Monday, December 19, 2011

December 19th, 2011

We might describe this animal as a water buffalo. In the Philippines it is called a carabao (pronounced kah-rah-bow. The bow is like bowing at a performance.)

Noble acting like he is going really fast.

Nice cow!

Elder Oyardo posing on top of the carabao and Elder Hamblin said "He's having a great time!"

Elder Hamblin posing with his new name tag but alas we cannot see his name tag well.

Sister Rae Marie Foster sent this Christmas tree to Elder Hamblin. He loves it!

Another mouse caught. This one makes number 3! Devree said it says in perfect English "Cat Master". But now I think it says in perfect English "Catch Master". Ewwwwww I hate mice and rats!

Haaaaaaaa! Hey yall! How are you guys doing! I was soooooo excited to read your letter! You are all sooooo great about emailing me! I’ve got some kicking pictures and stories to tell you guys but 1st I need to say one thing to a special lady in our ward:

SISTER FOSTER: THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU FOR THE CHRISTMAS TREE!!!!!!!!! I set it up as soon as I got home and it looks lovely I sent a picture with it too! Thank you for ALL that you do for me and my family. You’re the best.

SISTER REMINGTON: THANK YOU FOR YOUR DEAR ELDER LETTER I LOVED IT! But I am pretty sure my letter to you won't get to the states until next year so wait patiently. Your letter is coming!

One of the things I got to do is a Cool story. I got to ride a Carabao the other day! It was loads of fun and I really loved it! You guys can see the pictures. Mom I would like you to notice I am SMILING in these pictures and I am having a wonderful time here! I miss you all and I just want you to know I miss you all and I wish you all the best! Now for your questions!

Dear Mom,
I miss you. I didn't get your package yet but that’s okay I can wait I just hope it doesn't get lost in the mail! I REALLY WANT THAT HOOPS AND YOYO CARD! As I have stated I did get the Christmas tree and it looks awesome! I did give Elder Cajumban the missionary book and I have wanted to use it ever since. So I am excited to get my own copy again! I will try to be a big boy when we Skype so that I don't cry either but I have a feeling we will cry anyway! I miss you guys sooooo much! I will be there at 9am on the 23rd to talk to you all! I can't wait to SKYPE! I think it will all work out just fine and I will love it, you will love it, we will have a great time!

The language is coming and my anak is actually from a part of the Philippines that speaks DEEP Tagalog so I am learning all sorts of new words from him just by him using them and me going, Huh?

I can't believe that Heather Capps got married! Time is moving soooooo fast I can't wait to get home and get back in to the groove of things again. My Companion is going to be reading over my shoulder for the rest of this letter and bugging me to leave the internet shop but I don't care I am going to email my family whether he wants it or not! I miss you all and I can't wait to SKYPE and I can't wait to be home for Christmas but not just in my dreams but in person! LOVE ELder HAmblin

Dear Shay,

I didn't get the other package yet but I got the Christmas tree and it looks great! I want you to know that I always pray for you guys but now I will pray extra hard for you and your finals. Just study hard and the Lord will help with the rest if its his will for you to pass! I love ya Shay and don't worry the SKYPE thing will be just fine we just got to work out some bugs but it will be fine! I love ya and have fun this Christmas don't stress out or anything! Love Elder Hamblin

Dear Devree,

Good luck on the finals and don't stress out so much! Just study hard then do your best and it will all work out just fine! The Choir concert sounds like a lot of fun and I can't wait to hear all about it during the SKYPE! It should be loads of fun and we will be able to play our game live if it all works out!

So the Christmas Caroling sounded rigged when the one neighbor said, "There is too many of you for my yard. Go next door!" No one would say that to Christmas Carolers! That and members don't do that to other members! I'm glad they set it up. It was a great lesson for you all!

Your movie was "Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure" Party on dudes! *guitar riff* I love that movie. Okay here’s mine,:

"John Wayne that’s a terrible cowboy name!"

"I wanta be a cowboy baby!"

"NO that’s bad"


Try that on for size little sister! I love you SOOOOOOO much and can't wait to SKYPE! LOVE ELDER HAMBLIN

Dear Dane,

How’s Shay enjoying the "Princess and the Pea" Bed?!! How are you enjoying it? Its cool you are doing some family history! I didn't know we were related to so much royalty! I guess that’s where the natural born right to lead comes from in our family! I miss ya little bro! I miss all the games we played and make sure Dad doesn't waste away playing Plants VS Zombies okay? Love your big brother Elder Hamblin

Dear Dad,

I can't believe you’re addicted to it too! Plants VS Zombies has taken the Philippines over! I see kids playing it all over the place! I hope that you don't lose your mind like some of the kids here. They skip out of school and use their money at the computer shops and play that game all day long! I can't play it but for some reason when they do I don't feel the need to do it! It doesn't look that interesting I guess we will try it out when I get home!

I have kinda been feeling tired lately also! I think that its due to training but that’s normal! I really do love training and I am doing a great job. My Anak is doing fantastic and he looks like he’s becoming one of Cauayan’s Finest! I just need to make sure no other missionaries spoil him with bad examples! I also have tried my hardest to stay true to the white handbook and show him the correct path, what’s pwede (approved or good) & what’s not pwede and such! SO you guys are Ward Missionaries huh? Well if you can give some Referrals then the missionaries will love you! That and feeding them always does the trick with me! I think this will be great for you all and get you all focused on the purpose. TO INVITE OTHERS TO COME UNTO CHRIST! Remember that the Preach My Gospel book is not just for missionaries but for ALL members of this church and in it you will find everything you need to be the best missionary you can be!

The bit about the Christmas tree you bought for that family really touched my heart! THAT is the true meaning of Christmas. It is about giving my friends... giving not receiving! I know that new family will never forget your kindness! WHY ARE YOU GUYS SO AWESOME ALL THE TIME! I don't know how to keep up with you all!

Oh we are teaching MORE families now. We have one family with a baptismal date next year! They look promising but the Tatay has a long way to go. He’s a drunk and he drinks all the time. BUT HE WANTS TO CHANGE! That is the important part and we are getting him on the right track again so that he will be able to be a Patriarch for his family! I know he can do it.

That spot of land where the Steamers Wieners was, is a cursed plot of land. I don't think anything can survive there, so good luck to the Sushi place! I don't like sushi anyway! Well Can't wait to Skype you all on the 23rd at 9am. I will be in Ilagan for the better computers so that will be great! I miss you all and I know we can do this.

The Skype problem should be an easy fix and we'll get it working just fine! I love ya Tatay! I love ya family! and I wish the best for you all!!! I'll talk to you all soon.




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