Monday, October 8, 2012

October 8th

This is the out stretching parts of my area. I like it. It's green.
I like the trees and such.
The horrible news that McDO has been SHUT DOWN until like NOVEMBER! ISN'T THAT JUST AWFUL!?!?!?!?
Tatay Jesus Castelo's baptism photos. I like his like half a smile.  He was a wee bit nervous and then he really pulled it off with his awesome testimony. He talked about when He first met us. It was great.
Here's the baptism pictures. We got Jessica's and Jennifer's baptism photos.
Tatay Jesus Castelo's
A lot of people lost their jobs. I lost a great place to buy my ball pens. And a buko shake stand.   Others lost much more.
Santiago almost burnt down to the ground the other day. Not a very pleasant thing.
The whole city smells like burning paper and plastic. Its getting better now. Still don't know the cause of the fire.
Cool lantern made from a soda can and a candle.  This is the top.
Soda can lantern.  Design on the side.

  Dear Hamblin Family,
               I am doing fine and I hope that you are doing well as well! I love you and I love the work. I am busy about the Lords business with my companion. I made some custom fit pants and The Bishopric changed in Baluarte Ward! It's been a busy week. The Mission President and his wife held our Zone Leader's Council at the mission home and fed us cold cereal and PIZZA! Sad thing was despite how delicious it all was I still had LBM's the next few days. Bummer, litteraly. Anyways, life is good. You guys sound like you're all doing well. I have been kinda having a weird P-Day. I accidentally ripped a whole in my new fitted pants right in the crouch and so now I have to close my legs when I sit down. I am currently wearing White socks because I was a NOOB and washed all my black colored socks. So I am trying to pull my pants down so no one can see at the same time trying to cover up the whole in my crouch. Needless to say I am having SERIOUS wardrobe problems this wonderful P-Day. None-of-the-less I continue on, whether my socks or black or white or my pants have a whole in them or not! The work goes on. We baptized Tatay Jesus Castelo just last Saturday. I am currently trying to send you picutures of his baptizm as well as the other baptizms We've had recently. Alright now lets get down to business.
               Dear Devree,
                       You stop seeing this boy right now missy! I don't like him one bit. He's no good for you. I'm a heartless shrew, and I'm just kidding. :D I just like acting like an over protective mother. You should totally marry the RM that Mom and Dad and Dane love! JK I don't even know these people. I'm happy you are finding people that you click with and enjoy being around.
                     NOW about this mission buisness. ARE YOU SERIOUS! If you sign up and enter the MTC like the day before I get home I'm gonna have to hurt you! JK No, Missions are awesome and you would learn a TON! So, if you want to go and if you feel like that's what you want to do, you just are gonna have to do it then won't you!? Just, don't leave before I get back please. I miss you, I want to see my sister when I get home. Sorry, I'm a wee bit selfish. Shay's gonna be making some good decisions soon. Sooner than we all thought. This new thing changes EVERYTHING! Nuts, when they told me that at church I was like,"Really? Thats great!" But I didn't believe it for one second. To many false charges and dumb rumors are being passed around lately its hard to know who to trust. Ya know?  
                    HEY, your movie was Hocus Pocus. Here's mine:
 "Q-tip Q-tip Throw it away Throw it away"
 "You don't need no pizza. They got food there."
 "Shock and Awe Shock and Awe"
 "He didn't show the inhaler?" "He chucked it right before he kissed me!"
 "I think it sucked up a diaper or something."
     Thats a good movie I hope you get it!
                 Love, Elder Hambz

