Monday, May 28, 2012

May 27, 2012

This is one of the cute babies that Elder Hamblin gave a name and a blessing to.  We love the hair!
Elder Hamblin without his glasses.  The thumbs up mean they had a great day.
Elder Magalong looking cool in his shades.
More Branch members but Elder Hamblin feeling a little uncomfortable because "Sister Merley,  getting all up in my grill" which means a little too close.
Not "Best Buy" but "Wise Buy".  Wouldn't you want to know you are wise when you buy?
Baby bananas that are oh so delicious!
Trying out his American goodies.  A&W rootbeer and it looks like Jolly Time microwave popcorn.  Do you have a microwave Elder Hamblin?
Another Bukid (field) that is flooded.  Lots of rain there.
A cutie that looks like she is being reverent by folding her arms.
Elder Magalong showing his pearly whites.  Not a cavity in the bunch.
Yea Mom, I know you love me and want the best for me. It's true you know! When you are in College you are away from your parents and you are put in a situation that gives you PHENOMENAL COSMIC POWER! YOU call the shots. YOU choose when to go to bed. YOU pay the bills. You are the boss and because of that a lot of people have fallen in "Forbidden Paths". Take Kyle for instance. Even in High school he was piercing his ears and finding himself in all the wrong places. I hope he's better now. Can you send me Barbie's address? If anyone knows where Kyle is SHE does. Haha :) SO anyway I know about the influence of FRIENDS when it comes to making decisions. I know that they are a big influence on you. I miss my friends but I miss my family more because they didn't forget me. It's another reason why I listen to them more and follow and take their counsel more seriously. Will my Dad or my 20 year old friend know how I should pick who to marry? I'll go with the 40 years of wisdom 1st. That's just me. I like to think things out 1st before I do them. Ya know!  Patience... sorry about that random word. I had to help my fellow American spell Patience. Rough word ya know. THANK YOU SPELL CHECK!
      Anyways, I hope that all is well with you. Those middle schoolers aren't destroying you! You said when I USED to like The Magic School Bus. I STILL DO LIKE THE MAGIC SCHOOL BUS! How could I forget sulfuric acid! COME ON! I should get those movies when I get home. 
Hey you're right. I can be full with a chicken burger and some fries at McDo now. I am used to eating rice. I don't know. I don't think I will eat anything in large amounts for awhile when I get home. Just to be safe. I'll pray for those you asked me to.
I'll email Dad more about his calling in a bit. I love ya Mom.
        Dear Dad,
               I am really glad to hear that you care about my problems.  (We deleted some of Noble's letter because he wanted it private.  Sorry to those who read Nobles letters )  I loved your letter Dad. I remember the story with your sister in the car. You just gave her a hug and all is well. Anyways, I'll try it out.  Who knows. I am receiving help from above. Thanks for everything pops. I am a stronger person because of this and my ability to wait has grown. Thanks for everything.  Elder Hamblin
              Dear Devree,
                   I hope that all is well. The wigs sound awesome. Your movie was Lion King. I love that movie. It's a classic. You know my companion hasn't seen Wizard of Oz. Weird huh? It's kinda sad when you can't quote all the time with your comp. Okay here's my quote
    "Get ready for THE ICE AGE!" or "Rubber lips are immune to your charms!" Guess that! You know not too many girls are stoked about getting wigs for their birthday but my sister is! I'm ready to see some cool stuff when I get home. Your laptop, your wigs, your boyfriends. All sorts of stuff! :) jk
SO hey be a good girl for me and don't kill your brothers! I love you! Elder Hamblin
           Dear Shay, 
               Okay weirdo, using my underwear! GOSH! SO hey I Love the long email that you sent me bro. It was so big it was hard to find in all the other emails. BUT I found it! So hey make sure you give me a nice big one next time too okay? I'm working on the knife and sending a package to you! Just give me some time and I'll find one. Hey love ya bro take care.
        Dear Dane,
             COOL you're a judge! I think that would be a great job for you! It's cool that you have memorized your part. Hey No six pack yet but it's coming along. You should have beat their team!!!! Stinkin 
Watts kids! I love'm! Hey so are you still going with soccer? I hope to show you some of my moves when I get home. If I can still do them! I love you. stay safe! Elder one ka knombie!
           Oh the pics are interesting. umm so we got sis. Merley gettin all up in my grill in the one with all the church members. Shes on my left. Then we got the the bananas from the tree. Note the cute little bananas in the bunch. Also the cute little girl in our ward. SUPER CUTE and some other fun stuff enjoy!

