Monday, October 31, 2011

October 31st, 2011

John Paul "the drunken child". He is always going around from house to house in a certain state and his eyebrows always look like this.

The greenery that grows on everything including the electrical lines.

The Elders were invited to a rich family's birthday celebration for a four year old.

The head of the pig.

Noble got to turn the stick. He was impressed the eyes and tongue were still intact. You know it is almost done when the skin cracks like that. Do you see the tail of the pig sticking up?

The famous national hero boxer named Paquiows.

This is the huge pig that scared Noble to death. He just came alive out of the mud and chased Noble.

Another view of Big Pig!

Here he is wallowing.

Wow you guys always seem to make my day every time I read your email. Something interesting is always happening at the Hamblin House! Dad I don't know what it’s like yet with Christmas, but from what I read and what the people say it sounds spot on! Pasko is their main word for Christmas but they understand Christmas also and All the Catholics will go to church and the kids will get money from their Grandparents! Also there are Carolers here who will sing for money or food or just to see an American smile. So you've got it on the nose Dad Thanks!
As for the 3rd world missionary… things are moving right along. We got a brand new missionary in our District Elder Lundy and he’s HUGE! He’s older like Elder Schmidt who is training him and He’s the perfect match for Elder Schmidt. E. Lundy is the laid back cool jazz kinda personality type that E. Schmidt needs to calm down! He’s about 6'4'' and loves to play the drums. FINALLY A MUSICIAN I CAN TALK TO! He is a pretty good handy man and carpenter as well which is cool and he has a since of humor I already love the guy and he fits right into our funny District here in the Philippines. He sweats a lot. He hales from the far away land of Wisconsin where it’s cold and he’s not used to the weather here yet which takes a while. I came from Nevada so Humidity was my enemy and I know how long it takes to get used to it! He’s got Humidity and Heat in general against him so I pray he will adjust smoothly and comfortably. He’s a big teddy bear and we love him.
HEADS UP Papa Bear! There are some cool stories coming up! SO 1st is the story of the ___ ______!
We were trying to hunt down a name we had found in the Area Book in the previous Investigators section and we felt like we were getting close when all of the sudden to the left I saw the ground move. It was in a Huge Mud puddle and I saw it shift, shuffle then slowly stand up. IT WAS THE BIGGEST PIG I HAVE SEEN IN MY WHOLE 19 YEARS IN EXISTENCE HERE ON EARTH! He looked up at me, snorted and ran towards me so I ran away screaming like a little girl. Elder Cajumban got a kick out of that! The mere shock of a pig materializing out of mud before my very eyes was shocking enough then coupled with terror as it ran towards me it scared me spitless. Thank GOODNESS it was on a rope staked to the ground and it couldn't chase me far. I almost pee'd my pants from laughing so hard after it! He is as long as my arms stretched out all the way to the finger Tips! NUTS I TELL! ABSOULUTLEY RIDICULOUS!
2nd story!!!! SO we went to go teach Kenith our amazing Investigator and she was listening quietly and awesomely like she does every time and just like every night we get a visitor after the lesson begins. This night was no different from the rest except for his introduction into the lesson. We are thoroughly engaged in a discussion about Faith in Jesus Christ when all of a sudden we hear outside an “Oooooo!” I look at E. Cajumban with that face like, I really hope that drunk man doesn't want to talk to us!" But sure enough the Drunk Grandpa of Kenith pokes his face in the door way. He’s got a flashlight and he’s shinning it on his face to look scary and he’s definitely drunk off his rocker. As he bursts in trying to scare Kenith (who’s got her head in her hands embarrassed beyond belief at her drunk Lolo) he sees us, the missionaries just sitting there completely halted in our lesson. He looks at us and you can almost see the wheels turning in his head. Then he recognizes us and he smiles then almost immediately afterward realizes he has interrupted our lesson. He says "AY pasencha elders lasing ako!" (O have Patience with me I’m drunk!) and proceeds to shake our hands. Then he plops down in the Hammock and passes out. We all start laughing and he doesn't get why and then goes back to sleep. Later on after the lesson I whispered to Kenith "Oy Pacencha Lasing ako!) and threw in a fake hiccup afterward. She started laughing so hard I thought she was going to die! Elder Cajumban laughed so hard and me too. We were so loud we probably woke up the neighbors! It was a good lesson though and during the important parts the spirit was there! Well those are some good stories for you all! Now for the questions!
Dear Mom,
Wow your job as a Sub seems to get harder and harder every time you decide to pick it back up again! Autistic boys don't sound like fun at all! Please pray for help. I will pray for you also like I do every night! For the Investigators. They are doing well Rep Rep is doing a review of the lessons to get a better understanding even though he is already baptized and Mark John and Kenith will be baptized this Saturday. Isn't that exciting!? I know they will be good leaders in the future church in the Philippines! John John is kinda just there during the lessons. He’s listening then he’s not listening but I think that’s just because there’s a lot of people in the lessons and he just wants to get out and play. We gave his little Sister a blessing today. She has Pneumonia which isn't a problem in the US but here without the money for medicine it can be fatal especially for a little girl like her. She isn't even a year old yet! People here have it rough when it comes to getting medical treatment they have to make a 50 - 55 pesos travel to Ilagan for Real Medicine and Real Doctors. Devrees glad that she was born in the U.S. because if she was a Philippino she probably would've died after the tumor cutting blood flow off to her brain!
Count your lucky stars all 50 of them for being born in the land of the free and the home of the brave! I miss American food Mom. I miss Mom food! I laughed at the list to when I wrote it! All I Want is FOOD! I just can't think of a gadget or a thing that I couldn't live without here. I don't think technology is still important to me but not a necessity like it used to be! I am having a change of heart towards video games right now. I am realizing they aren't essential to human existence and I can do without them even though its painful. JK I love you Mom and I appreciate everything you do for the Family and for me even when I’m half way around the world! Love YA ELDER HAMBLIN!

