Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Devree's Graduation, June 10,2012

Hey Hamblin Family,
         Hows it going? I missed you all this week. I thought this week would be better. It wasn't. My companion thinks I'm a goody two shoes for trying to say companionship prayer morning and night. I don't think he likes it when I wake up at 6:30. It interrupts his guapo sleep! Ha! :D I miss you all THIIIIIIIIIIS MUCH! I really miss you when these annoying Philippina's are screaming while playing Tetris on Facebook right behind me.
            To make my week even more exciting, I am going to teach my District Zone Meeting then afterward the senior couples are going to introduce a new program called Companionship Language Study which is designed to teach our Filippino's how to speak English. :( you read his letter. You know what I'm about to go through. It's only 3 more weeks. I can make it.
           You know I had a thought the other day. It went something like this: "Thou are not yet as Job.... follow his example and endure it well!" "Thine afflictions shall be but a short time.....so SUCK IT UP!" I need to stop saying poor pitiful me. I'm sorry you don't need to hear this. But I don't want to lie to you all and say everything is all sunshine rainbows and baptisms. Missionary work is WORK! and I wouldn't have it any other way. I want to change and grow on my mission and if I have to do it the hard way, then so be it. As long as I learn the lesson well its fine with me. God knows what my personality needs and its all in his hands to develop my patience as much as he wants.
        So I do have a fun thing to write to you all! I went to Sister Narags house again to eat dinner. (I got fed the pig tongue there!) So this time We got FISH HEADS! But not just any fish heads. We got CATFISH HEADS! And the crazy thing is I ate ALL OF IT! Even down to the Eye balls! They were squishy and had a weird crunch at the end. I haven't died yet so I think I'll make it! Other than that I really don't want to talk about it because it will just make me sad. Really I want to forget it and move on so that is what we'll do. This week will definitely be better. I promise!
        So Mom,
              Thanks for the tuition update. Enough said! Mom you don't need to hint it to me anymore. I will definitely apply to the BYU's. But these are things we can talk about at Christmas Skype time!
             Uncle Monte is Crazy but he's smart too. I trust he won't push himself too hard. I love the bit about Dad and Manny going Sail boating. I got a video in my mind of Dad and Manny in a huge storm fighting to keep the sails up and Manny Saying, "Where's Noble when you need him?" Then it skips to a clip of me ironing my shirt in the Philippines. Ha I loved that!
           Hey I will pray for him and for Shay and for Issac. They all need our help. Help him feel the Spirit. Make sure he finds good friends. I have faith in him that he'll be fine. Love him. Be an example.
        You know I would have LOVED to go to those Graduation parties. I really wished that I could have been there for Devree's. It's gonna be hard when I see the pictures on the blog knowing I couldn't do anything to be there. It's rough ya know. Especially when the work is suffering from my comp's poor decisions. I am stuck right now until June 26th. I hope I can fix this but I don't know if I will be able to. Pray for me too. I need all the help I can get. At least the District is doing alright now. I don't have too many other problems with other companionships. I am learning charity and Patience right now and that's whats important. Mom, don't worry yourself too much about Your children. You have taught them correct principles now they must choose the right. Help them along the way. I love you. Elder Hamblin
           Dear Dad,
                  I hope you get to go Sail Boating with Manny like he said and then send me some pictures! I miss all the fun times us three had together.
   HOW MANY TIMES will that demon child forget to shut off his alarm clock?! My room does sound pretty cool with the black lights and stuff. I hope that it's still there when I get home. I hope that I will get to see it! My brother is so cool.
       Hey good luck on the Law of Chasity lessons. You need not fear if you are prepared. I like that lesson and have learned it the hard way a couple of times! It's hilarious when Pres. Carlos comes for an unscheduled visit and the missionaries are not ready! I hear its Hilarious for the ones who are prepared! I hope That I am always prepared for that! I think that's a great lesson for us all to learn once in a while. Dad I love talking to you one on one ya know? The Dad and Mom Dates as a kid growing up. Going out for Ice Cream after Priesthood session. I think those discussions are the ones that stick with me the most. When I told........sorry just had to LBM in a public bathroom. NOT a fun experience. :(  When I told E. McGuffin about the YOU PEEP'D ON ME! Story we all laughed like crazy! We still quote it sometimes when we all go to the bathroom.
        I hope that I will get more quality in my emails to you all and not just rush through it. I want to get you some good stories that you can tell your friends. I hope to make some more positive strories here in the Cauayan Mission.
          Love,   Elder Hamblin
     Dear Devree,
           TOP 10? Wow you are smart! Not like me though! I miss the good times in high school and the good things that I used to get to do! I hope to make some more awesome memories when I get home! I think that won't be to much of a problem. Hey you still keeping that list of things that I should do or Watch when I get home? I bet the MOVIE list is like a mile long now! I hope that I have time to watch all of that stuff! I really miss you! Your movie was, 7 Brides for 7 Brothers.
   Here's mine:  "I've been out in the pasture pal my ambition gone. Content to spend lazy days and to graze my lawn. but you need an adviser a sader but wiser. I good merchandiser and WHOOAAA! There goes my ulcer." "With the body of a horse and the brain of a bird!"
 Try that one out. I think that I'm losing it Devrs. I'm just quoting songs from your CD now. I haven't seen a full length Disney movie in a very long time now. I haven't seen a non-church related movie in a long time now. So forgive me if my lines are getting weird now. I'm trying. I love you Devr's and all that you do for me. Stay awesome. Love Elder Hamblin
           Dear Shay,
                 I know you will read this sometime when You get home form EFY. I love you too even though you are busy dancing with women and havin fun with your friends in Utah. I just want you to know that your big bro still loves you and that you are an awesome example to your little brother. You are the best. I love you and I love what you're about. Having fun and being good. YOU DA BOMB! I hope that EFY is an Amazing experience for you and for all of you! I hope you take what you learn from it and bring it into the home and tell your little brother about it! He wants to be there! I hope that All is well with you and your friends and that you are still the little brother I left At home! I love you bro. I'll be home b4 you know it! Love Elder Hamblin
         Dear Dane,
                  Yea don't get discouraged about soccer you got good and bad games all the time. Just play your heart out and love the game. Be the leader you want others to be! Be the kinda person you want to be your friend and people will flock to you like ducks to a little boy with bread! I love all the good stuff that you are doing. I love like every movie that you named. You need to watch the classics. They're good for you! Hey would you do me a favor? Don't rock the mohawk at church! Save that for school to get all the ladies! I love ya little bro and I miss all the good times. I hope that you are being a great example to all your friends. I hope that you are doing what's right even if the world SUCKS right now. I hope you can continue to be a good boy! I love ya bro! ELDER NOBS HAMBLIN
            I hope that You all are staying safe and sound while I am in the Philippines. Sorry no pics this round. I was an idiot and forgot my SD card stuff at the house so please forgive me! I hope you can read the letter tonight! Love ya! Elder Hamblin

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