Monday, May 21, 2012

May 20, 2012

Beautiful Philippines Cauayan Mission
(Best Mission Ever!!!)

Kids in the ward.
This is a village "Water Purifier".  It is a bunch of rocks in a bucket that drips down to another bucket.  Elder Hamblin says it is "Crazy to think that it will purify your water from the microscopic bugs that make you sick!"
Elder Hamblin did not tell us about this "GHOST".  But it is a happy ghost so we are okay.
Elder Magalong threatening to EAT THAT BUG!!!

    I admire your patience. You freaking out about the meeting with the Stake is reasonable. That’s what I did when the AP's told me that I had to go talk to President Carlos. DUN DUN DUUUUUN!!! Turns out I was just becoming a District Leader. No prob! We all do dumb things sometimes and we have to just take it as an opportunity to learn more about ourselves and become BETTER! I have learned that lesson with Elder Magalong many a time. I thought that I had reached my limit of patience and then I move on. I find strength beyond my own and I cope with the problems. He's been having a rough week. He doesn't want to talk about it and sometimes he doesn't eat. Do you have any advice on how to get people to open up and talk about their problems. I'm just starting to serve him more. Shine his shoes and iron shirts/ cooking and cleaning for him. Maybe that will soften him up enough so that he will talk to me during our planning and not just let me plan everything. Good stuff! Anyways, good luck with new calling. You'll be a member of the 70 by the time I get home! GOSH! Go gettah!
     Me AND E. McGuffin we're crying when you told us that story! I had already told him about Shay and the Guillotine toilet seat! He laughed so hard at that. E. McGuffin is like my best friend in the mission right now. Definitely gonna talk to him when I get home! I totally forgot about that story! MAN I'm still wiping the tears away that was so darn funny! You guys really know how to make me laugh! Anyways got to get busy! E. Magalongs gonna get shifty! Love ya! Elder Hamblin
         P.S. Saw and old guy rubbing himself with a rock. I asked E. Magalong apparently some people believe that it will rub off the BAD skin cells and put nutrients into your body so they shower with water and rocks. WEIRD! Love ya!

         LOVED LOVED LOVED LOOOOOOVED SKYPING YOU LAST P-Day! Good stuff! I love you. Even though You wanted everyone to go to bed! GOSH! Let'm talk to their brother! JK I love you Mom. If we didn't have you, Chaos would soon follow and all order would be lost. Thanks for keeping us in line Mom. You and Dad complete each other! I really did miss my Mama and I loved getting to connect with you on Skype. I think we communicate better face to face Mom. It's hard through emails and letters and stuff!
       SOooooooo, somebody want me to come home and get married huh? I know you and Pops just want me to get married to some amazing women who will be and amazing mother and bring you amazing grandchildren. BUT you're just gonna have to wait Mom. I'm only 20 years old! I'm still a boy! When I get home don't you worry I will be all up on the dating game just let me know about your future plans for me next year when I'm actually coming home! I still got some time to serve the Lord! Things are going good, You know Manny wants me to go study abroad with him in SPAIN! I know he's crazy and he hasn't changed a bit. I try and talk to him about it.
         Anyways, things are good and happen'n in Solana. E. Magalongs been having a hard time though and thus the area suffers. We didn't get much done with him not responding and me trying to help him open up and solve the problem. For now, it's just me planning but I think I'll get him going this week. Tough stuff but we'll make it through it!
          I miss you Mom. I've been thinking about writing you a letter but I don't want to repeat stuff we already covered in the Skype so I am trying to get all original with it. Just wait you'll get it but you just have to give me some time. Anyways, till then I love you and keep your head above water. DON'T substitute at that horrible school again, you'll get an ulcer from all your troubles! I love you and don't get too stressed out okay? Love E. Hamblin
  P.S. AVENGERS! I saw a trailer. Looks cool. Definitely gonna pull that patch back over my eye and download it when I get home. Love ya!!!!

