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January 8, 2012

View of San Mariano

San Mariano Boat Ride

Cute Baby Goats

WOW sorry every one I got to email Dad 1st! DAD, What are you doing you crazy old man? Passing Kidney stones while I'm gone on the mission! You’re too old for that stuff Dad! Gosh, I hope that Pain doesn't come back! Was there lots of Blood!? How do Kidney stones work and where is it now? Did you get it out? Did they let you keep it? I’m kinda confused so help me out here! Give me more facts! Did the pain go away and you’re done now or are there more stones to pass? I want to know how my Tatay is doing! I love ya Dad and please if you are still on shoot me a message. I love you and your trip sounded amazing.....well despite the kidney stone(s)? I love you and stay healthy for me!

Dear Mom!
You guys are always out and about doing good visiting families and doing everything! (even passing kidney stones!) Guess what I’m doing?......Yea same thing not too much different but I would like to say one thing:

THANK YOU FOR THE BIRTHDAY PACKAGE!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) :) :) :) :) : )

The Camera is AMAZING!!!!!! It is SOOOOO much better than the other one and it looks awesome! I already know all the features inside and out. Night time, day time, sunny, cloudy, underwater video! I should be able to send a video or two! You can hear the Audio with this one! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for all of the love that just BURST-ED out of that package when I opened it! I love you all and I want you all to know that! The Marshmellow mateys are gone!!!!! I downed like half in one sitting which wasn't good for my body but it tasted SOOOOOO GOOOOOOOD! :) The Candy was devoured by my comp and our the young man we are fellowshipping and you guys spent WAY too much on that package! Please don't blow all this money on my guys I know we’re rich now and all but you already do plenty enough for me! I can feel the love! I love you all and i will always love you even if Shay loves the X-Box 360 more that me! REMEMBER I love you alll soooooo very much and i don't want you to forget it! Mom here are some people you can pray for:
The Bisac family needs help with getting to church (well ALL Philippinos need help getting to church!) Brother Bisac is an Alcoholic and wants to change. Pray for him to have a mighty change of heart and for Sis Bisac to be more bold and get him sober instead of watching him destroy himself!
Joan Cuison, one of our newest baptized, she needs help in her new calling as Single Adult Representative and to keep reading her scriptures and stay strong in the faith.
J-Lord Mariano needs help with building his testimony and not being shy. He came to church once and had a great experience. Pray for him to have the courage to come back! I Love that boy and his whole family needs the gospel so pray for his parents hearts to be softened to our message so that they can ALL enjoy the blessings of Church Attendance!
I love Ramil M. too even if he’s a little Girly! Pray that he will continue to read and grow in his knowledge of the church and that he will come back next Sunday and keep on taking the lessons even if his friends may make fun of him for it!
Bless Sis. Che P. That she will find her Testimony and come back to Church and that she will repent of what she’s done and receive the blessings of Church attendance!
Bless the Anez family. Pray that they will be able to make it to church next Sunday!
I could go on for Days but those are a few people who REALLY need your help! WE HAVE BEEN EXTREMELY busy in San Mariano Santa Felomena Kataging and Minanga these past weeks tracking down less actives encouraging them and helping them. Teaching people and sharing our message like there’s no tomorrow! I am bushed every night and I want to cry when I think of those long days before leaving on a mission just sitting around the house all day. You never know how much you miss it till it’s gone!

The apartment mess is almost over! I got the key to the new elders apartment in Benito Sullivan but E. Russle wants me to make 2 duplicates of it in Ilagan so i am just SUPER busy! I can't wait till they get it over with and get the new Elders in so it won't be my problem anymore and I don’t have to worry about it anymore!
The Trip to Utah looked awesome! I saw the blog pictures and Elder Oyardo was shocked to see the pictures of the Salt Lake City Temple and my family right next to it! It’s nuts you know! E. Oyardo sees my pictures of the Snow covered mountains and says its like a video game! It’s very different there! It’s very different here in the Philippines. One of the parts of our HUGE area (Minanga) I hadn't even been there yet! The place is like the Tarzan jungle out there and I want to see it all! Anyway I hope I answered your questions! Shays right we do need an X-Box 360 in the house so you can get to work on that. JK :) Love ya!!!!! ELder Hamlbin

P.S. What’s Nathan Capps address? I want to send that goof ball a letter! Love ya all!