Dear Dane,
Did you like seeing The Brazell’s and the Angus’? Was the Homecoming cool? Did you get some ideas for MY Homecoming? I still don't have a six pack yet but I’m getting closer every day! Do good on that project okay? Don't let Shay eat all your candy!

Dear Shay,
CONGRADULATIONS!!!!!!!! You lucky dog you! Still the State Champs! Well I’m proud of you Shay I’m sure you make a kickin trumpet! I’m glad all the Band and Soccer is over so you can breathe! Make sure you and Dane get outside and play every now and then. He will love it, and you'll remember it forever. You don't know how many times a memory of you two playing on the tramp with me has helped me through the rough spots on the mission. You also don't know how much you will miss that little Dane until you're gone away from home and you don't have the chance to play with him every day like you used to. You don't know how much you love something until it’s gone. I miss you both and can't wait to get back and do whatever you guys want to do! I miss you Sooooooo much! Love YA Little Bro!

Dear Devree,
Your movie was Hocus Pocus. Ironically I had just listened to both those songs just before coming to email so I was ready to answer that question has soon as I read Thackary Binks! You know that Ali's parties are always the bomb she’s got the house and the cool parents to do it too! You TURD! HOW could you just drop that on me They have a GUITAR HERO 5 NOW! We have to have it! I miss playing Rock Band with you all and begging Mom to do the Vocals even though she’s allergic to video games and have Dad play the Drums even though he doesn't have rhythm.... AT ALL! In short I miss you all soooooo much! I don't know about you but Dolphin Tale sounds a little cheezy but I trust you are all coming up with the best movies for me to see when I get home! Did you know they are coming out with a Puss in Boots movie! Come on! Isn’t there already like 4 Shreks out now! The writers in Hollywood must of all died or gone into hiding after making crappy movies! I miss quoting and watching movies with you! People really are touched when I tell them your story even though they can never fully understand it because the translation of Chemotherapy and Radiation aren’t very good! I love Ya Sis!
Kay now for the moment you've all been waiting for my quote here it is:

"But you’re so OLD."
"I need a good pair of legs and a strong back to go in after it for me!"
"You’ll live as a street rat die as a street rat and only your FLEES will morn you! SLAM"
O ya put that in your pipe and smoke it!
Love ya little Sis Elder Hamblin