      Dear Devree,
             AVENGERS!!!! Going on the list. Anyways. Love ya! I hope that you find out where you’re gonna sleep for college. Hope you get some awesome cute roommates! tee hee! Your movie was ANNIE! I love that one! "THE SUN"LL COME OUT TOMORROW BET YOUR BOTTOM DOLLAR THAT TOMORROW THEY'LL BE SUN!"
            Good stuff! Okay let’s think of a good one! ok here we go:
         "I'm free I'm freeee.........dang it"   "you'll ring her bell YOUR THE BELL RINGER!!!" "She wants ooo la la she want YOU lala!"
     Hey, make me some of them Lemon Cakes and we'll eat them when I get home! Thanks, Elder Hamblin
            Dear Shay,
                  You sound like you're doing well. I'm glad you liked the story about Dad peeing on me. I hope to make a lot more memories with you guys when I get home. I'm trying to work out more also and that’s been going good. HEY we got to run that marathon so you guys get training! I love you little bro! Love E. Hambone
  P.S. I'm stoked to see the black lights when I get home!!! Love ya!
            Dear Dane,
                  MAN! You one Soccer STAR! Just like your older brother. I love you and I hope you continue on with it. It's a great sport don't let anyone tell you different. I love you and play your heart out all right!!? I want some Sprite when I get home too! Hey make sure that you be a good example for the other kids in the ward and keep bearing your testimony in Church. I heard your last one was great. I love you and be a good example! Love Elder Hamblin
          Well my family continues to be awesome I continue to serve the people of the Philippines. I love these people and all they do and give up for the church. They are living in a world where it isn't always the most popular thing to be a member, and there are a lot of them around. Some live in tiny branches and are Far from the church and have NO CAR! Some suffer from ailments and diseases and have no money to receive proper medical treatment. Some are suffering severe hostility from other family members and friends for joining the church but they continue to do it! Despite their challenges they find a way to endure and push through those trials and be the people the Lord wants them to be. Find inspiration in that example to live your lives closer to God’s will. You were born in a country full of rights and freedoms. Give thanks to the Lord for his many blessings to you and your friends because you truly are blessed. Thanks for the emails and such. I love you all!!!!!
                                              -Elder Hamblin
                                Philippines Cauayan Mission
                                              (the best mission EVER!)