Dear Dane,
That game with the darts sounds HARD but fun! I think that you guys are having WAY too much fun without me! You have to promise me that we will have LOTS of fun when I get home! Promise? I love ya Dane! :) Don't forget to turn that frown upside down man!!!!!!!! I love ya tons YOUR BIG BRO, ELDER HAMBLIN

Dear Shay,
I need thee every hour!!! How ya doing!?!!?? I think we need an X-Box 360 too but you know Mom. I think if you sweet talk her she might give in to letting us have an X-Box 360 but you’re gonna have to save a TON of money in order to buy something like that! SO GET STARTED!!! HA! You know I think someday you might make a great Dad if you can learn how to settle down the kids! It is easy. You just make them sit still long enough and sing to them and that usually does the trick for me! They also like tape! Put a piece of tape on one of their hands and watch them go! It’s fun for awhile and keeps them entertained for awhile! I love ya little bro and I want the best for you be a good example to Dane for me and Hold the fort down while I’m gone! Make sure Dad doesn't go and blow his fingers off or do some teenagery thing while im gone! I love ya! Elder Hamblin

Dear Devree,
Your movie was A Shark's Tale or The Shark's Tale I can't remember exactly but anyway I like that movie, especially the Jelly Fish! They're my favorites! At the whale wash yaaaaa whoa ooo ooo o o ooo ooo at the whale wash ya! I like when they tag up the big whale with spray paint! Anyway here’s my quote:
"Hold your breath jump to the left and that’s the Peter I swear that’s the Peter that’s the Peter panda dance!"
"This was my favorite shirt!"
Try that out!
I love you Devree and I’m sorry I gave you the cough through Skype! I still got the bad Cough! I don't know what it is but I’m trying Robuttisun so that’s loosening up the mucus inside my chest! Yuck well I got to go I love you and I wish you the best! GET BETTER! That goes for all of you Tatay! I love ya! Take care! Love ELDER HAMBLIN!!!!!

San Mariano Bridge

Elder Hamblin enjoying Marshmellow Mateys.

Barley catching Elder Hamblin's look of delight.

Handcrafted Missionary Name Tag.

Close-up of Elder Hamblin's Handcrafted Name Tag.

Temple on the back of the Handcrafted Name Tag.

A San Mariano pig!

Elder Oyardo asleep with his ukulele.

On Sat, Jan 7, 2012 at 7:51 PM, Hamblin Family <> wrote:
Dear Noble,
We are sooooo glad you got your package. I have been praying that you would get it. I hope everything is okay and you still got what we sent you and it is not broken. We have been showing everyone all of your pictures on your blog so they could see you riding a water buffalo. So let me tell you all about what we fun we had. We came to Utah to go to the Quist open house. The Quist family is from Ohio and they are Dad’s cousin Jaimie and her husband Theron. We got to know them really well at the Mackley reunion this last summer in Idaho. Their oldest son Cameron got married and they have another son and their youngest is Michelle and she and Shay got really close and had lots of fun. But Michelle wasn’t able to come. We have been staying with Koe and Craig and of course Kylee and Zach. Zach is an easy going baby but Kylee makes up for 3 kids! We visited the church museum and it was really great to see the history of the early church. Now they have a new exhibit and it is like a children’s hands on exhibit with Nephi’s ship and fishing, then building Samuel Lamanite’s wall, feeding the missionaries, tossing tortillas and dancing with costumes. Kylee, Shay, Dane and Devree loved it! I loved it too. Then we ate at Lion House Pantry and had a private tour of the conference center. We saw the Christus and getting excited to try and get tickets to the April General Conference. I want Shay and Dane to gain a strong testimony of the gospel. We are doing well on our invitation to read the Book of Mormon before Easter. I also spent some time with my greenie companion. She said I was her favorite comp and she had a book with all of the pictures and I got to show Devs, Shay and Dane what my mission was like. I also had dinner with 4 of my friends when I went to the singles ward in American Fork when I lived with Aunt Kalene and Uncle Cody. We had dinner with just Koe, Craig, Kamon and Emily. That was a fun adult night out. Today we went and spent time with all of the Payson Browns and with the Hatch side. That was a fun brunch and game playing and visiting time.
We will be traveling home tomorrow so we are sending our letter today, on Saturday. We love you so much and I was impressed to hear about you translating for the Housing Elder. That sounded like a brain DRAIN! How are the rest of your investigators and reactivation people? Are there some names we can be praying for? Let us know. I LOOOOOOOOOVE you! Love, Mom

