Monday, October 17, 2011

October 16, 20111

ummmmmm where's Devrees Letter? I'm kinda really anxious to hear how her Surgery went! What is up with you guys? Whenever Devree gets a surgery you don't say a single things about it! You guys didn't go to Boston on the 14th? I'm confused! Well it's good to hear from you all! (besides Devree) Well it's good to hear you guys are busy as usual and everything is going along smoothly. I just got a new Hair cut and had to walk through a pretty nasty baguio just last night but I will tell you all about that later in Dad's section. Things are going good. I accidentally burned my pancakes this morning and WE CLEANED OUR HOUSE!!! OOOOO it looks brand new! And best of all I'm not afraid that there are spiders in the Toilet anymore. I killed a huge one the other day the size of my palm but his mother got away. She was at least the size of my right hand! She was fast too! Man I was scared. She crawled all over my luggage and I didn't want her to get inside! YUCK!
Dear Mom, The Time out for Women sounds amazing! I hope that Erin will open her heart to the church. She sounds like a strong woman. I just hope they can make it through the whole Army bit. Thats rough on any couple no matter how many years they've been together! My investigators are awesome and here's the low down or scoop: Rep Rep:Age 9 .Grandpa's a member and they go to church every Sunday he was just confirmed last Sunday and there's a picture of him with Elder Cajumban. HE's a rock star gets every lesson but he's still a kid and gets distracted easly so we have to make our lessons exciting for him. Kenith and Lika 14 15 Both girls and both think were guapo! :) Kenith is on fire taking notes and reading everything and has been well prepared for us. Her testimony is like a rock! Lika needs some work. Lika is not super interested right now and sits in because Kenith is there. She needs to read and pray then she will be golden. They both got flooded when the Baguio hit so it was hard to find where they were staying but they came back and things are going well with Kenith. We still need to teach Lika. Lencee and John John 14 Female, 12 Male. Lencee has an old Grandma taking care of her and John John has inactive parents who need to get married and come back to church. Lencee is reading and has a testimony. John John thinks I'm cool. And his parents want their children to learn the gospel but they won't got to church? HMMMMMMMM! When will the wheels turn in their brains that they need the gospel in their lives?!/!!?!? Mark John 16 year old male. Mark John has a baptismal date but has a hard time coming to church. He just needs to start worrying about church and not money! GOSH! His house is out in the mouintains and we always seem to slip in the mud when we go out there! Those are a few of our more promising investigators and man are we busy with them! They all are unique and I love em all. BUT we need to start teaching families. I have yet to get a family baptism! SO we will keep searching and keep looking!
The blind lady sounded like a hoot! I wish Priesthood session was that funny! Well I hope I answered your questions. PLEASE tell me how Devree's doing and how the surgery went if it happened? LOVE Elder Hamblin
Dear Shay, So the Halloween Party is coming up soon! BE FINN from ADVENTURE TIME and send me pictures! I think you would make a great Finn and the ladies would go crazy for you! Yes Shay at times the team will get its butt kicked and yes not all band performances will go exactly as planned. But you must press on and keep on keepin on! Perseverance! (I used spell check to get that last word right!) LOve Elder Hamblin
Dear Dane, YOur date with Dad sounded AWESOME! I wish I could have been there. I miss Costco pizza. Just thinking about it makes my mouth water! That and Swimming! I miss it all! We got to do it when I get home! Man I'm gonna be tired when I get home! Definitely need to see the Zoo Keeper when I get home! LOVE YA Elder Hamblin
Dear Devree, Even though I didn't get an email from you I am going to send you a qoute anyways! Here it is: Is this Water Sanitary? It looks questionable to me!! Please tell me what's up with the surgery and all I am really worried about you! I pray for you guys everyday! Please shoot me an Email to let me know what's going on! I love you Devrs and I care about you and your many Surgeries! Love Elder Hamblin
Dear Dad, Well let me tell you about those Bagios! The one last night caught us off guard. We were across the river way out in the corn fields teaching Mark John. At the end of our lesson it started to rain a little bit. We started to make are way back to the boats and it started to pour. With lightning and side ways rain all over the place we trudged our way thru the mud to a members house. It was getting late and hard to see the path but I know what we felt. The road had turned into a river and it was up to our knees! My shoes (being water proof) began to take in water and in turn became super heavy because once water came in, it wouldn't go out! We talked with the member and they said that we could spend the night there. They said there would be no boats out in this storm. I said I check kami kung walang banka babalik kami! (If there's no boats we are coming back!) We then made our way through the back streets and down the slippery slope in the dark without a flash light to the river. When we got there, there was one boat with a flash light. We made alot of sound they saw us and we got home safe and sound. Now thinking back we were in a pretty dangerous situation there. If the storm had gotten any worse we would have been stuck in Kataging at a members house! No I haven't had a tree ripened banana yet mostly because banana trees aren't convenient to get to. The ones that are heavily guarded against marooners like me and my companion who just go and take bananas off trees without asking the owners! Scounderls! Anyway you and Danes date sounded like the bees knees! I miss pizza. I miss swimming and I miss my Dad. Really Bad! Yes I remember Duck Tales with Scrooge and the three little ducks. Duck Tales WHOOOOHOOOO! DA DA DA DA DA DA DA DA DUCK TALES WHOOOHOO! Awesome! It's about time that kid started watching something with good morals and Values! Thanks again for the address. Barry Jones said if I didn't send him any letter he would kill me so I guess I better get writting! I love that man. He was the best boss this side of the Mississippi! Love that guy! For Christmas I would like some goodies from home and lots of love! I think my companion would like some goodies like gummy worms or some unique candy of America! Anything from America would make him happy! You'll have to let me think on that question next email. I will give you a better answer.The Trip to Las Vegas with your work sounds like the bees knees. I want a job with benifits like that when I get all grown up! I love you Dad. Never forget that and I can't wait till I get my own Date with you when I get back! Love Elder Hambin

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