to be a trainer for a new missionary coming in next cycle." Yes the rumors are true. I will be training a brand new missionary coming from the MANILA MTC! My heart skipped a beat. He went on to tell me this is a very important calling and my time with my anak (child) will leave a lasting impression on him for the rest of his mission! I am being trusted with training the future warrior of the Cauayan Mission! I have a lot of weight on my shoulders right now so please pray for me! I will need all the help I can get! I received training from the Assistants to the President and of course President and Sister Carlos, to know what I must do. I just need to put my hand in the Lord’s and hold my breath until Transfer meeting when I meet him! Next email is going to be a fun one! So I’m gonna be a wee bit stressed in the upcoming emails so just bear with me! I love you all and I will do my best as a missionary and a brother and a son! I love ya guys!
Some other weird cool things that happened this week are we got to eat all of Sister Carlos' leftovers from Thanksgiving which were delicious and they had their house all decorated for Christmas and we took pictures! O I love visiting the Mission home! Pres. Carlos treated all the Trainers to free lunch all you can eat rice with chicken yummmm!
I got the PACKAGE already and it was awesome..well kinda! you see I had to wait till we got home from District meeting to open it and after that long wait I open it to find some colossal berry crunch, CANDY, Elder Cajumbans journal, (he loves it by the way) and a bunch of wrapped presents that I can't open until CHRISTMAS! AHHHHHHHHHHH! I watched E. Cajumban open his carefully not to rip the wrapping paper. (he wants to save it for something?!?!) I put the rest of the presents on my desk and started writing a letter to Sis. Remington. Every now and then my eyes would slowly glide back over to the presents but then I would focus on writing and then back to the presents. Needless to say after about 5 minutes I was absolutely about to LOSE MY MIND! Sooooooooo I gathered the packages up and put them in my suitcase and zipped it shut. Out of sight out of mind. The suitcase will not be touched until after Christmas! WHoooo talk about self control! I really almost lost my marbles there! Well now to answer questions and tell you how awesome you all are!

Dear Mom,
I'm glad you all liked the Early Christmas Letters! I can't wait to see the Krices again! I miss all my cousins but especially Kolten I haven’t seen him in like FOREVER! Tammie and rock band is not a great mix. No offense Aunt Tammie but I think drumming is not your strong suit ya know? Of course Dad wants to buy a Motorcycle. He is a GUY! Is REAL STEEL the one where they build robots? I don't know. I only remember a trailer with Hugh Jackman and Robots! Plus the "steel" in Real Steel I just added 2 + 2 ya know? Sounds like a blast. I’m gonna watch movies till my eye balls rot when I get home!
I love it when you write about your lessons in church. They sound amazing! Today, Pres. Carlos' letter was about studying in Luke for preparation for CHRISTMAS! DID YOU KNOW that there are just enough Chapters in Luke that if you start on Dec 1st and read a chapter a day you will end on Dec 25th and know all about Jesus Christ’s life?!?!?!? I think I will take his challenge. You should do it too. It would be a great way to appreciate Jesus and get ready for his birthday! Don't worry I will send anything you send to Elder Cajumban to him when it comes! I love you!!!!! Elder Hamblin

Dear Dane,
Are you still alive after the quad flip sounds like it was a ton of fun. It’s cool what you said about the Turkey Skeleton! I want to see the Picture! Sounds cool. I ate the meat off a Chickens neck today! You have a pen pal too? I think that will be fun even if he lives in Sutro! I love ya Dane and don't eat too much Turkey! Love ya Elder Hamblin

Dear Shay,
Riding motorcycles is the BOMB isn't it? I loved riding the blue ones! The jumps with the, "Various degrees of awesomeness" sound pretty awesome! We need to revisit them when I get back! Also I wish I could have eaten with you guys! All I got was the cold leftovers of Sis. Carlos' Thanksgiving dinner. Thanksgiving isn't very big here. They don't really celebrate it much! But CHRISTMAS! O man they are already getting ready! It’s gonna be awesome! I'm glad you liked the letter (and the sword) and you are going down in Warcraft when I get home. You and the rest of the pathetic human race! ORK'S RULE!
Love ya big brother ELDER HAMBLIN!

