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AH you guys are the best! I love all your emails and I look forward to them just as much as you do mine! So here are some things you guys missed out on here in my cute little 3rd world corner of the world.
The AP or assistants to the president of my mission went on splits with us but forgot to give us a warning so me and Elder Cajumban have the whole day planned out and are busy studing when the APs bust in and announce that I will be going to Cauayan and working with Elder Katoa (A HUGE TONGAN ELDER) he's real scary. So I packed like I was about to get busted for illegal drug traficing and got the heck out of there. We worked in the big city and slept in the apartment which is almost in the mission home. Sis. Carlos invited us over for Ice cream she spoils me rotten. That was when I saw President Carlos for the 1st time in "P-Day clothes" He was wearing a BYU shirt and a baseball cap! WEIRD! So yes Mother I am getting to know my mission pres on a whole new level! We chatted and then I slept in air conditioning for the 1st time in a long time on my mission. When I went back home, the other AP E. Hale loved my hamburger and milk shake photos and showed them off to his companion and the responce was, "you're just torturing your self Hamblin! " We all laughed at that! Slowly we are getting the paper work in place to move and in the mean time that means still pumping water!
GENERAL CONFERENCE WAS AMAZAZAZING! I loved the talk Elder Jeffery R. Holland gave in priesthood session about getting in our faces just enough to singe our eyebrows! Also Pres. Monson's stories are always so vivid and his facial expressions are the BEST! It was raining hard and I was worried that the power would go out but we were fine! Me and my comp just ate up every minute of it! It was truly a spiritual Feast!
Also I met an Elder Schmidt who knows BARRY JONES! I kinda want to send Bro. Jones a letter so if you have his new address than please send it to me if you could! E. Schmidt knew him from back when he lived in Turlock California so I thought that was pretty cool!
So now for your Questions:
By the sound of your last email you sound like my mother or any mother of a missionary in a 3rd world country under attack form mother nature. You let me know you really care about me which is nice to have confirmed even though you are my MOM. I wish I could give you a big hug. I miss Hugs that don't feel awkward. I could hug my companion but he would probably slap or punch me so I refrain. I could hug the mission president but he would look at me funny and I could hug the old nanay across the street but she smells like alcohol so I think that would be a bad idea. Basically I miss my Mom and I wish I could sit on your bed and watch weird old British TV shows with you like we did before. I miss you Mom and I pray that our family doesn't fall into harm every night and our family includes ME! Plus I'm on a mission Mom. The Lord has stuff for me to do still so have some faith he loves me and will keep me safe! I love you soooo much Mom but don't stress out too much over me. Focus your efforts on Devree She needs you the most right now! Love
ELder Hamblin
Dear Devree,
Your movie was "How to Train a Dragon" and oh how I love that movie! It's the best! I wish I could watch it with you. Mabe this Christmas I could Skype you guys and you could show off your new Smile you sexy thang you! Devree I know that Heavenly Father will help us in all our righteous endeavors so if you pray for help, I know that he will give you the strength and courage to accomplish what you've got up in front of you! I love you and want you to be safe and I know that Mom and Dad have got people there who are skilled in your opperation and that you are in good hands as you always have been! Love ya Little Sis
WAIT heres my movie quote:
"He's a bulider, a swordsman, a magician, he's unstoppable!"
"Prima Donna 1st lady on the stage"
"Come to me Angel of Music."
GUESS THAT! I know the last ones a give away but I'm having a hard time remembering lines sorry. Love ya Devrs

Elder Hamblin
Dear Shay,
I think you should be "Finn" from "Adventure Time" and you should send me pictures of all you guys costumes and the house all decorated for halloween. I'll let you know all that's going on with Halloween when I start to see it! Way to go on the almost Straight A's buddy. Don't worry about Mr. Santos. He's just a grumpy old Basketball coach who's still bitter from losing the state championship my freshman year so don't mind him. Just do everything you can to make him happy and he'll leave you alone! Really send me pictures of you guys. I would love to see them! I hope you aren't stressing out too much with the crazy schedule you've got! I love Ya remember that! Elder Hamblin

Dear Dane,
You sound like you all are up to having fun. I like what you said about the NOBLE sized pumpkin but if you're saying I'm fat I'm gonna have to sit on you! JK you are a funny little guy! The Fog machine bubbles sounded like the bees knees and it's good you are learning about typing. In General Conference they talked about how all of the kids are getting more Tech savvy so that we can do Familly History work! So type away and get that 20 bucks from "Papa Bear" ?!?!? I love you Dane. Don't get too used to sitting in front of the computer. I did and look what happened to me! LOve ya Elder Hamblin

Dear Papa Bear?
Joke lang! Kamusta po kayo tatay? Ayos ko lang dito sa Philippines. Perro gusto ko Americano pagkain! Gusto ko ito TALAGA! I saved up and bought some Pancake mix and some REAL syrup for me a REAL hungry misssionary. It was delicious even though I burned like half the pancakes and gave E. Cajumban the 2 less burned ones. Cooking with a Wok and an Electric stove was tough let alone I haven't cooked pancakes in a LOOOOOONNG time!
Way to go Papa Bear with the Internet Research! Gosh your gonna give Mom an Ulcer for heavens sake! Then again if you refused to research for her and get it in English. She probably would've eaten you. So you were kinda stuck between a rock and a hard place. I can see it right now. "BLOOM TRANSITION" FLASH BACK "So Todd what does it say about the Typhoons? Well honey it doesn't look good. How bad is it? DRAMATIC SLOW PAN LEFT You don't want to hear this Dear. TELL ME IF MY SONS ALIVE!!!! dramatic music...DUN DUN DUUUUUUUUUNNNNNNNNNN! One of the Storms passed right thru his area Dear. They can't evacuate people fast enough. He's probably stranded on a roof hungry cold and alone. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!
You know I could probably make a pretty darn good sitcom out of my everyday life. I think Filippinos would watch it!
It's 3 or 4 weeks till you guys will be in Boston for the surgery. My prayers are with you and I have a firm hope that things will turn out alright. God will be with you. You're my Family. I'm on a mission. You guys are supposed to receive blessings. I love each and Everyone of you! I hope you all are fine and well fed. Shay don't kill Dane while Mom and Dad are with Devree and I think everything will be just fine! LOVE
Elder Hamblin
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