Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas 2011

HAAAAAAA! I miss you all! I miss Christmas and I miss the traditions! I miss my family!!!!!!!! It sounds like you guys are just receiving all the blessings from all our hard work! I miss you all and I hope that you are all enjoying your wonderful presents! I actually am really surprised with the outpour of blessings everyone got! Dad must be working like crazy and with Moms "combat pay" with substituting I think that you guys had a wonderful Christmas. I had a great Christmas too. The ward fed us quite a bit and I got to open all those gifts in the 1st package that I hadn't opened yet! MAN I was excited for all the cool stuff! The new Journal looks amazing and the 1001 Philippino jokes was.....interesting! No I loved it Devree. The problem is that all the jokes in there are dirty! I have yet to find a clean joke so me and E. Oyardo will keep searching for the clean ones. Mabe we'll mark them all and I'll show it to you when I get home. I have still not opened the snow in the can and I hope to soon. WE just might be able to make a snowman IN THE PHILIPPINES! I hope you all. I am too spoiled this year and I hope that other package gets to me in one piece! Love ya! (We sent 2 packages to Noble on the same day. We sent one for Christmas and one for his birthday which is tomorrow. He did not receive his birthday package.)

Dear Mom,
SO you gave me a great description of all the fantastic gifts that you gave all the kids but I got to see some pictures. POST THEM ON THE BLOG when you get a chance and I will be there! YOu guys are soooooo darn spoiled. Please make sure Shay doesn't kill anyone with the Cross bow! SOO you wanted a paragraph or two to read to the ward right? We'll try this out and change the spelling if its wrong. okay here I go:

Dear Dayton Ward,
From what I have heard the Ward has changed quite alot since I've been there and so if you don't know me that's a crying shame. I'll just have to meet you when I get back to the states! For those of you that remember me, thanks and don't lose the faith! You are all doing wonderful things in Dayton, Nevada and I am proud of our strong ward!
To the missionaries: I hope you are taking good care of my area! I know there are fantastic people there that need to hear the gospel and you two are very lucky to be serving here. Remember that when the days are hot and you are getting doors slammed in your face and nothing seems to be going right, I am eating pig intestines and rice for at least two meals a day! Just kidding it's only 3 times a week. I love missionaries and I know your families are being blessed!
First of all I would like to say thank you to everyone for being the fantastic examples for me and for my family! Thank you for the love and support that you have given to us in our time of need and the friendships that we have made. Thank you for the letters of love and concern for me. Don't worry I'm doing fine and I am still doing the Lords work. The Baptisms are coming and I am seeing lives change! I am really blessed to be a part of this work and I love all of it!
I have been very busy here in the Philippines with not only baptisms but also with the Wards working closely with the Bishops and Ward Mission Leaders to get stuff done! One of the bigger things on our agenda is Less Actives! Getting them to come back to church is not easy but every time it's worth it. I would just like to say to the ward that if you know someone who for some reason has fell away and needs a friend DO NOT WAIT TILL NEXT SUNDAY! Be their friend and get them to the activities and back into church. We can't just forget about all these fantastic people that have some how gotten out of the habit of going to church. Help bring them back!
I love you all and I wish only the best for you! Take Care! Ingat!
Your favorite 3rd World MIssionary,

Mom I miss you and I miss your cooking and I miss Christmas at my house! I really hope that the blessings keep coming for you all and I hope that all goes according to plan with the ward thing! I love you SOOOOO Much! Don't worry I gave E. Oyardo 1 pair of pants and an old shirt of mine and some socks for Christmas. He comes from a poor family and he only got a 5 peso coin for Christmas so I think he liked it! LOVE YAA! Elder Hamblin
Dear Devree,
SO your movie was ELF! We got to talk about that on the SKYPE and iIwas so glad to see you are all nice safe and sound! HERES MY MOVIE:
" And then suddenly a burst of uncontrolable rage burst out of me that I couldn't stop and I beat the crap out of him!"
"MERRY CHRISTMAS LITTLE BOY! What do you want for Christmas?"
Guess that! YOU SPOILED LITTLE GIRL! You got a Laptop for Christmas?!!! You got to send me pictures I want to know all about it! And the other presents you got of course the purple you love and Dad made sure that the stove was up and running for you all so you wouldn't get cold! Im sure with the temp being down in the teens you must have been SUPER COLD! I hope you all get some snow soon! I love ya ELDER HAMBLIN
Dear Shay,
A cross bow huh? DON'T SHOOT DANE! or the dog or anything that moves for that matter! I want to see pictures with you holding it and shooting it so make sure they get posted on the blog! I love ya and I'm sure you had a wonderfull Christmas! Tell me more about the FORBBIDEN ISLAND game that you got! Also the SHerlock Holmes movie sounds awesome! "Should I list the reasons Alphabetically or chronologically?" Thats my favorite part! I LOVE YOU! ELDER HAMBLIN
Dear Dane,
SO you got a brand new bike eh?!!! I want to see those pictures of you standing next to it riding it, petting it, loving it, hugging it, kissing it! All of it! The nerf battle sounded awesome and I want to see pictures of the dual swords they sound pretty darn cool! I love ya Dane and O can't wait to nerf battle and Sword Battle and War Craft Battle and Peggle Battle and SUPER SMASH BROS Brawl battle when I get home! I love ya a TON! Elder Hamblin. P.S. Go memory foam!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) :) :)
Dear Poppie,
I miss you and I love you and I WANT THAT PACKAGE! I have been praying that iIget it soon and that nothing is stolen but that may be too much to ask. I miss my Tatay. The Skyping went great and I loved it all and I want to do it again for Mothers Day. Because Elder Oyardos family doesn't know how to really use the computer other than Facebook. I don't think that he will get the same oppurtunity! BUT I am glad that he can at least email them thru Face book!
Lowrider really does love being warm doesn't he? That spoiled dog! Thanks for holding the fort down while I'm gone! I know that my sis won't be cold when her pop is around! I love that about you!
Sorry no pictures this time I don't want to chance it with all the viruses swimming around in this computer! I will try to send a video next time and I think you will all love it! It's from the little play we did with the costumes so you will love it! Christmas sounded like a success and I can see that my famliy is DEFINITELY receiving the blessing of me being on a mission. I love you all and all the wonderful things you are doing for our fellow members in the Ward! I love you and stay safe! LOVE ELDER HAMBLIN!

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