Tuesday, June 26, 2012

June 24, 2012

Side of Noble's head while bowling
Bowling ball in Filipino bowling alley
Blurry picture from Noble's bowling video clip. I'm not sure who that person is.
Glue happy face on Noble's hand at 12:38. Not a single picture of his smiling face.
Dear Family, You know I love you, but I have been having a hard week. I'm not to sure how much I can write you today but we will see! I love you all and I want you to know that! I am still alive and I don't know if I will be transferred or not so we'll see. I am very excited for whatever is going to happen. I hope that I will find more patience than I have ever experience before. I have been growing from rough experiences with my companion and I am happy that I have met him. I am not happy because of the poor decisions that he is making. I hope that he grows up soon and realizes that he really is a missionary and that the Lord is requiring a lot more from him right now. I hope his next comp doesn't kill him. Dear Dad, You made it up Half Dome. CONGRATULATIONS! I made it up and down that thing to and let me tell you it wasn't fun until you get to the top. We started early and got to see the sunrise. We ate oat meal with a bunch of hippies with guitars that had also climbed up there. Don't worry about Bishop Wheeler, hes a Wheeler. There DNA is engineered for success. Just face it. I learned that lesson watching and learning from Jason. He was an all star! You should probably get out and ski with him. Then you can get your knees an legs up and running for our MARATHON!! WHOOO! We don't have to go fast. WE JUST HAVE TO FINISH IT! Then we can brag about it till we get old and die! BUT YA HALF DOME, GOOD JOB! Fun people you meet up there! I am glad everyone is back alive. I want to see some pictures guys! All that's on the blog right now is Devree's new apartment. Mom sick so someone else is going to have to do it! I love you pops. Don't push yourself to hard! Love your Eldest Son, Elder Hamblin Dear Mom, WHEWW! Good thing the lump was benign. I hope that nothing to bad happens to you. Get rid of that Staff infection! Whatever you do DON'T put a picture of it on the Blog! Haha! :D MOM I am soooooo sorry about the sickness and all. If I could I would fly over and give you a blessing. But I can't. SO HANG IN THERE! Get plenty of rest and pray. It works. There's so much more that I want to type you but I can't because my companion is refusing to use the computer. He doesn't even want to email president. I SWEAR, next week you will all get a lot more emails. I really want to write more but there is nothing else I can do about it. He's already angry with my as it is for making him come to the computer shop. I love you and I want the best for you. I will pray that you will be safe and sound. I love you. Elder Hamblin Dear Devree, Your pretty busy these days, your movie was Flushed away here's mine: "It will be easy like breaking a twig." "Show Me..." Its Pixar you should get it. I hope all goes well with the new apartment and stuff! right now I don't want to add any more time here too! I want to come home when they TELL me to come home. NO QUESTIONS ASKED! I can't wait till we skype it up again at Christmas! I love you ELder Hamblin Dear Shay, Hey, I think that you are the bomb for climbing half dome. You should get Dads buns off the couch and run with him in the morning so that I can do that with you when I get home. I love you and I love all that your doing be good older brother! Sorry the email short I will do better next time! Love Elder Hamblin Dear Dane, Hey the Jackie Chan show sounded pretty cool. WE'll have to watch it when I get home. DON"T be a big video-it. Make sure you get up to got to the bathroom every now and then. I love you all! Elder Hamblin Well I get to write you a little more! YEAAAAAA! WEll after emailing we went to the HOTEL RAMONA and we ate PIZZA!!! GOOD pizza and it was delicious. but it wasn't American pizza. I miss it still. I wish I could have eaten even more pizza. Oh well. So then I had to come to a far away area in Alcala. There we met up with the Zone Leaders and Elder Elgan hadn't emailed yet so now I'm emailing WITH HIM!!!!! WHOOOO! Blessing for being patient with Magalong. I love blessings. So now I will get to right a little more to you all so get ready!!! Dear Pops. I saw the pictures and they are breath taking. I admire that you all went to half dome and back. This is Jayson Frasiers second time now! Last time I passed him up on the trail after the waterfall and he looked like death warmed over! This time he looked fresh and ready to go!!!! He' s a stud ya know? My Apprentice! SO being a District Leader is pretty cool. I could quite likely be a zone leader in the near future but will see. AP that's just CRAZY! I