Monday, October 15, 2012

October 14, 2012

Dear Devree,
          Gosh I like how Mom's all like saying my opinion for me! Sure what the heck. You know I think you should marry an RM ya know. I GOOD RM that will treat you right and hold your fingers when your cold and put your toes in his armpits! JK That’s just nasty!  But they would be warm! I openly apologize ahead of time guys. No pictures this week. I forgot my SD card reader. I'm bobo what can I say! Anyways get ready cause next week I'm totally sending a video of me eating a Balut in the fastest time possible! I hope that Mom Doesn't throw up!
        SO this week everyone, (Sorry Devs I'll get back to you in a sec.)  Me and Elder Rocaberte have been havin a rough time finding some good progressing investigators. After all our fantastic baptisms we have been having a hard time finding NEW investigators to teach and help come unto Christ. Thus we came up with an idea. During our newly found extra time in the afternoon we have scheduled certain times where we are straight tracting. Tracting: Verb; The act of finding new investigators to teach through talking to random strangers about Jesus Christ. Tracting is a very depressing term so I have preferred to call these golden moments ADVENTURE TIME!  (I draw a sword in my planner every time we have one Shay and Dane!) It's an exciting time! Sometimes we get lost, sometimes people are rude to us but we are slowly seeing a bit of success through the least effective way to find people to teach! We also heavily rely on referrals as well. Anyways the work goes on. I love it. Please pray for my mouth to be unstopped. I will try to be ready to accept those blessings! I continue to pray for you as well!
             Sorry for the interruption!  I have a scripture for you today. It’s in the BIBLE in Matt 5:16 tell me what you think about it!
           Your movie was WHITE CHICKS! Thats a good movie but a naughty one as well! Here’s mine they quoted it in General Conference
   "If I were a rich man, yabadebadebadebadebadebadeba dum!"
   "Traditiooooon Tradition.......TRADITION!"
   "God of wonders, miracle of miracles..."
   "Match maker match maker make me a match! Find me a find catch me a catch!"
        Ironically I can only remember the songs! Don't ask me why! Love ya! Elder Hamblin
        Dear MAMA,
                 OOOOOHOOOOO! You are in for an extra surprise. You just let me know when you get it! It's for your birthday! I hope you like it!
              I loved General Conference! IT was great! It's so hard to spell great! Will you teach me how to spell and do simple math when I get home Mom? I feel like my brain has been melting! BAH! Yea I liked when President Eyrings Granddaughter talked about how Jesus wasn't in his house (the temple) so, he must be out helping someone else! I loved the talk by Larry Echo Hawk 1st because h is name is just AWESOME! Second because of his story when he almost got chewed out for what he believed in but instead the drill sargent just passed him over. He testified that indeed he was a Mormon and yes he knew the Book of Mormon was true. AT ALL COSTS! When I heard Jeffery R. Holland's talk about DO YOU LOVE ME? I was reminded of his other talk I have saved on my SD card that another missionary gave to me. IT was a talk he gave in the MTC about the same topic. I'm glad that the world can now know of it. The world can now know that Discipleship doesn't end with missionary work. It’s now and forever. We can’t go back to the frayed nets and the old boats. There is no turning back. We are disciples now. No amount of disobedience and being excommunicated can change the fact that we covenanted to do His work BE HIS HANDS! OH I loved every second of it. I was so sad when it was all over way too fast. I wish I could watch it all over again. But that would take WAY too long at the computer SHOP! Anyways yes mother I loved General Conference. It was a blast!
       Bad news, no small package. Not yet at least. I can't wait for it! I hope to see it soon. I hope to see you all soon in the right time! I love you and miss you. Love Elder Hamblin
       Dear Papa,
            You bet your burnin biscuits that I am down for quading adventures! I am down for anything you all think is fun except Risk. Ain't goin down that road again! I don't want to have to play a game so long that I will grow a beard by the end of it! I miss ya papa. Did you know that? I hope you all know I miss ya tons.
          I miss Manny as well. I hope to send off a great letter to him soon. I thought I had sent a letter off to him and he still hasn't sent back a response. Who cares? I can send him a letter when I want to  So Manny said the prophet did have revelation when they lowered the age of missionaries?  So yes anyways, I agree with you in that It's true, The Lord does direct and guide his church for sure! I'm grateful that I'm just a part of it all! I'm happy that I am a missionary. I am happy that I am learning and growing rather staying a stagnant person and not going anywhere in life. I do look forward with brightness of hope that I won't be a bum when I move out of the house, but be a happy person. I want to be a person who has a purpose to my life and goals and hopes and dreams and not a mindless Zombie. I don't know ifI look forward to the future yet since I'm trying to enjoy the present. It's an awkward experience sometimes. Roller coaster emotions for people who are choosing to accept or decline the Saviors invitation to Come unto Christ come unto him and forget the sins and the addictions and be better people. It's amazing to see people change. Well, I love you pops. Sorry for that little bit. It was long, but I needed to get it out. I hope you enjoyed conference as much as we did. I gave the talk you referred to me from Elder Oaks about why we serve to a missionary who needed it yesterday. I hope it helps! I love you pops thanks for all you do for me. Love, Elder Hamblin
           Dear Shay,
                   SO, you are busy saving up for a HUGE Ipod Touch huh? Well, I just got one thing to say about that.....can I play with it? JK I love you bro and I am glad that you are trying to budget and use your money wisely. But remember this scripture when you think about how to use your money 2nd Nephi 9:51 It's about spending your hard earned money for the things that matters most! Oh be wise!  Can I say more?
             That TV show you were talking about is like the most favorite TV show of one of my good missionary friends out here. He is awesome. He says the show is awesome and I plan to check it out when I get home. I kinda have been making a bucket list in a way. Of things he tells me I should see or do when I get back we love talking about stuff like that. He is really plugged in and knows the stuff I would like! He's nice like that! If that Zip Line at the Watts is still up I want to try that out as well. Are you gonna be brave enough to go camping in the cold with me? I can't wait to dive into a freezing river with you. It should be fun getting hypothermia with my best bud! I miss ya Shay, DON'T forget to read my scripture I gave you and don't forget to pray! I love you and be a good boy for Sister Remington.
 Love, Elder Hambz

         Dear Dane,
             I can't believe you!  You lazy tard. Lying around and watching TV and movies! You should be outside and feeling the sun on your face! True it is getting to the cold part of the season! I don't know! Just be active! I plan on going on bike rides with you and random walks if you don't mind! Shay too, just make sure you guys aren't taken over by electronics!
           Keep it up in band Dane, you'll be glad that you did! I hope to be able to fetch my old trombone out of the attic and try and get it to work and be playable again! That will be fun! Anyways, I hope that you are ready for some fun coming up. Halloween's almost here and Thanksgiving and not to forget CHRISTMAS! It all happens so fast!
            I don't care what you say I'm not playing RISK with you Dane, Ya can't make me! I won't do it! It just takes WAY too long! I love you Dane. I miss ya bro. I'm glad that you liked my letter to you. You should try and read Alma 13:28 Tell me what you think about it! I want to know what you liked about it in your next email to me. If you have questions just let me know! I hope you like it!
           Well, I miss you and love you and hope to see the blog updated soon! I like seeing pictures of my family. I miss them. I pray for you always and I promise I will try real hard to send Pictures and Maybe a Video next time. I love you all!

                                                                                  Elder Hamblin
                                                                      Philippines Cauayan Mission

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