Monday, November 14, 2011

November 14th, 2011

Today We Are Flying to Boston
for Devree's Surgery
Please enjoy this cute comic strip about bilingual missionaries. We will post Noble's letter as soon as we can. LOVE YOU ALL!!!

(Click on the Comic Strip once to make it large enough to read.)

WHooooooo weeeeeee you guys are busy of course as usual! Love the stories and Devree is driving the Camry! It was hard for me to get a hold on how the Camry Shifts because it’s a little more touchy than Little Red! I miss driving cars......
So some cool things that happened to me today. We did have the Baptisms and they were great. We went to the Stake Center for Stake Conference where a member of the 70 came and talked to the Philippino members about REAL growth and being converted to the gospel of the Church not the Church activities. We all got a ride in Bishops Jeepney and I got sunburned riding on the back all the way there and back because it was soooo full of our investigators and members who needed a ride. I just got back from Save More (The equivalent to Walmart here) and bought some more pancake batter and some Tostitos tortilla chips that cost a fortune but they’re delicious! Also got some cereal and quote "REAL COWS MILK" so funny that they emphasize the Real part! Also got some more Pancit Canton. (That’s like Top Ramen here Dad) and some more Alcohol for cuts and washing my face at night. I get really oily here for some reason! I think it’s from eating WAY too much peanut butter oh well! (O dear they've started lighting fireworks off outside!)
SHOUT OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! to Grandma Rice. THANK YOU for the letter I loved reading it and I know it was you for sure because of the squiggly way you write because of arthritis and such. THANK YOU for keeping me up to date on where you guys move on your Perpetual Family Reunion. I love you and hope that you and Grandpa love the heat of Las Vegas and that you will settle in nicely! Love ya, Elder Hamblin

Dear Mom,
TWO PACKAGES! YOU GUYS ARE THE BEST! Yes we Baptized Kenneth and Mark John both 14 years old and they bore some kickin testimonies at the end! Mark John went into the water, straight as a board and it was hard for Elder Cajumban to get him under but he did it! He’s tall for a Philippino! I will send pictures if this computer isn't crawling with Viruses we were forced to move to a different computer shop because of the masses of kids that were swarming there! The kids next to me are super loud and like playing online games with their friends and just yelling a lot. It’s NO PICNIC! The Drunken child has got to be around 7 or 8 years old. Not too old! He’s funny. I’m glad you all enjoyed the Pictures! Our investigators are doing alright though we did have a heart breaker happen. Joan one of our newest investigators has a testimony of Joseph Smith and came to the Stake Conference last Sunday and she is basically a stud! The heart breaker was that last Sunday her parents just threw the hammer down on all church activities. They gave her a decision. College or Church but she can’t have both? She tried to explain to them that church doesn't interfere with her School activities but they wouldn't listen. She was crying when she told us the story. She’s devastated mostly because she can't go to the temple as soon as she had hoped. I think after college she’s gonna leave the house and can decide for herself but for now we’re frozen. She’s fasting for them to have a change of heart. The Fathers drunk almost every night we try to teach her and will never sit in on our lessons. Pray for us pray for her she needs all the help she can get. We are studying and preparing for an attempt with the parents. Mano e mano me and Elder Cajumban alone without Joan there and we will see if we can try to shed some light on the situation so that they will understand the situation more. Pray for us we will need it! Other than that there was nothing too big or major this week. Things are still moving along here and I try to speak more Tagalog with strangers and my companion and not being lazy by just speaking English to him. Mom, sorry that was long your message sounded like you are still plugging along just fine. Group discussions are always better for lessons as long as they don't end up as a debate. I hate it when that happens in Priesthood. NO SPITIT! TALAGA! The Bikers for Christ Club sounded pretty funny I think they will appreciate the service. Way to go Mom! You know Charity is the Pure Love of Christ! Don't worry about the money. I’m praying for you guys every night! I love you and make sure my Sister makes it out of the surgery room in one piece okay? I Love ya take care! Elder Hamblin
Dear Shay,
Love ya.......that’s it I just love ya. Keep up the good work and I hope the Puss in Boots movie wasn't too lame. Ingat Ka Kapatid

Dear Dane,
I hope the Retainer isn't hurting your teeth too much! How’s school treating you? Way to look on the bright side with the penny. I would have fun dropping the penny down the spinny thing at Mc Donalds! I like the way you think! It’s good that you are working hard for your money and the Evans will always be there for you to do some work! They have been a large supporter of my video game funds. I love ya little bro. Elder Hamblin

Dear Devree,
You grow up sooooo fast already driving the car and running over school kids and such! I'm proud of you. Driving can be pretty scary at 1st and I didn't like the highway at all. Now I love it! I still don't like the Freeway it’s physically exhausting for me to drive on the freeway still because I’m a defective driver and I don't like being boxed in! Yuck I get the chills just thinking about it! Pancit Canton is like Top Ramen and it’s pretty fast and easy to make! Comes in a couple flavors original HOT HOT HOT and Calamansi. Tastes pretty good if you mix’em!

Mrs.? is a crazy woman sometimes and I think that she drinks a little too much coffee for her own good or maybe that’s just her personality! It’s cool how you got the teachers on your side and Mr. Rohrer never plays favorites even if you’re his teachers pet but he’s crazy so don't pay him any attention. The lock down sounded cool though! It really doesn't surprise me that Mike the bus driver reads my blog and is keeping tabs on me. He's always been like a guardian angel you know? Always there when you need him. Good old Mike if your reading this Mike, Thanks for the side job and Extra Money for "Nobles Mission Fund" you’re the best keep rocking the street in you big yellow limousine! Stay cool!
Your movie Devrs was “Finding Nemo”, not surprising, that being like one of your most favorite movies of all time! Here’s mine!
"Q-tip Q-tip throw it away throw it away makin the pizza!"
"He didn't show you the inhaler did he? He chucked it down right before he kissed me!" Guess that!
I love ya little Sis. I pray for you and your operation to go smoothly and perfectly every night! Love ya Elder Hamblin

Dear Papa,
The cargo ship package sounds pretty darn cool but it sounds a wee bit risky so good call on sticking to the usual for the Christmas Packages! I can't wait till they get here! SO Devree is having a hard time adjusting. You know that’s fast for her. I even disliked driving on the highway at 1st I still hate the Freeway! I hope she adjusts well. She will in time and you’re just the perfect teacher for her. Just wait till Shay starts to drive, it will be the exact opposite! I bet my bottom dollar (or 20 Peso Bill) on that! The people here are okay. The flooding wasn't too bad but some of them had to move to higher ground. Other than that no big damage and they are all doing fine! I hope that everything goes a-o-kay with the packages and the Surgery. I pray for you all every night! Are you getting paid extra for the (mandatory extra jobs) yet? I love ya pops and don't stress too much over this all. I know how you like to keep it all inside! Stay calm and know the Lord is watching over you and me and everything’s gonna be alright. Enjoy the Pictures I sent some of my Pangit Pancakes and some scenery photos too. Also the Baptism photos and Scrabble. We found the Scrabble board and played before going to bed. E. Cajumban whooped my pants off! LOVE YA ALLL SOOOOOOOO MUCH. TAKE CARE! Elder Hamblin!
OH! By the way. Our mission president says it’s a okay if you want to skype on Christmas. You are the computer Expert so in your free time see if you can set up Skype on Moms computer (If I remember correctly she has a camera on it.) Then I can see and talk to you all on Christmas. I think that would be way better and of course cheaper than the phone card thing! I love you take care and I hope everything works out okay Love Ya! ELDER HAMBLIN
(Your most favorite 3rd world missionary)

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