Last but not least my Tatay! Your story about sharing my stories was really touching Dad. I am astonished and amazed that a humble small life like mine could be used in such a powerful demonstration of receiving guidance. You truly are a master teacher Dad. You teach like Christ with Parables in that case the parable of the 3rd world missionary! You are a great inspiration to me Dad and you’re my hero.
Your description of me on the tin roof was so descriptive that I could see myself in the situation with a smile on my face and Elder Cajumban sitting right next to me with a watering mouth as we watch those eggs cook! You make my mission sound like a action packed movie which if edited right it could be an action packed movie! Everyone here including ESPECIALLY including President Carlos is VERY Careful and cares about each and every one of us. He is DEEPLY sorry that me and Elder Cajumban have to pump our water right now and wants to solve the problem as quick as he can but we can't move out until December 31 or in other words next year to our new apartment we found because of the old Tenants needing to stay a little longer! Ya as I said you are doing great with the blog just keep it up! I know that people are very glad that it’s there. Jason Wheeler sent me a Dear Elder and that was great to hear from him! He’s like the big brother I never had you know!
The Christmas Package sounds amazing and I can't wait. Sorry I only think with my stomach! Those bird eggs we found aren’t doing the trick you know! LOVE YA TATAY!

Elder Hamblin

Sorry. Here’s a low down on the pictures:
The Pig was just a pig they were roasting spit style for a kids birthday what a celebration the family was REALLY rich! We were the guests of honor! The Birthday boy was turning 4 years old. We got to turn the pig on the bamboo stick over the fire. The pig had both eyes and the tongue still intact! It was fascinating so we took plenty of pictures and a video too! The green bottle had a picture on Paquiows face on it the boxer he’s a national hero here! He’s making a funny face which I find amusing! The Dirty pig was the one I was talking about in the email. HE’S HUGE! Also a picture of me and John Paul we call him "The Drunken Child" because he always has the attitude of a care free drunk and the Eyebrows really do the trick with his look. He always has his eyebrows up like that! He’s a hoot and one of those many followers of the white American with Black hair and freckles! I also took a picture of the power line because I thought it was pretty cool that there were green leaves on the power line too. It just shows how much the green just swallows up everything here! Enjoy!

On Mon, Oct 31, 2011 at 8:09 AM, Hamblin Family wrote:

Dear Elder
Noble it’s Dane. How are you doing? How is that six pack coming along? I’m having an awesome Sunday!!! We are going on our way to Colby Brazell’s Home Coming in Fernley. I got a lot of candy from the Trunk-R-Treat last night. Everyone is asking for my chocolate.

I am writing a report about Dr. Salk that cured Polio. I have to make a puppet. Today it took Mom, Dad, Shay and me to button my pants at Church today. I need to get a six pack like you.


Dear Elder Hamblin,
I don’t know what to say. We got 1st place for 3A small bands. So we are still State Champions. Woot!!! Woot!!! We had our last soccer game. No more soccer and no more band marching. I might just start having a life. “To life! To life lak-hiam. Lak-hiam Lak-hiam to life!” (From Fiddler on the Roof).

Lately I have been having fun texting Kacey Caddy. I don’t have a phone to text with, but I have been using Mom’s iphone. Sometimes it is confusing for Kacey.

Dear Elder Hamblin
It’s been busy! Friday There was no school but Ali’s birthday/Halloween party was that night. It was really cool! They covered the walls with black plastic and made it a cool hang out. We need Guitar hero 5 because it has really good songs like “All the Small Things”, “Hungry like the wolves”, ”Fireflies” and others. It’s great fun. On Saturday was the Trunk or treat and afterward we went to see Dolphin Tale and it was excellent! That’s on your list! Your movie was Quest to Camelot but I couldn’t figure it out without Shay and Dane’s help. I’ve never seen that movie all the way. Here’s your line:
“Thackery Binx!”
“Come little Children I’ll take thee away into the land of enchantment”
“I put a spell on you and now, you’re mine!”
Guess that! Dad made a Halloween CD and two of those songs are on it. And this cool skeleton song that I adore. I’m trying to get through my application for BYU Hawaii but I still need to do a lot. I’ll tell Colby at his homecoming that you say hi!
Love your most favoritest sister,

