Tuesday, November 8, 2011

November 7th, 2011

Noble has been amazed at how much rain they saw this week. He said the sun came out just once all week so they could dry their laundry.

Now you know what Noble's shoes and pants look like during the rainy season!!!

You are looking at the Mag-Laba scars on Noble's fingers. Mag-Laba is the Tagalog word for clothes washing by hand.

Fisherman from San Mariano.

Look at the size of that FISH. Wow!!!

Dear Mom,

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!! :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)

I'm sorry I didn't say it last email! I wrote it in my planner too! Sorry you know how I can be an absentminded prof. sometimes! Sounds like you had TONS of fun! You got the clothes, the boots, the fun, the whole kit-and-kabutle! Dane gets excited over the strangest things! Retainer sounds like fun and its great he only has to wear it at night later! I just looked at the blog and the pictures are amazing you guys got snow! O how I miss snow! If I could I would roll around in it! Here it has been raining on and off for about a week. I have never seen this kinda rain my whole life! It seems relentless and never ending. Just today this glorious P-day the sun poked its head out from the clouds so we could dry our laundry! Whew so much rain! I loved the picture of the Banana Split! (Banana Split Blog) It looks amazing! Remember if your stressed just eat desserts because desserts is stressed spelled backwards! I've been using my extra blades for my shaver and it looks like I’m getting close to half way done with my mission! Isn't that crazy I’m 4 months away from half way! Elder Cajumban’s half way mark is like next week! Oh! Before I forget E. Cajumban would really like a copy of The Pocket Reference book For Missionaries by: Adrian Parker Call Jr. for Christmas he read my copy and fell in love with all the amazing scripture references in it! It really is useful for missionary work! Your talk sounded a lot better than ours. This last Sunday they practiced blessing/naming children? Things are a little different here! Sister Carlos gave each of us a print out of all the things the prophet asked us to do this last Conference so that if anyone asks, “What is he saying today?” we won't get caught off our guard. Do YOU know what the Prophet wants us to do Today? Ask yourselves this question every now and then just to remind yourselves the words of the prophet! A little spiritual thought from Elder Hamblin! On another note, The river is HUGE now from all the rain and they charge us 10 pesos instead of 7 pesos to get across the river by boat now! It’s BIG but it’s hard to see with pictures! Mom I love ya and Happy Birthday! LOVE YOUR BIGGEST CHILD! ELDER HAMBLIN! Oh and Tell Uncle Ky sorry I’m a city boy! And the Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs picture is HILARIOUS!

Dear Shay,

You and women for Heaven sakes you’re gonna give your parents a heart attack! Don't you know they’re bad for your health and your wallet!/!?!?!!!

JK Sounds like tons of fun! Right now Shay we have lots of investigators but no Baptisms just quite yet. We got two investigators who will be baptized next Saturday though and they look promising. Kenneth is a 14 year old girl 1 of the 2 that will be baptized soon. She was really happy when we came and gave her cupcakes and candles to blown them out! She was sad also, because we showed up but her Mom didn't for her birthday. Her Mom works long hours and comes home really late. They live in a little Wooden house by the river that constantly gets flooded so they don't have to many possessions. Life is rough for her. Pray for her please! I miss Dad’s famous Pineapple upside-down cake! OOOOOOO I’m soo jealous! We have to make that when I get home and go camping and swimming the whole bit! Also brain ball sounds like fun I’m sure Dad will be game for that if you help out by explaining the rules and such! Take Care you crazy Teenager you! Looooooooooooooove Elder Hamblin

Dear Dane,

Liking the new Braces man! They’re blue right! Wow you lucky dog you! I hope you follow the rules and take good care of them right? Of course I’m right I’m your big brother! So the retainer is giving you some pain don't worry I think that’s normal! You look good with a retainer! Very Handsome! So You’re playing Peggle without me I see how it is you big 5th grader you! We got to play Peggle when I get back! Love you little bro Elder Hamblin