don't think president likes me that much. I'm a leader when I have to be because no one else will man up to the task. But that is very different that actually WANTING leadership opportunities. So whatevers. I will be fine. I only will have to endure a little longer then I shall be FREE! Hopefully my next companion isn't insane or trunky or stupid. We'll see. Anyways hope you enjoy the extra email. love ya Dear Mom, I'm sorry you are going through this right now. BUT at least you will have TWO letters to read instead of just ONE long letter to read. I hope that you will enjoy them. I am really sorry about what happened earlier. I wanted to type more but everyone was leaving and my comp was very angry with me. I had to go right then. BUT NOW I'M BACK! So ya I hope that you are doing fine. I hope all is well and that you are still doing okay. I think you got the lump from substituting all them rotten kids. Yup that had to be it. I know I got lumps when I worked at River Vista but those were bruises. Do you remember when I was framed for fracturing that little girls eye socket? Then they looked at the video and saw that another little kid was pulling on my leg and yanked his head back and slammed into her eye. Oh ya good times good times. Ya I thought that my babysitting job was over. I thought that job was training me to have kids. Nope, it was training me to be companions with E. Magalong. I didn't see that one coming. The other night I got to play watch dog to make sure he didn't run away while I was sleeping. I stayed up until 11pm and then went to bed. He was still asleep when I woke up in the morning so I hope nothings wrong. O well. I will pray for you to get better and to fell better. Watch out with Vicadin Mom. After getting my wisdom teeth pulled out they stuck me on some crazy drugs. I though that Aunt Amanda's remote was a cosmic brownie and I almost took a bite out of it! Just get some sleep Mom and rest your breast. HA! Ya really don't put those pictures on the blog. Bad idea. :D I love ya Mom. Dear Devree, You are a big girl now! Working in the garden and helping pregnant ladies. I saw the pictures on the blog you really went on that mile hike? You nuts girl! I hope you got my movie quote. It's kinda hard. Okay fine I'll give you another one. Same movie okay here we go: "Hey, no force fields!" or "Ya only got one shot!" or "WEAR IS MY SUPER SUIT?" "The WORLD is in DANGER! My EVENING IS IN DANGER!" try that on for size. I love that movie. I already have next's week's quote ready to go! Hey you keep on keep'n on sis! I hope that all goes well with moving into the new apartment. and such! I love ya little sis and I hope all is well with you! Love NOBIE Dear Shay, Sorry the last email was so darn short. I will try to be better. I loved the pictures of you and the boys at Half Dome. It brought back some good memories. I loved going to half dome and feeling the success of being at the top and looking down on everything! GOSH so much fun! Dad almost pee'd his pants apparently. YOU loved it though! I guess that shows that Dad is finally accepting the fact that he isn't a teenager anymore! No, he's still a teen at heart ya know. He's just got all you crazy boys to watch over! Pstt hey, I got the knife!!! It's not the WHOOSH straight out knife but that sucker pops out pretty fast, so WATCH OUT! Hey so I love you and don't be a goober. Make sure your brother GOES OUTSIDE! I love ya. Elder......you know. Dear Dane, SUP BRO! YEA their should be a talasman that like makes you stop time! What do you think? I think I might watch some of those when I get home. I got to watch all the adventure times when I get home too! I love that show. Hey what other movies and stuff are you into right now Dane? Did you watch any cool movies latley. I heart you bro! Don't spend to much time watching the tv bro! I love you! Hey everyone, I miss you and I wish the best for you. I love you all and thanks for the prayers and love and support. I need it! Elder Noble T. Hamblin Philippine Cauayan Mission Hey just a heads up..... I'M SENDING A PACKAGE!!!!! :D WHOOO HOOOOO!!!!!!! SO GET READY! I am planning to send it on the 27th and I plan to use Fed Ex. They have a promise that if they don't get the package to you in 3 day's then it is FREE. SO keep you eyes open and if it doesn't come in three days then you should get a sweet cash surprise. We'll see. There is going to be all sorts of prizes in there for you all so please just let me know if you got it on time. I love you all SOOOOOOOO much and I wish you all the best of luck. I love you and I hope that you enjoy the Package. LOVE, Elder Hamblin P.S. I'm transffered. SO get ready for an interesting email next week. Love ya, Elder Hamblin!

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