Dear Lovely Sister Devree,
Ya I miss Kolten too! I miss all the Rice’s! Dad is the Mister Fix it you know. He took out my stitches too I think! The ones in my head were taken out by a nurse and look what she did! She made me bleed so now I have a big slit on my head that looks like a "Insert Quarter Here" slot! Of course I didn't see Beastly I’m a missionary for heaven SAKES! I am stoked to see all the movies on your list when I get home! They sound amazing! Congrats on the Honor Choir! That isn’t easy you know? I love how you put all you got into everything you do Devrs. I wish I could really put my heart into some things like you do! It’s hard for me to get passionate about some things! Like tracting in the rain, I still hate it as much as I did when I started doing it!
Your movie was "Never Been Kissed" and it is the biggest chick flick I have probably ever seen. I am not proud of myself because it is a chick movie and knowing the line without cheating means deep down I am a wee bit girly! I can do Chick flicks, which means pound for pound I am the best at movie lines! HOOT HOOT! It’s alright that you cheated. That was a wee bit rough. I thought about quoting the part where he quotes Shrek but that would just confuse you more! So missy here’s my movie! Get ready to have your mind blown!

"What’s he doing out there? Oh, he’s just giving them the what it means to be a man speech."

"It appears that they were trying to fly the plane thru the barn house upside down!"

"We found their will, it says, "Everything goes to the kid. Just bury us in the stupid garden with the dang lion!"

Have fun with that one! I think it isn't too hard and I'm pretty sure you can get it! The last line is the give away! It is a classic!
Oh I just saw the blog THE POMPEI EXHIBIT LOOKS AMAZING! I almost pee'ed my pants when I saw the helmet! O how I wish I could of been there to see the movies. Just think when the world gets destroyed. Imagine what our great great great great great great great grand children will dig up and find out about us. If the 2nd coming doesn't come 1st! I love the blog. It’s awesome. I saw your cheese ball turkey! Nice work little sis. It looks actually like a turkey! Shay looks huge and matured! Dane is still being Dane though! Well..... take care! I love ya! Elder Hamblin

Dear Papa,
Dad I laughed out loud when I read the "Shang hai Koko" part and the "No poppie nooooooooo!" The memories are soooo fresh it’s kinda scary. I think they are enhanced by the fact that I hold onto those memories to keep me sane in a way. It’s what makes me smile as I cross the river in the rain to get punted from a set lesson and I realize now that true happiness really doesn't make you happy for that moment only. If something makes you TRULY happy, you can think about it at anytime and smile and the same happiness comes back in a flood of emotions. That is true happiness. Not beating a video game or eating delicious food, but making memories with your family. I guess that precious truth is one thing I am thankful for this thanksgiving.
Spencer got a truck for his 16th birthday? Really what a surprise? All kids from California get a car for their birthday! gosh. I guess I can't complain. I got a car too well..... kinda! I love little red! HA that’s funny it’s a Toyota too! What a small world it is you know? I guess those cars do run forever. :)
I can't wait to see all these movies when I get home. I’m gonna pop popcorn and just watch them all while you are all at school or work then when you come home we can play games and share stories. I miss talking to people in English. Tagalog is still hard to express myself in! I think I will check out the whole Skype thing too and see what I can do about finding an internet shop that is legit and can support Skype. I think we found one with fast enough internet here that will do the trick. Just pray that there are no brown outs! Thanks for the number info. Now I think I can start emailing my letters to President so we don't kill as many trees!
Dad, I’m not gonna lie, you are probably a little biased when it come to me being the awesome person I am! But in truth I am very happy about making you and Mom proud. Really in the end is what I want for you the most, to have a knowledge that your children will be successful adults in the future to come! We just want to make you guys happy! I am glad you are receiving the blessings from me being on a mission and are enjoying the love of Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving goes almost un-noticed here but Christmas should be amazing. They already are getting the lights up. I'll try to take some pictures for you guys!
You all have to know that I love you all soooooo much and that I hold the upmost respect for all that you do! I love each and every one of you and I am thankful that you are all a part of my family and I can't wait to see you all on Christmas! LOVE


Tuesday, November 22, 2011

November 20th, 2011

Note: Click On Picture To Enlarge.
I took some pics of us doing the Mag tanim or planting of corn! We started off this beautiful P-Day going to Kataging and it was raining and we found the "Tower of Tae" It was very very interesting! We got to where our investigators were planting and jumped right in. Drop the corn sweep the dirt over with your foot REPEAT REPEAT REPEAT!