Dear Nobs,
We just got done hearing Colby’s homecoming talk. Sean and Spencer Brazell also spoke. It was great to see the Angus’. Tyler is going into the Navy tomorrow and Scott and his cute wife came with their 3 kids. Aleah has lost a lot of weight and I am going to try to be like her. We got to see lots of Fernley people but it isn’t home anymore. It is great to see people still being strong in the gospel after 8 years since we moved to Dayton. Colby said something that was neat. He said he visited someone in the hospital and saw a sign that said “Call…don’t fall.” It meant to call the nurse so that the patient wouldn’t fall on their own but Colby related it to Call (Pray) so you don’t fall away from the gospel. I taught a lesson today about “I can do all things through the Lord”. It turned out really great.
I am still doing the Autistic boys. I have a scratch on my chin and a bruise on my leg from the tantrums. But I think they are getting used to me. I had to call Stephanie Clark a few times to figure out how to get the boys to do what they needed to do. We found out that if you reward them with positive behavior every 1 or 2 minutes, then they will be good. The one boy only had 1 time out instead of 4 the last day. It is hard for them because they can’t speak. We make them ask for food when they have snack twice, but they don’t know how to communicate. I will probably be teaching them till we go to Boston in a couple of weeks.
So how are your investigators? Is Kenith being okay with the death of the little boy? How is Rep Rep, John John, Mark John, ? Do you have any baptisms set? How is Elder Cajumban?
We love you and pray for you every day.
Love, Mom
Dear Elder Hamblin,
I have had no end of fun with your stories about the spider the size of your hand. When they ask, “How’s Noble?” I say “Noble is having an adventure. He just killed a spider the size of his hand!” Then I tell them how the Mother got away, and she was way bigger than the baby. When the women in the room shudder and turn white, I get some impish pleasure out of it. Thanks for the story it is awesome.

Your Dad can tell a good story. So when people ask how you are doing, now they have a wonderful image of you sitting on a tin roof with a muddy river from the Typhoon all around the building. You are wearing cut off suit pants with a muddy face, and you are roasting eggs from a wild bird you found. When you get home you are going to have to carry on the story. I am counting on you.

I also used your experiences in a lesson to the young men. I told them about when you dedicated the grave for the still born baby. That would be hard to do in English for most people, to comfort the father and dedicate the grave. But Noble did that after being in the field for 4 months. The only way that Noble could do that is because he is worthy enough to tap into spiritual power from our Heavenly Father.

The Lord blessed him and he experienced a miracle. While you boys are in the young men’s program, we want to teach you how to tap into spiritual power. Everyone was listening intently to the whole story. I know you are just Noble but you have been able to live your life so that your Heavenly Father can work through you to bless the lives of his children in the Philippines.

I truly believe with all my heart that you are right where the Lord wants you to be, and he is grateful for your humble willingness to serve. I think it took a lot of faith to do what you did in that situation and I am proud of you.

I want to see some pictures of this crowd of kids that follow you around and call you Kuya. I am sure they are real characters and it would be great to know a little bit about them.

I am having a few problems having enough adult leaders to take the scouts out. I thought about how awesome it would be if you could be my other adult leader. We are going to the corn maze this Friday and Saturday and I thought it would be awesome to dutch oven with you and play capture the flag. But Shay will have to fill in for you as my pal but not my adult leader.

Thanks for all of the ideas for your Christmas package. We have been busily getting them together. Mom asked “Food? Is that all that he wants?” But that is what I wanted when I was on my mission, and I only went to England. We have been having fun putting together the packages. I made a Halloween CD that I want to send you, even though it will be too late for Halloween.

Noble can you take a look at your mission blog and let me know if that description of Christmas in the Philippines matches what you are experiencing?

Well, I am going to sign off for now. I can’t wait until I can read your letter tomorrow.

Love you tons! Mahal Kita.

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