Monday, January 2, 2012

Happy New Year 2012

AHHHHHHHHH! This week was busy! We visited like 40 less actives and tried to get them to come to church. We got one and he is on his way to being a full functioning teacher again! His name is Ian and his Dad works abroad in Canada so thats rough on them. Our investigators are doing good. They just need to keep thier commitments! How hard is it Bro. Ruda to read the Book of Mormon and pray to know if it's TRUE? Gosh I have found myself heart broken and upset with these less actives here. They change religions or just give up on the church or go back to being Catholic which is just a big mess. Our next goal this up coming year is THE RESCUE! We will hunt down and get these people back in church, one.... It's not going to be easy but it will be worth it and the Philippines needs it...BAD! So my focus will be on Less Actives along with existing investigators! AHHHH all I need is to be called as District Leader and that would cook my goose! Needless to say I've been a bit stressed but things are good. I had to Translate for the Russel's when we were getting a new apartment for a new batch of Missionaries in Benito Sulliven. Benito used to have missionaries' then there was a pull out. I don't exactly know all the details. Any who I translated for the Russel's so the owner could get all the info and such! I would listen to the owners Tagalog then tell it to Elder Russel then I would listen to Elder Russel's complicated response and try and translate that into understandable Tagalog for the owner. By the end of this' my brain was leaking out of my nose but I did it! I really thought I was done for, there!
Okay mom now for your questions:

Dear Mom,
I love you and I miss you and I had a fine Birthday. The Ward Christmas Party landed on my Birthday so I was like the guest of honor. I judged dance groups and laughed and ate food and got a cool robot prize in the raffel that I ended up giving away to a family of small kids. No I didn't get your package yet. I got worse. I got a text from my District Leader Elder Schmidt which said that he has my package and quote "from what I can read on the customs note you got a pretty darn cool present in here!" SO I AM WAITING UNTIL TOMORROW TO RECEIVE MY BELOVED PACKAGE! But at least it's here. I can't wait to rip it open. I need a good moral boost. That cough I had got worse and now I'm coughing up green junk which isn't good. I think I will finally break down and buy medicine. Being 20 hasn't fully hit me yet. Two decades is just a weird thought. I've been on earth for a pretty long time now. I know that I haven't wasted those 20 years so at least thats a plus. The partys, the traveling, Dad getting sick. . .you guys never change!!!! I hope all goes well and that you all have a great time visiting family! I will tell you all about the Hoops and Yoyo card when I get it!
P.S. Manny's girlfriend Faith looks HOT! JK just so you know the teen is still in me, Manny. I know you're reading this! I don't change. I upgrade buddy! INGAT!

Dear Devree,
You seem so busy and you look sooooo pleased with your BRAND SPANKIN NEW HD LAPTOP! Santa must know every thing you went through last year! Lucky turd! THERES A SHERLOCK HOLMES 2!!!!!!! I got to see that when I get home! Sounds like there is alot of movies to watch and alot of games for me to play when I get home! Especially on you super fast HD laptop! JK I love ya little sis! I'm sorry Devers I'm gonna have to cheat on this one! I Can't find the answer the internet is too slow! You got me sister! I want to say that penguin movie surfs up! But I really don't know. The quote sounds like chicken Joe but I'm not sure! It's Robots isn't it? I'm sorry its been a very long time since I have seen that movie! Al; right heres mine! "I DON'T WANT TO BE ALONE!!!!" "Im a............whatever." "No eat this sandwich you'll need all the strength you can get!" "Shes a brick......HOUSE!" "IS THAT ALL YOU GOT!" X3 Guess that! I love ya sis! Don't grow up too fast and go to college and get married or any of that junk while I'm gone! I wish i had one here that would make things 2 times easier and harder. Temptation central! I love ya sis and enjoy the Laptop.

SHAY!!!!, How's the Preston situation coming along? I know you're tired but so am I and I'm not in school! My body aches in the morning as I do my push ups and jumping jacks as my six pack slowly forms on my stomach! JK I do have to work out in the morning though. Tell me more about this Cross Bow! The picture on the blog wasn't fantastic so I need some action shots ya know! You could name her the vampire expirer! That would get Devree all upset though! On second thought howa bout the destroyer! I love ya and I love all of you so don't kill anybody with the Cross bow now.
Love your older brother and good conscience ELDER HAMBLN

DANE!!!! The bike looks good. I bet she rides like a dream! Did you park it next to your bed Christmas Night!!!? I love ya Dane. STAY IN SCHOOL! The forbidden Island game sounds pretty cool and I can't wait to play it with you when I get home... right? I will be willing to play whatever you want when I get home. That goes for all of you. I'm yours for the 1st day I want to spend quality time with each and every one of you when I get back! I miss ya Dane love ya! ELDER HAMBLIN
DAD, You have been burning the candle at both ends again haven't you!? You know what happens when you hold a candle thats burning at both ends. Eventually you get burned! You can quote that in the talk if you want! I miss ya pops and I will pray that you get better. As a missionary I am being protected right now but I will need to buy medicine tomorrow or this cough is going to turn into Bronchitus! I love ya Dad but you got to take care of your self. Your not a teen anymore. You can't be sneeking out to all those late night parties anymore or doing back flips off the diving board or lighting fireworks on someone elses property! I love ya, old man! You teach all the other Dads how to have a good time! In high school everyone envied my parents because they were the coolest! The Donuts at 2am story (the time always changes!) never gets old! Yes some would say you were irresponsible but i would say you were fun and enthusiastic and great to work with! Thanks for you and Mom being the parents you needed to be for us kids. You're the best and I can never repay you for all you've done for me! Thanks for mentioning about the screen play writing. I think I may enjoy that as a profession but I really do need an editor for all my bad grammar and spelling mistakes! I think Devree would do a pretty good job at that! JK We have a new apartment here but we are working on fixing the water problem in our apartment. I got an apartment for Benito Sullivan so they can open up that area again so President Carlos should be happy with us for that! I think I'm making a differance but its a VERY SLOW PROCESS! But I must carry on with the work! I love ya all and I want the best for you. Continue to recieve those blessing and I will continue to try and look for mine! I think a great blessing would be for our investigators to come to church and read the scriptures and pray to know if this church is true! That would be a great gift for me! I love you all and I will tell you how much I love you again next email when I get that package! I love ya and I miss ya and I hope all goes well with the traveling so please keep up the good fantastic job you are doing with the blog guys! You are the best family a missionary could ask for!
P.S. Yes you are all spoiled rotten in the U.S.A. So count yourselves lucky that you aren't hanging up your hand washed clothes to dry this next week! Take care! Lve ya!!!!!!

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