Monday, January 16, 2012

January 15, 2012

Elder Hamblin looks pleased with the Skittles from his birthday care package.

Elder Hamblin holding a baby goat.

Elder Oyardo holding 2 baby goats.

A big San Mariano pig.

SO here I go again we had a brown out so I have to start all over again and Elder Oyardo is not happy about this. I think he wants to leave so I will go as fast as I can! Hey everyone I loved the Christmas Letters from the ward and the Hoops and Yoyo card from the last package. I loved it all! Oh I also got alot of Letters from Kolten and from all sorts of people! I hope Kolten makes it back okay and everything goes all right for him. Give him lots of hugs from me okay? What do you want me to do with the old camera? I could sell it, give it away to a member, keep it in my suitcase. Just tell me what you guys would like me to do and it shall be done!

Mom, take care with all those less actives. Love them and care for them! I will be working with less actives alot so I'll keep you updated on what we find is really effective! I love ya all!!!!

Devree, Please be positive about the STAFF infection and just keep on keeping on! You will get your lisence in no time! Keep it up. Keep practicing! Your movie was BATMAN! I love that movie. Okay heres my line for you! "Were like two trippen peas in a far out pod man!" That should be enough hints for the Great Devree! I love you!!! ELder Hamblin

Dear Shay, Sometime it does feel like no one cares about you or your needs huh? But when people use you, just think about where they would be if they didn't have you! You are the best at what you do so keep on doing it. When the end of the day finally comes just collapse into your bed knowing you served the world and feel the feeling of GOOD tired! Keep on going even when it hurts and you'll come back a little bit stronger everytime! I love ya!

Dane, I know our Poppy can be a little embarrising at times but just forgive him! I love you! Keep on being a cutie pie. Stop cheating on those video games you CHEATER! I love ya tons!
Big bro Elder Hamblin

Poppy, Stop embarrasing my little brother! JK Tell Devree good job from me. So she did amazing and she will get her lisence any day now! I changed the setting on my camera so things should be a little smaller but easier to load up! Thanks for the tip. Love ya!!! Elder Hamblin

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