Monday, May 7, 2012

May 7, 2012

Hey sorry its been taking me awhile to get you the big email. Hey Things are good and we are doing great. Solana is chugging along right now and things are good. We had a great time fixing our sink this P-Day and hopefully it won't give us any more problems. I am glad that we will not have to worry about that anymore. I went to a leadership training thing in Cauayan. All the District Leaders and Zone Leaders counciled about our Accounting process with the District and came up with a More excellent way! "guitar riff" SO that was cool. I saw my whole district there! Ya we're awesome! SO anyway now to answer all those fun questions you have.
Dear Mom
Hey I'm really sorry. I didn't answer your questions last time about the package. I had to hit myself on the forehead when I remembered. Sorry talaga! Sorry! Mom I drew the line with emailing. I email you and President Carlos. NO ONE ELSE! I have emailed Manny one time my whole mission, I think. Other than that it's straight snail mail and 40 pesos every time. So ya I don't want to hear it missy! JK I love you Mom! Your the one who makes sure I don't kill myself. SO about the package It would be Double A batteries. AA for the Camera! If you could send some that would be SWEET! That and the ADVIL. I have been getting headaches recently I don't know why. I've been having some intense dreams lately and that has lessened the amount of sleep I get most nights. I don't know maybe it's just stress from stuff. My companion got your email but was afraid to reply cause his English isn't great. He understood most of it. He just told me to email you but I encouraged him to do it. We will see if I can get him to send one to you. Oh and socks would be great.  Hey and OREOS! OREOS are always great. Pizza, mashed potatoes. cookie dough mix. Heck go crazy! Make me some cookies throw'm in a zip lock bag and we'll see what happens! Bro Uci has had some rough times. Three deaths in the family in 2 weeks. He's hurting. We are there for him and are just laying off the teaching and just visiting right now. Everything should be back to normal by next Wed and then we can get down to buisness. He has just been up taking care of the funeral and doing everything by himself. He's gotten skinnier. He'll be better. Just wait. We had a Less Acitves at church last week! WHOOOHOO! SO we had her Sis. Mallillin and her kids at church and they loved it! WE don't have too many new investigators. We're talking about the Less Actives and helping the Branch right now become more self sufficent. I brought the bread and water for sacrament last Sunday. They need help and we're here to help them fix some of their problems.
WE LOVED what you said about Uncle Monte and Grizzly Bear Hunting. That's cool enough as it is' But his immune system is failing him at the same time. Thats Hard core! Tell him not to kill him self! I love him. Oh tell him to go to church too and read his scriptures. He needs it.
Mom we'll get to talk next week but I want you to know that I love you again and that I do read your questions but sometimes I forget to answer you. Sorry I'm thinking about alot of things when I email and sometimes its hard. Well I love you. Elder Hamblin
Dear Dad,
The story about the Doughnuts was amazing. I loved it and yes I do want to get doughnuts with you when I get home. Yep its official I need some bacon doughnuts and Angry Birds when I get home. I'm gonna get so fat! I do know the scripture that Birshop Heusser used and that was perfect for your situation. I remember when Bro Evans laid it out for me. How Moroni tore into Pahoran about not sending the troops and Pahoran is like, Whoa calm down! I'm having problems right now too! I think Bishop Heusser is inspired and is called of God. He really knows what he is doing and so does God. Alma 38:5 put TODD in where it says Shiblon. Then live it. You will be happier and then this will happen: Mosiah 24:14 Keep on keeping on and don't give up on Shay. He loves you and thinks you're amazing. Just don't wake him up at 3 am! Love ya Pops.
Dear Devree,
Your movie was "A Knights Tale"! I love that movie! "Your Out!" HA! Okay here's mine. "What are you? I'm complicated!" or "Africa will never let him Die!" or "I'm getting too old for this! ....BANG!" If you can't get it, ask Shay he should know!
I love the fact that after you say that nothing happened you then state the Scholoarships! You are Da BOMB Devree! TICK TICK TICK BOOOOOOM! SO ya You should give me some tips when I get home about going to college and what I should do to apply and such! That would be great!!!
SO Fillippinos usually pronounce my name. Humblien. Also they call me elder humble all the time. I try to use my Christ like attributes daily! We actually eat pancakes for breakfast and such. I sometimes have toast with Brown Sugar on top. Depends if I'm lazy or not. Fried rice isn't my favorite but we get that some times. It's prettty cool. Ya things are going good. I want some doughnuts. I want to Netflicks on the Wii now! Really bad! We are gonna PARTY when I get home! Root beer, Pizza, women.....okay take out the OTHER women just family......MORE PIZZA, VIDEO GAMES! PARTY!!! ANYWAYS, I love ya and stay safe and happy!
Dear Dane,
Hey little bro hang in there! Alright? You are a soccer STAR! Just like your big brothers! Keep it up. I always hated being a goalie but you have at it! The pictures on the blog are intense! I want some of Shay too!!! I love you all! and No I DON"T HAVE A SIX PACK YET! But it's coming along! Love you ELDER HAMBLIN
Dear Shay,
Keep it up with the pole vaulting. HEY you are getting sun burnt mister. Mom will kill you. Don't drive the girls too crazy. As long as you don't have girls over at the house before 7:00am I think Mom and Dad won't kill you. Be a good boy alright and a good example to Dane for me while I'm gone. You have got to hold the fort down while I'm gone so that when I get back things are still up and running. I love you Shay. Take care of the throne, young prince. Your older brother will be home soon to resume his place. In the mean time, don't burn anything in the microwave for me alright? :) Love Elder Hamblin
Sorry I'm late at getting the mail in. Due to intense compications with my SD card and an Auto Run Virus I was unable to get you the email on time. Please forgive me for this gross mistake and still be my friend on facebook! I love you all and for always and I will definitely talk to you all on Skype next Monday. Love you all..... ELDER HAMBLIN


Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Dad and Mom's 22nd anniversary