IT was fun but it did get a little hot and all the old nanays(mothers) were being over motherly to me. You can't go there. You'll get muddy! I ended up taking off my flipflops and going bare foot anyway! One person on a different hill asked one of the nanays(mothers) we were working with why I was there. She answered "Exported Siya!"(Exported he is!) I think this will help out with teaching here in Kataging and with opening the people’s hearts to the message!

Muddy Feet
Muddy feet after going bare foot while helping the people of Kataging plant their corn.

Alright! Devree’s still up and kickin and looks like she tried to pick a fight with Taylor Lautner after he'd changed into a Werewolf! I saw a trailer for Breaking Dawn and I thought of you little sis! I miss you! I'm not gonna lie... you looked pretty beat up after the Surgery! But everything sounds like it went according to plan and you've got beautiful nerves! Okay I got some real cool stuff to talk to you guys about! Here’s my week! So of course it’s raining and the river is still pretty big and we were out tracting in the Mud when we saw the coolest thing EVER! We round the corner to find a trikey full of pigs. There had to be at least 5 pigs stuffed in there and they didn't look super comfortable! I took plenty of pictures so enjoy! Also a couple Sundays ago Monty Pacuio fought in a boxing match and of course won. He is a national hero! Everyone watches this man fight. He sings he dances and he’s a congressman too I think! Let me give you an example: When this man fights, Crime stops in Manilla City. The whole Philippines seems to slow down to a crawl and things are put on hold and business' shut down! He’s kinda a big deal!

