Monday, October 24, 2011

October 24th, 2011

How you all doing?!!? I’m doing just fine! Sounds like you all are busy going about "Doing Good" I was excited and happy to hear my most Favorite sister Devr’s is alive and well and not on life support in a hospital in Boston. WHoooo what a relief. Dad it’s not your fault you don't have to apologize about the missing Email from Devree I’m just glad you are all still fine and doing good. And now for some high lights in the life of an obscure 3rd world Missionary:
I got to see a bunch of guys load up two HUGE PIGS into a custom made Trike that had a cage instead of a cab welded to the side for the pigs. They would take an empty rice bag sack thing and put it over the head of the pig then pull the pig so it would back up into the trike. It was pretty cool but it happened during a lesson so I couldn't just interrupt the whole lesson and whip out my big obvious yellow camera and video tape it! I sent you all a picture of the scars/soars I sometimes get from mag-laba. KNARLY! We had apartment checks lately and me and Elder Cajumban got the "Celestial" badge for how clean our apartment was! It wasn't easy though! That place was a pig sty! Also kids are starting to call me Kuya which means "Older Brother" That means that I’m in with the crowd now! Some kids even in their zeal call me Kuya Elder "Humblen" They mispronounce the name every time now no matter how many times I repeat it. Oh well its cute! Last Sunday a bunch of the member kids found out where we live so they came and visited us before going to church since our house is on the way! We walked into Church with roughly 13 or 15 kids walking, holding, or hanging onto us. It must've looked cool to the members, but I think it was probably not in accordance with the white hand book. Oh well...
Now for some not so happy news. One of our Investigators Kenith informed us that one of our greatest friends Rick had died in an accident just 2 days ago. Rick was only 9 years old. He loved to play and run in and out of the houses just like all little Filippino boys do. He would sit in our lessons with Kenith and he came to church 3 times with her! He was amazing and never rude. Apparently he had just come home from school when a truck swerved off the road because of a van in the oncoming traffic lane. The Truck hit Rick and then the barrier leaving a large dent in it. Ricks foot was severed and his chest caved in damaging internal organs. They rushed him to the hospital in a trike but the poor little boy didn't even have a chance. We went to the viewing and even in the casket you could see how misshapen his chest was. His grandmother was the only one home. His dad had work and his mom is working abroad somewhere. She won't receive news of his death till tomorrow. It’s a sad state of affairs. When a child dies its rough but we have hope that they are in the spirit world and we can see them again and that helps lessen the pain. These people don't have that knowledge. To them it’s devastating. We reminded Kenith about the spirit world which helped her out. She wasn't crying when we left. It just shows how much these people need me here. How could I believe that there was anything more important for me to be doing right now? This mission has taught me SOOOOO much it’s crazy! I’m not even at a year yet!
Dear Mom,
What a week it’s been for you all! I’m proud that you handled the SUPER SHAY PARTY as well as you did! I’m sure it was a hit. I love how much care you put into the games and how much my family loves to PARTY. Speaking of which there should be a nice one when I get home! Not being trunky or anything! Way to go on the Armor of God lesson. I think I’ve seen the video you were talking about in Seminary (Cemetery) The memory’s fuzzy but from what you explained it was when the men took their armor off to get a drink of water that the enemies came and got em! Don't worry I’m being a VERY good missionary here in the Philippines even if there are really naughty girls all over the place! Thank you for keeping me very well informed on all that’s going on back home! I wish I could come to the party's and shake my bon bon but that will just have to wait! Love Ya
Dear Devree,
WOW I get the Double dose of Devree this week! Your 1st movie was UHF and your 2nd movie was Lion King. I love the lines you pick they give me flash backs of watching them with you and that makes me happy and gives me a big smirk on my face whenever I read your email thanks! Now I’m glad your safe and sound but when you have that surgery on NOVEMBER 16th you got to keep me in the up and ups, the inside story okay? I love you and pray that you'll be a okay when this is all through! Wow talk about public speaking! You are a celebrity with chocolate milk! I like when you typed speech you accidentally wrote "speacch" which makes me believe you have a spa spa speech impediment. (I used spell check for that last word!) My spelling has gotten really crappy since I got here! So you still get cold easily uh! The rummage sale sounded like a super success!
Here’s my quote:
" If only I had separate parts my career would be the arts"
" I'd be the star of CAMELOT you'd be the other half the whole world forgot if I didn't have you! IF I DIDN'T HAVE YOU!" OOOO what I could be if there was only me o what I'd do if I didn't have you!
"Look at the sky tell me what do you see? Just close your eyes and describe it to me"
Sorry I can only remember the songs it’s been a long time! Love ya

Dear Shay,
Oooooo you crazy teenager you. Inviting girls to parties and scaring your parents spitless. You remind me of a younger Noble but with more guts and spazazz! Yes my little nerd counterpart I know the game hero’s quest and its older and bigger than you and me together. People dress up and go out in the woods and play those types of games. Be careful just ask Dad what happened to the guy who does the voice of Woody in that one weird movie! I can't remember actors names or old movies anymore soon I’m gonna forget everything! So you were a God for Halloween? You naughty boy you! Devree was a cross dresser. JK She was Phantom of the Opera. What was Dane again? NINJA go Dane classic. How was the homemade rootbeer I bet it was delicious! Love ya Shay

Dear Dane,
The Ninja, you rock Dane what a good idea. The ladies go crazy for ninjas at parties. No 6 pack yet but I’m working on it! Did you know I pump all my water by hand then carry it in buckets to the house! It’s old school but it makes me buff. When I get back you and me should go see that waterfall together okay! LOve Your big brother

Dear Dad,
Thanks for getting me Devree’s letter and filling me in. You’re the best. I understand that it wasn't your fault and that you didn't have control over the whole computer dying thing! Thanks for being an awesome Dad and making sure I get an Email from you all Every Week. I love ya Papa Bear. So how’s Dane doing with the classic Timon and Pumba Typing? I hope things are going well back home. It sounds like Dayton is changing and I can't wait to see what’s different when I get back. All the goofballs that were freshman not too long ago will be graduating soon including my not so little sister. It’s crazy to think about it all passing so fast the longer I’m here the more things I miss out on. Like you and Mom dressed up like Hoops and Yoyo. I would have loved to see that. I would have loved to see me friends and members there. I miss them all. The spook walk sounded awesome and The Rummage sale and the DMV sounded like a super success. The response from our community is absolutely amazing I love where we live. Even though it may appear like we are the poorest out of all the families on Moms side of the family we seem to receive countless blessings in our times of need. I'm glad to be a benefactor to all this but you got to know I miss you all sooooooo much!
Okay I said I would think about it and I have. I've consulted with my comp and we have compiled the Christmas Wish List:
Gummy Worms (plain and sour)
Beef Jerky (plain or teriyaki)
Oreos (yes don't forget the oreos)
2 journals (our old ones have almost run out of pages)
A tie for E. Cajumban (he doesn't care what tie new or old just a tie)
and last but not least.....
Whats ironic about the last item is that i though of it before i even read the email or looked at the blog. You know my Birthday is around Christmas time so i deserve my Hoops and Yoyo card too!
Other Items: An HDTV a girl friend a hot tub would be nice. JK Love ya Dad Love ya all!

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