Dear Elder Hamblin,
This was an interesting week. We traveled FOREVER in the car on Wednesday. (Me no likey traveling in our little Camry) I have a yucky cough now. I think you got me sick through Skype J Well I don’t have a lot to report because Mom told you about our fun in Utah. I got to watch Bos and Vance, Kamon’s boys, and that was fun. We played and played and then I could tell Vance was getting tired so I held him in my arms while Bos and I was Timmy Time on Netflix 10 times (same episode). Timmy Time is Claymation like Wallace and Gromit but it’s like Shawn the Sheep’s kid. And they don’t talk…AT ALL. Well I’m glad you finally guessed my movie! Yours is Muppets from Space! I love that one. J Here’s mine:
“No Lola, I’m not a nobody! I’M A WEEEEINEEEEER!” or
“Where you get a whale of a wash and the price, oh my gosh”
“Hey Ernie you got it right!” or
“Sebaaastian the whale washing dolphin*squeak squeak squeak)”
Guess that! I love you brudda!
Love your most favoritest sister,
Dear Noble,
I have a sore throat and it is clogged with mucus. I am hurting right now. How are you doing? We’re playing darts at Kamon’s house right now. It’s my turn right now, so please hold. We are plyaing on the Kinect on their xbox 360. I was close to winning the last round and this time I am doing good. Dad won the last round. But this round I am getting my revenge. Bos says “If you chance to meet a frown…do not let it stay. Quickly turn it upside down and smile that frown away.” We have been doing a lot of cool stuff on this vacation. I love you Big Bro. Can’t wait for your letter. Sincerely, Dane.
Dear Noble,
I’d like a ham sandwich and a burger and a large rootbeer and don’t forget the fries with it. Sorry I am just hungry. Right now I fighting off Captain Hook (Bos with a hanger shaped like a hook). I love you so much. I miss playing with you. I miss when you were Captain Hook. Sad face with tear. ;( I need to go right now. It is my turn to throw the dart. It is an xbox game. Me and you should get an xbox 360 when you get back. I’m having fun with Bos. I babysat Kylee and Zach and they would not go to sleep. It was Harrrrrrrrd! They would not settle down. It would’ve been better with you. I love you bro and your guidance. I really REALLY LOVE YOU, Love, Shay

Dear Elder Hamblin,

I was worried I wouldn’t get a chance to write this week. Everyone was using my laptop, but I was not getting my turn to write. We are at Kamon and Emily Walker’s house partying the XBOX 360. There is a new Kinnect interface that does not require you to have a controller. It was pretty fun to play. Everyone is trying to compete with the Wii.

Staying with Koe & Craig has been fun. Going to eat at the Lion House Pantry was fun. Playing games with the Aunt Mary & Uncle Earl Brown families was fun. Aunt Donna & Uncle Eldon came over with their crews and it was fun to talk with them. Kyler Gilstrap is a few months younger than you, and he is on his mission to Uganda.

We will have to go on a road trip together when you get back for your mission and Devree is on a break from college. Our family needs to do that one more time so that we can celebrate for old time’s sake. We have a lot of fun we go and do things together.

I had a little excitement during this trip because I had to go to the hospital. I was passing a kidney stone. I was driving along and felt like I had a terrible cramp in my lower right back. Then it move to my lower right stomach. Then it moved toward my groin. I couldn’t get comfortable and the pain kept getting worse. The GPS said we only had 30 minutes to go before arriving to Koe & Craig’s house. The pain was so bad I broke out into a cold sweat. I thought, “What in the world is wrong with me?” When I went to the hospital they told me that kidney stones were famous for making grown men cry. Women describe the kidney stones as being like having a baby.

At one point, Mom was trying to navigate the crazy roads to get me to the hospital. We could see the hospital but there were no openings to get to it. We drove across the front of it, then as we were passing the side of it with no way to get in my pain started to become intense. I said, “OH… Oh… OH!!!” In a ½half like kind of pseudo sob. Mom started crying for me. Then the pain just left and has not returned.

Well, I need to go. Love you lots Anak Ko!!!
Tatay Ka

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