Tuesday, June 12, 2012

June 3, 2012

Hey Dad,
       Hey I just thought of an AMAZING IDEA! I want you to take as many videos as you can of people saying. HE'S BACK! I have an Idea of making a video when I return. Just get a lot of different cousins and such standing together then get them all to yell He's Back in unison. GET THE WHOLE FAMILY REUNION DOING THAT! Then save the videos onto my user account in the family computer. There it shall wait till I come home and make an awesome returning video! Thanks just had that Idea! 
       Anyways, I am glad to hear you are still doing good things continually. Bro. Glancy is the best ya know! He's the reason I can sing Vibrato now! He's as cool as old guys get! Thanks for helping him out, even though you probably kept him up all night! 
       The story of Chantelles Dad was alarming! I had the image of Wolverine Origins going on in my head. He see's the machine pouring the liquid onto the floor. He runs to hit the Emergency Shut Off Switch and slips in the liquid metal. The metal forms around his arm, his hand and part of his shoulder and neck. Screaming in pain and anger he struggles to his feet and presses onward and slams his metal fist through the saftey glass and grabs the switch.... It probably didn't happen like that but that's what we thought of. he he ;) Tell him I love him. Give him my best. 
        I love you. I love all that you do for me. I didn't get the chance to really say thanks for the advice. I used your advice coupled with the advice of my leaders. Things are better. We have our ups and downs but we'll make it through this thing. I really have gotten more patient and kind through these ordeals. I can wait longer for the things that I want and not get upset or frustrated. I really have grown because of my mission. 
        Hey your training for that marathon!? I have some serious training to do when I get home if we want to get serious about this marathon business. I got a belly to get rid of ya know? I got to be sexy for all those women I have to marry! JK I love you Dad. Be a example of the leaders in all that you do! Love   Elder Hamblin
      Dear Mom,
              (Elder Hamblin shared some private frustrations) That's not the Lord's way nor my way and therefore I will lovingly wait for him. I've grown a lot ya know? You trying to substitute and things is rough. ESPECIALLY with the turrets kids. I guess you are learning patience too! It's an amazingly hard trait to develop but it is always worth it!
              Mom, you are doing a wonderful job as a mother you know that? You have my concerns, Dad's concerns, Devree's concerns, Shay's concerns and even little Dane's concerns to worry about. Not to mention YOU! You're always thinking about others and when you're concerned or worried you tend to turn those worries OUTWARD and help your fellow Sisters and Brethren. You have an attribute that I am trying to develop right now. You like to get things done. I like that! You compliment Dad's easy going life style very well. If it weren't for you we would not have been able to go on some of the trips we have gone on. I thank you for showing me how to make check lists and how to plan for the future and then follow through with those plans to make my dreams and goals a reality! It's really an amazing thing you know. I don't think you can be successful in this world without that heavenly trait! I'm just learning how to use it to its fullest potential. I really am sorry about the short emails sometimes. It's hard to focus when your companion is sighing over and over again right next to you. I really am a fast writer I'm just trying hard to get something meaningful to you through the emails. The last one was pretty short. Sorry. I am trying to be better at getting it done. I hope this weeks letter isn't lame. I really do love the updates you give me! 
          I love that Cinderella movie. The Rodgers and Hammerstiens version is pretty cool and has a BUNCH of different races in it! A White King and an African Queen gave birth to a very Asian looking prince.....strange. Oh well. I love that movie. The prince is having a ball!!!!! The prince is having a BALL!!!!! That's my favorite scene. Reminds me of Enchanted when they're in the park. Grandma always loves stuff like that. 7 Brides for 7 Brothers was a musical too! I love it! Anyways I got to email everyone else now so. I'll try and be better next time! Love ya Mom,   Elder Hamblin
   P.S. Enjoy your letter!
         Dear Devree,
                 Hey bummer on the scholarships but you got a sweet dorm from the looks of it! I said, "DOES THE TV COME WITH THE ROOM?" You know me and technology! “Yea save the popcorn and not your lives!”  “Don’t touch anything and be careful where you step because there is still egg on the floor.” “Yea save the popcorn and not your lives!” are some of my favorite quotes form you ya know! You sure do deserve a full ride scholarship but I'm not in charge of that. I would have loved to be at your movie night. Even though it was all girls. I love movies. I love my family. 
               Your movie was Scooby Doo the 1st! Love it. "We're like 2 trippin peas in a far out pod man!" Okay here's my quote:
       " To infinity and BEYOND!" "Oh no It's SID!" "Oh he's no happy child!" THE CLAW"  THE BIG ONE" Try those on for size. 
               I love you little sister! I hope to go to college with you someday. We'll see where life's road takes me but I'll never forget my little sister. Be a good older sister for your bothers! I love you. Elder Hamblin 
             Dear Shay,
                      EFY, Oodles of noodles, and other fun stuff, you have been one busy guy! I am sending a package home but I don't know If I can find a knife. It's gonna be rough. I love you and I want to get you a knife, But it will probably be one coming form the side and not straight out. Not only can I NOT find any but they are SUPER NOT ALLOWED in America. SOOOO I'll just find you a cool knife and send it to you. 
               I'm fine and I'm trying to do my best to be a good missionary. I try and be the leader that they all need me to be. Sometimes I get stressed at my comp. BUT so is the life of a missionary sometimes. I see the joys of my investigators accepting the gospel and for all the success they see. I just do my best to serve the Lord. ya know missionary work. SO I love ya take care. Be a good example and tell me what your favorite scripture is. The Last Chapter of Ether is pretty cool check that out. alright love ya. Elder Hamblin.
              Dear Dane,
                   I am sorry about the big game loss. Don't get bummed.  We all let in a few goals sometimes. Being in the action was more of my thing. I love scoring. Work on your aim! Then get that big kick down. I still don't have a six pack yet but I am trimming down. The capture the flag game sounded like the BOMB! I am excited to get back and play those games with my brothers. I miss you all and the fun we've had. 
                   Don't get discouraged. Everybody has bummer games or seasons. I wish you the best of luck in your next game. LOVE YOUR BIG BRO,
                  Elder Hamblin.
    P.S.  I got a story.
          SO two missionaries come to a door in a new neighborhood. They knock and hear noises inside but no one comes to the door! So they decide to leave them a scripture. They write on a little card Rev. 3:20 and slide it under the door. Next day they come back and find the Card taped to the front of the door with the scripture Gen 3:10 on it. They open up the scriptures and find the scripture read it and laugh as they walk to their next appointment. Take a break. Read the Bible. Good stuff! Love you All!!!! 
                                              Elder Hamblin
                             Philippines Cauayan Mission
                         (The Best Mission In The WORLD!)

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