Monday, May 21, 2012

May 20, 2012

Beautiful Philippines Cauayan Mission
(Best Mission Ever!!!)

Kids in the ward.
This is a village "Water Purifier".  It is a bunch of rocks in a bucket that drips down to another bucket.  Elder Hamblin says it is "Crazy to think that it will purify your water from the microscopic bugs that make you sick!"
Elder Hamblin did not tell us about this "GHOST".  But it is a happy ghost so we are okay.
Elder Magalong threatening to EAT THAT BUG!!!

    I admire your patience. You freaking out about the meeting with the Stake is reasonable. That’s what I did when the AP's told me that I had to go talk to President Carlos. DUN DUN DUUUUUN!!! Turns out I was just becoming a District Leader. No prob! We all do dumb things sometimes and we have to just take it as an opportunity to learn more about ourselves and become BETTER! I have learned that lesson with Elder Magalong many a time. I thought that I had reached my limit of patience and then I move on. I find strength beyond my own and I cope with the problems. He's been having a rough week. He doesn't want to talk about it and sometimes he doesn't eat. Do you have any advice on how to get people to open up and talk about their problems. I'm just starting to serve him more. Shine his shoes and iron shirts/ cooking and cleaning for him. Maybe that will soften him up enough so that he will talk to me during our planning and not just let me plan everything. Good stuff! Anyways, good luck with new calling. You'll be a member of the 70 by the time I get home! GOSH! Go gettah!
     Me AND E. McGuffin we're crying when you told us that story! I had already told him about Shay and the Guillotine toilet seat! He laughed so hard at that. E. McGuffin is like my best friend in the mission right now. Definitely gonna talk to him when I get home! I totally forgot about that story! MAN I'm still wiping the tears away that was so darn funny! You guys really know how to make me laugh! Anyways got to get busy! E. Magalongs gonna get shifty! Love ya! Elder Hamblin
         P.S. Saw and old guy rubbing himself with a rock. I asked E. Magalong apparently some people believe that it will rub off the BAD skin cells and put nutrients into your body so they shower with water and rocks. WEIRD! Love ya!

         LOVED LOVED LOVED LOOOOOOVED SKYPING YOU LAST P-Day! Good stuff! I love you. Even though You wanted everyone to go to bed! GOSH! Let'm talk to their brother! JK I love you Mom. If we didn't have you, Chaos would soon follow and all order would be lost. Thanks for keeping us in line Mom. You and Dad complete each other! I really did miss my Mama and I loved getting to connect with you on Skype. I think we communicate better face to face Mom. It's hard through emails and letters and stuff!
       SOooooooo, somebody want me to come home and get married huh? I know you and Pops just want me to get married to some amazing women who will be and amazing mother and bring you amazing grandchildren. BUT you're just gonna have to wait Mom. I'm only 20 years old! I'm still a boy! When I get home don't you worry I will be all up on the dating game just let me know about your future plans for me next year when I'm actually coming home! I still got some time to serve the Lord! Things are going good, You know Manny wants me to go study abroad with him in SPAIN! I know he's crazy and he hasn't changed a bit. I try and talk to him about it.
         Anyways, things are good and happen'n in Solana. E. Magalongs been having a hard time though and thus the area suffers. We didn't get much done with him not responding and me trying to help him open up and solve the problem. For now, it's just me planning but I think I'll get him going this week. Tough stuff but we'll make it through it!
          I miss you Mom. I've been thinking about writing you a letter but I don't want to repeat stuff we already covered in the Skype so I am trying to get all original with it. Just wait you'll get it but you just have to give me some time. Anyways, till then I love you and keep your head above water. DON'T substitute at that horrible school again, you'll get an ulcer from all your troubles! I love you and don't get too stressed out okay? Love E. Hamblin
  P.S. AVENGERS! I saw a trailer. Looks cool. Definitely gonna pull that patch back over my eye and download it when I get home. Love ya!!!!

      Dear Devree,
             AVENGERS!!!! Going on the list. Anyways. Love ya! I hope that you find out where you’re gonna sleep for college. Hope you get some awesome cute roommates! tee hee! Your movie was ANNIE! I love that one! "THE SUN"LL COME OUT TOMORROW BET YOUR BOTTOM DOLLAR THAT TOMORROW THEY'LL BE SUN!"
            Good stuff! Okay let’s think of a good one! ok here we go:
         "I'm free I'm freeee.........dang it"   "you'll ring her bell YOUR THE BELL RINGER!!!" "She wants ooo la la she want YOU lala!"
     Hey, make me some of them Lemon Cakes and we'll eat them when I get home! Thanks, Elder Hamblin
            Dear Shay,
                  You sound like you're doing well. I'm glad you liked the story about Dad peeing on me. I hope to make a lot more memories with you guys when I get home. I'm trying to work out more also and that’s been going good. HEY we got to run that marathon so you guys get training! I love you little bro! Love E. Hambone
  P.S. I'm stoked to see the black lights when I get home!!! Love ya!
            Dear Dane,
                  MAN! You one Soccer STAR! Just like your older brother. I love you and I hope you continue on with it. It's a great sport don't let anyone tell you different. I love you and play your heart out all right!!? I want some Sprite when I get home too! Hey make sure that you be a good example for the other kids in the ward and keep bearing your testimony in Church. I heard your last one was great. I love you and be a good example! Love Elder Hamblin
          Well my family continues to be awesome I continue to serve the people of the Philippines. I love these people and all they do and give up for the church. They are living in a world where it isn't always the most popular thing to be a member, and there are a lot of them around. Some live in tiny branches and are Far from the church and have NO CAR! Some suffer from ailments and diseases and have no money to receive proper medical treatment. Some are suffering severe hostility from other family members and friends for joining the church but they continue to do it! Despite their challenges they find a way to endure and push through those trials and be the people the Lord wants them to be. Find inspiration in that example to live your lives closer to God’s will. You were born in a country full of rights and freedoms. Give thanks to the Lord for his many blessings to you and your friends because you truly are blessed. Thanks for the emails and such. I love you all!!!!!
                                              -Elder Hamblin
                                Philippines Cauayan Mission
                                              (the best mission EVER!)

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