Next is a little bit about our favorite member, Bro. Pete: Brother Pete fought in the Vietnam war and has served our country well. He’s TALL, white and he’s got a big belly. He married his beautiful Philippino Wife and moved here decades ago. He drives a Harley Davidson and is a loaded veteran! He feeds the missionaries all the time and sells us Carribau belts, blow guns and pearls for DIRT CHEAP! (Mom I got the hook ups so you just say when!) We are really lucky to have him! He has cheated death multiple time and laughs at what we call pain. The man was shot at, beat almost to death with rebar, got a piece of metal shot into his leg, and just recently was hit by a semi truck while ridding his motorcycle! (He walked away with bruises and a really nasty road rash on his arm. The man has laughed at death in the face! But more than his accidents,, more than Vietnam more than being shot and tortured and more than being beat almost to death with rebar and left for dead, he says the most painful thing he has ever gone thru was a kidney stone. HE said that he would take it all again rather than endure the painful experience of a Kidney Stone again. The MAN IS NUTS! He is a hero, a living legend and an absolute mountain of a man. I salute him. GO BROTHER PETE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Also I took some pics of us doing the Mag tanim or planting of corn! We started off this beautiful P-Day going to Kataging and it was raining and we found the "Tower of Tae" It was very very interesting! We got to where our investigators were planting and jumped right in. Drop the corn sweep the dirt over with your foot REPEAT REPEAT REPEAT! IT was fun but it did get a little hot and all the old nanays were being over motherly to me. You can't go there. You'll get muddy! I ended up taking of my flipflops and going bare foot anyway! One person on a different hill asked one of the nanays we were working with why I was there. She answered "Exported Siya!" I think this will help out with teaching here in Kataging and with opening the people’s hearts to the message! Uncle Ky would have loved to watch them at their work! 1st they got the old Tatay’s with the Callabou or wildabeast and the plows they pull it thru the ground and make rows then a dude with a bucket of fertilizer follows after them and spreads the fertilizer by throwing it in a wave like motion then comes us the planters! We have a bucket or bag of corn that has been coated in certain chemicals to help it grow faster and it turns your hands pink! We drop down a piece of corn for every step you make! Then cover it all with the dirt in the row! It was great and we had fun and a mud war afterwards! One of the investigators families fed us! IT was great! So overall it’s been a great P-Day so far! Good things are going on!
Now time for your question! Dear Mom, It’s soooooo good to hear that Devree’s doing okay! She did look like she got in a fight! Sounds like she'll be just fine! We haven't been able to talk to Joan’s parents yet. They've been hiding from us! I think she’s gonna wait till she’s done with school then get baptized and you know always preparing to go to the Temple! SO continue to pray for a change of heart with her parents! BUT guess what?!!! WE found like 4 families that really like the lessons. They look promising! I can't remember the names off the top of my head but that’s okay! Just keep praying that they will accept our message! They are awesome! The ward there sounded interesting and I know Devree has the 2 greatest parents in the world and is the 1st to have a week long Daddy & Mommy/Daughter date! Lucky duck! I know the boys love me and want me to play Warcraft with them until the wee hours of the morning when I get home! Tell them I miss them and I’m gonna whip them in any video game they choose when I get home! I love ya!!!!!!1!!!! Love Elder Hamblin
Dear Devree, Buhay ka na ba? Sounds like you’re still kickin! And you have beautiful nerves! You know it’s not everyday someone gives you a comment like that! I love you Devree! I was given up into some mighty prayers each morning and night for the Doctors to be skilled in their trade and that the surgery would go smoothly and absolutely flawless! Prayer works! God listens! HE CARES ABOUT OUR FAMILY AND YOU! You special girl you! I love you! I find myself typing that reflexively so if you get a lot of I love you's don't be surprised! I love you! Devree I am so glad to hear that you are a o kay and that you're up and kicking! You are not even gonna look like my sister when I get home! You'll probably have a handsome man wrapped around your little finger when I get home! Make sure he treats you right missy! Your after the surgery picture and the caption was really funny! "IS THAT ALL YOU GOT!" I love you guy’s humor! I love you! I am really shocked that you ate all that food! You are amazing you know that. I think I have seen you laugh at death in the face multiple times and you are pretty positive about it all! Not too many girls are tough enough to go through what you went through! WAY TO GO! KEEP IT UP! NEVER LET GO! YOU ARE THE BEST AT BEING YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Your movie was "10 things I hate about you!" I love that movie "The poop hath hitteth the fanneth! You really do love that movie don't you? Okay for me! "Light up the Darkness" "Daddy look a butterfly!" "Subject 206 shows now side affects to the new drug." "This is his legacy this is his Legend" You probably don't remember this movie ask Shay he might know! Devree keep on holding on and keep on pushing on! I love you and pray for you every night! I love ya! Elder Hamblin Dear Dad, I looked at the blog and your pics were awesome and I loved all the comments! You are truly masipag with the blog and all, so thank you! I think you will enjoy my pictures also! They should bring you a smile! The deal with that retired accountant and the card for the museum was awesome, and a great blessing from what I could see! I love looking at the blog! I have a little more time at the computer shop now that the whole "Letters to President" thing has gone electronic! Now thinking of that, I need you guys to send me my record number and my confirmation date......... please! I really need it to log into my account on the website! Thanks! Also you didn't reply about the Skype deal so if you find some time when you get home that would be great if you could set an account up for us! Sorry I’m kinda needy this email! Thank you sooooooo much for praying for us to teach families! I needed that! We now have a couple of families that look like really good potentials! We just need to teach them the gospel! The ward is finally getting up of their pwets and doing something about all their less actives and helping us, by being fellowshippers! Things are changing and its all good things and were excited for future San Mariano! Sadly we think Elder Cajumban could be transferred next month so we are making preparations for that! Things are good! We are good and the work is great! I am seeing the fruits of our labors and the people appreciate us! I am the White American with black hair and green eyes that works and in the bukid and loves kids! I am a missionary! I love you all and I hope you all got home safe and sound and Devree’s face heals up nice and quick! Before you know it she’ll be smiling from ear to ear! I LOVE YOU ALL AND CAN'T WAIT TO HEAR FROM THE BOYS NEXT WEEK LOVE!!!!!!!! ELDER HAMBLIN PHILIPPINES CAUAYAN MISSION
BONUS MATERIAL:::::::::::::) If you can handle the madness there are more pictures for you to view and marvel at here in Elder Hamblin’s bonus material! Enjoy the mayhem and chaos in these tantalizing and mind blowing photos of me my companion and my area! Feast your eyes on the inconceivable! There was a picture I sent with two dudes sawing a piece of wood in half they made a saw out of bamboo and of course the metal part. They were happy to pose for me! These people are soooooo photogenic and love to look at photos of themselves or anyone for that matter! Ingat you crazy people! :) Elder Hamblin