Dear Devree,

Applying for BYU Hawaii and creative writing seem pretty stressful but I think you can do it! You've always had just a little more on your plate than the average girl. (Well figuratively speaking) The Missionaries sound amazing like we all are! Making dinner for them is really a great blessing. I wish we got more dinner appointments mostly it’s just rice eggs pancit canton and tuna yummmm! As soon as possible tell me everything that goes down with the surgery. We’re praying for you! Your movie was Rugrats in Paris but you accidentally gave it away by writing the title in the 1st part of your message! Silly goose! Okay here’s mine and I’ve got a few for you so see if you can guessssss this!

"and you gotta gotta try a little TENDERNESS! Chicks love that romantic crap!"


" If you like pinacalodas and getting caught in the rain"


"now ill take this knife and jab it through your hear keep your eyes on me boys cause im about to STAAAAAAAAART!




" please keep off of the grass shine your shoes wipe your........face!"

Or my personal favorite.... "NOT THE GUM DROP BUTTONS! Tell me where she is! Alright I'll tell you do you know the muffin man? The Muffin Man? The Muffin Man. Yes I know the muffin man who live on Druey lane? Well Shes married to the Muffin Man. THE MUFFIN MAN? THE MUFFIN MAN!!!!!!"

The last one is a dead give away but I had to put it in!


Dear Dad,

I love the Snowman tie in November. It totally screams you! "I was thinking about the snow not Thanksgiving!" You're hilarious Dad! I really do miss the Snow. That campout at the Corn maze always is cold! That is Really cold! Why does it always seem like the nonmember friends come ridiculously unprepared! Jackson and the Warm coat problem and kids without sleeping bags what is this world coming to. Chastise Isaac for me and give him a lesson about Charity the pure love of Christ for me too! Despite the Cold and the wet sock and the slushies you got to know that I want to be right beside you when you do it! Mostly because I wish I could feel cold again but I have yet to feel that experience here yet. I’m sorry I didn't send you the picture with the scars I’ll try to send it this time. It’s a picture of my fingers after rubbing my clothes together over and over again. My fingers and hands have gotten tougher since I started washing my clothes by hand. That’s always cool! I really would love to go be your assistant scoutmaster anytime so when I get back to the states hit me up bro! Handbook-wise the Missionary handbook is the guide that the 1st presidency and the apostle all agree on and all missionaries should abide by its rules. That being said I have seen missionaries who use it as a guide line pirate-wise, and not as a set rules for someone to go by. I don't even follow it completely. I go to youtube and down load Disney songs for my extra SD card you gave me and play it through the DVD player they gave us all. Speaking of other Websites (MOM look away from the computer) Diablo 3 coming out next year Pops just a heads up! JK Me and Elder Cajumban are always striving to be good examples to other missionaries here in the Philippines!
That pig really was looking pretty darn scary Dad! It was big too! I’m such a city boy! Thanks for your message about Christmas and the little bit about your mission! I think that will really help in the month to come. I also liked the bit about the Package don't forget the pocket reference book for Elder Cajumban I think that would make his Christmas REAL special! THERE last picture in the batch you can see my little scars from Mag-laba. Last but not least I want to leave with you a text we got from one of the members here. This really made our Day after Tracting in the rain.

"So a bunch of ugly people are riding in a bus when the bus stops and on steps a beautiful fairy! She agrees to grant them each one wish so the 1st person wishes to be beautiful so she grants the wish. Poof. She’s beautiful. The 2nd person makes the same wish, and so does the 3rd and 4th, and so on and so forth. She gets to the last person on the bus and asks him what his wish would be. Laughing while he makes the last wish he says: "Gawin mo ulit silang pangit....." (Make them return to being ugly….) ISN'T THAT HILARIOUS!!!!!!! Philippino Humor is interesting here but still pretty funny! Well Ingat Tay (Short for Tatay)(Take care father) Mahal KITA(I love you) MAHAL Ko Kayo! (I love you!) Elder Hamblin

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