Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Philippine's Mission Home Blog

This is from the Philippine's Mission Home Blog: http://Noble's 1st Transfer.

President & Sister Carlos

We will be serving as Mission President and companion in the Philippines Cauayan Mission from June 2010 to June 2013 Mission Address for mail and packages to missionaries: LDS Church Mission Burgos Street, District 3 Cauayan City, 3305 Isabela, Philippines

Sister Carlos Posted:
Transfer Day Photos
For some reason I didn't take many photos during this transfer day. We had a great transfer day meeting and as always it was a real treat to get to see and mingle with our beloved missionaries!
Noble's 1st Transfer

Elder Hamblin is getting transferred to Tuguegarao (from one end of the mission to another!)

http://Pictures from around the mission.

Random Shots Around the Mission
Sister Carlos said, "I always try to remember to bring my camera wherever I go. On every trip I spy something that makes me do a double take. Here are a few interesting things I've recently seen... "

Several of the towns in the north end of our mission have these horse-drawn carriages. Notice the size of the horses they are a miniature breed.

These bananas were sitting on the missionaries front porch. A member cut down the branch from one of his banana trees. Each row is ripening at a different pace so the elders can have ripe bananas for quite a few mornings!

This rice is white and ready to harvest!

I loved this picture because it shows ripe rice next to a paddy of growing rice. You can see the change of color as the rice grows. Newly planted is lime green, the maturing rice gets darker green before turning golden before it's ready to harvest.

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