Monday, November 14, 2011

November 14th, 2011

Today We Are Flying to Boston
for Devree's Surgery
Please enjoy this cute comic strip about bilingual missionaries. We will post Noble's letter as soon as we can. LOVE YOU ALL!!!

(Click on the Comic Strip once to make it large enough to read.)

WHooooooo weeeeeee you guys are busy of course as usual! Love the stories and Devree is driving the Camry! It was hard for me to get a hold on how the Camry Shifts because it’s a little more touchy than Little Red! I miss driving cars......
So some cool things that happened to me today. We did have the Baptisms and they were great. We went to the Stake Center for Stake Conference where a member of the 70 came and talked to the Philippino members about REAL growth and being converted to the gospel of the Church not the Church activities. We all got a ride in Bishops Jeepney and I got sunburned riding on the back all the way there and back because it was soooo full of our investigators and members who needed a ride. I just got back from Save More (The equivalent to Walmart here) and bought some more pancake batter and some Tostitos tortilla chips that cost a fortune but they’re delicious! Also got some cereal and quote "REAL COWS MILK" so funny that they emphasize the Real part! Also got some more Pancit Canton. (That’s like Top Ramen here Dad) and some more Alcohol for cuts and washing my face at night. I get really oily here for some reason! I think it’s from eating WAY too much peanut butter oh well! (O dear they've started lighting fireworks off outside!)
SHOUT OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! to Grandma Rice. THANK YOU for the letter I loved reading it and I know it was you for sure because of the squiggly way you write because of arthritis and such. THANK YOU for keeping me up to date on where you guys move on your Perpetual Family Reunion. I love you and hope that you and Grandpa love the heat of Las Vegas and that you will settle in nicely! Love ya, Elder Hamblin

Dear Mom,
TWO PACKAGES! YOU GUYS ARE THE BEST! Yes we Baptized Kenneth and Mark John both 14 years old and they bore some kickin testimonies at the end! Mark John went into the water, straight as a board and it was hard for Elder Cajumban to get him under but he did it! He’s tall for a Philippino! I will send pictures if this computer isn't crawling with Viruses we were forced to move to a different computer shop because of the masses of kids that were swarming there! The kids next to me are super loud and like playing online games with their friends and just yelling a lot. It’s NO PICNIC! The Drunken child has got to be around 7 or 8 years old. Not too old! He’s funny. I’m glad you all enjoyed the Pictures! Our investigators are doing alright though we did have a heart breaker happen. Joan one of our newest investigators has a testimony of Joseph Smith and came to the Stake Conference last Sunday and she is basically a stud! The heart breaker was that last Sunday her parents just threw the hammer down on all church activities. They gave her a decision. College or Church but she can’t have both? She tried to explain to them that church doesn't interfere with her School activities but they wouldn't listen. She was crying when she told us the story. She’s devastated mostly because she can't go to the temple as soon as she had hoped. I think after college she’s gonna leave the house and can decide for herself but for now we’re frozen. She’s fasting for them to have a change of heart. The Fathers drunk almost every night we try to teach her and will never sit in on our lessons. Pray for us pray for her she needs all the help she can get. We are studying and preparing for an attempt with the parents. Mano e mano me and Elder Cajumban alone without Joan there and we will see if we can try to shed some light on the situation so that they will understand the situation more. Pray for us we will need it! Other than that there was nothing too big or major this week. Things are still moving along here and I try to speak more Tagalog with strangers and my companion and not being lazy by just speaking English to him. Mom, sorry that was long your message sounded like you are still plugging along just fine. Group discussions are always better for lessons as long as they don't end up as a debate. I hate it when that happens in Priesthood. NO SPITIT! TALAGA! The Bikers for Christ Club sounded pretty funny I think they will appreciate the service. Way to go Mom! You know Charity is the Pure Love of Christ! Don't worry about the money. I’m praying for you guys every night! I love you and make sure my Sister makes it out of the surgery room in one piece okay? I Love ya take care! Elder Hamblin
Dear Shay,
Love ya.......that’s it I just love ya. Keep up the good work and I hope the Puss in Boots movie wasn't too lame. Ingat Ka Kapatid

