Monday, November 12, 2012

November 11, 2012

  Gosh do I have a lot to tell you all. Ok first of all the first
failed attempt to send pictures was the small message and the picture
of Elder Galang and half of my face. He's my new companion and he's
    We had an amazing week and felt the outpouring of blessing for
our hard work and diligence. We set my brand new record for lessons
taught in a week. ARE YOU READY?! DRUM ROLL PLEASE!!!!! The NEW Elder
Hamblin RECORD for lessons taught in a week is....... 47 LESSONS!!!!!
WHOOOOO YEAAAAAA!!! BOOM FIREWORKS!!!!!!! It was a pretty fantastic
week. These are some numbers I haven't seen in awhile! Yes we have new
investigators that I need to tell you all about and such I might send
a list of ALL of them in a letter home but for now, here's a couple
names that need your prayers.
      Ranie (pronounced Ronnie) needs  your prayers. He is a 15 year
old boy who is just now coming to church a grandchild of a recently
less active sister Nanay Uy. Please pray that he will receive a
knowledge for himself that the Book of Mormon is true and church is
        Manokdok Family: Sister is having problems with her husband
who is getting angrier faster and saying horrible things to the
grandchildren getting upset over small things. Pray that she will be
comforted and that her husband will start coming back to church and
let go of the anger. Please pray for her kids that they will continue
to listen to the lessons and pray to know if its true and not be shy
to come to church and that their fields will bear lots of rice so they
can sell it and get money and be blessed!
        Torrez Family: Sister and the kids are baptized members but
Tatay isn't. I think he's had a few strokes so its hard for him to
remember everything. Pray for him that he will remember what we teach
 and that he'll receive a confirmation that it is true. His natural
Language is Ilokano. I have no clue what he's saying most of the time
I catch a word here and there. Elder Galang understands mostly but
speaks little. Very Frustrating and complicated to teach him. We have
his wife translate the important parts but you can tell he doesn't get
everything all the time! Pray that we will somehow be able to
communicate with him and that Spirit that is in him.
          That's all for now and that should keep you all busy
praying! I love that you pray for them even though you are probably
pronouncing their names all wrong. It touches me that you are thinking
of them! I will send more names through the snail mail so that you
will have a list you can touch and feel and not just an email!
Anywhoo!! There you go just a couple of awesome families that we are
trying to bless!
          One last thing. I cleaned our bathroom really good this
week! It is so clean I just think I might die! SUPER WHITE! I spent
forever in there with Muriatic Acid and it just sparkles! I'm proud of
it! Ok now for your emails!

          Dear Mom,
                Okay, its official guys, Mom's REALLY TRUNKY! JK I
knew this day was coming mom. I knew I had to be getting that, "Sign
you up for college letter" soon. I don't want to go home and face the
world Mom. It's the truth. Oh P.S.  you all forgot to mention that
Obama won the Presidential Election. That's right, I've got people!
No, President Carlos told us at the Zone Leaders Council. What a
bummer. Well, ya, anyways!
            I love ROXAS!!!!! It is another bukid area and I'm eating
it up. Members are SUPER NICE. I have nicknames for a lot of them.
Sister Sarap. Tatay Itlog. Tatay Ungoy. Ask Dad if he can translate
that! I have 12 missionaries in our Zone and they all ROCK! So far we
are doing OK with obedience. I think that most of them are afraid of
the new WHITE guy in the Zone. I try to be everyone's friend and also
remind them of the rules when It's appropriate. You know, life of a
                Naturally, I miss the Investigators in Baluarte. But
you know what helps me? I know they are in good hands. Elder Rocaberte
won't give up on them and his new companion is Elder Proctor and he
means business. So, I know they won't be neglected. I will miss them
though! I got to send them a letter or something!
            I think you are very blessed this week. And P.S. Your
Welcome for the blessings! (GOSH, Mom wallowing in the hard earned
blessings!) jk I love that you spoiled yourself Mom. Just means I get
to play with it when I get home Right? Ha ha :D I love ya Mom. Don't
worry I will email DHS so you can look at my "stellar" grades! Love
Elder Hamblin
          Dear Dane,
                    I'm sorry you were feeling sick bro! I hope you
are back to 100% now! I'm also glad you are reading a book! I hope
that you will really find a love for reading. I know I have. I can't
believe they had to take video games and TV away from me before I
started to love reading and studying the gospel!  You will learn to
love reading the Book of Mormon someday too. It's amazing!
                Be a good boy and keep saving up for your mission and
reading your book! I love you Brother. Stay happy and well fed! Love,
Big Bro Elder Hamblin