SHREK SHREK THE MOVIE WAS SHREK!!!! GOSH I CAN'T BELIEVE MYSELF SOMETIMES!!! I forget to email Dad and then I forget the movie game with Devree!! You guys will never let me live that one down! GOSH I have been kinda stressed lately so I will try to calm down for your email! WHOoooo! Yea okay now I can do it!
Dear Mom,
No my face was not swollen I just took a picture of me shaking my face around and it came out all cool like that! The other Americans laughed when I told them that trick! Funny stuff! Yea so don't freak out my face is fine never was swollen just a cruel trick on my family thats all! He he he! So hey I've been looking at the blog and noticing that Shay wears more and more of my clothes as the days go on. How big is that guy now!? ANYWAYS!!! Yea me and my comp are doing fine just got to help him when it comes to voicing his opinions. It feels like I'm pulling teeth sometimes to get him to say what's on his mind!!! SO besides that, things are going alright. We did run into some heart ache the other day. We found Bro. Uci (the golden contact) drunk and gambling, (great combo) at a funeral by his house. He was willing to have a lesson but he's been going through some really rough stuff lately with his famliy and he's pretty stressed so we set up a return appointment and gave him a break. I don't think he would have focused well on the message anyway if we had taught him....
Raul still hasn't been able to talk to his wife yet but we keep following up on him. I don't know if we will see much progress with him. Anyway that's the scoop here in the Philippines.
Dear Tatay,
I've definitely seen some crazy junk here haven't I? Don't worry about my face.  I didn't put any windex on it. Although something tells me that the members would tell me to do something like that. HA! I was told to take a cold shower after being in the rain so I wouldn't get sick! NO LOGIC WHATSOEVER! That's just CRAZY! Anyway, I miss ya tatay. I love how Mom has to tell me about your trials as a Young Men's Leader .......of EPICNESS!!! I sooooooo want to be your assistant you don't even know!!! I love ya Dad and I will just say, Hang in there. Some day the synapsis in ?s brain will click and a new light of truth and understanding will distill upon his soul and he will join us magicians of the higher path! I can't wait to geek it up with you and watch John Carter of Mars or From Mars I can't remember. Anyway, it sounds good. I saw it playing in a members house and I wanted to sit down and watch it soooo bad. That dude was jumping all over the place! But we had places to go and less actives to teach and souls to save. Mars will have to wait for this John Carter....
I miss you and we be havin a movie marathon when I get home. Then we will go run a marathon in Utah or something. You, me and shay and we will kick buns. Love ya ELDER HAMBLIN
P.S. I just may want to be a movie writer when I grow up. We'll see....
Dear Devree,
YOUR MOVIE WAS SHREEEEEEEEEEEK!!!!! And this time it was Princess Bride!! love that show I quote it all the time with the Americans. Sorry I be the most worstestest bradah in da whole wide world!! I humbly petition for your apology madam! I can't believe I did that I am so sorry. But I got a quote for you and here it is! "If your intentions were to shoot an arrow through my heart....well.....BULLS EYE!!!" I think you can get that one. I love you little sis and I am glad you had a great time out and about on Prom Day. You looked beautiful in those pictures. Sorry no pics from me this time. I'm afraid that some virus has infected my card. BUT THAT WILL NOT STOP ME! I will fix it and be back sending pictures next time. Love ya! Elder Hamblin
Dear Shay,
Don't worry!  Bishop Heusser knows when you can date and he'll remind you when the time comes. I think EVERYONE will remind you when that time comes! You will be a dating machine! Just don't date the icky girls as mom would say. They just want you to take off your armor and drink beer with them. Not cool! Hey I miss ya little bro and I can't wait to laugh and talk and play with all of you again. AND WHATS WITH YOU WEARING ALL MY SHIRTS MISTER!!!?!?!? Ha ha joke lang I just think its funny watching you wear my clothes. I guess our family has always been big on hand me downs. I don't know how to spell hand me. O well... And we're definitely going to play this Tetris game on facebook that everyone is appartently addicted to here in the Philippines. When I get home we are gonna get some things done mister. I love ya little bro. Hang in there.. 14 months is a blink of an eye in the sight of the Lord. Love ya. Elder Hamblin
Dear Bunso i mean Dane,
Bunso means the youngest and thats YOU! How are you doing you Math wizard. I swear you must be the biggest and smartest out of all the Hamblin Boys at your age. You are gonna be HUGE when I get home! Maybe even taller than me!! I love and miss ya boy!!! We are gonna be playing all the time. when I get home. It's gonna be awesome. Alright well I better sign off. I love you all and wish you a happy anniversary Mom and Dad. Soon you'll be empty nesters! AHH! I love you all and wish you the best. LOVE