Dear Dane,
I hope the Retainer isn't hurting your teeth too much! How’s school treating you? Way to look on the bright side with the penny. I would have fun dropping the penny down the spinny thing at Mc Donalds! I like the way you think! It’s good that you are working hard for your money and the Evans will always be there for you to do some work! They have been a large supporter of my video game funds. I love ya little bro. Elder Hamblin

Dear Devree,
You grow up sooooo fast already driving the car and running over school kids and such! I'm proud of you. Driving can be pretty scary at 1st and I didn't like the highway at all. Now I love it! I still don't like the Freeway it’s physically exhausting for me to drive on the freeway still because I’m a defective driver and I don't like being boxed in! Yuck I get the chills just thinking about it! Pancit Canton is like Top Ramen and it’s pretty fast and easy to make! Comes in a couple flavors original HOT HOT HOT and Calamansi. Tastes pretty good if you mix’em!

Mrs.? is a crazy woman sometimes and I think that she drinks a little too much coffee for her own good or maybe that’s just her personality! It’s cool how you got the teachers on your side and Mr. Rohrer never plays favorites even if you’re his teachers pet but he’s crazy so don't pay him any attention. The lock down sounded cool though! It really doesn't surprise me that Mike the bus driver reads my blog and is keeping tabs on me. He's always been like a guardian angel you know? Always there when you need him. Good old Mike if your reading this Mike, Thanks for the side job and Extra Money for "Nobles Mission Fund" you’re the best keep rocking the street in you big yellow limousine! Stay cool!
Your movie Devrs was “Finding Nemo”, not surprising, that being like one of your most favorite movies of all time! Here’s mine!
"Q-tip Q-tip throw it away throw it away makin the pizza!"
"He didn't show you the inhaler did he? He chucked it down right before he kissed me!" Guess that!
I love ya little Sis. I pray for you and your operation to go smoothly and perfectly every night! Love ya Elder Hamblin

Dear Papa,
The cargo ship package sounds pretty darn cool but it sounds a wee bit risky so good call on sticking to the usual for the Christmas Packages! I can't wait till they get here! SO Devree is having a hard time adjusting. You know that’s fast for her. I even disliked driving on the highway at 1st I still hate the Freeway! I hope she adjusts well. She will in time and you’re just the perfect teacher for her. Just wait till Shay starts to drive, it will be the exact opposite! I bet my bottom dollar (or 20 Peso Bill) on that! The people here are okay. The flooding wasn't too bad but some of them had to move to higher ground. Other than that no big damage and they are all doing fine! I hope that everything goes a-o-kay with the packages and the Surgery. I pray for you all every night! Are you getting paid extra for the (mandatory extra jobs) yet? I love ya pops and don't stress too much over this all. I know how you like to keep it all inside! Stay calm and know the Lord is watching over you and me and everything’s gonna be alright. Enjoy the Pictures I sent some of my Pangit Pancakes and some scenery photos too. Also the Baptism photos and Scrabble. We found the Scrabble board and played before going to bed. E. Cajumban whooped my pants off! LOVE YA ALLL SOOOOOOOO MUCH. TAKE CARE! Elder Hamblin!
OH! By the way. Our mission president says it’s a okay if you want to skype on Christmas. You are the computer Expert so in your free time see if you can set up Skype on Moms computer (If I remember correctly she has a camera on it.) Then I can see and talk to you all on Christmas. I think that would be way better and of course cheaper than the phone card thing! I love you take care and I hope everything works out okay Love Ya! ELDER HAMBLIN
(Your most favorite 3rd world missionary)

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

November 7th, 2011

Noble has been amazed at how much rain they saw this week. He said the sun came out just once all week so they could dry their laundry.