      Dear Mom,
             I think I got the news like 5 times so far that people can start their missions earlier. It's great news and like changes everything. Yet, when I get to be a parent I don't think that I want to try and rush my kids into leaving for their missions when they are 18 years old. I had a lot of maturing to go through even when I came in at 19 years old. I know my brothers are leaders and true disciples of Christ though. They probably WANT to get out and into the world ASAP! I love you all. I miss my Mom. You don't need to repent Mom. Dane and Shay though....jk. I love my bros. Mom, I'm pooped. Washing cloths by hand really stinks to high heavens. I won't miss it. So you think Devs is really gonna go on a mission anytime soon? This changes everything. AGHH! I love General Conference. I can't wait. I might just download it and listen to it all week! I want to go watch it online like right now and i just might! I will tell you all my favorite parts next p-day and you can write me about it in your next email cause I will have seen it all by then! Thanks for not spoiling it to much. Sorry my brothers like wrestling so much! Shay will probably be able to take me down after the mission! Well, Your still hanging in their with the substituting. I guess it's a blessing and a curse for you! The Lord blesses us in different ways than we thought possible. Through some of my trials on my mission I have really been blessed. Well, Love you Mom and wish you the best. Love, your old toot of a son, Elder Hamblin
      Okay for the news letter:
               Hey everyone, I am doing well. I am busy with missionary work in the Philippines. Baptizing and helping people come unto Christ. The mission is a great place to learn life lesson and I am grateful for every second I have here among the Philippinos. Life is well. I have eaten a lot of strange things from a partially formed duck fetus to the tongue of a pig in a soup! I have blessed the sick, mourned with those who have mourned and tried to comfort those who stand in need of comfort. We have been teaching amazing people with amazing stories and who have truly been prepared for the message. I carry that message to all who wish to be happy for eternity. I am where I need to be when I need to be there. In short, I love my job. I guess I should say my calling. It really isn't a sacrifice when you think of all I have gained from serving a mission. It's more of an investment than a burden. My family has received an out pour of blessing from my service and I have received priceless knowledge that I don't think I could have learned any other way. I guess I just want to say I am happy because of the decision I have made. I love you all and wish the best for you. Pray for me, I pray for you.
                          ELDER HAMBLIN
Okay, how was that? If you need a better one just let me know. Love ya.

     Dear Shay,
            Wrestling inside the house! Tsk Tsk. You know Mom hates that dude! And whats this, starbursts and skittles and aghahghahg! Whats wrong with you!?!? I guess thats fine. I will get a package soon! Still waiting on it. I might see it tomorrow and if not tomorrow I get it in November mabey. I don't know. I just need some marshmallow maties. and a extra large pizza from Costco. Ya I get trunky when I talk about food. Well, its not really trunky its a want for real food. Its a beg for real food. I am missing good American food, thats all. I'm gonna come home when they tell me to get out of here and not a minute sooner! I love being a missionary when everything is going the right way! THAT is the best! Well love ya bro. Eat well and be happy and go on a mission ya fool! Stay in school don't do drugs and while I'm at it, DON'T DATE B4 UR 16! JK I love ya bro take care! ELder HAmbz
         Dear Dane,
                  It's great that you are already getting ready for your mission. The preparation will all be worth it! I love that you care about your grades in school. That will be a great help in the future! Keep saving for your mission and being a good example for Shay. No doubt you will be ready when the time comes. I'm just loving the mission life now a day's It's great and I am pretty busy everyday! We have to walk all over the place and teach/reteach people all the time. It keeps me busy and There's always a time I am blessing someone's life. Like one time, we had just gotten new beds for our apartment and we decided to give the old ones to a member who feeds us all the time just to ya know try and pay her back for all the kindness. You should of seen the look on her face. She said, "Blessings, I know that blessings will always come for the good we do." the matteress went straight to the kids who loved it compared to the wooden frame they had been sleeping on. The Fathers eye's just lit up when he put it on top of his tricy. It felt great Dane! I loved the feeling. Smiling watching them leave. It was great. Well Love ya Dane. Love Elder Hamblin

        Dear Dad,
                Well, I think I have been told about the BIG NEWS like 50 times by now. 1st time was at church. Didn't believe them one bit. I just thought that they had all been misinformed or going crazy which wouldn't be the first time. THEN, at the computer shop on P-Day, another missionary from a different zone came up to us and told us about the same thing. Said he saw it at General Conference 1st session, online. Then I started to believe. Then all you hoolagans told me 3 different times what had happened and man alive I believe! I can't wait to see it on the big screen next Sunday! IT'S GONNA BE AWESOME!! My brothers filled me in on all your yummy snacks and junk food I miss oh so much! jerks!
              SO, Dane's growing up right under your noses. I'll get home and he'll be a force to be reckoned with! I imagine him like 6 feet tall and with a super deep voice. That would be funny! I think my life could have been made into a Comedy TV Show. With the Nudist neighbors and the cranky old people on our block. What a great life! I Love you Dad, you know that, I hope you don't for get that. Enjoy the pictures Dad. I sent quite a few, and make sure you update the blog. I like to see pictures of you all. It makes me happy. It makes me really happy. Love you Pops
     Elder Hamblin 

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