            Dear Shay,
                    Shay I have to admit your little blurb got me as
trunky as heck. I hope you get the money for your 64 GB I-pod Touch
and that you will let me play with it. I figured Shay, The Ipod touch
is an Iphone really just without the phone capabilities. If I had a
Ipod touch and a Nokia Brick phone I would be the happiest man on
earth. I don't need a fancy phone. Just one that can text and call for
cheap then the Ipod touch for games and apps! Ya that's the life dude.
Plus you, me, a pepperoni pizza and some root beer would be a dream
come true for me right now! BUT it will have to wait mister! Anyways,
Manny said a bit about he Supernatural series and I might wants to
look into that as well when I get back. but now I'm all trunky. Well
mine as well go the whole nine yards. You should look up Firefly.
Elder Allen said that was a great show. Well. Love ya and see ya on
the flip side. Love Elder Hambz

          Dear Devree,
                  I hope you liked the song! Ya that's what I hear
EVERYWHERE around here. Hey ah, Pala is kinda like, oh really or
apparently like for example: Oh, The ninja Turtles are GREEN pala.
There is no direct word to word translation. Its an expression. A
thing you say when you realize something. I hope that helps. I didn't
even realize that I had said that! Gosh I'm half Philippino sister.
Sorry. I Tagalish! (Tagalog/English) all the time in my letters Pala!
Ok so you have way to many crazy boyfriends pala. I felt that way in
High School too. All the crazy girls, (Ahem, Jamie) were the ones that
were going after me. I will email you when I get my special hand
written snail mail letter!
              Your movie was The Count of Monte Cristo. Great movie. I
love how we play this game even when I know you are going easy on me
cause my brain is rotting and I haven't watched any movies forever.
Okay, here's my obvious one:
        "Left and right like day and night."
        "Kay the King. What a dreadful thought!"
        "Did you know I can make myself uglier yet?" "No, that would
be some trick." "Want to bet? BOOO!"
        "Lots and Lots of sunshine!"
        "I'm a grouchy old MAN!"
    Guess that! Love ya Sis.            Love,  Elder Hamblin

          Dear Poppy!
                  I have to admit you are all trunky now. Just as I am
hitting a high spot in my mission! You really want to go quading with
me when I get home and that is fine with me Pops. I love to go to
those old abandoned mine places! You and me should go explore American
Flats when I get back to the states! I have to admit Tatay, you've
perked my interest with using a cable to play Itunes music straight
from the computer to the speakers. I'm stocked! For sure I will help
you get the kinks out with using Itunes. I devoted the last 2 years of
my life before entering the mission field to figuring out how to get
around silly Itunes rules. Don't worry I'll help you out pops and you
can help me with teaching me about hardware. That is my weak spot
right now. We got a lot of chatting to do when I get back. I just
can't wait!
              Now, about Elder Galang. It's almost for certain that
this will be my last area. I could die here. ( They use that reference
here as well!) I don't like to say DIE so much because good Preach My
Gospel missionaries don't die Dad. They are just Missing in Action.
Well after two years. I'll still be a missionary when I go home. Just
not a full time missionary. That's the difference.
            Well pops,  I miss you and I love you even though you are
all trunky and just want me to go home already. I still have 3 cycles
to go! Don't get to excited. Knowing Shay and Dane, they already have
a paper chain hanged up around the house and they take off a paper
link every day counting down till I come back! Ha ha :D
                I love you all Hamblin Bunch. I miss you as well. We
got to go. People to teach Demons to destroy, Dragons to slay. You
know, the regular stuff! Love you all and be good examples to your
friends and the members. I looooooooooove you!
      (till march te hee!)

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