Now you know what Noble's shoes and pants look like during the rainy season!!!

You are looking at the Mag-Laba scars on Noble's fingers. Mag-Laba is the Tagalog word for clothes washing by hand.

Fisherman from San Mariano.

Look at the size of that FISH. Wow!!!

Dear Mom,

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!! :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)

I'm sorry I didn't say it last email! I wrote it in my planner too! Sorry you know how I can be an absentminded prof. sometimes! Sounds like you had TONS of fun! You got the clothes, the boots, the fun, the whole kit-and-kabutle! Dane gets excited over the strangest things! Retainer sounds like fun and its great he only has to wear it at night later! I just looked at the blog and the pictures are amazing you guys got snow! O how I miss snow! If I could I would roll around in it! Here it has been raining on and off for about a week. I have never seen this kinda rain my whole life! It seems relentless and never ending. Just today this glorious P-day the sun poked its head out from the clouds so we could dry our laundry! Whew so much rain! I loved the picture of the Banana Split! (Banana Split Blog) It looks amazing! Remember if your stressed just eat desserts because desserts is stressed spelled backwards! I've been using my extra blades for my shaver and it looks like I’m getting close to half way done with my mission! Isn't that crazy I’m 4 months away from half way! Elder Cajumban’s half way mark is like next week! Oh! Before I forget E. Cajumban would really like a copy of The Pocket Reference book For Missionaries by: Adrian Parker Call Jr. for Christmas he read my copy and fell in love with all the amazing scripture references in it! It really is useful for missionary work! Your talk sounded a lot better than ours. This last Sunday they practiced blessing/naming children? Things are a little different here! Sister Carlos gave each of us a print out of all the things the prophet asked us to do this last Conference so that if anyone asks, “What is he saying today?” we won't get caught off our guard. Do YOU know what the Prophet wants us to do Today? Ask yourselves this question every now and then just to remind yourselves the words of the prophet! A little spiritual thought from Elder Hamblin! On another note, The river is HUGE now from all the rain and they charge us 10 pesos instead of 7 pesos to get across the river by boat now! It’s BIG but it’s hard to see with pictures! Mom I love ya and Happy Birthday! LOVE YOUR BIGGEST CHILD! ELDER HAMBLIN! Oh and Tell Uncle Ky sorry I’m a city boy! And the Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs picture is HILARIOUS!

Dear Shay,

You and women for Heaven sakes you’re gonna give your parents a heart attack! Don't you know they’re bad for your health and your wallet!/!?!?!!!

JK Sounds like tons of fun! Right now Shay we have lots of investigators but no Baptisms just quite yet. We got two investigators who will be baptized next Saturday though and they look promising. Kenneth is a 14 year old girl 1 of the 2 that will be baptized soon. She was really happy when we came and gave her cupcakes and candles to blown them out! She was sad also, because we showed up but her Mom didn't for her birthday. Her Mom works long hours and comes home really late. They live in a little Wooden house by the river that constantly gets flooded so they don't have to many possessions. Life is rough for her. Pray for her please! I miss Dad’s famous Pineapple upside-down cake! OOOOOOO I’m soo jealous! We have to make that when I get home and go camping and swimming the whole bit! Also brain ball sounds like fun I’m sure Dad will be game for that if you help out by explaining the rules and such! Take Care you crazy Teenager you! Looooooooooooooove Elder Hamblin

Dear Dane,

Liking the new Braces man! They’re blue right! Wow you lucky dog you! I hope you follow the rules and take good care of them right? Of course I’m right I’m your big brother! So the retainer is giving you some pain don't worry I think that’s normal! You look good with a retainer! Very Handsome! So You’re playing Peggle without me I see how it is you big 5th grader you! We got to play Peggle when I get back! Love you little bro Elder Hamblin

Dear Devree,

Applying for BYU Hawaii and creative writing seem pretty stressful but I think you can do it! You've always had just a little more on your plate than the average girl. (Well figuratively speaking) The Missionaries sound amazing like we all are! Making dinner for them is really a great blessing. I wish we got more dinner appointments mostly it’s just rice eggs pancit canton and tuna yummmm! As soon as possible tell me everything that goes down with the surgery. We’re praying for you! Your movie was Rugrats in Paris but you accidentally gave it away by writing the title in the 1st part of your message! Silly goose! Okay here’s mine and I’ve got a few for you so see if you can guessssss this!

"and you gotta gotta try a little TENDERNESS! Chicks love that romantic crap!"


" If you like pinacalodas and getting caught in the rain"


"now ill take this knife and jab it through your hear keep your eyes on me boys cause im about to STAAAAAAAAART!




" please keep off of the grass shine your shoes wipe your........face!"

Or my personal favorite.... "NOT THE GUM DROP BUTTONS! Tell me where she is! Alright I'll tell you do you know the muffin man? The Muffin Man? The Muffin Man. Yes I know the muffin man who live on Druey lane? Well Shes married to the Muffin Man. THE MUFFIN MAN? THE MUFFIN MAN!!!!!!"

The last one is a dead give away but I had to put it in!


Dear Dad,

I love the Snowman tie in November. It totally screams you! "I was thinking about the snow not Thanksgiving!" You're hilarious Dad! I really do miss the Snow. That campout at the Corn maze always is cold! That is Really cold! Why does it always seem like the nonmember friends come ridiculously unprepared! Jackson and the Warm coat problem and kids without sleeping bags what is this world coming to. Chastise Isaac for me and give him a lesson about Charity the pure love of Christ for me too! Despite the Cold and the wet sock and the slushies you got to know that I want to be right beside you when you do it! Mostly because I wish I could feel cold again but I have yet to feel that experience here yet. I’m sorry I didn't send you the picture with the scars I’ll try to send it this time. It’s a picture of my fingers after rubbing my clothes together over and over again. My fingers and hands have gotten tougher since I started washing my clothes by hand. That’s always cool! I really would love to go be your assistant scoutmaster anytime so when I get back to the states hit me up bro! Handbook-wise the Missionary handbook is the guide that the 1st presidency and the apostle all agree on and all missionaries should abide by its rules. That being said I have seen missionaries who use it as a guide line pirate-wise, and not as a set rules for someone to go by. I don't even follow it completely. I go to youtube and down load Disney songs for my extra SD card you gave me and play it through the DVD player they gave us all. Speaking of other Websites (MOM look away from the computer) Diablo 3 coming out next year Pops just a heads up! JK Me and Elder Cajumban are always striving to be good examples to other missionaries here in the Philippines!
That pig really was looking pretty darn scary Dad! It was big too! I’m such a city boy! Thanks for your message about Christmas and the little bit about your mission! I think that will really help in the month to come. I also liked the bit about the Package don't forget the pocket reference book for Elder Cajumban I think that would make his Christmas REAL special! THERE last picture in the batch you can see my little scars from Mag-laba. Last but not least I want to leave with you a text we got from one of the members here. This really made our Day after Tracting in the rain.

"So a bunch of ugly people are riding in a bus when the bus stops and on steps a beautiful fairy! She agrees to grant them each one wish so the 1st person wishes to be beautiful so she grants the wish. Poof. She’s beautiful. The 2nd person makes the same wish, and so does the 3rd and 4th, and so on and so forth. She gets to the last person on the bus and asks him what his wish would be. Laughing while he makes the last wish he says: "Gawin mo ulit silang pangit....." (Make them return to being ugly….) ISN'T THAT HILARIOUS!!!!!!! Philippino Humor is interesting here but still pretty funny! Well Ingat Tay (Short for Tatay)(Take care father) Mahal KITA(I love you) MAHAL Ko Kayo! (I love you!) Elder Hamblin